Charles Barkley Pushes Back On Breonna Taylor Case

25-Sen, 2020
572 155 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Thank you

    Chitra MistryChitra Mistry4 kun oldin
  • Well all I know is if you shoot at or shot a cop what you think is going to happen and they were running a drug operation too 🤔 so... just saying

    demaan 33demaan 334 kun oldin
  • Where are all the people that say ..." athletes should stick too sports" ....

    Andrew WindsorAndrew Windsor4 kun oldin
  • That’s y he never won a championship

    Roddy ricch !Roddy ricch !4 kun oldin
  • Kenneth Walker did NOT shoot at the cops! He shot at someone he thought was breaking into his house. The police did not announce themselves during this "no-knock" warrant. And why the hell are the police "supposedly" serving a warrant at midnight? Get your facts straight CB.

    New Yorker2New Yorker24 kun oldin
  • Well charlamange if we stick to the facts her boyfriend in the body cam footage said it was her who shot the gun because she was scared so hes lying the cops lying they all lying the whole situation is fuckd this is what happens when you lie tell the truth

    luke robinsonluke robinson5 kun oldin
  • Charles Barkley you break into my damn house and see what happened

    Walter DavisWalter Davis5 kun oldin
  • Barkley is most comfy shutting up and dribbling

    James WillisJames Willis6 kun oldin
  • Your past follows you closely... look at her history. Just call Charles an Uncle Tom because you don’t agree with him.

    Fuzz NuzzlerFuzz Nuzzler8 kun oldin
  • In the end, after all this talking and bullshilt. We have a young woman dead for no reason. Y'all need to think. Why get a no knock warrant to knock on a supposed drug house with violent drug heads inside?

    K ManK Man8 kun oldin
    • @Ian Alan thats bullshilt. In the end its all gonna come out. Some police officers are going to jail and that district attorney is going to be brought up on charges and sued. His career is over. 1st they said he shot a police officer. He hadn't. 2nd they never identified themselves as police officers . 3rd why drop charges if hes guilty of anything. 4th the so called only witness changed his testimony from what Kenny said (the supposed guy shooting at police that supposedly identified themselves). His taped testimony was that these officers never identified themselves at all. They knocked or beat at the door, then entered without warning. The district attorney said the officers knocked and said they announced they were police. This is a lie. Kenny was actually on the phone calling 911 to ask the police for help. Summation: he's suing them and hes gonna win. Police are going to jail. Attorney general's career is over.

      K ManK Man7 kun oldin
    • It was a sad tragic event. I detest no knock warrants. I wouldn’t say for no reason though. Her boyfriend fired on police serving a no knock warrant though by his own admission they knocked. Brianna died because her boyfriend shot at the police that were there to arrest her. It’s sad but true.

      Ian AlanIan Alan7 kun oldin
  • After the interview with the boyfriend loads of people in the comments look dumb af

    professor hulkprofessor hulk8 kun oldin
  • Get the facts, everyone. Let's not be idiots like these talking heads, like CharleneedtogetrightwithGod.

    L. BaileyL. Bailey9 kun oldin
  • I’m so sorry to learn that Charles Barkley is this stupid

    Pamela WilliamsPamela Williams9 kun oldin
  • No one thinks it's weird that the bf did not get hurt at all and his gf got so many bullets? That dont make no sense.

    T WT W10 kun oldin
    • The one aspect of the case that still is unanswered. We know (at least he claims) they got out of bed and were in the hallway together when he shot at the police he claimed to have thought were home intruders. Ok, but how did she end up shot so many times without him getting hit once? Some speculate he was using her as a human shield. God, I hope that is not true!

      Ian AlanIan Alan7 kun oldin
  • Once again, someone black thinks for himself and makes good points and the black community calls him a donkey. Ridiculous. Blake people continue to act stupid.

    Gentlemens AcademyGentlemens Academy10 kun oldin
  • This is cray cray... He so much in with our open enemies!

