Can Nissan Survive Its Recent Troubles?

24-Noy, 2020
1 447 777 Ko‘rishlar soni

Nissan was once regarded as one of the automotive world’s great comeback stories. A scrappy Japanese manufacturer that had earned worldwide respect under the leadership of Carlos Ghosn. But now that man is an international fugitive, and Nissan is struggling once again.
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Can Nissan Survive Its Recent Troubles?

  • Looks like the Ariya is Nissans "Hail Mary" SUV in much the same way the Axiom was Isuzu's. Good luck.

    zortellazortella3 soat oldin
  • Hollywood director could expand on that escape story

    nsamba taufeeqnsamba taufeeq9 soat oldin
  • Nissan Z electric ⚡️

    ghxstcxntrxl musicghxstcxntrxl music21 soat oldin
  • How about the 3.5 timing chain tensioner failures

    Spin 180Spin 180Kun oldin
  • Renault and JATCO have a thing in common. They both make smelly diarrhea

    J HJ HKun oldin
  • Get rid of JATCO CVTs from the lineup and update the infotainment system in all cars and SUVs. Doesn't take a genius or rocket scientist to figure this out.

    Maria OhMaria Oh2 kun oldin
  • Do not!!!!!!!!! Ever buy car with a cvt transmission

    Eric ThomasEric Thomas2 kun oldin
  • my sentra cvt transmission went at 57,000 miles. DO NOT buy Nissan

    Brian CraigBrian Craig2 kun oldin
  • I wanna get a new nissan but not a new fan of the new sedans

    Jess Dela FuenteJess Dela Fuente3 kun oldin
  • Can CNBC survive it’s recent troubles?

    刺馬刺馬5 kun oldin
  • 12:38 The Best way for Nissan to get out of the brink of bankruptcy is simple: ELIMINATE THE CVT!!!

    Erick GuzmanErick Guzman5 kun oldin
  • It’s their horrible JATCO CVT transmissions which is the main reason they’re failing. Comically unreliable, catastrophic failure before 70k miles is not uncommon.

    Tyler BrownTyler Brown6 kun oldin
  • Probably because they use cvt transmissions smh so sad becauSe the máxima would be the the perfect sedan if it had a regular automatic

    Daniel RicDaniel Ric6 kun oldin
  • When you go down the same path that the American Big 3 went down in the 80s and expect good results selling cheap throw away consumer cars, you pay the price.

    Jack OphelottJack Ophelott7 kun oldin
  • They are just not reliable.

    HA RHA R7 kun oldin
  • No cvt please

    Steven EllingtonSteven Ellington7 kun oldin
  • Z carbon yes

    Steven EllingtonSteven Ellington7 kun oldin
  • If the New Nissan Z is going to look like the prototype shown here on UZworld, Nissan is in further trouble. The design sucks just like the 370Z. I've always wanted and liked the Z since the 240Z, 260Z, 280Z, 280ZX, and 300ZX. I just lost the desire to own one.

    koy pondkoy pond7 kun oldin
  • Is that mr Bean?

    itox Waskithoitox Waskitho7 kun oldin
  • We want more GTRS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Steiner KevinSteiner Kevin8 kun oldin
  • Damn, the exec legit pulled a solid snake PSA:Get a Honda, won't crap out after 50,000

    shyboy599shyboy5998 kun oldin
  • So what...

    Ronald DouglassRonald Douglass8 kun oldin
  • 'i already told ya ,Jatco" says Scotty 😂

    Kanzen АлександрKanzen Александр8 kun oldin
  • I love neesan They are so reliable 👍 I think I will switch to Toyota for my next car, But much respect to neesan I have been driving neesan most of my life 😮

    sonic bluesonic blue9 kun oldin
  • My Nissan Murano is awesome but it's hitting 120,000 miles so I did a CVT engine fluid exchange. Cuss once that mileage goes beyond 150,000 your on borrowed time with these engines

    Juan SJuan S9 kun oldin
  • Maybe if they get rid of those garbage CVTs.

