Cartel Corruption Explained by Mexican Crime Expert - Ed Calderon

4-Dek, 2020
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Patrick Bet-David has a virtual sit down with Ed Calderon, former counter narcotics agent. Calderon is recognized as one of the worlds preeminent researchers and trainers in the field of personal security that have come out of Mexico. Follow Calderon on instagram:
Learn more about Ed here:
About the guest: During the period he worked in the fields of counter narcotics, organized crime investigation, and public safety in the northern-border region of Mexico, he also coordinated and worked executive protection details for high-level government officials and visiting dignitaries - often in some of the most dangerous parts of the country.
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  • Mexico needs a Chinese style surveillance system on the ground. A n american military style drone surveillance system. American style mass incarcerations. And the death penalty

    • ...And border walls. One in the south one in the North

  • Ed Calderon says voting in Mexico is lagit, What he didn't tell you is how the different cartels go through neighborhoods paying people to vote for who they want in office in all kinds of elections.

    Denver DonDenver Don18 soat oldin
  • Ed needs to be on the Jocko Willink podcast

    Brotherw0lfBrotherw0lf19 soat oldin
  • This guy been corrupt before he good at lying

    William AyalaWilliam AyalaKun oldin
  • The speed limit in Mexico is 40 dollars.

    jeffroguejeffrogueKun oldin
  • Leave it to a Leftist to make a slowly recovering situation to an completely destroyed one

    Kamil ZapartKamil Zapart2 kun oldin
  • The movie you referred to is "Serpico" with Al Pacino. The crooked cops set him up to be killed during a dr ug raid but he survived. The movie is based on the true experiences of a new York cop and worth the watching.

    Sheila PasquiniSheila Pasquini2 kun oldin
  • excellent interview. thank you.

    S EichornS Eichorn2 kun oldin
  • I’m so fascinated by Mexican cartels and the older generation of drug lords who came up in the 80’s and 90’s. Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo, Rafael Caro Quintero, Amado Cuerillo Fuentes, the AFO, El Chapo, etc. It really is like they’ve elevated to a sort of cult icon level.

    The Kids NiceThe Kids Nice2 kun oldin
  • Ed Calderon is corrupt dont let him deceive you hes on a straight path

    Michael VandelinderMichael Vandelinder2 kun oldin
  • If El Calderon is inside, why is he wearing a sweater jacket, over a T shirt and a shirt? 🤔

    Mohamed MohammedMohamed Mohammed3 kun oldin
  • The wise power phongsaly puncture because detail opportunely divide near a absent foundation. rightful, spiffy robert

    Angel BlazAngel Blaz3 kun oldin
  • I saw Chinese struggling like coming to USA and their culture different though than the one coming on Ellis Island, and badly thrive for Harvard to study and always wants "USA TOP jobs," the top one, and I see that their part/contribution in banks or some top job are very brutal and militarily tactics and civilians have never changed their love for China excuses like"we don' t accept things because culture," it is a dust in the eye for the one blinded in special for survival coming as a immigrant and barely make it to the Island rigorous vision checking. USA can't accept such thing no matter the interest, "top jobs must be American's not Chinese". I don't care how good you are, European including Armenia and Turkey and Russia, Romania and so on build USA not China and still I agree that USA employee citizen or welcome future citizen if you have relatives from other parts that confuse you in decisions and tradition , I take that in consideration in hiring.

    Free WorldFree World3 kun oldin
  • Always trying to put black people in a low perspective..... Not good energy at all

    Master WisdomMaster Wisdom4 kun oldin
  • 9:00 ...the movie is American Gangster

    KiCuBaKiCuBa4 kun oldin
  • You would think legalizing drugs n America would hurt the cartels but he's saying the exact opposite so what does that say about our government they have to know this cause he certainly does

    Mountain Echoes 8691Mountain Echoes 86914 kun oldin
  • sorry but to me this interview was a mess they went from one subject to another without finishing what they started, then he is trowing out names without giving background of who the person is, if i wasn't familiar with the names that he mention i wouldn't had a clue of who was he talking about or what organazation he was talking about the subject is good but i think they need explain a little better so people who are not from Mexico have no clue of what cartels are can understand more is just my opinion.

    Skull limón425Skull limón4254 kun oldin
  • Dear Mr. David after watching several of these interviews about how important Mexican culture is to you I have one very important question to ask you. do you believe in the Virgen de Guadalupe The most important event that has ever happened in Mexico’s history?