    Sheila FranklinSheila Franklin10 kun oldin
  • Breonna Taylor was a fired EMT that was cheating on her bf with a drug dealer and she was having drugs delivered to her bfs house thats why the cops were there in the first place if you want the facts

    • @soul sista#2 so she never woke up during the shoot out? If you believe that you're the one that's slow AF

    • @ George just dont get it..or you that slow?... Brianna was in bed with her man..they heard someone beating on the door the boyfriend said who is it and the police didn't say they are the police..really are you slow

      soul sista#2soul sista#28 kun oldin
  • In the most chaotic event you would or should know if you or a girlfriend fired a weapon. It’s not rocket science and Mr Barkley is right we shouldn’t lump all these tragic events together or it will take away from the real cases involving police misconducts which are criminal.

    Undercover BrotherUndercover Brother11 kun oldin
  • The body cam “facts” shows he said the police were banging on the door and Breonna fired a shot at the police. People that break in don’t knock on the door.

    Undercover BrotherUndercover Brother11 kun oldin
    • The interview shows a calm person who had time to rehearse. The body cam shows spur of the moment comments that were made right after the shooting. Pick and choose what U want to believe I guess I’m not her to change the world

      Undercover BrotherUndercover Brother8 kun oldin
    • @professor hulk the body cam shows what he said the interview is at best very leading

      Undercover BrotherUndercover Brother8 kun oldin
    • @Undercover Brother I did in the interview it shows it I suggest you give it a watch

      professor hulkprofessor hulk8 kun oldin
    • @professor hulk even better watch the body cam footage.

      Undercover BrotherUndercover Brother8 kun oldin
    • Wtf are you on about breonna didn't fire a shot, you are making up shit and calling it facts smh. Watch the interview with the boyfriend who btw wasn't a drug dealer to find out the facts.

      professor hulkprofessor hulk8 kun oldin
  • So he shot because someone banged on the door? Um Charlamagne deserves Donkey of the Decade 🤦‍♂️ This is embarrassing

    GetShorty29GetShorty2911 kun oldin
  • The point is the cops killed somebody and they knew they messed up so they resorted to lying. They KNEW they f'd up. But I guess we're okay with lying police officers 🤷🏻‍♂️

    EricEric11 kun oldin
  • Charles is an idiot. He even sounds like he has a mouth full of marbles.

    Eddie JordanEddie Jordan11 kun oldin
  • what do you do when you are on the phone with 911 and its the cops? you are calling the cops on?

    Frank christFrank christ11 kun oldin
  • Was it a no knock warrant? I heard it was but they knocked.(but who knows look what media did with Jacob Blake shooting.) The media only tells one narrative, that whatever gets most headlines true or false. I feel awful for the Taylor girl and her family. The boyfriend said he heard a knock. 2nd degree manslaughter is BS. Just like an attempted murder of a police officer is BS. Its a tragedy truly sad and heartbreaking. I am tired of people telling other people they should apologise for there beliefs/opinions. I am a white man who is not racist. I do not believe in race I believe in Americans and people who are legal citizens are Americans. Not African Americans,Not Asian Americans,Not Mexican Americans, we are all Americans. Now a tragedy did take place but until you or I are in the shoes of a police officer who is being shot at who are you to say he should be charged with manslaughter . Now you say Barkly should have to apologise to Brianna Taylor's family because he has an opinion, that's what's wrong with the world. I will apologise to Brianna Taylor's family/boyfriend for the loss of their daughter/girlfriend.I will not apologise to her family for the fact that her boyfriend had a legal gun he fired at armed police officers and hit one with a shot. Witch promted police to return fire. If it was a robbery there's a good chance the outcome could have possibly been the same. In my opinion guns are dangerous. I do not own one for the simple reason of awful tragedies like this happening. I do believe anybody has right to bare arms if they get background checks and pass all requirements. The sadest part is from what I read Brianna was trying to get away from her old boyfriend who was troubled, he was the drug dealer police were after. Brianna rented him a car and police found a dead body in that car. Body was believed to be one of Brianna ex's associates. Like my tent parents told me when I was very little guilty by association surround yourself with good people so you don't get put in positions like this. I am not blaming this on Brianna Taylor but I think it's something we should all be aware of and teaching our children. I hope that a lot can be learned from this tragedy.. Now you can call me a donkey,dumbass, whatever you want to call me,but I no that my heart is genuine and is thinking about both sides. At the end of the day I will always teach my kids you are going to be judged by the crowd you hang with. Guilty by association, maybe thats wrong but I always thought about that as a kid and made decisions based on that. My sincere apologies for BriannaTaylor's family for their loss. Being a parent there are no words to take this pain away no time will take this pain away. I hope her family will help to change how warrants are signed/executed by judge and police officers. A lot can be learned from this tragedy so hopefully it won't happen again.