    Jedi Luke 22Jedi Luke 229 kun oldin
  • Is not about just fix mechanic problems, i think its more about change the mentality of the company and what they represent to the people, is really sad to see a Japanese car company loose its soul

    Claudio AndresClaudio Andres9 kun oldin
  • Also why Nissan is failing is the *CVT Transmission*

    Jesus SotoJesus Soto10 kun oldin
  • just bought a new sentra, looks incredible for the price but im hoping i dont own the car long enough for the transmission to go out lmao

    noffkenoffke10 kun oldin
  • change the transmission..

    Anibal GarciaAnibal Garcia10 kun oldin
  • Well yes, they have the new GTR ready

    Junqi MaJunqi Ma10 kun oldin
  • Step 1; NUKE THE CVT! Step 2; see step 1 Step 3; bring back the manual as default Step 4; see step 1 Step 5; burn the JATCO CVT division to the ground and salt the ground.

    MacTechG4MacTechG410 kun oldin
  • I know a way!Bring back Carlos Ghosn

    Mr ArisMr Aris10 kun oldin
  • Everyone else: Nissan Americans: KNEESARN

    Evan JohnsonEvan Johnson10 kun oldin
  • Nissan is most likely to shut down?! #RIPNissan #DisrespectfulNissan

    KN0CK 2wiceKN0CK 2wice10 kun oldin
  • Me: Laughs in Toyota camry

    zDEITYzDEITY11 kun oldin
  • After GTR34 and the 90s Patrols, Nissan became cow dung.

    Master AceMaster Ace11 kun oldin
  • I know people who have had Nissan cars and minivans. They never last. Also one day back in 2011, I was on my way to a Mets game and there was a traffic jam on the highway. When we got to the head of the jam, the guy had a new Nissan Versa and it just broke down in the middle of the highway, he couldn't even pull off to the emergency lane. That is when I said to myself I would never buy a Nissan, ever.

    Uthman BakshUthman Baksh11 kun oldin
  • Every once in awhile Nissan just has to get back in touch with its roots as a kamikaze engine manufacturer.

    S toggyS toggy12 kun oldin
  • You should have mentioned the quality of Nissan cars plummeting for years thanks to Renault. That’s probably an equal reason for their misery. I can’t imagine why that isn’t mentioned here..

    Marten HalmaMarten Halma12 kun oldin
  • I can answer that question in three letters: CVT

    YellowMohamad1234567YellowMohamad123456712 kun oldin
  • Nissan better stick to manufacturing biscuits.

    Zain AbeZain Abe12 kun oldin
  • I love my 08 Nissan Versa Hatchback with a 4 speed auto. So glad I didn't get the more expensive CVT trim.

    conceptcsconceptcs13 kun oldin
  • Putting junk CVTs transmissions in the Rouge was a stupid mistake after the first year. The rouge being a big success without improving quality. The Honda and Toyota CVTs are much more reliable.

    Dave KDave K13 kun oldin
  • I own a 2015 Nissan Xterra Pro-4X with over 75,000 miles. Only two minor warranty issues since I've had it. Just drove it on a 4,100 mile round trip from Vegas to Indiana. Blasted through a snowstorm on I-70 in the Rockies (semi trucks were required to pull over and install chains on their tires). Bulletproof and a vastly better value than a Toyota 4Runner. I also own a 2017 Nissan 370Z 6MT with over 30,000 miles. Zero issues so far. Made in Japan with one of the best V6 engines you can get. 362 horsepower with no turbos. Neither has a CVT.

    Philip GlassrulesPhilip Glassrules13 kun oldin
  • If I would get a new car I would never ever get a Nissan. My dad had one back in like 2005 and the transmission failed my sister had one in 2010 transmission again. I don't want a nice-looking car if it is just gonna leave me on the streets and won't be reliable.

    Esmeralda MartinezEsmeralda Martinez13 kun oldin
  • are they talking about HunterxHunter???

    mjkair360mjkair36013 kun oldin
  • I was unaware of the downhill and got a 2015 altima back in 2015. Least we get warranty extensions... Also I barely drive. Barely at 33k.

