Can we WIN with GROUND LOOT ONLY?! 😧 (Modern Warfare Warzone)

18-Avg, 2020
732 980 Ko‘rishlar soni

Can we WIN with GROUND LOOT ONLY?! 😧 (Modern Warfare Warzone)
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  • TIm suck lmao

    Blues jokBlues jok4 kun oldin
  • Im here for the fun and ......... qua pasa ..........

    Prosper damasnProsper damasn5 kun oldin
  • Peace and luv baby "That kid is trash"

    Life, Love, and AnimationLife, Love, and Animation6 kun oldin
  • Only bunker loot

    firefighter2884firefighter28846 kun oldin
  • On Saturday its ur bday

    Khattab KananKhattab Kanan6 kun oldin
  • At 6:40 what did they say about Dak Prescott?

    Savage GizmoSavage Gizmo6 kun oldin
  • timmy woo lets go timmy tenders

    Aiden PlacenciaAiden Placencia7 kun oldin
  • woo yeah timmy

    Aiden PlacenciaAiden Placencia7 kun oldin
  • woo timmy tender

    Aiden PlacenciaAiden Placencia7 kun oldin
  • courage is the funnest one timmy tenders

    Aiden PlacenciaAiden Placencia7 kun oldin
  • Damn they fighting in real life WarZone

    EnkaVaroS • NOVAEnkaVaroS • NOVA10 kun oldin
  • Thought it was ground loot only.. this man opened like 3 boxes already

    Zach UllrichZach Ullrich13 kun oldin
  • Tim goes nobody can kill me except me

    Cooper FordCooper Ford14 kun oldin
  • why is he using Fortnite clickbait for a warzone video lmfao am I missing sum here

    shane caissieshane caissie14 kun oldin
  • 8:20 nick you failed

    Trevor StevensonTrevor Stevenson14 kun oldin
  • Do no shield challenge bet you won’t

    Wachoutboy YTWachoutboy YT15 kun oldin
  • Tim is so fucking annoying

    kyle armstrongkyle armstrong16 kun oldin
  • Every time u kill someone u have to use there load out

    Toe MuncherToe Muncher17 kun oldin
  • I feel like this isn't a challenge

    KavinKavin18 kun oldin
  • I mean that's kind of how my only win happened lmao. For the most part I used ground loot except for my final two kills where I used another players gun (whom I killed with ground looted gun)

    Kevin PeetKevin Peet18 kun oldin
  • Wait he got a lodi gun

    Tristan GaffneyTristan Gaffney19 kun oldin
  • The ending was fucking amazing XDDDDD

    T3RM1N8RT3RM1N8R20 kun oldin
  • The thumbnail made me think he started back on fort until I saw the knife and the title😳

    Itz CoreyItz Corey21 kun oldin
  • Ya’ll should do a handguns only challenge 😅

    El Kompa GatoEl Kompa Gato21 kun oldin
  • Title says ground loot only proceeds to pick up a kar out of a chest

    TrixxOpticsTrixxOptics21 kun oldin
  • The good thing about this challenge is that they have more money to bring back Tim

    MimiMimi21 kun oldin
  • love the video love from Florida

    MiichaeljrMiichaeljr22 kun oldin
  • Bro nick when u should make mercy that says cepasa it’s soo funny

    o.p imelo.p imel22 kun oldin
  • answer: yes, because many of the best guns like the Kilo or MP5 can be found in floor loot.

    MayMay23 kun oldin
  • My mans using the fornite thumbnail tho

    Tumama EsgayTumama Esgay23 kun oldin
  • Lol hmmmmmmmmm maybe a western challenge? Only the lever and a revolver? Molotov as lethal, no vehicles?

    xboxgt ssj3 tocaxboxgt ssj3 toca24 kun oldin
  • "Intense stare" que pasa.

    xboxgt ssj3 tocaxboxgt ssj3 toca24 kun oldin
  • Completely lost full... laughing my ass off watching this on my lunch break in a publix parking lot with people looking at me like a weirdo. "My movements are like a gazelle"😂🤣😂🤣 We need more of this. Thank you guys I needed a pick me up today.