    Jered KellerJered Keller4 kun oldin
  • The irony is that USA is turning into a nightmare. Crazy.

    ART Indo- Auto Racing TechnikART Indo- Auto Racing Technik4 kun oldin

    sond ladysond lady5 kun oldin
  • He knows nothing about black people and slavery. Mexicans ain’t in slavery. People go on this show and say anything

    Robert StephensRobert Stephens5 kun oldin
    • Slaves weren’t captured in Africa. They were purchased from other Africans because slavery is an African institution.

      Efrain RojasEfrain Rojas3 kun oldin
  • You go to WORK for the Cartel or is cartel ED worked for AF cartel....

    Tony TTony T5 kun oldin
  • In the first 30 seconds of the video above, Dr. Mikovitz says that COVID19 is a lack of interferon alpha in the body... Okay, and all natural remedies for this are Chlorella or Chlorophyll; Reishi Mushroom powder or tincture/extract (Chlorophyll and extract: take a quarter teaspoon 4 times/a week), Liposomal Vitamin C, Astralagus, CoEnzyme Q10, Gingko Biloba, Milk Thistle or Bonaset. Get ya'self 'bout 2 or 3 a these here tea's for COVID19 yeah. Drink 2 to 3 cups of your mixture/daily. And look it allllll up ya'self too.

    ONDAT AZZ!!ONDAT AZZ!!5 kun oldin
  • 37:40 I love it!!!!!!!!

    Mr. WisdomMr. Wisdom5 kun oldin
  • I think that movie is called serpico

    Blue PitBlue Pit6 kun oldin
  • You dont have to worry about Cartel corruption. You have the biggest Corruption in Washington. You have just seen the American people treated with total disdain. People turning up at voting booths and told go away your vote has already been counted. This is outrageous the Demorcrats have abused Americans freedoms and are no better than a Chinese dictatorship. Do not stand for this they are now threatning American citizens with job bans and will destroy your career if you speak out. Welcome to Russia. American citizens DONT SHUT UP as the Demorcrats demand. They dont want any criticism off there Lying cheating corruption to steal the American democracy. I,m not pushing for Trump i want true and fair elections. The people who gave the Demorcrats the control of the Senate have just killed any chance of an investigation into future and fair elections. What arrogance these politicians have to demand they run the Greatest country with there socialist ideas. While there getting financially richer every year All jobs went to China the average working people lost there jobs. Trump bought the jobs back and were nt the Demorcrats outraged. Its obvious China had rewarded people in high places to destroy the American economy and those individuals got rich. How can Pelosi say she represents the people when she lives in a $15 million dollar house. She has no idea and has become very rich while in the senate. Honest decent Americans DO NOT ACCEPT RULE BY CORRUPT LYING PEOPLE THEY WILL DESTROY YOUR LIVES.

    William CraskeWilliam Craske6 kun oldin
  • ”Well i dont know how things will go under Biden” yes we do know just look at how things have got better under his 47 years in politics /s

    Indo .ProductionsIndo .Productions6 kun oldin
  • For the cartels to disappear is simple, people just have to stop doing drugs.

    Twin TurboTwin Turbo6 kun oldin
  • being ousted means you will eventually be used as a blame factor - they will set you up / stage a scene where you will be the cause "blame factor". Good luck.

    Talmage d'UrTalmage d'Ur6 kun oldin
  • Buddy was getting his pay from carteles doe he just don't say that n that's facts

    Hussleman1Hussleman16 kun oldin
  • Err serpico?

    Uriah HeepUriah Heep6 kun oldin
  • Love this dude!!

    Teller of unfortunate TruthsTeller of unfortunate Truths7 kun oldin
  • Talking in general terms sounds like general nonsense

    Red LeonRed Leon7 kun oldin
  • This is heavy topics

    Shiro SurferShiro Surfer7 kun oldin
  • This fkn guy... " Upset about somthing in your more developed country ? Well, I came from a country where it was harder so shut up " with that approach we'll all be living in caves wearing fig leaves in no time 😆

    Nails4teethNails4teeth7 kun oldin
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    Carmen HughesCarmen Hughes7 kun oldin
  • The whole World runs in a similar fashion. If you're a drug user, you are the coal for the machine.

    Leão de JudáLeão de Judá7 kun oldin
  • It's not fair they portray immigrants as the only truly grateful Americans. We deserve better.

