Carrie Underwood & John Legend - Hallelujah (Official Music Video)

20-Noy, 2020
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The official music video for Carrie Underwood & John Legend’s, “Hallelujah" from Carrie’s first-ever Christmas album, “My Gift.” Directed by Randee St. Nicholas.
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Written by John Stephens and Toby Gad
My Gift, features a combination of beloved traditional favorites celebrating the spiritual nature of the holiday, as well as original songs. Carrie welcomes a stellar list of musical collaborators, led by GRAMMY Award-winning producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Greg Wells and features a world-class orchestra, led by the pre-eminent arranger, composer, and conductor David Campbell.
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Music video by Carrie Underwood, John Legend performing Hallelujah. A Capitol Records Nashville Production; © 2020 UMG Recordings, Inc.

  • Oh m'y God. I love you guys. John Légend..Hope that you sing at m'y wedding. I am so touched when you open thé mouth to sing. Thanks God for this talent because you have an incredible voice

    Kyliana EkaKyliana Eka12 soat oldin
  • Awesome as usual. Carrie is unbelievable.

    Cindy LopezCindy Lopez2 kun oldin
  • Praise be to God. What a wonderful song sung by two artists blessed with great talent.

    Priscilla D'SouzaPriscilla D'Souza3 kun oldin
  • I would love to see what happens if carrie and david phelps did a duet. Can you imagine?

    Connie plattsConnie platts6 kun oldin
    • Hi dear 👋

      Emmanuel hudsonEmmanuel hudson6 kun oldin
  • Omgoodness!!!!! Goosebumps

    Connie plattsConnie platts6 kun oldin
  • Collab with Tori Kelly to worship

    Patricia Ann MaaliwPatricia Ann Maaliw6 kun oldin
  • Beautiful. Just beautiful! Remember the message though in bringing your country, every country together. These angelic songs are written and sung so that we can continue this message of hope.

    Mary McDonaldMary McDonald8 kun oldin
  • I left my body. . . And I cant find the way back. , .

    MariaHelena JarvenpaaMariaHelena Jarvenpaa8 kun oldin
  • i saw you on American Idol, you were astounding

    Natalie HenriquesNatalie Henriques8 kun oldin
  • Wow!!! Great collaboration

    LynnLynn8 kun oldin
  • Omg their vocal are so powerful... Seems soft and easy yet extremely difficult

    foodies asianfoodies asian9 kun oldin
  • John Legend stick to singing that’s what you do beautifully, and stay out of politics that could hurt you!

    52jackofalltrades52jackofalltrades9 kun oldin
  • nice song and voice ...God Bless .

    Gritha LumantowGritha Lumantow9 kun oldin
  • 😇🙏✝️ Bring me to tears mankind. Let humans move forward with the heart of God. ♥️ Together with magic of heart first. Then breath with focus and understanding for all. Let heart take back the earth and beyond 🥰🌍🌎🌏 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” Amen

    Jonathan PalaciosJonathan Palacios9 kun oldin
  • i wonder how people can dislike so sweet videos much love

    Timna JabiniTimna Jabini10 kun oldin
    • Many other FB the dislikes are trumptards who are mad she did a song with John Legend.

      JHH 2184JHH 218410 kun oldin
  • I’m having a Carrie Underwood marathon, video #36 Hugs from Perú 🇵🇪

    joel vasquez villanuevajoel vasquez villanueva10 kun oldin
  • When he sang with him I knew it was all true. Can't fool us anymore ... Shameful

    Cindy CriswellCindy Criswell10 kun oldin
    • What are you talking about?

      JHH 2184JHH 218410 kun oldin
  • Nothing makes me hate a music video more than spending near a minute to get to the actual music.

    ninja34744ninja3474410 kun oldin
  • I'm sorry but John legand has no talent, I don't hear it.

    Landon EslinLandon Eslin10 kun oldin
  • It is summer now but I dont need Air conditioner since this song chill me to the bone already. Beautiful pure voice both Carrie and John . Bravo

    Trần Minh SỹTrần Minh Sỹ11 kun oldin
  • Perfect couple to sing a sound together.

    Christopher SzoradiChristopher Szoradi11 kun oldin
  • So beautiful

    Jeramie DavisJeramie Davis11 kun oldin
  • I love it song 😍 TYVM🙌👍

    Larisima MariskaLarisima Mariska12 kun oldin
  • Very beautiful

    Alda HarrisonAlda Harrison12 kun oldin
  • DAVID HERMAN says that JESUS CHRIST says he loves us all so very much. JESUS CHRIST also says that he loves listening to both of your voices so very much!!!