    McTwitch GMRMcTwitch GMR25 kun oldin
  • They should just take out loadouts I liked black system way better

    Sinister SageSinister Sage26 kun oldin
  • I love how they work together as a team

    Allyson PangilinanAllyson Pangilinan27 kun oldin
  • at 8 mins and 20 secs you opened a chest

    Barry O'LearyBarry O'Leary28 kun oldin
  • Kinda sad that.a “BR” exists where it’s a challenge to win with ground loot. Kinda sounds like not a BR. More like ground war with a closing zone lol

    Ryan BarrowsRyan Barrows28 kun oldin
  • More one chest!!!!!!

    OSRIC 117OSRIC 11728 kun oldin
  • *stares at camera for 5 seconds straight* que pasa

    DadoDado29 kun oldin
  • An idea for a vid is you cant use a gun unless all of the people on your team have that same weapon

    nicholas habibnicholas habibOy oldin
  • I loveee it when he says que passa it just makes my day even better🤣

    Aaditya girishAaditya girishOy oldin
  • Can we win with only loot drop loot

    ZNT SUBZNT SUBOy oldin
  • I don’t understand how he’s on 420k

    Suhaib MahmoodSuhaib MahmoodOy oldin
  • Is it just me or is cloakzy a prick

    ObeyKeithObeyKeithOy oldin
  • 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Novaj_ Dunn7Novaj_ Dunn7Oy oldin
  • 19:23 yow these guys r the craziest I swearrr dwl dwl dwl dwl 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

    Novaj_ Dunn7Novaj_ Dunn7Oy oldin
  • This is actually very impressive. In their lobbies? Sheesh

    Gregory ZankowskyGregory ZankowskyOy oldin
  • This was great!

    Sarah AnnSarah AnnOy oldin
  • Call of duty should make it where you can turn a common gun into a blue print at the buy station Example: Rare;$1500 Epic; $2500 Legendary; $3500

    Peso BandzzPeso BandzzOy oldin
  • @20:14 "GO GO GO!!!! COVER FIRE! COVER FIRE!!!" This is the stuff of Hollywood! WOW!

    Richard HoadleyRichard HoadleyOy oldin
  • I low-key wanted to see ground loot kilo go stupid💯🖐️

    Gary Tyus IIGary Tyus IIOy oldin
  • Can you do a challenge..? It’s the pistol only one I will love to see you try to win that

    Sgclapped12Sgclapped12Oy oldin
  • If u guys start a motorcycleclub, pleeeease name it : Los Retardos ! Ur f*cking hilarious 🤣

    campleader Styxcampleader StyxOy oldin
  • This video is hilarious LMAOOOOOOOO

    Sergio LucianoSergio LucianoOy oldin
  • The funniest video I seen all day 😂

    Landon HernandezLandon HernandezOy oldin
  • Commenting till nick follows my Twitter @connor

    ghxulzzghxulzzOy oldin
  • I spit my drink out at the Gollum Cloak image lmao

    Perry LPerry LOy oldin
  • All I got to say is Tim + rage out x stir the pot = hilarious.

    Joshua ElliottJoshua ElliottOy oldin
  • 😂😂😂fucking laughed the whole video please do another one

    NewKing DreamNewKing DreamOy oldin
  • Use 2 snipers for loadout!

    BubblezBubblezOy oldin
  • Funny stuff!!!

    Charles BarnesCharles BarnesOy oldin
  • This explains how nick feels when he never gets a load out drop

    Brian FosterBrian FosterOy oldin
  • This isn’t even a challenge I only got warzone and not modern warfare and only use floor loot 😂😂

  • Best video yet on god🔥🔥🔥👌🏼💯

    Gage ParkerGage ParkerOy oldin
  • funniest warzone video ever made man

    J’uan BrownJ’uan BrownOy oldin
  • Hey nickmercs please could we play some games together it is my birthday and i havent got a present. If it could happen please reply.