    frootyfrooty11 kun oldin
  • Barkley isn’t that smart anyway. Not surprised

    Yoss CinematicYoss Cinematic11 kun oldin
  • The lies started before these fools even got the warrant!

    jejali3jejali311 kun oldin
  • You guys are clearly the donkeys

    GoldenEagle CharmGoldenEagle Charm11 kun oldin
  • God bless you Charles Barkley for exposing the radical left wing fake news propaganda because Breonna Taylor and her boyfriend was criminals for making bad decisions and had to paid the price.

    Bryan MillsBryan Mills11 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne this is what you kinda sound like sometimes when your daddy Andrew thinks he’s a genius and figured out a way to convince you that what he’s saying is right and you just forget what you were saying that is directly against what he said and agree with him and say bullshit like “I can see that”. And it’s not as wild as Charles but you do that bullshit. He turns you into a suka! Shit gets to me because you fold to him so easy!

    J CabreraJ Cabrera12 kun oldin
  • Soo, if someone comes to your house at 1am, kicking and beating on your door, not answering your questions , and you have a gun, you are going to just let them come on in? What’s the point of the GUN? You not going to protect your girl? What kind of man are you? Pussy with a gun!

    Johnny HuntJohnny Hunt12 kun oldin
  • I always felt that Charles Barkley was a typical pet. What do you expect from a pet.. Nothing but: roof roof 🐕

    Diane McclainDiane Mcclain12 kun oldin
  • Partners in Crime

    Just a GuyJust a Guy12 kun oldin
  • Live like a thug, die like a thug

  • There is something else we all must consider, and that is if Breanna was intentionally murdered, and if there is corruption involved in the whole entire case... We cannot jump to conclusions until the whole case is thoroughly investigated...

    JoeRay7771JoeRay777113 kun oldin
  • If your going to have a no knock warrant you need to be 100% that your at the right house careless policing & that’s how you end up with dead law abiding citizens & police trying to cover their asses.

    Slatt has entered the chatSlatt has entered the chat13 kun oldin
    • @Slatt has entered the chat Glover's own recorded jailhouse conversations...proof. Walker's phone records...proof.

      Just a GuyJust a Guy11 kun oldin
    • @Just a Guy There is no proof they were part of the drug trade & I’m just gonna give my personal opinion about knock & announce witness I find it hard to believe that the cops announced they were coming in & the boyfriend would still fire that just doesn’t add up if they did announce it they had to make it clear which I don’t think they did

      Slatt has entered the chatSlatt has entered the chat12 kun oldin
    • @Slatt has entered the chat An eye witness deemed credible to the AG and grand jury said they did announce. Witness proximity and credibility matters. The police officer who fired blindly was fired and is being charged criminally. I agree the ems aid should have been more timely but would not of changed the tragic outcome. She was involved in the drug ring....turns out her new boyfriend Walker was involved with drugs as well.

