Cedric Richmond Talks Debate Misconduct, Biden Campaign, Addressing Our Issues + More

1-Okt, 2020
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  • What up European brains. Just figured I’d drop some knowledge off: uzworld.info/player/video/o26xactsd9bBa4A

    Joseph PorterJoseph PorterKun oldin
  • Pro Second amendment baby! uzworld.info/player/video/o26xactsd9bBa4A

    ChArLz In ChArGeChArLz In ChArGeKun oldin
  • Explain that to the woman who was killed by her ex because she had to wait to get her firearm.. oh wait.... dumb ass.. how are you responsible but wants to shoot through a door smh

    Don916 FPVDon916 FPV3 kun oldin
  • please if ctg could watch this, or anyone else, part of this has gotten pretty decent attention in the gun community, there is a bunch of misinformation here uzworld.info/player/video/ppPRh9eZpqXMlqo

    James PellerinJames Pellerin4 kun oldin
  • “I’m not anti-2A... and here’s a list of why I oppose 2A.”

    Ben MillerBen Miller4 kun oldin
  • This Buffoon says he's pro-common sense but he wants to buy a gun because he doesn't want to have to be accurate. This clown should be red flagged permanently.

    WilliamWilliam5 kun oldin
  • Me and Cedrick Richmond had the same barber in the 90's ...Rasheed at cut creators on Downman in New Orleans East.....Remember like yesterday when he was just getting into office around 98....Glad to see him on this platform....SMART BROTHER

    Winky UnderWaterNewOrleans WinkWinky UnderWaterNewOrleans Wink7 kun oldin
  • 2020 vote for dumb or dumber. And dumb is the used car salesman who say would be so stupid to say ‘'If you have a problem figuring out whether you're for me or Trump, then you ain't black'’ How tf could the Democratic Party pick the only guy who is just as guilty as trump of saying bull shit and as for the 2nd amendment shit I can’t believe people gotta ask this question %90 of gun laws are written by democrats that stomp on poor peoples rights and lord help us you should be able to own anything that the military has cause us common folk will instantly become mass murders were just doing it for the children not like we don’t already have 10,000 gun laws

    I can’t seeI can’t see9 kun oldin
  • Check out the link and it will explain why they are anti 2nd amendment. uzworld.info/player/video/o26xactsd9bBa4A

    JustinJustin10 kun oldin
  • Because Democrats always take any chance they get to restrict every part of a firearm till there are no more firearms......

    Mark WMark W11 kun oldin
  • aint no way CTG doesn't realize democrats are anti gun, i wonder how deep into Bloomberg's pockets he is.....news flash, an assault weapons ban doesn't only affect scary ar15's but most of all semi automatics, including threaded barrels on handguns........ i disagree with everything Cedric said, including the judge, the s&w governor is better.......

    James PellerinJames Pellerin11 kun oldin
  • Foundational Black Americans Civil Rights Abuse Settlements. Foundational Black Americans Reparations. Foundational Black Americans Reservations Lands across 🇺🇸 america FBA Country too and a Thoroughbred Mule.

    Lord SilkkyLord Silkky11 kun oldin
  • If Cedric Richmond where to go to The Hood the way he looks The Black people there would call Him a Soft Country Black Man and worse Things to. Its Funny at The End of the Video he's talking about The Hood He doesn't know nothing what it's like in The Hood. He's saying New Orleans is a Hood? No it not it's a Soft Black Country Town it's a Classy hood compared to worse.

    Lenny FelixLenny Felix12 kun oldin
  • Cedric Richmond is Hypocrite Black Racist Man. it's Funny how he talks like he thinks he knows about The Hood. He's never been to a Hood He Grew up in a Soft City New Orleans. I'll tell you one more thing about Cedric Richmond he always talks caring about African American People he should. I'll tell you why he's a Hypocrite he's married to a white Woman. He should be worried about white people to because his wife is white.