    Masebot 1Masebot 114 kun oldin
  • The majestic reminder conversly agree because supermarket pathophysiologically wash barring a husky discovery. dry, aspiring flag

    Nia SaengalyNia Saengaly14 kun oldin
  • Bring back the s chassis :(

    BluezeyBluezey14 kun oldin
  • if only they brought back their old sporty cars from the 70s to 90s back and maybe updated slightly

    YohanYohan14 kun oldin
  • If they started making the 90s 300zx again, absolutely.🤷

    Tyler LTyler L14 kun oldin
  • You stop innovating, death is destined.

    Shams HassanShams Hassan14 kun oldin
  • Only reliable Nissan cars are those which are made in Japan like the GT-R, Z models and Patrol (both y61 and y62).

    SaudSaud14 kun oldin
  • Sell Mitsubishi, and maybe start making transmissions in-house again, instead of making on-size-fits-all BS for Suzuki and Mitsu as well...

    Jordan EggermanJordan Eggerman14 kun oldin
  • They make nice cars..... Not nice transmissions.

    IControl GamingIControl Gaming15 kun oldin
  • The trouble is it is time Honda and Toyota must help Nissan making all engines and transmissions the strongest reliability possible even if Volvo did that back in the 1960s.

    Sharptooth100Sharptooth10015 kun oldin
  • I can't tell if this is sponsored content or not

    Ben HinmanBen Hinman15 kun oldin
  • Sooooo i shouldn't by an Altima?

    Kiera HolmesKiera Holmes15 kun oldin
  • Only good thing Nissan has done in the past couple decades are their VQ engines.

    Jake SlusserJake Slusser15 kun oldin
  • Nissan biggest problem CVT transmission, people stopped buying their junk 20k transmission slipping then stops 21k 🍆

    Richie RRichie R16 kun oldin

    wagwan yutewagwan yute16 kun oldin
  • Just wondering but does anyone think that the 400z will do good in sales?

    AE86 NobedsAE86 Nobeds16 kun oldin
    • Depends on how much people want them,I'm pretty sure nissans ded

      Note PadNote Pad14 kun oldin
  • Who cares? Survival of the fit. Succeed or fail in the marketplace. Incentivize quality and price, it's usually a mistake to artificially prop up a poorly run company.

    fubar totalefubar totale16 kun oldin
  • As an owner of a 2017 Nissan Rogue, these cars take more care than average car and you have to baby them which is fine by me, but not usually a thought for the average consumer. The CVTs are sensitive, the QR25DE engines have inconsistencies in valve clearance after 60,000 miles, and the battery seems to have a parasitic drain. Seems to be consistent issues with multiple cars including the 2007 infiniti M35, 2011 Nissan Altima, 2015 Nissan Juke, and so forth. Nissan or Nihan Sangyo has a lot of work to do to turn things around. Their vehicles are alright if you don’t mind cars ending their life at 150,000 miles or less, but they shouldn’t be at their end so soon. They need to do better with quality control, change the consumers perspective of the brand, and a lot of other things.

    AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • Just buy a manual, you uncoordinated crybaby’s 😂 all jokes.

    Allan OuthoAllan Outho16 kun oldin
    • With so few around in the US of A, oh where, oh where. Lol

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • NIS SAN not NEE SARN damn yanks

    Stephen ParrStephen Parr17 kun oldin
  • Don't fuq wit Nissan! They're crooks

    Agony of DefeatAgony of Defeat17 kun oldin
  • Their vehicles have been reliable up until they moved to the smaller SUV I think 2013. I have a 2008 Pathfinder with 200,000km going strong...not a spec of body rust, proactively bypassed the radiator to avoid the transmission/coolant dilemma. I wouldn't buy a newer one as the reviews have been very poor...its too bad.

    Rovari JRRovari JR17 kun oldin
  • Its called nissan not neesan

    Louis BarninghamLouis Barningham17 kun oldin
  • It’s the CVTS!!

    Marcus JamesMarcus James18 kun oldin
  • Lol the would sell more if gtr ain’t that expensive. 2009 it cost 90k now it cost 135k

    Not4you not4youNot4you not4you18 kun oldin
    • @Not4you not4you Markup is insane, I get that. Lol. I’m just talking from a literal standpoint.

