Chiefs vs. Ravens Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2020

29-Sen, 2020
3 231 754 Ko‘rishlar soni

The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Baltimore Ravens during Week 3 of the 2020 NFL season.
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  • why is ingram so trash now

    blumabluma3 soat oldin
  • I swear! Everytime an announcer says a players been quiet the qb decides to throw them the ball! smh😂🤦🏻‍♂️🏈

    Raul RuizRaul Ruiz19 soat oldin
  • This is why tucker is the best kicker not butker(like everyone says he is)

    Raul RuizRaul Ruiz20 soat oldin
  • Baltimore Change your fucken defense

    Godwin BroGodwin Bro20 soat oldin
  • That TD by hardman was nasty!😂

    Raul RuizRaul Ruiz20 soat oldin
  • Mahomes back-to-back winner, I support my own message. I'm not from the US and I love this game. My heart is divided among Brady, Mahomes and Luck (why did you have to leave?).

    Eduardo AlmeidaEduardo Almeida21 soat oldin
  • Mahomes is scary.

    Eduardo AlmeidaEduardo Almeida21 soat oldin
  • The chiefs are just so well rounded

    Cole BraydenCole BraydenKun oldin
  • I love the ravens but the chiefs are so good that I have to give respect but the ravens really played bad and at the time of this comment both are amazing les go ravens all tho thes chiefs are here

    Luke Bowman8Luke Bowman8Kun oldin
  • As a steeler fan. Looking how to beat the Ravens lol

    ojigawehnotah starrojigawehnotah starrKun oldin
  • Lamarb

    16163 kun oldin
  • Man, that 71 guy at 2:22 didn't try very hard to stop the touchdown. No excuse--I mean this is professional football.

    stepaushistepaushi4 kun oldin
  • 877feet

    Kidist AlemuKidist Alemu5 kun oldin
  • Who’s mad that the ravens got destroyed

    Derek ProctorDerek Proctor7 kun oldin
  • NFL Official Jackets, Hoodies, and Tees for men and women. Thank you.

    Ca PerryCa Perry8 kun oldin
  • Chiefs beat Ravens

    David DeNealeDavid DeNeale8 kun oldin
  • xrp

    manny frncomanny frnco9 kun oldin
  • How are you only allowed to wear your alternates twice a year but the ravens end up wearing 10 different uniform combos through the season they get to wear alternate uniforms up to 10 times a season how is that fair ???

    Really thoReally tho9 kun oldin
  • scary stories to tell in the dark

    Саша БоруновСаша Борунов9 kun oldin
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    Sandra BakerSandra Baker11 kun oldin
  • I swear if I see Chris rock one more time🤬🤬🤬

    Kymani ClarkeKymani Clarke11 kun oldin
  • I can't be impressed with the ravens this year cuz when they stepped up the competition they lost. So far they have beaten all irrelevant teams

    Bruh CorvinBruh Corvin12 kun oldin
  • If you're seen the Chris rock advertisement before some videos, he really has turned into Pookie

    Bruh CorvinBruh Corvin12 kun oldin
  • Lamar play same as NE QB Hoyer. Trash.

    Moe BazziMoe Bazzi13 kun oldin
  • Ravens should just cut their losses and just draft a good qb. Lamar jackson is just a highlight reel. Won't ever win a superbowl.

    Gabriel EstradaGabriel Estrada13 kun oldin
    • Wow. So ravens just lose to the best team in the league, and all of a sudden, they are worse than the '17 browns.....Makes sense......🤦‍♂️😒🤨

      The Fisherman TommyThe Fisherman Tommy9 soat oldin
    • Trace mcsorely

      LimeianLimeian4 kun oldin
  • stampylonghead

    Austin SommersAustin Sommers13 kun oldin
  • Go chiefs they are going to win another super bowl

    Trent CorbinTrent Corbin14 kun oldin
  • Mahomes makes it look easy . . .

    Anthony SaponaroAnthony Saponaro14 kun oldin
  • Unanswered questions about upcoming vaccines...

