Celebrities Reacts To Breonna Taylor 's Injustice On Social Media

24-Sen, 2020
67 989 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • www.yumpu.com/en/document/read/63943132/breonna-taylor-summary-redacted1

    sean reidsean reid13 kun oldin

    Mia JackieMia Jackie16 kun oldin
  • White celebrities like to virtue signal..because they're scared to be called out for being racist.

    mrjones501mrjones50122 kun oldin
  • Go With Moms Vote !! Obviously your ass haven’t been keeping us with the candidates. Go Mom

    Antwawn McCoyAntwawn McCoy23 kun oldin
  • Only 600 comments.. It would be 3k+ if they was talking about dumb shit..

    A 77A 7724 kun oldin
  • Only 600 comments.. It would be 3k+ if they was talking about dumb shit..

    A 77A 7724 kun oldin
  • Harris and Biden don't care. They want the black vote

    yes.ma'amyes.ma'am25 kun oldin
  • White man sticks to your words… You said we were equal, show us that we are ALL equal. All we are asking is to see us the same as you see yourself. No one loves war.

    Genius CorrectionGenius Correction26 kun oldin
  • Stop telling us to chill when WE gettin' killed.. We know violence isn't the answer, how come these trigger happy cops don't?!

    11thWoods11thWoods26 kun oldin
  • Once again I'm not surprised by this we will never get the justice we deserve when u have Rondey King getting his ass whipped on camera and the officers are found not guilty and Eric Garner is choked out on camera saying I can't breathe and the officer isn't charged with murder. George Floyd being killed and his last words are momma and this officer either won't be charged or found not guilty. We will always get that slap ik the face even our children aren't save we will always be the enemy in their eyes and the cops will not speak out becuase they don't wanna look like snitches to their fellow officers but, want u to snitch. But u shoot them or shoot at them they are giving u the book. I know when I say this part I may get some hateful comments but, it needs to be said we screaming Black Lives Matter but, then we killing each other Black Lives have to matter to our own people becuase if we keep killing each other these racists white people and these cops are gonna be like looking at us like how u preaching Black Lives Matter but, u killing your own. This is why we have people like Jason Shitlock who tap dance for massa Candice Owens Terry Crews we have to change that.

    Bossdon83Drizzydre2733 PrimetimeBossdon83Drizzydre2733 Primetime26 kun oldin
  • Trump gave condolences to both Brianna and the cop’s families. How come you’re not speaking on that breakfast club?

    m98blue Bm98blue B26 kun oldin
  • Is anyone surprised about the verdict??? Not me!!! SMH....disgraceful

    Deen ODeen O26 kun oldin
  • The police, they, these crooks and liars shot their own officer and trying to blame the accuse Now with more than eight bullets riddle in the body of this young woman, Breonna Taylor, whose life was taken from her in her bed, in her private home The settlement should be triple the amount of bullets found in her body times what these racist punk agree to settle to give. If it was a caucasian person they would be getting more than what was settled on for the cruel death of this queen, her life was taken unjustly. Wicked God's wrath will be just and swift

    Marsha TMarsha T27 kun oldin
  • Folks needs to dive into the facts and politics mess of this laughing sock nation All the name calling in politics and sweet talks to our ears doesn't set good and righteous laws into effects. How can folks obey laws and respect authority's agent's of the law when it is run or has been run as a circus and side show Educate self and vote with discerning wisdom to get this nation into a new breed of change that is equally important and yoked to all race

    Marsha TMarsha T27 kun oldin
  • The police, they, these crooks and liars shot their own officer and trying to blame the accuse Now with more than eight bullets riddle in the body of this young woman, Breonna Taylor, whose life was taken from her in her bed, in her private home The settlement should be triple the amount of bullets found in her body times what these racist punk agree to settle to give. If it was a caucasian person they would be getting more than what was settled on for the cruel death of this queen, her life was taken unjustly. Wicked God's wrath will be just and swift

    Marsha TMarsha T27 kun oldin
  • The police, they, these crooks and liars shot their own officer and trying to blame the accuse Now with more than eight bullets riddle in the body of this young woman, Breonna Taylor, whose life was taken from her in her bed, in her private home The settlement should be triple the amount of bullets found in her body times what these racist punk agree to settle to give. If it was a caucasian person they would be getting more than what was settled on for the cruel death of this queen, her life was taken unjustly. Wicked God's wrath will be just and swift

    Marsha TMarsha T27 kun oldin
  • Your mom and her mom most likely voted for these do-nothing politicians. So people research the people you vote for. That's why we in this mess, just voting for whoever got a D by their names. It is going to destroy us. Research is the key and hold a politician accountable.