      Just a GuyJust a Guy12 kun oldin
    • @Just a Guy 1. no drugs were found 2. they didn’t announce themselves 3. one of the cops fired blindly into the apartment 10 times 4. Emergency services were called off. Inexcusable period

      Slatt has entered the chatSlatt has entered the chat12 kun oldin
    • @Slatt has entered the chat They served multiple warrants that night related to the same drug ring. Her name, address, ss#, and birthdate were on the warrant. There was a lot of evidence justifying the warrant at here home.

      Just a GuyJust a Guy12 kun oldin
  • A drug dealer lost her life and another drug dealer is going to jail

    Wander CleveWander Cleve13 kun oldin
    • Wander Cleve nuff said

      GoldenEagle CharmGoldenEagle Charm11 kun oldin
  • Charles Barkley has always been a sellout especially when it came to black women.

    Sharon MackSharon Mack13 kun oldin
  • We the worse black ppl don't like each other Lord help us.

    sherforlife1sherforlife113 kun oldin
  • Charles barkley is right only stupid people and this racist blm think this case is the same as the floyd case

    Hector DiazHector Diaz13 kun oldin
  • Everyone, please look up Kendrick L Wilson on UZworld. He has a lot of evidence against LMPD and the AG. There is so much corruption.

    lespaul2000lespaul200013 kun oldin
  • Breakfast club are full of idiots and I hope Charles Barkley slap the shit out of him

    Sean RandolphSean Randolph13 kun oldin
  • Stop your nonsense. If your a law abiding citizen and someone is banging on your door.. first thing a normal person would think is.. “holy crap, is someone needing my help.. is a family member trying to wake me up?” What burglars knock? So... unless your in the drug game would you not tell your girl to call 911 as you investigate. This wasn’t race. This was drugs.

    Jen MurphyJen Murphy13 kun oldin

    Pandamonium VicPandamonium Vic14 kun oldin

    Pandamonium VicPandamonium Vic14 kun oldin
  • Breonna loved drug dealers, she was not a medical worker. Any update on the dead body found in her rental car? Nah She was an EMT for 5 months labeled (do not rehire). She wasn't an EMT for 5 years. He shot at the cops? Yes he did. Why did he shoot? Cops announced themselves. Probably thought it was her ex- boyfriend drug dealer. Con-se-quen-ces?

    tphillip66tphillip6614 kun oldin
  • Stick to interviews like soulja boy and six nine.

    JDA 985JDA 98514 kun oldin
  • Y’all really need to bring on Brandon Tatum on an interview but y’all won’t do that.

    TiresBiggerThanTexasTiresBiggerThanTexas14 kun oldin
    • Not to just hear an argue but it would be chat between dj envy I think

      TiresBiggerThanTexasTiresBiggerThanTexas11 kun oldin
    • TiresBiggerThanTexas they don’t have any balls on this show

      GoldenEagle CharmGoldenEagle Charm11 kun oldin
  • If anyone want to hear the interview from the boyfriend who shot at the cops first because he thought it was an intruder while Breonna was yelling “who is it?” as they were getting dressed to answer the door after a several knocks,here it

    gabannaania174gabannaania17414 kun oldin
    • Probably around 11 minute mark,he starts speaking

      gabannaania174gabannaania17414 kun oldin
  • A lot of documents were released along w/ some photo's...... both are pictured with AR-15 styled weapons & in her photo she's got it strapped onto her chest while he's just holding his. Pictures of drugs(weed & pills) plus chat logs talking about selling some large quantity but I didn't understand the shorthand of how much it was? It's terrible she died but her guy friend shot 1st & hit a cop before she got shot. The man w/ her said they were both in the hall when he shot at police & he must of been standing behind her b/c he didn't get hit. IF all this is true the whole deal wasn't as it seems.... but there's evidence out as of today .... Barkley is right.

    diggy dicediggy dice15 kun oldin

    James T. KirkJames T. Kirk15 kun oldin
  • I really can't believe any black people would open they mouth and talk against their own people like that.Waw

    Erica JohnsonErica Johnson15 kun oldin
    • @Tyler Durden bro I seen the body cam footage the SWAT team was told that Brianna Taylor fired first.