    God_Jok3rGod_Jok3rOy oldin
  • This is the craziest fuking challenge are you out of your mind

    samual williamsonsamual williamsonOy oldin
  • QUE PASA..

    ShmurdaShmurdaOy oldin
  • Do Bruen or grau next

    CamranCamranOy oldin
  • He's always making us laugh lol

    Bucked NastyBucked NastyOy oldin
  • You should do and launcher riot shield set up using amped ghost and scavenger

    Nick OleyNick OleyOy oldin
  • Who else is here to here Nick say que pasa

    My DudeMy DudeOy oldin
  • That was easily my fav vid ever 😂😂

    XxSirSoren99xXXxSirSoren99xXOy oldin
  • Shotguns only

    MintyZaMintyZaOy oldin
  • Do crossbows only 69Oy oldin
  • You should do the battle pass only challenge when you can only use guns in the battle pass

  • I want to see nick win a game with an oden class

    Luis CortezLuis CortezOy oldin
  • yo nick, i got a challenge for you. every time you get a kill you have to switch weapons so you get every kill with a different gun. try it out if you like it

    Caleb BogartCaleb BogartOy oldin
  • Koffi sticks only???

    George ElcheikhGeorge ElcheikhOy oldin
  • Does anyone else laugh when he says que pasa

    Frxstyy on igFrxstyy on igOy oldin
  • Everytime Tim yells he sounds like Gunther from Kick Buttowski(Like if you know what I mean!).

    Eloy AnzualdaEloy AnzualdaOy oldin
  • The start of the vid he went crazy

    Nicholas SolisNicholas SolisOy oldin
  • That was crazy i love it 😂😂

    ermias alemayehuermias alemayehuOy oldin
  • Nick open a chest

    DragonBelles BajitaDragonBelles BajitaOy oldin
  • Nick is not short he just don't have neck

    Mauricio MorenoMauricio MorenoOy oldin
  • Do a no reload challenge

    Matthew FeeneyMatthew FeeneyOy oldin
  • Bro why does nickmercs do that QUE PASA lmao

    Yuremh CortesYuremh CortesOy oldin
  • The final moments were the most hype thing I've seen on this channel! xD

    cinnabeardTVcinnabeardTVOy oldin
  • @more NICKMERCS do the "leave no trace" challenge, floor loot only, no breaking windows, and close every door behind you so no one can "know" you were there... seen it a few times but want to see a warzone god do it

    Austin WinnAustin WinnOy oldin
  • Me and a few friends won a game without our loadouts, no extra armor, and epic instead of legendary weapons, got surprisingly lucky, we are really into tactics so that may be the reason we won

    PickelBoii _PickelBoii _Oy oldin
  • 17:03 The usually Tim lmao😂

    sleezzysleezzyOy oldin
  • Tims fall made this video

    Steve JoobsSteve JoobsOy oldin
  • Gets killed by nick then roasted by the whole squad for the loadout he was using😂

    Vaughn GroveVaughn GroveOy oldin
  • so freakin fuuuunnny dude i lost it so many time Tim is the funiest when he yells 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Gamersarea95Gamersarea952 oy oldin
  • i got so scared... i thought that the thumbnail was fortnite 😵

    Jfree PlaysJfree Plays2 oy oldin
  • When i saw the thumbnail i tought it was a fortnite thumbnail

    S4murai KatanaS4murai Katana2 oy oldin
  • Crossbows pistols only!

    Adam HitchAdam Hitch2 oy oldin
  • i think i got a good challenge for y'all ... no communication challenge, just play with no communication

    mullahgwopmullahgwop2 oy oldin
  • Is there any Chance I can play with you and Tim if it’s a no but just still tell me plz

    Avo AghikianAvo Aghikian2 oy oldin
  • Just imagine the veins on this his neck rn

    ggbackwoods 11ggbackwoods 112 oy oldin