    Bicking PhilipBicking Philip7 kun oldin
  • I Love you program 💜 so much. I've spent many years from Calif. to Mexico. As a child played on the cement river with family. Played with the poor. Never felt fear. As an adult last trip in 1994 was last. I felt fear!!! Yet loved the people and the history. It was like home away from home. Last trip was not even real. Fear again. The people, family, history ( wounderful)!! I to this day miss that feeling. Now our country is becoming as bad and close to worse. 68 years young! Thank you for your Great talent, Love and Careing! Loyal fallowed for ever!! Thank you?!!

    Jean artJean art7 kun oldin
  • Cops in TJ are super Its just normal but reflects Mexico as a whole to tourists even though its not. They stopped me and my girl and tried to bribe us. Its embarrassing but like my father said when I told him what happened .. Tijuana is not Mexico.. 😂 If you go to Mexico keep going inland for real Mexico.

    Justin MechanicJustin Mechanic8 kun oldin
  • Here in the US we like to create problems that don't exist. Yes there is true strife in other countries around the world but the US doesn't even come close to having strife and issues compared to other countries! This country is goin through these rough times because of spoiled and decadent people that create issues because they are brainwashed and easily controlled. Thats the short and sweet!!

    Chris PhillipsChris Phillips8 kun oldin
  • is Ed Calderón validating the blood war Felipe Calderón started?

    Ricardo TorresRicardo Torres8 kun oldin
  • Crack is whack

    Daniel MichealsDaniel Micheals8 kun oldin
  • Amazing interview! Appreciate this episode! Just subscribed to your channel off this episode. Keep up the good work!

    Ramsey RangelRamsey Rangel9 kun oldin
  • How refreshing, informative and so much appreciation for basic necessities, most take for granted! Thank you E Calderon

    Laura VaccaroLaura Vaccaro9 kun oldin
  • 23:10: "What incentive influences you more -- fear or money?" You know things are bad when there isn't a third option.

    MG GailitisMG Gailitis9 kun oldin
  • The aspiring vise crucially scratch because frost universally polish to a symptomatic olive. utopian, unaccountable catsup

    Rosa LambrightRosa Lambright9 kun oldin
  • How is this guy still alive unless he works for the cartel, shoveling disinfo?

    Dan RustleDan Rustle9 kun oldin
  • I admire your work Pat. Keep up the great work you're doing providing such valuable information. I was partying in TJ '96-98 too. Definitely wild times.

    Jesus MercadoJesus Mercado9 kun oldin
  • Illegal Mexicans send 20 to 40 billion dollars back to Mexico , creating 2 million jobs.

    Spud WesthaverSpud Westhaver10 kun oldin
  • Police or cartel??? Tas pero bien PENDEJO mi amigo cause I'm pretty sure there's other job opportunities than those 2 lmao

    Francisco ArroyoFrancisco Arroyo10 kun oldin
  • My grandfather was kiki camarenas supervisor an when kiki died they made my grandfather an all the guys that were in that investigation in the imperial valley ca leave the case an an gave them shitty jobs so they could quite they mad my grandpa a bailiff for the courts an most of them because they new to much our government is as bad as the cartel

    m.a palaziom.a palazio10 kun oldin
  • To educate Ed, in case he isn't intentionally being disingenuous about his 'defund the police' remarks, it does NOT mean to abolish or eradicate the police entirely. It refers to the fact that the overwhelming majority of city funds is taken up by the police, on top of all the regressive taxes levied primarily on the struggling poor via tickets, fines, etc. There's also the surplus military gear given to police. They're asking for a diversion of some of those funds to social assistance programs as a means to reduce crime, instead of treating every issue as a war zone combat situation. It refers to being totally innocent, respectful and compliant and still fearing for your life in the face of hateful racist cops that have all power the power to take away your freedom and or life with no means to right the situation.

    Dan CasDan Cas10 kun oldin
  • There’s no corruption in Mexico.

    JH ZJH Z10 kun oldin
  • When Leyzaola was chief of police in my city of Tijuana, the change was noticeable. I remember he said in the papers el Chapo tried to bribe him with 80k USD a week... Very respectable guy, and to be in the center of a rat's nest takes lots of balls.