      E GamingE Gaming14 kun oldin
    • Lol the Breonna Taylor narrative was just fully exposed today. It was all a lie. I already knew it was but now it’s official.

      Tyler DurdenTyler Durden15 kun oldin
  • If he was a legal gun owner he would have kown that firing warning shots is an attempted assault

    Griffin CGriffin C15 kun oldin
  • Unprecedented that the grand jury testimony was released and now everyone will know the truth and realize that Charles Barkley is not the donkey of the day. Charlatan and the rest of these sheep celebrities are the real donkeys. I bet everyone of them delete their posts demanding justice after the fake media told lie after lie for y’all to fall for. She had to step away from her job as an EMT because her boyfriend and her car were involved in a homicide investigation. Then she chose to get involved in a drug ring with her boyfriend and put herself at risk. It’s unfortunate that she made bad choices and didn’t love herself enough to keep herself out of harmful situations. The warrant did indeed have her name listed. The police did indeed “knock” multiple times. And her boyfriend shot a cop as they entered the apartment. It’s open and shut!

    Jessie RodriguezJessie Rodriguez15 kun oldin
    • Anyone who wasn’t race baiting and knew the truth was on Charles side

      Tyler DurdenTyler Durden15 kun oldin
  • Why not hold the people or person that put the law of no knock warrants on the books. There was a mistake made and someone died. I hate black people or so called people of color that are hired to feed our people propaganda that's destructive and disturbing to our young. This keeps us down. Shut up please Charlemagne I think your a goof. Your being paid to disrupt black progress.

    Andrea JacksonAndrea Jackson15 kun oldin
  • If Kenneth was justified in shooting at the police then why when the returned fire are they committing murder? When a child runs out in front of an on coming car and gets hit and killed has the driver committed murder? The death of Breonna is tragic but in no way does it meet the criteria of murder!!! It is just being used by BLM as a prop for furthering their narrative that America is racist and to generate more contributions to fund the leftist elections. If America is systemically racist then how was a black man elected president, TWICE!!! Pull you head out of your a$$ and stop believing the narrative that is being used to influence your votes. Einstein once said “ INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” That is what the BLM movement is asking you to do!!! Vote for the Democrat's who have been in charge of the cities that have the worst results for minorities for decades. Why do you keep believing the line of crap that they are feeding

    Todd HarrisTodd Harris15 kun oldin
  • You don't know that she was under investigation....

  • Chuck is right she should it been with a drug dealer.

    Tim HausslerTim Haussler15 kun oldin
  • Thanks 😊 for spelling out that the 2 nd Amendment APPLIES to EVERYONE in this example BLACK PEOPLE, when you shouldn’t have to.

    Narelle MacPhersonNarelle MacPherson16 kun oldin
  • If this were a white family the police would've been locked up and Mr Barkley wouldn't had nothing to say. So why talk now. 😤

    Xxxx Big RichXxxx Big Rich16 kun oldin
  • He's a goat for real

    Jason MccleanJason Mcclean16 kun oldin
  • Bro I’m Hispanic from the hood! How about we stop drug dealing and if people still want to be in the game stop crying when the game gets you!

    tony Gtony G16 kun oldin
  • We cant over look the fact her boyfriend shot at the police. Hes not wrong for not wanting to mash all these cases together. It doesn't do anything but confuse the dialogue and we need to look at each situation Case by case. Each situation is individual. Only thing i can agree with here is You're right breonna died due to poor decision making but on BOTH sides.

    Renzo BenzRenzo Benz16 kun oldin
  • Shut up Charles

    Nafir ShakurNafir Shakur17 kun oldin
  • Castle Doctrine laws do not permit anyone from opening fire on anyone without first identifying them. You can best believe if he knew they were cops he wouldn’t have been firing. If you’re surprised they beat the rap it’s because you were fed false information about what happened. They were both drug dealers so you look dumb defending dope dealers plain and simple.