    Marquell MartinMarquell Martin27 kun oldin
  • My mama never stood my wrong.

    Fenicia AndersonFenicia Anderson27 kun oldin
  • you need to vote!! the killing on white on black, black on black, black on white, etc are the same. all lives matter whether a baby, a woman, a man regardless of race

    Eugene DeclaroEugene Declaro27 kun oldin
  • People are dumb AF. Of course nobody was charged with murder. Start by googling murder. This is not that.

    mathermpmathermp27 kun oldin
  • Omg I wanna play spades with obama!!!

    Amanda PandaAmanda Panda27 kun oldin
  • Chance sounds like a clown. Vote for who your mother votes for. Really??Suppose you have a different view point than your mother.

    Patricia WatkinsPatricia Watkins27 kun oldin
  • Bernie and Kaep said it the way it is. Sleepy Joe and Fakeala Harris just wanted to pander to the scared white folks.

    BeTechSmartBeTechSmart27 kun oldin
  • How DARE that short, insignificant lil fool try to even mention Justin Dweber music in the same sentence as The King of Pop music Michael Jackson 😩😒🤦🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️. I don't wanna be anywhere near him when that Lightning strike his capping ass 🤚🏾😂😂

    kyra bankskyra banks27 kun oldin
  • -_____-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik27 kun oldin
  • Violence is not the answer. But, the U.S. government, military, CIA etc. all destroy the U.S. and other countries overtly and covertly for its not-so secret controllers.

    JusticeTMJusticeTM27 kun oldin
  • Fight the good fight of faith keep enduring the test of faith. Stand firm by seeking Father God daily. John 3:16-18👑 Revelation 21:8🔥 1 John 5:19 👿

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love Ministries27 kun oldin
  • Chance turned his drake voice on talking racist ass Bieber

    Quest StarrQuest Starr27 kun oldin
  • It wasn’t murder it was a accident. It’s sucks she was hit. But The dude shot first what u expect to happen. And it wasn’t a no knock warrant look at the warrants and court papers. That’s a media lie just like her being in the bed is a media lie

    EklypisedEklypised27 kun oldin
  • Na watch they try to play justin but his last album was fire 🔥 no skips

    Monizzzleee1 TMonizzzleee1 T27 kun oldin
  • Why is race always brought up when a black person is killed by the police? You can find many videos of whites getting shot by police too.

    John HolmesJohn Holmes27 kun oldin
  • my mom don't pay attention to politics and I do. she voted for Biden only because she didn't know any of the other people later I explained to her all the things Bernie was fighting for and she didn't know and said it sounds good. 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Jessica SmithJessica Smith27 kun oldin
  • Forget reform. Democrats and Republicans work together to set those white supremacists free. They don't have to reform just need to stop hiring white supremacists and do heavy vetting. That is the number one problem white supremacists are on all police force. Police officers are supported by white supremacists organizations.

    Rose TorrentineRose Torrentine27 kun oldin
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    • Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers• Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers27 kun oldin
  • We must fight!!

    Liljohn EllisonLiljohn Ellison27 kun oldin
  • 👑👽

    Shakir LateefShakir Lateef27 kun oldin
  • Violence is not the answer, destruction is not the answer. - Karen Vargas

    Pretty Princess P PPretty Princess P P27 kun oldin
  • To the cops who killed Breonna Taylor y'all are a bunch of coward officer's a disgrace to that badge and to serve and protect you took someone's life who served to saved people's lives she not here with us anymore but you still get to walk around free with and go home to your homes with your family's is simply disgusting do the wright thing and turn y'all selves in but just like always you're to coward to do that y'all got to answer to Christ for the evil y'all done facts.💯👹😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠🤦🤷🙎🙍💪👊✊👌

    Brian LovelaceBrian Lovelace27 kun oldin
  • To be honest vast majority of young black people know very little about politics and dont care to research in that case I agree with Chance listen to your Momma!

    tjz officialtjz official27 kun oldin
  • I just got off a session of lawyers discussing the evidence and facts, including video evidence, regarding Breonna Taylor. Drugs being delivered frequently to her house and taped, questioned for a murder that happened in the car she rented, her ex-boyfriend being taped and recorded delivering drugs frequently to her apartment, trap houses being called out by the neighborhood which were raided by cops then leading to the distribution network being investigated as the next step and her apartment being designated as the stash house for 3 trap houses with recorded and taped foot traffic and distribution evidence, her being recorded admitting referring to a trap house during a call regarding her ex-boyfriend's arrest talking about which distributor was compromised. I'm wondering which media uttered a single word about all these recorded, on-video, evidenced events. The cops also had a no-knock warrant, but still knocked like fools which is also recorded, they knocked.