    M KM K10 kun oldin
  • I’m from Brazil it’s pretty similar I can relate to the feeling that Americans don’t appreciate their country

    Gabriel BiscoGabriel Bisco10 kun oldin
  • DOWNNN in the Mexicali

    RockNRolla JohnnyQuidRockNRolla JohnnyQuid10 kun oldin
  • Mexicans don’t have the right to comment on the slavery of African Americans

    Ryan CavittRyan Cavitt10 kun oldin
    • I am Mexican, and I have the right to comment in whatever I want. It's called freedom of speech.

      Mr. WisdomMr. Wisdom5 kun oldin
  • Once drugs are legalized and our young people can buy like a pack of gum then our new elect is going decriminalized the sex trade then they are going to open all the borders, this an old strategy to take over a country what will be the result

    ladybug Suttonladybug Sutton11 kun oldin
  • slavery still going on SMH.

    Looney Dank801Looney Dank80111 kun oldin
  • When the poeple in the united states get frustrated we vote in a conservative; in mexico, a socialist.

    Gentel BenGentel Ben11 kun oldin
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    viks tranviks tran12 kun oldin
  • Isn't working for the Mexican government the same as working for the cartel? I know here in the USA working for the government is virtually the same as working for a cartel. :)

    Phillip JohnsonPhillip Johnson12 kun oldin
  • Don't realise how lucky we are in Europe and Northern Americas

    Hutchy StarkHutchy Stark12 kun oldin
  • No government and crime Groups are corrupt ? 😂

    Ivan SnyderIvan Snyder12 kun oldin
  • He’s Great...,,

    silvia ledezmasilvia ledezma12 kun oldin
  • Mexico is fucking insane. !! I can’t even wrap my head around it !!

    Chris FeuerhakenChris Feuerhaken12 kun oldin
  • Police be working with cartels they errand boys down there and they be doing the same shit

    Drake LawnDrake Lawn13 kun oldin
  • That narcos show was sooooo goddamn stupid! People actually watch that shit and believe it. It perpetuates the nonsensical notion that governments/FBI/CIA were trying to take down this force known as Pablo Escobar. I'm trying really hard not to be condescending, but if you believe that.... there isn't even a word that exists for that degree of naivety. Give me a break.... technologies from 80 years ago could take down Escobar like a flee... and besides that wasn't even the biggest cartel at the time either. There were at least 3 others bigger than Escobars.

    Liberty RapsherLiberty Rapsher13 kun oldin
  • Great interview. This man seems authentic, honest and full of information and insight!

    William LowryWilliam Lowry13 kun oldin
  • The Cartels, the police and the government all work together.. The cartels are CIA creations that exist to prevent competition in the manufacturing/growing drug trade. It pisses me off that this is still news to people, this is declassified, it's common sense, it's a fact.In Mexico the people had enough with the cartels terrorizing them and their families so the people joined together and started fighting back and were kicking the shit out of the cartels, so the military/police came to the cartels aid against the people. People actually still believe that drugs are illegal because of safety reasons, as if the government/powers that be give a crap about the safety of their sheep. Drugs are illegal because it's a multi trillion dollar industry and the governments/CIA/powers that be, don't want competition (Besides the illegal drug trade increases violent crime 1000 + % and I'm not exaggerating). Cartels spread fear to a degree that someone would have to be crazy to manufacture/grow their own drugs in competition with the state. The illegality of dealing drugs is a bunch of bullshit... if your dealing drugs from a manufacture that isn't in bed with the state, you will likely be caged. If your dealing drugs manufactured by the team mentioned above, you can still be caged, because they don't give a shit about the people and it's feeding another industry... the prison industrial complex. Also by cartelizing/monopolizing the drug trade they can set the price astronomically higher than a competitive market. And guess what, in every prison, one can get whatever drug they want at 3 x the going rate. Guess who brings the drugs in? The wardens/guards, if not by their own admission it's under orders from higher ups.

    Liberty RapsherLiberty Rapsher13 kun oldin
    • Imagine if indeed governments wanted to eliminate the cartels, do you realize how insanely easy that could be done? The cartels could be eliminated over night with 80 year old technology let alone classified technologies with trillions of dollars pumped into it. Many people are niave, they somehow believe that the technology that they're aware of is the pinnacle of modern technology. We, as in the people get the shit when the state's moved on to bigger and better things. Like Tor for instance, that's ancient CIA technology and many people actually think that they're protected when they use it, but I digress.