    Wild AmericanWild American17 kun oldin
  • His wife is white. He's rich. He doesn't identify with us. Please America stop pretending this man represents our culture. He's very obnoxious and rude which is why he has his job the only reason he has the platform.

    Clarke KentClarke Kent17 kun oldin
    • @Merit I agree

      Clarke KentClarke Kent16 kun oldin
    • @Clarke Kent I'm sorry but have you seen how others are using there platform?? Players included,Just because he has a rational thought that isn't everyone else's he is "using his platform" that's ridiculous look at LeBron

      MeritMerit16 kun oldin
    • I don't hate him at all. Just disagree with using a platform to make uniformed statements. There's so many layers to the story. No one mentions that it was the wrong house to begin with. The guy thought that he was being robbed, understandably so. They would not have even had the wrong address if the occupants were of a different nationality, which is why it is an outrage to us. What's worse is they did not give her family Justice. That is the common theme no justice

      Clarke KentClarke Kent16 kun oldin
    • Lol don't hate the guy,because he is the only one using his brain and speaking the truth.

      MeritMerit16 kun oldin
  • He’s ignoring the details and then hypocritically lumping the case in a simplistic category as “man shoots at cops”. People care way too much what celebrities think. 2:03 Of course Charlemagne keeps his bigotry to himself when he went on the Joe Rogan show. When the audience is mostly white, he’s on good behavior.

    straferstrafer17 kun oldin
  • Well said

    mike douglassmike douglass17 kun oldin
  • I agree Charlomane!

    lillylilly17 kun oldin
  • She was not murdered omg. The warrant had her name on it. Kenneth walker. The no knock Warrant is a option, but she wasn't seen as a treat. So they knocked. Also she died in the hallway the dude used her as a human shield. Black people in America are far more Racist then white people in this day and age. The evidence is on officer Tatum's youtube with pictures and the phone records from jail from both Kenneth and the Ex boyfriend. Look at that before you get in your feeling and reply. The rich people are pushing black death into your face thru the news and yall just falling for the trap. How about think.

    DjGekjDjGekj17 kun oldin

    Ace NaraikiAce Naraiki17 kun oldin
  • It's so hard to listen to people who have not done their research on these cases yet speak as if they have all the TRUTHFUL facts. Charles is right. The cops raided 4 houses that night and Breonna's was one of them. The police had been tracking Breonna and ex boyfriend Jamarcus, for years. Jamarcus was drug trafficking and Breonna was helping him. A murdered man was found in a car Breonna had rented 4 years prior. It's sad and a shame she got killed but she was mixed up with the wrong people and all actions have consequences. Walker did have a right to shoot but so did the police.

    Veronica MooreVeronica Moore18 kun oldin
  • tell his azz c-thagod

    Nehastylzz 4uNehastylzz 4u18 kun oldin
  • Yeah I respect that dude to man! But that changed after that @$$h*le utterance

    jas113607jas11360718 kun oldin
  • Read the facts...BT was involved in the “stash” and “trap” house drug trade. She was aware of this and knew that her apartment was being used for these illegal purposes. So that’s what brought the police to her home. Her name was on the warrant . She didn’t deserve to die but ...the police didn’t target her because she was black. She’s an involved accomplice in this drug game....that’s a crime. Police show up when we do bad things....that’s their job. So if BT and boyfriend were up watching TV chances are they heard that “Police” knock....they refused to answer because 1. at 1am someone knocking could be those cut throats in the drug game...who coming to steal that product....and kill them...or 2. ...this could be the Police 👮 so to avoid Jail we’ll just wait until they go away or if they come inside boyfriend will shoot at them. ...which he did and that’s why the Police shot back.....SO BARKLEY IS RIGHT!!! 3. If they were both sleeping or startled out of sleep how is it that only BT got shot and killed? If you are boyfriend with gun why isn’t BT with him or he being her protector??? How is it boyfriend survive? These are intruders right? I think they heard the knocks and split up or separated....maybe one try and go hide the stash while boyfriend watch the door....after knock ✊. ....No she didn’t deserve to die but as a people we got to stop chasing this paper 💰💰 thru this drug game..and when we get busted, thrown in jail or killed cry racism....sorry but no. How many of us have gotten killed in those drug deals gone bad......???? We never cry racism for that. Come on people...let’s make better choices and connect with people that are living lives of integrity.