    Lenny FelixLenny Felix12 kun oldin
  • This just seemed like a terrible Gun Control commercial at some points lol. As people of color we HAVE to educate ourselves on firearms and why gun control doesn’t work. This dude said Boyz in the Hood made him want a Raging Judge so he doesn’t have to aim; which is insane, (and was the wrong gun) and Envy said he likes his 9mm because it can’t go thru his walls and hit his kids (also a lie) lol

    georgiaboi71georgiaboi7113 kun oldin
  • This might be the most ignorant discussion on the second amendment I've heard in a while. It's totally devoid of any relevant, accurate, and useful information.

    GhilliedUpNinjaGhilliedUpNinja14 kun oldin
  • The proud boys are made up of blacks, Hispanics and white people who love this country and the people who live in it. Stop trying to put false messages out there. So much hate coming from the left always

    nunu sungnunu sung14 kun oldin
  • This clown needs to brush up on his firearms knowledge and not go based off movies...who the hell in their right mind shoots a round through the door without knowing who's behind it... that's one of the major rules in the gun world! Know what you're shooting at and what's behind it! He thinks a 410 will cause the same damage as a 12 gauge 😂😂 what a fool! And he's asking for "common sense gun laws" when he himself has no common sense Criminals will be criminals only people abiding by the law are law abiding citizens...and where the hell does envy get his info on guns from 😂 I thought his father was a retired LE????

    Alexis GomezAlexis Gomez15 kun oldin
  • I think the black vote is ah betting chip y’all keep voting for dems they gonna expect ur votes n don’t do shit 4 u but if u hold ur vote hostage they’ll start pulling shit out they sock. TF.

    Dale WrightDale Wright15 kun oldin
  • I like how ctg eating round da edeges tryna get to the crust after that first rendezvous

    Dale WrightDale Wright15 kun oldin
  • Immature gun talk .. not very smart to model your gun choices or behavior after hollywood movies .. GET EDUCATED ! ..

    Bryan WoodringBryan Woodring15 kun oldin
  • The two donkeys that hosts the show and do the interviews are horrible. Do they even bother to listen to what is being said to them? Awesome that politician is full of shit. Democrats are anti-Second Amendment and if they had their way would confiscate every gun in America.

    Craig BCraig B15 kun oldin
  • It's not clear how the debate lumping race and violence together was problematic.

    Kip WonderKip Wonder16 kun oldin
  • 3 people who don’t know shit about guns talking about guns, and one of them is a politician trying to implement gun laws.

    mynameisritsmynameisrits16 kun oldin
  • People talking about guns who clearly have no clue what they are talking about. I'm sure the internet and podcasts weren't around when they wrote the 1st amendment, don't see ant going back to quail feathers and ink.

    bigDrobbigDrob16 kun oldin
  • Envy he ended his sentence with black and equity. Why switch the conversation to what trump said about another racist white man son. Who cares. You should followed up on blacks and gaining economic power

    Tamika ParkerTamika Parker16 kun oldin
  • I really think you guys need to bring someone onto your show that is highly skilled and knowledgeable about guns, weapons, the law. Not these politicians who do not understand what they are doing and how they are hindering the over whelming amount of good citizens.

    Ryan McbayRyan Mcbay16 kun oldin
  • Bruh, these people all need to educate themselves on firearms. This was painful to listen to. "I shoot 9mm cause it won't go through walls". Painfully ignorant.

    compedcomped16 kun oldin
  • These three stooges don’t know the first thing about guns and they wanna speak on guns. Just stop.

  • You have one gun that you cant name because it doesnt exist

    Brandon TscheschlogBrandon Tscheschlog16 kun oldin
  • #TRUMP2020

    Michael SpinelliMichael Spinelli16 kun oldin
  • How does A Government CONTROL A UNCONTROLABLE PANDEMIC? The reason why its a PANDEMIC is Because it's UNCONTROLABLE. Not in defense of TRUMP, but how is A PANDEMIC one person's fault. They need to get off this two party BS and come together as one America. But You can't control people with out being di-vi-sive. And this Brother is not being Hones,t to much dancing and deflecting.