    Milkshake BarrageMilkshake Barrage27 kun oldin
  • Bernie had the best response then the two democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. It makes me furious that the Democratic establishment fucked him over in favor of Joe Biden.

    Christopher AparicioChristopher Aparicio28 kun oldin
  • love love the breakfast club

    anthony whiteheadanthony whitehead28 kun oldin
  • I have no idea what the Higher Powers pull is, Breonna was in the wrong place wrong time, had a bad BF, and the media advertised injustice murder... What is going on? & Why are police waiting to release statements & proof til last minute that justified their actions so they're not dragged by the media and unneeded protest happen, something going on in the background is extremely fishy

    SH-SH-SHA !!!SH-SH-SHA !!!28 kun oldin
  • Poet from Gary Indiana creates this Video Message' So many Children an Youth dieing by Gun Violence:" Somebody had to say it Somebody from the real Streets: uzworld.info/player/video/cKqSbdduZ5KyeIg

    StreetSmartStreetSmart28 kun oldin
  • The drug dealer bf shot a cop. But who needs facts

    Jongeun KimJongeun Kim28 kun oldin

    Free 1Free 128 kun oldin
  • Chance sold out he giving Justin a ride for some clout , u can’t match the frequency of Michael Jackson lol 😂

    Ashera Star GoddessAshera Star Goddess28 kun oldin
    • I swear people on youtube be thinking of anything n running wit it like stfu worrying so much bout another man but u anit worried bout keeping one or keeping yo edges

      NoobishBananaOfficalNoobishBananaOffical25 kun oldin
    • Ride for some clout? Justin doesn’t need Clout LMFAOOOOO

      KerynKeryn25 kun oldin
    • STFU

      Chisom AmatuChisom Amatu27 kun oldin

      Kaylene JantjesKaylene Jantjes28 kun oldin
    • STFU

      Tracey TraceyTracey Tracey28 kun oldin
  • Vote for self !

    Ashera Star GoddessAshera Star Goddess28 kun oldin
  • Chance has always been corny to me

    Michael ClaytonMichael Clayton28 kun oldin
  • Violence is the answer. That’s why nothing have changed because we are fighting wrong.

    Ashleigh SmithAshleigh Smith28 kun oldin
  • Zechariah 11v 5

    Carla BeckfordCarla Beckford28 kun oldin
  • Who listens to Chance the Rapper? Why is this dude famous?

  • I'm over this shit we gotta force change stop asking

    Mr.Count UpMr.Count Up28 kun oldin
  • Anybody else confuse on what happened? Can I get a summary

    Trey FieldsTrey Fields28 kun oldin
  • Envy... Envy.... Envy... I give up.

    Mr. Keener's Art ClassMr. Keener's Art Class28 kun oldin
  • I have a question. What is a true solution to these problems? If we dont want Trump and dont want Biden who do we turn too? I dont want Trump another 4 years but damn the way everyone is speaking thats what we gonna have because nobody wants Biden either. VOTE local that is were it starts in MY opinion let me say again MY opinion we get it at the lower level we can make more change.

    Anthony PruittAnthony Pruitt28 kun oldin

    Hurd1199 GoldHurd1199 Gold28 kun oldin

    Hurd1199 GoldHurd1199 Gold28 kun oldin
  • White people's answer has BEEN violence since forever but now yall confused 😭

    TaPatsGoldieTaPatsGoldie28 kun oldin
  • Notice the difference in Bernie Sander's tweet and Joe Biden's tweet.

    Bruce LeeRoyBruce LeeRoy28 kun oldin
  • Chance is a damn fool.

    Sean TysonSean Tyson28 kun oldin
  • These demons keep saying “violence is not the answer” but who tf is committing the violence? Why do we always have to be calm & complacent?

    God’s ChildGod’s Child28 kun oldin
    • Never ever can Beiber do anything like MJ

      negra lopeznegra lopez20 kun oldin
  • If black ppl want change they should start with themselves

    J044 :DJ044 :D28 kun oldin
  • Why the F did they settle?!