    David HermanDavid Herman12 kun oldin
  • This song is so beautiful! There voices together are pure perfection. I cry every time I listen to it because it so touches my heart and soul in a way I cannot describe. I know this is a Christmas song but I believe it would make for the most emotional way for a bride to walk to walk down the aisle to.

    Lisa DeAngeloLisa DeAngelo12 kun oldin
  • Love it

    Mike CrossMike Cross12 kun oldin
  • Hallelujah - What a beautiful duo! And there’s a vaccine for Covid and 2020 is in our rear view mirror xoxo

    JD HartleyJD Hartley12 kun oldin
  • Super beautiful~♥~

    Aviann ClaytonAviann Clayton13 kun oldin
  • AMAZING singers❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    bcshifflettbcshifflett13 kun oldin
    • Hi dear 👋

      Emmanuel hudsonEmmanuel hudson6 kun oldin
    • Hi beautiful ❤️

      Danny jay OlsonDanny jay Olson6 kun oldin
  • 🤩🤩😍😍

    M LightM Light13 kun oldin
  • Just beautiful together. They compliment each other to the fullest

    Janice GrahamJanice Graham14 kun oldin
  • Sure a beautiful song by great voices by true legends

    Lisa MartinezLisa Martinez14 kun oldin
  • Two very beautiful and extremely talented people. I heard this song for the first time it me, or is there a chemistry between them both? I'd love to hear more from them together.

    Karen SellersKaren Sellers14 kun oldin
  • bruh this is called hallelujah but this is secular music people these days in the illuminati eh

    Sarah NSarah N14 kun oldin
  • This is beautiful 🙏🏻😭

    Thandi GarrattThandi Garratt14 kun oldin
  • Very Beautiful. I sure was hoping the children that appeared in the video were going to sing also.

    Claire MartinClaire Martin14 kun oldin
  • so beautiful!

    Donna GillespieDonna Gillespie14 kun oldin
  • John legend ohh my GOD 🤩😍😍😍😍💪👌

    Marc_ FeudjioMarc_ Feudjio14 kun oldin
  • Love this. I've come to know and like John Legend on "The Voice." Such a decent and forgiving guy. And Carrie Underwood is like an angel on earth. So glad they gave us such a wonderful, inspiring version of this song. Thanks !

    SonTwoSonTwo15 kun oldin
  • Amen lord 🙏 Jesus

    Wendy YipWendy Yip15 kun oldin
  • Wow😍

  • my savior

    Christine CressChristine Cress16 kun oldin
  • Beautiful melody ❤️👑🖤🎼🎵

    nkululeko nazonkululeko nazo16 kun oldin
  • Carrie, stop collaborating with John Legend. He HATES the God you say you serve.

    Tiernee Malina DeveauxTiernee Malina Deveaux16 kun oldin
  • Been John Legend for so long after this mus say am an addict 😜

    Siyabonga SidzathaneSiyabonga Sidzathane17 kun oldin
  • I actually miss the farm girl that was on American Idol. She was plain and simple with a beautiful voice.

    Kay LynnKay Lynn17 kun oldin
    • They can’t stay stagnant. They would lose their drive.

      Janice GrahamJanice Graham14 kun oldin
  • Just wait....

    MicheleMichele17 kun oldin
  • I been a fan since I listened to both of there albums

    Lara NeumannLara Neumann17 kun oldin
  • Glorious!

    Sara GillihanSara Gillihan17 kun oldin
  • Look more carefully at celebrities! They are not what they seem....don’t mock God!

    Marie DoremusMarie Doremus17 kun oldin
  • Hallelujah it is an Angelic language, Glory to God

    Kelvin O. DavidKelvin O. David17 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Genevieve KofieGenevieve Kofie18 kun oldin
  • Love love this collaboration this is beautiful a masterpiece

    Latoya MatthewLatoya Matthew18 kun oldin
  • Their voices together gave me goosebumps. Beautiful song beautifully done!

    chickadeechickadee18 kun oldin
  • Mommy why dont they have masks on ?

    LevansLevans18 kun oldin
  • Beautiful

    Tameka ReneeTameka Renee18 kun oldin
  • Wrong style of dress for the style od music but pretty song

    American GypsyAmerican Gypsy18 kun oldin
  • No thank yo

    JoAnn WaltonJoAnn Walton18 kun oldin
  • I can't stop staring at her hair! 🔥. Great song

    c Dittmerc Dittmer18 kun oldin
  • Praise to God Almighty. Thank you for this song.

    Margaret GaaschMargaret Gaasch18 kun oldin
  • So amazing!!