    DBChefTVDBChefTV16 kun oldin
  • So about hurricane Katrina, Karl Malone of the portland Blazers of the NBA was turned back grievously, when he went down there, with his construction company, was told to turn back or else(basically)! So, You really peaked our interest there Congressman, when You brought that up as we wanna know what was the democratic response

    jas113607jas11360716 kun oldin
  • You two are too much asking that man what he got 😂

    jas113607jas11360716 kun oldin
  • I am pro 2A but every time I listen to a democrat talk firearms, I also agree: democrats probably shouldn't own firearms.

    Dan WDan W16 kun oldin
  • “Whe do people think all Democrats are anti-2A ?” Because they are !

  • This is thee most retarded interview I have ever seen. These people don't know shit about guns and the 2A.

    Lou DoggLou Dogg16 kun oldin
  • You guys completely clueless on 2A . This is why Democrats are going to struggle.

    david deluxedavid deluxe16 kun oldin
  • Democrats are against 2A, uzworld.info/player/video/ppPRh9eZpqXMlqo Reaction to this Video!!!!!!!

    Angel RodriguezAngel Rodriguez17 kun oldin
  • With all due respect, it doesn’t seem that any one of you understand the basics of firearm safety nor what it takes to win a gun fight. Make no mistake about it, if you have a gun as a method of home or self defense, you are planning on a having a gun fight. Instead of having a 2A conversation in an “echo chamber”, actually include a person with experience in the things that happen in gun fights. That will help to inform you and get rid of misgivings about how guns should be used.

    DGBizmDGBizm17 kun oldin
  • This is honestly pathetic that a guy like this would try to even pass gun laws, This guy has NOT ONE CLUE how guns or the 2A works and you are going to tell me this is the guy I'm suppose to believe, I could dismantle just about every pathetic argument he used but I wouldn't bother because I'd be here all day.

    Zen RazorZen Razor17 kun oldin
  • Gunlaws only apply to those who abide them. Criminals laugh at dems for helping them disarm people.

    A.j ReyesA.j Reyes17 kun oldin
  • This Guy Is Just Plain Out Right Ignorant Of The 2nd Amendment. The Democrats Have Been Trying To Eliminate The Second Amendment Period! Illinois, California, New Jersey, Etc. Have Been Doing Everything Within There Power To Eliminate The 2nd Amendment Of Their Citizens. Also Shooting Someone Without Identifying Whether That Person Is Armed Or Not Will Land Your A$$ In Prison! Never Listen To Someone Who Doesn't Know Anything About Firearms! He's Pushing Propaganda! 90+% Of Gun Crime's In This Country Are Committed By Illegal Guns Purchased On The Streets! Gun Control Hasn't Done A Damn Thing To Curb Gangs From Killing One Another! All That Gun Control Laws Have Done Is Restrict The Rights Of Law Abiding Citizens. This Guy Is A Shill! The Majority Of Poor Black Neighborhoods In America Are Run By The Democrats. He Has An Excuse For Everything! Never Trust A Lying A$$ Politician! ✌️

    Joe SinegalJoe Sinegal17 kun oldin
  • Common sense gun laws? So the 30,000 gun laws that already exist aren't "Common sense" enough? This is my main voting issue, anyone in power that wants people defenseless shouldn't be in power. Democrats are anti 2A period.

    509's finest509's finest17 kun oldin
  • THIS INTERVIEW is exactly why people think dems are anti-2A lmfao

    Eric LeBlancEric LeBlanc17 kun oldin
  • Is this a joke ?

    Daniel WebbDaniel Webb17 kun oldin
  • what kind of retards advocate shooting at unknown targets... idiots discussing guns...

    Jeremy HJeremy H17 kun oldin
  • Someone please take Cedric Richmond's firearm away before he kills someone thats innocent. To think someone in power like him can be so ignorant/stupid.

