Caretaker | Our Compound - Mark Angel TV (Episode 23)

20-Noy, 2020
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Mark Angel loses his Caretakership to Nwayiocha.
Everyone in the compound including the Landlord gathered as Mark Angel the Caretaker is investigated and asked to provide a detailed explanation of how he lost the house rent paid to him by the tenants. Mark Angel then explained that he was kidnapped and the money was taken from him by the kidnappers.
Mr. Azu objects and says his story is spurious. The landlord says he will take the Caretakership position from him as he is now a target since he has been kidnapped, the kidnappers would most likely come back for him if he remains the Caretaker, Mark Angel then says it is a small kidnap and a full kidnap and also that the kidnappers said they would not kidnap him again. The Landlord advised Mark Angel to say the truth as it is only the truth that could set him free and also he will not lose his Caretakership position if he says the truth about where the money is, but if he fails to say the truth, he will be prosecuted.
Mark Angel then says that the kidnappers beat him up so much and took part of the money from him. Mark Angel is then asked to explain how he spent the remaining money, he said took he took the money to the children Park to enjoy himself, at this point everyone is disappointed in Mark Angel, including the landlord as he tells him that he will no longer be the Caretaker and appoints Nwayiocha as the new Caretaker. Mark Angel is frustrated as he asks
Nwayiocha to make him her assistant Caretaker, Nwayiocha refuses as everyone describes him as a fool.
Do you think that this is the end Of Mark Angel as the Caretaker or do you think that he will find a way to get back his position?
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