    Agonizing PaperAgonizing Paper28 kun oldin
  • Chance being a momma's boy somehow is not remotely shocking. I wonder if his mom is voting for Kanye then?

    Jeremy RileyJeremy Riley28 kun oldin
  • Listen to the tweet by Joe Biden when you hear all these places tell you to go out and vote. His first thought is don't be violent even though the system is violent towards you

    cory ddpcory ddp28 kun oldin
  • For the record they charged the former officer for the bullets that went into the white neighbor's house!!!!

    C AliC Ali28 kun oldin
  • The US justice system is BS! 😡😡😡

    latoyah campbelllatoyah campbell28 kun oldin
  • They rather see this place in chaos and torch to the ground then to turn over two peoples that killed a woman in her home, as simple as that. #justice for all or Justice for No One

    Inez WhatleyInez Whatley28 kun oldin
  • RIP breonna Taylor

    Milton ScottMilton Scott28 kun oldin
  • I read the Grand Jury testimony. She had been hiding drug money for her former boyfriend & knew about the drug-dealing activities of both her former & current (at the time of her death) boyfriend. Police did not have a warrant for Breonna's home (they went to the wrong home). Although she was not innocent, her involvement does not justify her wrongful death & there should've been a trial.

    Vegas ElementVegas Element28 kun oldin
  • Nothing seems to stop these Nazis cop's from running roughshod. So the only solution is to separate with our 2 trillion yearly economy and form black militias to protect it.

    D bestD best28 kun oldin
  • Joe biden gave the police officers condolences but didn't even mention Breona Taylor's name nor condolences to her family.

    RASTA FAR_I 444RASTA FAR_I 44428 kun oldin
  • If you're looking for justice in this world, you might as well chase the wind.

    AnthonyAnthony28 kun oldin
  • Know the local, state and federal issues then VOTE!!! Vote every election cycle and not just the Presidential race. Save your money, stack your cash and get ready for power.

    Lily BartLily Bart28 kun oldin
  • What Chance doesn't realize is that many white kids are influenced by HipHop celebrities. Many of those same young people have parents who support Trump! This becomes further problematic when considering how many young people see the world differently than their racist parents, but Chance says they should follow mom! People like Chance, Ice Cube and Diddy need to take this matter more seriously or shut up!

    Mike WashMike Wash28 kun oldin

    fedrick russellfedrick russell28 kun oldin
  • Weirdo Christian dudes I swear

    Eric WatsonEric Watson28 kun oldin
  • Why doesn’t anyone blame the boyfriend?

    Bubbles McGeeBubbles McGee28 kun oldin
    • Because he was protecting his castle. He didn't know who they were and they shouldn't have been there.

      Bruce LeeRoyBruce LeeRoy28 kun oldin
  • They ain’t even found Pac killer you think they gonna charge these niggas that killer her???? Not a chance.

    SDBROOKS08SDBROOKS0828 kun oldin
  • Y’all will be over it by next week when some dumb shit like Meg twerking is front line news.

    SDBROOKS08SDBROOKS0828 kun oldin
  • Cowards probably shot each other.

    Boss HoggBoss Hogg28 kun oldin
  • Wasn’t really injustice... She was involved in a drug operation She was named on the warrant, it wasn’t the wrong house She wasn’t an emt because of an involvement in a killing The cops knocked and was shot at then returned fire and she was caught in a crossfire. The real injustice is the way cops are being treated.

    Equinsu OchaEquinsu Ocha28 kun oldin
  • her boyfriend was a drug dealer wasn't he?; and didn't he shoot at the police first according to witnesses? Can anyone correct me *respectfully please*? This is a very important story and I wish to have all the info possible to not become propagandized. www.courier-journal.com/story/news/local/breonna-taylor/2020/09/23/minute-by-minute-timeline-breonna-taylor-shooting/3467112001/

    Oshua JayzoOshua Jayzo28 kun oldin
    • Her ex boyfriend was a drug dealer. He did not reside at her home during the incident. The current boyfriend opened fire because he thought his apartment was being broken into. He had a carry permit.

      Oja GossOja Goss28 kun oldin
  • I hope joe Biden changed from the way he was either way Jehovah(god is what he is) has the last say. Power to my people ✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾.

    MrDboi1236MrDboi123628 kun oldin
  • Envy really sat there and defended Chance with his full chest...