    Theguyinthe HelmetTheguyinthe Helmet17 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/ppPRh9eZpqXMlqo

    I Be StrokinI Be Strokin17 kun oldin
  • Is it CTG's purpose just to antagonize the Democrats with his questions? The Trump comment about Obama's tax plan being the reason he only paid $750 was a straight lie. Why isn't Charla making it know that it was a lie and instead wasting the guest's time trying to prove a negative. Does this puff cake do any research when forming guest questions?

    Gordi AugustinGordi Augustin17 kun oldin
    • Gordi Augustin basically the other side being bad is not a good enough point to vote for the other side..is that what you mean ?

      P OP O15 kun oldin
    • @P O I appreciate that. And I'll give him the benefit of the doubt that he's just in "media/rumor report" mode and gossip is kinda their bread and butter so that's all he knows. But he could be asking "what's the Democratic position on X,Y,or Z?" if he really wanted to know what plan the Dems have. Instead of just throwing a bunch of "the Republicans said this or that", what do you say to that? blah blah....It's lazy interview technique, in my opinion..Who knows, maybe CTG is just trying to get a reaction.. but I think he could do better. ✌🏾

      Gordi AugustinGordi Augustin15 kun oldin
    • Gordi Augustin I definitely see your point. And I’m not being sarcastic. You do make actual sense.

      P OP O15 kun oldin
    • @P O He's not "asking questions", he's repeating rumors and Republican talking points and asking a Democrat to answer an untrue premise. Ever heard of the term, "there's no way to prove a false negative". It's like CTG is asking the guest to prove "there are no aliens on Jupiter" he couldn't prove they are not on Jupiter so it's an impossible question to answer. Asking open ended questions is what CTG always fails at. He's always asking Dems to disprove crazy Republican theories. That's poor interview mechanics and non-productive.

      Gordi AugustinGordi Augustin15 kun oldin
    • You’re mad because CTG is finally asking tough questions?

      P OP O17 kun oldin
  • a lof of the "gun knowledge" in this video is so dumb its offensive to me

    Adrian SanchezAdrian Sanchez17 kun oldin
  • Nearly everything in this interview related to firearms and or their use is complete ignorance. This guy is going to be making laws to govern others and he knows nothing about firearms. Then the DJ says his 9mm rounds will not penetrate drywall or residential doors. I am assuming he does not have custom doors on the bedrooms, so his statement so full of ignorance.

    Al PierreAl Pierre17 kun oldin
    • Yeah, it's terrifying that he thinks he doesn't have to worry about accidentally shooting his child through the wall. These men are dangerously misinformed.

      Stan WoloszStan Wolosz7 kun oldin
  • People thinks Dems are anti 2A because they are always calling for gun control. The farmers of the constitution weren’t thinking of computers yet 1A applies. Don’t let them fool you 2A is a check on the checks and balances of this great nation. You also call to confiscate AR15s

    Let Freedom RingLet Freedom Ring17 kun oldin
  • Nice attempt by the Dems to try to convince us they’re not anti 2A.

    Milspec MaharaMilspec Mahara17 kun oldin
  • This guy has ZERO knowledge of firearms

    Let Freedom RingLet Freedom Ring17 kun oldin
  • GUN CONTROL IS RACIST AND OPPRESSION. Think about it. Do the criminals in your neighborhood listen to gun laws? Who will be unarmed YOU the law abiding hard working American.

    Let Freedom RingLet Freedom Ring17 kun oldin
  • Biden's son isn't running for President! We've had a first lady who was alcoholic! The late Betty Ford suffered from alcohol addiction. Lots of people suffer from some form of addiction. Trump continues to show he has no class!!!!!

    Aretha WalkerAretha Walker17 kun oldin
  • He brought up HBCUs just throwing this out there President Trump secures Billions for HBCUs like 1.5 years ago.