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny14 kun oldin
    • @Andrewgyny you miss the point but it ok because you wont understand how much markup is the GTR is.

      Not4you not4youNot4you not4you14 kun oldin
    • That is a super small part of their business. Lol. They sold more Sentras in one year than GTRs in 20

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • He’s a thought Nissan. Get rid of CVTs

    EEZPEEZP18 kun oldin
    • Toyota and Honda are moving to them. The prius has had one since forever.

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • pls nissan live you created gtr one of the best cars all time

    Abu Esa Islam SubornoAbu Esa Islam Suborno18 kun oldin
  • Make the Nissan GT-R r-36 lol

    Prison MikePrison Mike18 kun oldin
  • Since nissan got together with reanult, the quality of the car went down, starting with those transmission they are putting in all their cars.

    David DuarteDavid Duarte18 kun oldin
    • @Air-headed Aviator renault has a reputation of a not quality car. And guess what is the problem with these cars? Yes, transmissions.

      David DuarteDavid Duarte13 kun oldin
    • In the video it is explained how as a strategy to gain 10% of the market the company focused on quantity and value based products at volume. It is that which encouraged questionable choices in quality on components, not any things with Renault. Its silly to think the merger has any influence over that and not the leadership of the strategy, Carlos Ghon

      Air-headed AviatorAir-headed Aviator13 kun oldin
  • the cvt transmission is killin this company

    sin carsin car18 kun oldin
  • The white knights only fight on other people houses

    eric phameric pham18 kun oldin
  • Please nissan, your my love and my favorite car brand, please don’t go. You and Honda are number 1

    John DelgadoJohn Delgado18 kun oldin
    • LMAO

      BboyPhreaZBboyPhreaZ18 kun oldin
  • umm they have been crap since renault bought them

    KilbinatorKilbinator18 kun oldin
    • It was a merger, they’re not entirely owned by Renault.

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • Yes, they can survive this. Forget about the current models, just make skyline R34. Make various line up from the cheapest R34 to the flagship R34 GTR with rear wheel steering.

    Lianto LinawatiLianto Linawati19 kun oldin
    • lol. They’d go broke so fast if they did that. Money is in duplication.

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • They need to make another Nissan Hustler :) what a nice truck they were... 35 years ago!

    666dynomax666dynomax19 kun oldin
  • 4:26 a crewcab, 4:30 then another crew cab

    666dynomax666dynomax19 kun oldin
  • I love my 01 altima !! I can go a month on 1 tank of gas and it drives better in the snow and ice than most trucks .its not a looker but it's easy to drive

    JohnJohn19 kun oldin
  • 11:35 What's in the box? WHAT'S IN THE BOOOXXX??

    texanfournowtexanfournow19 kun oldin
  • I miss the Nissan Patrol.

    TheFishfindermanTheFishfinderman19 kun oldin
  • Ghosn's plan was not to save Nissan, he never did, he wanted to create the world biggest automaker by merging Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi together. This alliance also owns AwtoWAS (Lada), Dacia, Datsun, Infiniti and a couple more less known brands. All together would sell the same amount of cars or even a little more than Volkswagen. The Nissan managers simply didnt want that to happen so they were looking for something to pin on him that no one else would be interested in earlier on, and that was the tax evasion. He then put blame on Nissan. Additional to that he was the one creating Nissans financial problems. Nissan is responsible for 50% of Renaults turnover. Nissan develops and produces nearly all the cars for Renault for example the Kadjar (which is a Qashqai), the old Clio (Nissan Tiida), the new Clio (Nissan Micra), Renault Trafic (Nissan NV200), Renault Captur (Nissan Juke). This is why Nissan cars are more expensive than other, similar cars. They also promote Renault cars way better and more often than Nissan cars. For example the Nissan Leaf is not shown a single time in television ads, now compare to the Renault Zoe. You can also get a Renault Captur with 4 different engines, a Nissan Juke only features one single, underpowered engine with useless DCT for 117HP. This is the consequence of developing (spending money) for the success of other brands. I understand that people in europe will more likely buy a european car but they dont know they are driving a Nissan! Also people who are angry that Nissan had to leave 25.000 employees, you can thank Ghosn. Ghosn saved Nissan to death to help Renault get bigger and bigger, the result are job cuts. You wanna know how? Have a look at what I wrote above. In the end Ghosn is only a French tyrant who wanted to have even more power. This comment includes some inside information from (higher) Nissan/Infiniti employees to who I do not want to reveal more. Even if this is an american channel, I only mentioned Nissans problems in europe. I, for one, have been a passionated Nissan enthusiast and insider for a long time. I want people (viewers of this video) not to get the impression that Nissan is the "bad guy" in this case just because this channel is doing a report based on superficial information they could only get.