    ONDAT AZZ!!ONDAT AZZ!!15 kun oldin
  • Where's all the ravens fans when they lose? Its almost like they disappear.

    LoRenZoLoRenZo15 kun oldin
  • Hey, Chiefs! We lost against you, but you lost AGAINST RAIDERS, so shut up!

    Val NovelloVal Novello17 kun oldin
    • @Fredi Martinez Yeah, I just saw it, lololol... Well, seems like the time of the truth will be next week

      Val NovelloVal Novello5 kun oldin
    • @Val Novello steeler won I’m not even a steeler fan lol they still the 1st in the division

      Fredi MartinezFredi Martinez5 kun oldin
    • @Fredi Martinez Ravens are way better than Steelers nowadays. Tennessee probably will destroy them, and after that, it's our turn to kick their ass.

      Val NovelloVal Novello7 kun oldin
    • @Fredi Martinez But Raiders beat you, man...

      Val NovelloVal Novello7 kun oldin
    • @Val Novello no one because steeler and raven will get whooped so they will have the same record

      Fredi MartinezFredi Martinez7 kun oldin
  • Go do track and field I think someone is in the wrong sport

    Ang ZamberlanAng Zamberlan17 kun oldin
  • It's honestly boring watching the Ravens play all the QB does is run like why play QB if you are better at running. It's just boring

    Ang ZamberlanAng Zamberlan17 kun oldin
    • Lmao I thought it was just me, I get a litter triggered everytime he runs

      161615 kun oldin
  • Props to AR

    YnR_ElijahYnR_Elijah19 kun oldin
  • Lamar Is 0-3 against mahomes

    Alpha woofAlpha woof19 kun oldin
  • Well this settles Mahomes Jackson debate lol

    Yuriy KatasonovYuriy Katasonov20 kun oldin
  • top two best teams against each other that is how they get 40k likes

    Raccoon RobloxRaccoon Roblox21 kun oldin
  • goonzquad

    myownbusiness Richardmyownbusiness Richard22 kun oldin
  • Mahomes to hill deadly

    T ST S22 kun oldin
  • The fact that this video is 16:00 long tells you something

    Philly Eagles For LifePhilly Eagles For Life22 kun oldin
  • Mahomes,Lamar,Wilson,And the Cardinals quarterback I forgot his name but these are the best 4 running quarterbacks in the league oh yeah and Cam Newton

    Zaquan SmithZaquan Smith23 kun oldin
  • I wanna see seahawks vs chiefs

    Zaquan SmithZaquan Smith23 kun oldin
  • 画質おわってね?^_^

    うめぼし太郎うめぼし太郎23 kun oldin
  • Please I didn't get to watch the game live. Did Ravens coach John Harbough challenged Tyreek Hill's 32 yards catch in the Chiefs' first scoring drive ? Looked to me like Hill stepped out of bound before being tackled. Please answer if you saw the game live.

    Ghee bondimaGhee bondima23 kun oldin
  • Maybe this will teach Lamar to be a QB

    Chris TaborChris Tabor23 kun oldin
  • What is it about Mahomes 3 and 14/15 that means he decides to throw 50 yards for shits and giggles. Damn that man cold

    The GoatGRPThe GoatGRP24 kun oldin
  • Ravens will always be 2nd to the chiefs. Sorry birds there’s always next decade

    Dilly DillyDilly Dilly24 kun oldin
  • Mahomes is like russel and brady and Rodgers put together

    dumjoksterdumjokster24 kun oldin
  • I love chiefs offence

    Gustavo Joel Rodríguez NavarroGustavo Joel Rodríguez Navarro24 kun oldin
  • [14:50] I entirely understand what had happened, still, that’s just not a good look for an offensive lineman on film. Does he get credited with any portion of the sack or..? If there was a ‘Shaqtin’-A-Fool’ NFL equivalent, this would be in the running for the top spot.