    Let Freedom RingLet Freedom Ring17 kun oldin
  • He makes the claim it wasn’t the best economy but didn’t tell me when it was. I’m not rich but I saw great economic improvements

    Let Freedom RingLet Freedom Ring17 kun oldin

    Ntouch NenaNtouch Nena17 kun oldin
  • On gun control this dude is a idiot

    Embrs 2Embrs 217 kun oldin
  • The congressman pretty well exemplified why people think Democrats know nothing about guns. He wants to shoot through a door without identifying what the target is lmao. Semi-automatic, and automatic rifles aren't defined as weapons of mass destruction. WMD's are usually explosive devices, or toxic gases. Also you can own an M-16, and burst fire or automatic firearms. It's stupidly expensive, but it's possible. And these are the clowns that want to tell you what you can or can't have! Y'all want do nothing about thugs running around terrorizing their own people in their own neighborhoods, so the law-abiding citizens aren't really left with many options at that point, but to arm themselves. The 2nd amendment was very well thought out. Every gun the military could own regular citizens could own as well. They very well knew about government getting too big and overstepping boundaries, and infringing on people's freedom, which is why they broke off from Great Britain in the first place.

    Rented Gucci MinkRented Gucci Mink17 kun oldin
  • Man he's lieing and misinformed, Democrats are against the 2nd amendment and everybody needs to wake up ⏰. Watch the video link below.... Watch "Why Do People Think Democrats Are Anti-2A? Colion Noir Responds to The Breakfast Club's Question" on UZworld uzworld.info/player/video/o26xactsd9bBa4A

    NW ArcticNW Arctic17 kun oldin
  • Bruh, you don't know shit about guns or the gun laws. How are you a US Representative? 1. Owning a particular firearm so you don't have to aim?... There is only a handful of gun safety rules, one of them is identifying your target and what's behind it. 2. All the guns you said we can't own, we actually can. It is expensive. It is a ton of paperwork. But you can own them. 3. Your argument about 2A and founding fathers not wanting weapons of war... Regular ass citizens owned cannons and warships. Cedrick Richmond, please for the love of god, open a damned history book. This is why people think Democrats are against the 2nd Amendment, because they don't know shit about it.

    D MoneyD Money18 kun oldin
    • His daddy should of had "common sense" and shot that load outside his momma so he wouldn't be born.

      Shoudday ChaShoudday Cha17 kun oldin
  • Beware of any politician that tells you that you don't need something. The second amendment wasn't written in case the deer become tyrannical, it was to work as a last resort system of checks and balances against government. Governments around the world have murdered close to a quarter of a billion people just in the last 100 years. As long as they remain the #1 cause of unnatural death then I will remain armed to the teeth.

    cold dead handcold dead hand18 kun oldin
  • He's very clear about his position in the Biden campaign, but can't speak to his own constituents 🙄

    Shante' WashingtonShante' Washington18 kun oldin
    • That's a lie he has town hall meetings all the time. I know because I attend them

      Paulette FaciannePaulette Facianne17 kun oldin
  • Access to capital, criminal justice reform, entrepreneurship, VOCATIONAL ED and HOME Economics (because college isn't for everyone), stop unfair lending practices, help folks figure out how to keep and maintain their homes, and how to responsibly use home equity for investment. And STOP telling black people (and everybody else) that we can't have guns to protect ourselves and our families. Especially since ya'll can't seem to keep criminals from terrorizing our neighborhoods. Los Angeles county SUCKS for responsible, law-abiding gun owners. By the way, shooting through a door without identifying who's on the other side is irresponsible. Don't do that. Cedric Richmond needs to learn gun safety.

    youngprofessoryoungprofessor18 kun oldin
  • Mail in ballot is not safe ask NJ, NY, Penn, Texas and many more Michigan.

    fxrsniper1fxrsniper119 kun oldin
    • @Let Freedom Ring Exactly

      fxrsniper1fxrsniper117 kun oldin
    • Not safe. I think it’s crazy how they push there is no evidence when there is PLENTY of evidence they just ignore it

      Let Freedom RingLet Freedom Ring17 kun oldin
  • Debunked he did not pay $750 it was in the millions. Not once has trump told supporters to go and disrupt things you people are brainwashed CNN slaves.

    fxrsniper1fxrsniper119 kun oldin
  • LMAO

    Blu NotezBlu Notez19 kun oldin
  • breakfast club be on sum AGENT SHIT...