    Droid FloidDroid Floid19 kun oldin
  • Back in the 80's and early 90's Nissan was fighting against Toyota for the No.1 Japanese car maker position, such as Century vs President, Alphard vs Elgrand, Lexus vs Infiniti...then Nissan began to lost its focus developing too many car models that the market couldn't absorb. The painful journey of Nissan still goes on to date.

    Paul YuenPaul Yuen19 kun oldin
  • Build vehicles that people want to buy.......thats the car industry. Simple

    Tom DrummyTom Drummy19 kun oldin
    • If it’s so simple, why do car manufacturers seem to go in so many directions? lol. Simple! There are a lot of different markets, niches, and demographics.

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • My wife bought a 16 nissian rogue in 2019. Long story short, I got stuck driving it as my own car. The only problem I have with it is after I drive home from work, I go inside and sit down to pee because I feel like less of a man for driving it.

    Joshn569Joshn56920 kun oldin
    • Isn’t that a “You” problem?

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • I almost forgot about the Gon thing where he hid inside a briefcase to avoid Japanese authorities. 😂

    Sho BrownSho Brown20 kun oldin
    • A cello case, actually.

      fubar totalefubar totale16 kun oldin
  • Nissan GT-R: We'll be Ok

    supersonicwingssupersonicwings20 kun oldin
  • Nissan, Ghosn but never forgotten!

    Victor RamosVictor Ramos20 kun oldin
  • Simple plan: solve CVT reliability problems, restrict Renault's decisions and use own mind, let the Samurai's build its cars again, increase Leaf's battery size range and introduce battery cooling & simultaneously lower its price, release Z-proto (aka 400Z) early.

    Tiger TrailTiger Trail20 kun oldin
  • I mean I feel like they haven’t tried lately so there’s that

    RuffBuff716RuffBuff71620 kun oldin
  • Nissan is actually a datsun

    Online Shopping JakartaOnline Shopping Jakarta20 kun oldin
    • Not for over 20 years they’re not.

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • Save your brand with 3 cars redesigned with minimal design changes, just updated safety. Bring back the skyline GT-R r32,r33,r34 with a manual transmission and LHD for North America, update the looks if you like and bring back the RB26DETT...Bring back some old Datsun design true sports cars as well...Again redesign but with the RB26 in there lol

    Leon HarrilallLeon Harrilall20 kun oldin
    • That would save nothing. Lol. Profitability and consumers lean toward duplication, not lack thereof.

      AndrewgynyAndrewgyny16 kun oldin
  • Ghosn was a cost-cutter and a bullshitter. Nissan/Infiniti vehicles started to show the cost-cutting. Cheap metal with rust issues. The only way Nissan would recall was if the government ordered them to. Then the class action suits started in the US. Rust issues, transmission issues etc...Infiniti is being chopped will become Nissan plus. Ghosn says Nissan will be gone in 2 years, he may be right.

    don684don68420 kun oldin
  • So y’all not gonna talk about that JATCO CVT? A’ight. Imma head out.

    Marney OlsonMarney Olson21 kun oldin
    • Right!

      Peter MPeter M20 kun oldin
  • My Murano was my favorite car, however, it had lapses in engineering that even I could see..the design and dimension were perfect, the CVT/Seat issues/oil cooler/headlamps/window motor.......were first car was a 510 in the early 80's.......despite all that......bottom line, will not even look at another Nissan ever again......I may have 30 years of car buying ahead of me....Nissan will not be one of them....promise.....

    AZDBLondonAZDBLondon21 kun oldin