    Neighbor StrangerNeighbor Stranger24 kun oldin
  • Pm 2 with the w thats what count go cheifs

    Jahshua LeeJahshua Lee24 kun oldin
  • Comment section: Andy Reid's playcalling genuis Me: The raven bliz every play he just throw screens

    Larry HesohitLarry Hesohit24 kun oldin
  • I genuinely don’t get why this video is 16 minutes long, it’s a lot 3-5 yard gains, you can cut those out.

    top10nfltop10nfl24 kun oldin
  • Imagine if the ravens stopped all the nonsense QB trick run plays. They might have made it to the super bowl last year.

    B4warnedB4warned24 kun oldin
  • I like the kick returner where Devon Duvernay returns and 83 yard touchdown

    Joshua RoqueJoshua Roque24 kun oldin
  • 0.50 frist video

    Ryan MatzingerRyan Matzinger24 kun oldin
  • Little Ryan 1

    Ryan MatzingerRyan Matzinger24 kun oldin
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    Ryan MatzingerRyan Matzinger24 kun oldin
  • So we meet at Walmart

    Ryan MatzingerRyan Matzinger24 kun oldin

    Ryan MatzingerRyan Matzinger24 kun oldin
  • How the Saints just keep over looking LSU prospects is bewildering to me. These people stay right down the street.

    MelaninGod504MelaninGod50425 kun oldin
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    sacidsacid25 kun oldin
  • They opened up the playbook on an aggressive defense

    Nick WeathersNick Weathers25 kun oldin
  • I'm jealous of the chiefs and the ravens,I'm a Saints btw. Especially the Ravens,I can just imagine Jackson in Black New Orleans. He would have black based second lines celebrating his football greatness. Instead were stuck with this evangelist inculcating racist slaveholding declining Drew Brees. The Saints passed on Lamar Jackson for this injury prone Davenport out of San Antonio, I can just imagine Jackson and Kamara giving defenses Hell flames.

    MelaninGod504MelaninGod50425 kun oldin
  • Let the big plays, replay, play

    Khadiijah OldsKhadiijah Olds25 kun oldin
  • what is with the chiefs getting rookie runningbacks who destroy

    FlyinqPhoenixFlyinqPhoenix25 kun oldin
  • Are they using sampled crowd noises?

    habbidasherhabbidasher25 kun oldin
  • 13:03 that was amazing. Difficulty level 10. Mahomes makes it look easy. What a pass.

    Mcbeg33Mcbeg3325 kun oldin
  • It's amazing that the Chiefs got Edwards-Helaire. That offense is packed with great players.

    stepaushistepaushi25 kun oldin
  • Ravens should have worn all black. this wouldn't have happened if they did

    Michael SilvaMichael Silva25 kun oldin
  • mannn ppl we're really out here saying the chiefs were gonna lose 😂😭

    yuoop nokeyuoop noke25 kun oldin
  • Jesus Christ Mahomes is gonna win at least 3 super bowls isn't he

    FBI Stat MajorFBI Stat Major25 kun oldin
  • Jackson will never wun a Superbowl. should have been a running back. Before his careers up he will be convicted of chicken fighting or dog fighting

    Robert HillRobert Hill25 kun oldin
  • O kadar yorumun içinden bu yoromu gören ve beğenen iyi kalpli insan, umarım isdedin her şey olur AMİN 16 Aboneyim 100 olurmu???

    Mert CanMert Can25 kun oldin
    • mannn ppl we're really out here saying the chiefs were gonna lose 😂😭

      yuoop nokeyuoop noke25 kun oldin
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    Mert CanMert Can25 kun oldin
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    Mert CanMert Can25 kun oldin
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    Mert CanMert Can25 kun oldin
  • TG ordusu nerdesiniz abone olun görelim 100 olamam çünkü tg ordusu diye bir şey yok

    Mert CanMert Can25 kun oldin
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    Mert CanMert Can25 kun oldin

    Mert CanMert Can25 kun oldin
  • Mahomes better hope his offensive line holds so he can keep his ASS in the pocket otherwise he ain't nothing but another BORING pocket passer. Mahomes boy is so overrated. Watch and see what happens when his offensive line breaks down!