    Blu NotezBlu Notez19 kun oldin
  • Cedric Richmond you are a uneducated embiclie when it comes to firearms. It's not a 401 shell it's a .410 and it kicks harder than a AR-15 and would do more damage to people. The 2nd Amendment was about keeping people like you in check. The founders left it open because they knew technology would change. They also fought a war using at the time weapons of war as you uneducated people call them. Having a token person in congress doesn't mean you aren't against the 2nd Amendment.

    fxrsniper1fxrsniper119 kun oldin
  • This man should act as Joe Biden til the end of the elections because he’s a better representation of Biden than Biden is.

    Gregory Thompson Jr.Gregory Thompson Jr.19 kun oldin
    • Gregory Thompson Jr. yeah you seem like a sucker....

      D MoneyD Money17 kun oldin
    • D Money Lol, Yeah, but he’s more fluent and sharper-seeming. If we’re talking about politicians and how well they perform, historically, it was never about contradictions they make nor about lies they tell. It’s about how interesting and sure of themselves they are in the eyes of the crowd they talk to.

      Gregory Thompson Jr.Gregory Thompson Jr.17 kun oldin
    • I don't know about that, the shit he said about guns made me think HE is the one with dementia.

      D MoneyD Money18 kun oldin
  • Trump is a dummi

    Alford AlverangaAlford Alveranga19 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne, the leader of the Proud Boys is blacker than all of you. The Proud Boys have 20% POC. Black, Brown, Native American, even a Jewish Chapter in Israel. They are certainly more diverse than ANTIFA. The Proud Boys are not white supremacists. Enrique Tarrio is the leader of Latino's for Trump in Florida. forward.com/news/455608/theres-a-proud-boys-chapter-in-israel-stand-by-debate-trump/ Your dude Cedric doesn't know shit about guns.

    Terry GrantTerry Grant19 kun oldin
  • You can own a bazooka and a m16 🤷🏾‍♂️ , God learn about the things you want to talk about and the judge revolver you talking about shoots .45 caliber and .410 shotgun rounds I bet you own a shotgun and Democrats are Ain’t Gun as a Black man you should know how important a firearm is needed . My female cousin need a gun right away and she was killed in front of her family and 1 year old daughter

    Veezy727Veezy72719 kun oldin
  • Richmond's view on guns makes it so obvious he's against 2a and also knows jack s(h.i.t) about guns and gun safety...dude talks about shooting someone through a door? Like WTF, you ever heard of knowing your target before firing?! And just cuz HE or some other leftist owns a gun doesn't mean they want YOU to own one. And guess what, you can get a bazooka, an m-16 and other firearms as such. It takes a lot of money and paperwork to get signed off, but it is possible. And for all you saying, they didn't have that in the 17, 1800's, bs. Regular citizens owned warships, cannons, and such. You all (105.1) don't understand, they don't want citizens to have guns period, 2a aint about hunting, and they aint about safety or whatever other bs the left tries to peddle. Wake up Breakfast club!

    slik staslik sta19 kun oldin
  • For anyone who wants to register to vote or if you have questions about voting in your state you can also go to VOTE.org.

    missminpinkmissminpink19 kun oldin
  • The left does not care about the 2A. He knows 0 about firearms. A waiting period? Tell that to the women who need protection from their violent boyfriends. Keep democrats away from the 2A

    Donovan IsomDonovan Isom19 kun oldin
  • “I want to be able to shoot through a door” What the fk are you talking about?

    Trill ClintonTrill Clinton19 kun oldin
  • They still typing with mics on! Please stop!

    Changez SoundSystemChangez SoundSystem19 kun oldin
  • Everything about guns in here is purely ignorant.

    S MS M19 kun oldin
  • I wonder if anyone realizes the leader of the proud boys is black

    wtchnwsnwwtchnwsnw20 kun oldin
    • @K S sorry he's "afro-cuban" so he is both

      wtchnwsnwwtchnwsnw5 kun oldin
    • No he's hispanic

      K SK S5 kun oldin
    • Yep he is but that doesn't fit their narrative.