    Brian HillBrian Hill18 kun oldin
    • @DjGekj Right on! Facts don't lie!

      Brian HillBrian Hill17 kun oldin
    • @Pierre Thomas no go read the reports BT was involved in stashing drugs and allowing them to be moved to and from her apartment. Those are facts that the media and the breakfast club wont talk about. Her conversations about hiding drugs are online.

      Brian HillBrian Hill17 kun oldin
    • They went into the wrong house actually

      Pierre ThomasPierre Thomas17 kun oldin
    • All FACTS!!! she died in the hallway. And to the guy who commented. You more Racist then Trump lol.. People forget that Trump used to hang with Don King and Mike Tyson also Hershal walker. He also picked Amarosha on the Apprentice but he's racist cuz you watch to much TV. White people get shot every day but the news never puts it up and the pushing black death so yall react. Think past the new and do some research. Stop listening to the media.

      DjGekjDjGekj17 kun oldin
    • Please stop making up excuses for these racist! It was wrong and people need to be held accountable. Like our racist in chief!

      Peaceful BlissPeaceful Bliss18 kun oldin
  • This is just a racist show . And the lambs just repeat what other ignorant lambs hear and say. Do your own research please. But you will not do that.

    William LoopWilliam Loop18 kun oldin
  • Charles Barkley sold us out years ago I’m not surprised

    Douglas HendersonDouglas Henderson18 kun oldin
  • He deserves the donkey of the year awards

    adolf mudauadolf mudau19 kun oldin
  • CTG just made alllll that shit up !

    Baron Von BallsBaron Von Balls19 kun oldin
  • Charles Barkley is right . Y’all can’t handle the facts!

    Baron Von BallsBaron Von Balls19 kun oldin
    • @Self hating Alabamian No matter how far some of us reach in life, you just cannot get the darkness and ignorance out of them. I guess he is afraid of hurting his in-law feelings. Big head small brains that's my opinion.

      Donna NeilDonna Neil3 kun oldin
    • I agree.

      Kenneth JohnsonKenneth Johnson4 kun oldin
    • @Merry Jones absolutely correct those morons!! Dumb and more dumber!!! They can keep running but they cant hide for long. #Cowards

      Donna NeilDonna Neil7 kun oldin
    • He shot at the police because the police made a mistake even to go to Breonna’s house...

      Merry JonesMerry Jones7 kun oldin
    • @Baron Von Balls I am not black.

      Donna NeilDonna Neil18 kun oldin
  • The facts. Are you serious. These jackasses.

    Joe Joe ZunigaJoe Joe Zuniga19 kun oldin
  • Well said my brother!

    Ricky ThrowerRicky Thrower19 kun oldin
  • The ones that back the Breonna Taylor case because she was black are racist

    Jonathan DamronJonathan Damron19 kun oldin
  • Bro she was knee deep in the dope game. They found a dead body in her rental. Why don't you tell the truth ?

    Roberto J FrankfurtRoberto J Frankfurt19 kun oldin
    • Lies. If it was a dead body, it would been expose to justify the killing.

      Peggy HarperPeggy Harper15 kun oldin
    • facts✔💯 they skipped the part where they were hustling lolsmh

      Steve SayedSteve Sayed18 kun oldin
  • Breakfast Club is appalling. Get one thing straight though its bad for black people not white. GET OFF THE PLANTATION

    S PS P19 kun oldin
  • Spooky looking.