    Giselle ArpinoGiselle Arpino19 kun oldin
  • Beautiful song, beautiful voices GB🙏

    Feao IoramoFeao Ioramo19 kun oldin
  • John Legend was definitely on Epstein Island

    sandwich Mansandwich Man19 kun oldin
  • That was beautiful!

    Nicole GordonNicole Gordon19 kun oldin
  • YES!!! Keep classy wholesome music like this coming👏👏👏👏🙏

    Mel SMel S19 kun oldin
  • ❤❤❤

    rachelle villamorrachelle villamor19 kun oldin
  • Really amazing. My heart is moved. + Had no idea John Legend had this range and intensity! Thank you.

    lobsang tendronlobsang tendron19 kun oldin
  • Great song, I love you guys

    ambassadors Charles channelambassadors Charles channel19 kun oldin
  • AMEN AND AMEN🙏🏻✝️☮❤

    Kimberly TateKimberly Tate20 kun oldin
  • 😇😍😇

    Aldy ManduapessyAldy Manduapessy20 kun oldin
  • God is with us all

    dew ramirezdew ramirez21 kun oldin
  • Amazing how God can bring two of His children together with the gifts He gave them to share that gift over the new wave of sharing... What a breathtaking thought of peace for the moment of just listening to the sound of His wonders... My childhood favorite.

    IshaIsha22 kun oldin
  • Amazing how Gid can bring two of His children together with the gifts He gave them to share it over the new wave of sharing... What a breathtaking thought of peace for the moment of just listening to the sound of His wonders... My childhood favorite.

    IshaIsha22 kun oldin

    Diana OlsonDiana Olson22 kun oldin
  • This is for the FBI to look at because I know you will real fast; I completely understand that music video.

    jasperDmannajasperDmanna22 kun oldin
  • They are both legends! Incredible!!

    Tammy GouldTammy Gould22 kun oldin

    Anonyme AnonymaAnonyme Anonyma22 kun oldin
  • This is actually what I needed today! Loved it..It was amazing!

    Jana StevensJana Stevens22 kun oldin
  • Dress not good

    Henriette OosthuizenHenriette Oosthuizen23 kun oldin
  • I can hear the machines that perfect their voice. I want to hear humans sing, not computers.

    Dam SonDam Son23 kun oldin
  • Then man has a lot of controversy surrounding him regarding his wife....can't understand why she is singing with him......

    ajeenifyajeenify24 kun oldin
    • Because she can do what she wants.

      JHH 2184JHH 218422 kun oldin
  • So sad they sold their soul to the devil!

    Zil RausevicZil Rausevic25 kun oldin
    • Grow up

      JHH 2184JHH 218422 kun oldin
  • 😲 WOW!!

    Vera RichdaleVera Richdale25 kun oldin
  • Thank guy has a powerful voice! And of course Carrie does to. Love this song

    DOUGLAS GreenDOUGLAS Green26 kun oldin
  • AMEN

    Patricia Noemi ValensisiPatricia Noemi Valensisi26 kun oldin
  • There voices together are awesome they change from low to high

    Brittany SiscelBrittany Siscel27 kun oldin
  • They really sound good together, a wonderful duet.

    Pat SmithPat Smith27 kun oldin
  • Im member of.lLDS im mormon.

    Merlyn AguilarMerlyn Aguilar28 kun oldin
  • Perfectly so nice.ilove it most.@

    Merlyn AguilarMerlyn Aguilar28 kun oldin
  • Can we pause on John Legend voice for a moment? Wow what a voice! Great pair!

    Manuela YaoManuela Yao28 kun oldin
  • you guys were made to sing😍

    Jeremy DemersJeremy Demers28 kun oldin
  • Very nice duet!

    Ivana ZdravkovaIvana Zdravkova28 kun oldin
  • Timeless! Ageless music

    Kirwa BerniceKirwa Bernice28 kun oldin
  • Clearly an award winner!👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽💥💥💥🔥🔥🔥❤❤❤🥂

    Oseka FaladeOseka Falade29 kun oldin
  • John Legend is married to a nasty witch

    Catania Momma ItaliaCatania Momma ItaliaOy oldin
  • Wow😲 these songs are great and pretty voice i like them

    Apple Music ChannelApple Music ChannelOy oldin
  • Amazing! To the core. Praise God

    Pat EdwardsPat EdwardsOy oldin
  • This amazing Christian woman

    Super SISTERSSuper SISTERSOy oldin
  • She is the best she makes me smile

    Super SISTERSSuper SISTERSOy oldin