      NW ArcticNW Arctic17 kun oldin
  • If it was a such thing as an AR 15 back then I bet the framers would have used it

    R JR J20 kun oldin
  • This is why democrats are going to struggle. You are completely clueless on 2A

    R JR J20 kun oldin
  • Why are we always having people that know nothing about firearms tell us about firearms. This man just said he would shoot through a door not knowing who's on the other side 😂🤣😂🤣😂. How would he know about common sense gun laws ?

    christopher lewischristopher lewis20 kun oldin
  • Cedric for president 2024

    poohandtigger videosincpoohandtigger videosinc20 kun oldin
  • That gentleman knows nothing about guns, Joe and Kamila have both stated they don't think you should have the same guns that their private and police security have. You can buy all of those guns that he said you can't have today if you go through the additional background check and pay the fees. I would want to see term limits for all elected officials. They should have to perform to serve. We can all be let go at a moments notice. If you make the elected official have to maintain a constituent satisfaction rating then you will get them to stay involved with their communities. The Chief of Police should be an elected position as well not appointed. Why do we allow elected officials to appoint people who have no experience in the subject matters they are assigned to write policy on. Force escalation is a real thing the training has to be there. At the same time self accountability has to be present within our society.

    Chris ThomasChris Thomas20 kun oldin
  • This guy is an idiot...🖕 uzworld.info/player/video/o26xactsd9bBa4A

    Sebastian SaldivarSebastian Saldivar20 kun oldin
  • This guy is anti 2A and a Idiot when is the comes to firearms safety

    Mr.40S&WLEOMr.40S&WLEO20 kun oldin
  • Another Democrat that advocates getting a reckless endangerment criminal charge. Biden said it when he suggested firing 2 shotgun blasts outside and now Richmond here thinks it is a good idea to fire through a door, and also to not aim your gun properly, just stupid.

    Berserker 42Berserker 4220 kun oldin
  • Came here cuz of colion noir... breakfast club need to have him on for his 2A knowledge

    duncan rugambaduncan rugamba20 kun oldin
  • This man knows nothing about guns.

    christopher lewischristopher lewis20 kun oldin
  • Colion Noir explains why people know that democrats are anti-2A. Here's the link to the UZworld video: uzworld.info/player/video/o26xactsd9bBa4A

    John OlinJohn Olin20 kun oldin
  • Clowns

    Adam JAdam J20 kun oldin
  • Don’t trust the liberal. Black or white.

    Common SenceCommon Sence20 kun oldin
  • Check out Colin Noir's video in reference to these "loop holes". The truth is that Democrats have a really bad history of being anti gun and continue to oppose the second amendment.

    Irving GuevaraIrving Guevara20 kun oldin
    • @Irving Guevara this fool doesn't deserve a response. He's a Democrat he supports the party of slavery, segregation, Jim Crow laws and the KKK. I doubt he understands not Americans have the same background.

      509's finest509's finest17 kun oldin
    • @S Palm Ah yes! How did you know? Or did you just assume simply because of the way I look? Or would it be appealing to a bigot like you if I were anti 2A?

      Irving GuevaraIrving Guevara17 kun oldin
    • Immigration has been extremely detrimental to this country. You're proof of this.

      S PalmS Palm17 kun oldin
  • why do you keep letting democrat politicians on to your show to lie to you?

    11 11111 11120 kun oldin
  • Cedric Richmond A weapon of mass destruction (WMD) is a nuclear, radiological, chemical, biological, or any other weapon that can kill and bring significant harm to numerous humans or cause great damage to human-made structures (e.g., buildings), natural structures (e.g., mountains), or the biosphere.

    Big Sarge Da Obsidian 3x Combat VetBig Sarge Da Obsidian 3x Combat Vet20 kun oldin
  • FUD

    Trey DeJesusTrey DeJesus20 kun oldin