    My OpinionMy Opinion19 kun oldin
  • Barkley is the man's voice he do it to get paid the man is no good they need to take him off the air

    Larry HowardLarry Howard20 kun oldin
  • What are your sources charlamane...were did you get your information

    the blackconservativethe blackconservative20 kun oldin

      lil_drummer_ girl_00lil_drummer_ girl_0020 kun oldin
  • Charles what in the world were you thinking 🤫You know better 😑don't keep making a fool out yourself. The persons that put you up why you said what said are 🤣😂at you & we are too. Apology...we are talking about injustice that was done to Breanna Kenneth & there families. God is watching you.👊🏿🖤🤲🏿🙏🏿

    Mahogany XMahogany X20 kun oldin
  • Shaq was on that bs too.

    Fritz JFritz J20 kun oldin
    • Was he🤔? I'll check it out.

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  • Not all skin folks are kin folks.

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  • I remember a ref telling Charles Barkley your getting paid anyway and him saying these ain't the negro days. Man how he's done a complete 180

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  • Racist BLM

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  • I love you for this donkey of the day ✊🏾❤️

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  • When I shoot you shoot Just like dat

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  • So here’s what the AG clearly decides not to share in terms of sequencing. Warning: don’t read if you don’t want to have too much in terms of disturbing visuals. But if you like CSI, here is some: The grand jury is told that FBI ballistics confirm two bullets they recovered from the hallway subflooring have Breonna’s dna. One from Mattingly’s gun and one from Cosgrove’s. So which shots were they? These bullets would have been from two out of the three through and through shots. The three were to the inner forearm, thigh and foot. The one to the foot is one of the shots that penetrated into the floor. Unclear which of the other two did. The foot shot fractured bones in Breonna’s foot. This shot would have been disabling and sent Breonna to the ground. So which of the shots with Breonna’s DNA came first? Ballistics experts and pathologists agree that the foot shot with the broken bones came while Breonna was standing. The exit wound pattern unequivocally confirms this. So this was the disabling shot. The first shot could not have been the inner forearm shot, because if this occurred while standing, the bullet would not have gone into the hallway floor. It could not have been the thigh shot, because then the foot shot would have been after she fell and this is not possible. Exit wound to the foot confirms she was standing with foot on floor when the foot was shot. AG did not present this to the grand jury. Cosgrove does not come in and shoot until after Mattingly shoots. Nobody disputes this. Including Cosgrove. So the foot shot would come from Mattingly and is what causes Breonna to go down. Cosgrove shots come after. Sorry for being blunt and for stating what none of us wants to ever imagine, but with the Mattingly shot containing the dna appearing to be the disabling shot (and we can’t see how it would not have been), then the shots after that, including SIXTEEN Cosgrove shots (one of which was the fatal shot to the chest), were shots directed at an unarmed woman already on the ground.

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    • The whole thing is just sad. Be careful who you run with.

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  • Charles Dogbark is confused.

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  • Look at this horrible 😲 demon Charles who??

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  • Someone obviously is not keeping up with the truth here. Yes, Kenneth Walker was justified in shooting if he didn't know who was at the door, but by the same token you have to understand that the cops were justified in returning fire based on the reason they were there, which was to legally serve a warrant at the right address with the right name on the warrant. They were not expecting someone else to be there nor they expecting to be shot at. Had her boyfriend not fired at that round, she would still be alive today. Apparently, no one is putting the accountability on the guy who fired first. I'm not saying that it's a great outcome, we all know it's tragic and she didn't deserve to die but every action has an equal and opposite reaction and unfortunately Kenneth Cook no bullets while Breonna took a great deal of them. There's so much hatred in this world for unjustified reasons. If somebody punches you in the face then you are justified in punishing them back.

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  • If someone start beating at your door Charlie what would you do. Oh yeah you would say just knock the door down. Damm shame

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    • Annie Howard he is in a gated community..not selling drugs or any criminal activity

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  • Charles look just like the 😈 devil look closely at his extra big red 💄 eyes your foolish Lucifer 😈💩👹👎🙀

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