    Lonnie WrightLonnie Wright26 kun oldin
    • You're really hurt by this game huh? Mahomes spanked that overrated defenses ass again lol. Your tears taste delicious.

      Ronal AlcantaraRonal Alcantara25 kun oldin
  • merrell twins

    Sarah CalvertSarah Calvert26 kun oldin

    CoocoomanCoocooman26 kun oldin
  • Wow Chiefs! Awesome game guys! 🏈

    LucyLucy26 kun oldin
  • Ravens super bowl champs 2020 Baltimore 4L

    ZodusX3ZodusX326 kun oldin
  • I can't stomach watching rich racists complaining about America.

    Crossdraw johnCrossdraw john26 kun oldin
  • Top 10 Females celebrities' Houses| Then & Now Watch

    Dr. HDr. H26 kun oldin
  • this looks like a hs highlight reel

    Cutie PatootieCutie Patootie26 kun oldin
  • I'll tell you something though. Lamar jackson ain't running like derrick henry

    Antoine TranAntoine Tran26 kun oldin
  • Mahomes on road to be the goat

    Giovanni Leao AraujoGiovanni Leao Araujo26 kun oldin
  • Chiefs going to Superbowl again!!!

    Jonathon MartinJonathon Martin26 kun oldin
  • craig ferguson

    phamtamtam nguyenganam Musicphamtamtam nguyenganam Music26 kun oldin
  • I’m a ravens fan. I’m very pissed off on how we played man. Dude Mahomes is just too good. Respect to the chiefs and Mahomes man

    mikea hiooimikea hiooi26 kun oldin
  • Glad to grow up in Lawrence, Kansas home of the Jayhawks and I’m glad I grew up in a chiefs family. I remember being a little boy and watching trent green, Tony g, priest H, Dante Hall and larrry Johnson. Although I did like the chargers a lot cause of Ladainian Tomilsom(my brothers name is Damien), but I didn’t tell my uncle or mom 😂but i had a size small Derrick Thomas Jersey, i dunno what happened to it/: it was j my uncles favorite player. CHIEFS!!!

    Darien CoffeyDarien Coffey26 kun oldin
  • A bunch of privileged pansies running around playing a game making millions no thank you won't be watching none of it

    Bryan GordonBryan Gordon26 kun oldin
  • Put my man trace mcsorley in

    I love YouI love You26 kun oldin
    • I think it's safe to say Patty Mahomes is the most TALENTED qb of all time

      mikea hiooimikea hiooi26 kun oldin
  • didnt mind the ray lewis ravens but this ravens team i cant stand

    Garrett StrauserGarrett Strauser26 kun oldin
  • Chiefs' offensive line is better than Ravens' line. They pick up stunts much better. The two sacks in a row came about because the defender just ran past the blocker. The 2nd sack the tackle came in to block for a blitzer but he just let the end go free. Same with the fumble, he just sprinted past the guard. Much more inventive play calling for the Chiefs. 3rd and six for the Ravens with a 5 receiver set and they have 3 of their receivers run 1 yard cross, another a 2 yard cross, and a third ran a 3 yard cross. When they did blitz but didn't let the ends just run by the tackles, Lamar did good at getting rid of it. It may be a habit, but in these highlights Lamar looks like he may decide to run if the ends get past the tackles instead of moving up in the pocket. That might be something that the Chiefs planned. Time of possession favored the Chiefs, and Mahomes had a lot more pass attempts. The Chiefs secondary is a lot better than the Ravens. Appear to be faster at closing and don't give as much space. Receiver speed favors the Chiefs. Twitter was lit up again with people wanting Lamar to do bad by pointing out how many yards he had early in the game, but I see part of that is he didn't take the field at all due to the kick return for a touch down. And the comments here are doing the same about when the Chiefs of played the Ravens. But the 1st time went into overtime and the 2nd time was a 5 point difference. The Chiefs are better at more positions but this is nothing like Mahomes being great while Lamar is being clueless at qb as people are trying to make it out to be.

    Gregory LaGrangeGregory LaGrange26 kun oldin
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