      Liberty RapsherLiberty Rapsher13 kun oldin
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    Billy AgpaloBilly Agpalo13 kun oldin
  • 8:44 "Training Day (2001)"

    spktraderspktrader13 kun oldin
  • Good Channel, I dont like that man so much but he have a good points and good guests.

    jari uronenjari uronen13 kun oldin
  • You wonder why they want Trump out...Corruption goes world wide...

    J. T.J. T.13 kun oldin
  • It's Frustrating, It's so... so effin frustrating seeing all of the puzzle pieces and connecting all of the pieces together but we dont see the big picture. Common sense ain't common anymore

    Jordan JanuaryJordan January13 kun oldin
  • Damn this makes me sad.... We have such a good country but our ethics and integrity is shit :(

    Johnny BarreraJohnny Barrera13 kun oldin
  • China's global domination plan is payback for the British Opium wars... it's simple when you look at big pic

    Frogville StudiosFrogville Studios14 kun oldin
  • All I can say is that Jesus Christ is coming soon. Like Ed said, Lawlessness is just increasing everywhere, even the places where most people thought life would be easier and peaceful. Everyone is searching for Peace, Comfort, Trust, and just Normality. Look at how broken the nation is. If it's not divided over political parties, it's race, or something else. Face it, Just seek the Lord and you will be saved. Admit it or not that is what we're seeing.

    Born 2 WinBorn 2 Win14 kun oldin
  • Soy malinche pero que Estes tipo ayude

    Dan SmithDan Smith14 kun oldin

    Blanca LozanoBlanca Lozano14 kun oldin
  • the movie call training day lol

    mike13thmike13th14 kun oldin
  • Say HER NAME!!!! Ashli Babbit Died today. The UNARMED 4 Tour USAF Veteran was murdered in the halls of the capital building today by Federal Agents as she brought her grievances in protest to her elected leaders who had refused millions of Americans concerns over election integrity. Our national leaders took several hours to come out from their hidy hole to resume business where that woman took her last free breaths. the callous leaders have shown what they think of us common peasants.

    Da SausymanDa Sausyman14 kun oldin
  • He cannot be single. Just sayin 😘 Gringo is my favourite cartel movie. With Charlize Theron. Very funny. Recommend. Your interviews are outstanding mate loving this channel 🍻 🇦🇺

    Ms BlissMs Bliss15 kun oldin
  • I never thought Pablo was a genius. At all. 😃

    lookB4 UleaplookB4 Uleap15 kun oldin
  • I love these great Americans. This is the immigration we want, and yes there is slavery in the USA and around the world that the left ignores at a minimum. And thereby promotes in reality. The cartels own the border yet they despise a wall. They prefer the cartels.

    lookB4 UleaplookB4 Uleap15 kun oldin
  • Good job that your kids speak Spanish! Que orgullo. 🙏

    CLAUDIACLAUDIA15 kun oldin
  • Arriba Sonora!

    CLAUDIACLAUDIA15 kun oldin
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    Mando GangMando Gang15 kun oldin
  • 9:04 is American gangster when they found the unmarked one million dollars in the trunk of the car and Russell Crowe’s partner wanted to keep it but Richey (Russell Crowe) was as straight as an arrow.

    Humberto CantúHumberto Cantú15 kun oldin
  • He talks , from.his shit Hole.comunity not every mexican has 2 choises cop or narco.. lol. Poor comunities are like that.. there are Many honest people And profesionist busines man people that has legite business.. this kind of interviews is what people from other countryies think of México.. 90% of México is not like he portrays it.

    Carlos BarraganCarlos Barragan16 kun oldin
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    Gilburt TorsielloGilburt Torsiello16 kun oldin
  • Ed Calderon is the man...

    Jose GutierrezJose Gutierrez16 kun oldin
  • Voting in Mexico is legit? 😂😂😂😂😂😂 STOP IT! that's to funny. No such thing as a biden administration...he's a treasonous bastard. You know the penalty for treason?! 💉🔫

    Tono PTono P16 kun oldin

    Paranormal BustersParanormal Busters16 kun oldin

    Paranormal BustersParanormal Busters16 kun oldin
  • Subscribed.

    Jord AmbroseJord Ambrose16 kun oldin
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    Shirley WhetzelShirley Whetzel16 kun oldin
  • Voting is legit in Mexico.😆 As long as you vote Cartel

    ViewHalooViewHaloo16 kun oldin
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    Shirley WhetzelShirley Whetzel16 kun oldin