    Jakobi MansarayJakobi Mansaray28 kun oldin
  • Can anyone tell me why we are still voting Republican or Democrat? Democracy does not work if it’s a monopoly.

    I am TallI am Tall28 kun oldin
    • been saying this for months. both sides are ridiculously corrupt but people are uncomfortably to blonde to realize it

      [-yamato-][-yamato-]28 kun oldin
  • Paying 12M is admitting the guilt. Lets start there. Btw taxpayers are paying for this and they'll balance the budget by defunding education.

    ibra dkpibra dkp28 kun oldin
    • They were learning anything in that system anyway.

      Tracey TraceyTracey Tracey28 kun oldin
  • CTG ❤... Keeping it Real

    Monique love1Monique love128 kun oldin
  • "Violence is never the answer" except when it comes to War 🤦‍♂️

    that one hispanicthat one hispanic28 kun oldin
    • Whenever I hear a politician say “violence is never the answer” I automatically assume their full of shit.

      Tiger HoodsTiger Hoods28 kun oldin
  • Then what is the answer JOE AND KAMALA? Because cops for dam sure think violence is the end all solution.

    Ty , First of his nameTy , First of his name28 kun oldin
  • We are holding the looters and rioters accountable they must face their consequences which they are some serving time in jail but how is it cops can murder an innocent person and get away with it?

    that one hispanicthat one hispanic28 kun oldin
    • that one hispanic I agree with you there. However, you don’t shoot through a closed door at god knows who. Also, we know from the grand jury that the police did knock and announce as the neighbours confirmed it. The biggest problem with this case has been the irresponsible reporting from the fake news media who care more about a narrative than the truth.

      David ParkerDavid Parker28 kun oldin
    • @David Parker ok if you are in your own home at night and hear someone breaking into your home and you yell out who they are with no response you are going to do everything and anything to stop these people from breaking into your home meaning grabbing a gun and shooting them

      that one hispanicthat one hispanic28 kun oldin
    • that one hispanic sorry mate, but that’s not how it works. The most you could ask for is a manslaughter charge and even that’s going to be hard as you would be saying the officers shouldn’t have fired despite receiving fire and being hit.

      David ParkerDavid Parker28 kun oldin
    • @David Parker murder is murder if I missed a shot trying to shoot a robber and hit a innocent bystander still murder

      that one hispanicthat one hispanic28 kun oldin
    • Murder requires intent.

      David ParkerDavid Parker28 kun oldin
  • Mother come from a compassionate perspective and born with a Natural grace of god! I agree with Chance the Rapper if you don’t know who to vote for!

    Thomas LloydThomas Lloyd28 kun oldin
  • Well my very successful black mom said she would never vote for harris and biden......

    Big SeeBig See28 kun oldin
  • So the cops were there to serve a warrant. they audibly announced themselves as police. and then they were shot at by her boyfriend. they returned fire and she was struck and killed. yes its tragic but its not always a race thing with this coming out and how everyone was so quick to jump on the jacob blake band wagon BLM is going to take a huge hit and in my opinion at this point should be labeled as a terrorist group and treated as such.

    Michael HelenMichael Helen28 kun oldin
  • It’s a tragedy that Ms. Taylor associated with a criminal that shot first at the cops. African American activists love to play the victim card even when not warranted.

    Tru DatTru Dat28 kun oldin
    • @Helen Hamilton tell 'em again. Police were after her EX! And busted into the wrong house, murdering an innocent woman who was an award winning EMT! She was a damn public servant, and deserved better than this. Dumbass comments from people like @Tru Dat are everywhere 🤦🏾‍♂️

      Shane AnthonyShane Anthony28 kun oldin
    • Really your are legal gun owner, with the mindset to have protect you, and your family. You are asleep and somebody comes busting, and remember they didn't know it was the police. In that situation you are going to utilize the gun for protection. Her ex is in jail not her boyfriend that lived with her.

      Helen HamiltonHelen Hamilton28 kun oldin
  • MLK: You Were Right Brother.💯 X: I Know...

    MD MilitiaMD Militia28 kun oldin
    • @Michael Helen STFU.

      MD MilitiaMD Militia28 kun oldin
    • yea you sound really dumb...

      Michael HelenMichael Helen28 kun oldin
  • Chance gets harder to defend everyday 😂

    Christian HallChristian Hall28 kun oldin
  • If you agree with the final ruling you're dumb as hell and blurred vision 😷

    3 threezy3 threezy28 kun oldin