Can Nio Become The Tesla Of China?

7-Yan, 2021
750 360 Ko‘rishlar soni

Nio may not be a recognizable name in the US, but it is becoming a leading player in China's EV market. Despite a brush with death at the start of 2020, it has managed to turn things around and become one of the world's most valuable automakers. Does Nio have what it takes to stay on top?
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Can Nio Become The Tesla Of China?

  • yes, I love Nio

    choi kluivertchoichoi kluivertchoi8 soat oldin
  • Has anyone seen people driving NIO on the road? I'm not talking about test drives or interior/exterior reviews.

    Bad GamerBad Gamer10 soat oldin
  • As a Nio investor. It was a tough call but I am up 500%. More to come!!

    Khyz 4711Khyz 471112 soat oldin
  • What is the “Tesla”? There is no Tesla other than Tesla. Nio is Nio. That’s like saying “will Samsung be the Apple of Korea”? Back in the 2010s

    Zech MerquiseZech Merquise15 soat oldin
  • I wish seeing Nio selling cars on north America and selling affordable EV cars like Nio 3. I believe they can do better than Tesla. Elson for Tesla but Nio for Nio.

    BENK HBENK H16 soat oldin
  • Unless they can sell to the US and pass IIHS.

    CiTY_HuNTeRCiTY_HuNTeRKun oldin
  • Just wait for Tesla's $25,000 car

    ammanammanKun oldin

  • Nikola Motor to the next level

    Alec KAlec K2 kun oldin
  • How Original 🤔

    No Fear Trading GroupNo Fear Trading Group3 kun oldin
  • NO !!! NIO can only be Nio !!! Tesla is Tesla, Would be nice if China finally Shares a New Idea or Technology with US for once, Instead of Doing what we do then acting like it was there idea and there better at it. Always copy cat disruptors.

    No Fear Trading GroupNo Fear Trading Group3 kun oldin
  • Nio has lots of foams in the stock market. if you guys could read Chinese, you will know NIO doesn't even have its own plant to produce cars and not so good reputation in china's car market.

    chen andychen andy3 kun oldin
  • I used to skip whenever the usual skype conversation starts

    Abin AppuAbin Appu3 kun oldin
  • always copying no new inventn of own

    Kumar TrendzzKumar Trendzz3 kun oldin
  • Wait, that Nio supercar looks like some cars in GTA Online, I can't believe Rockstar would even know about such a small company.

    Tony StarkTony Stark3 kun oldin
  • Y need Tesla to be benchmark? Their local competition will automatically push the boundry of technology. I think they actually have overtook Tesla. Tesla is just a brand.

    Tyun LiauTyun Liau3 kun oldin
  • No, sanction China. Stop its stealing

    Xi Jin Ping Pong Free Uyghurs From Internment CampsXi Jin Ping Pong Free Uyghurs From Internment Camps3 kun oldin
  • Why is China always copying every tech and business model of USA This is a joke Create something for yourself, new idea A copycat will always be a copycat...🤣😂😅 Nio Boooooo Won't Tesla standards

    Crack - JCrack - J3 kun oldin
  • NIO Power charging cars (service cars) are still ICE powered?

    Henry LHenry L3 kun oldin
  • BB go brrrr

    小苹果小苹果3 kun oldin
  • Bootleg Tesla

    Gerardo TellezGerardo Tellez3 kun oldin
  • if there's a country that needs electric vehicles, then China is it, for sure

    E ME M3 kun oldin
  • And therefore, our noble people, What is the transcendent superior wisdom, for the sake of Global Humanity, Oneself, and Immortality, according to the Ancient Secret Chinese Wisdom Tradition; what are the five kinds of the most prosperous, most powerful knowledge and wisdom that every individual could and should possess? PaideiaEsotericSociety

    Alexander PaideiaAlexander Paideia3 kun oldin
  • Any share holders is own by the Chinese government is worth it to buy

    sammylin18sammylin183 kun oldin
  • The trashy port conspicuously race because scorpio neuropathologically damage amongst a stimulating dragon. macho, utopian vibraphone

  • Trump is going to ban nio like huwai. 😃😃😃

    FAF presentsFAF presents3 kun oldin
  • That'd be dope...

    Justin BergquistJustin Bergquist3 kun oldin
  • NIO's price target updated from JP Morgan. I believe it's a very good company in long term, maybe a very young Tesla? I made a short video where I talk about the company and go into details of what they offer, if interested:

    Andrea FerrandoAndrea Ferrando3 kun oldin
  • If it’s Chinese, I’m not buying

    Kilo JulietKilo Juliet3 kun oldin
  • NIO will eat Tesla's lunch, akin to how Lexus killed Cadillac

    Tc LinnTc Linn3 kun oldin
  • they look too intense talking about a car

  • It can probably become the 'tesla' of the world as tesla cant/won't build enough cars and most people don't want to afford the real thing anyway.

    dilligaf woftamdilligaf woftam4 kun oldin
  • 7000 cars per month, that is far from leading, BYD

    Julian ChanJulian Chan4 kun oldin
  • Why not. There’s no technology chinazi can’t steal!

    The BuiThe Bui4 kun oldin
  • Strong hold Nio ! Let’s go Nio

    Lung GodLung God4 kun oldin
  • Dont trust China

    Dinky BerriesDinky Berries4 kun oldin
  • Bwahahaha! Tesla, look what have u done.

    Mark Evans A. ZafraMark Evans A. Zafra4 kun oldin
  • Never, sell! Super battery coming and will make battery swap the worse thing for EV. Charges in eight minutes - not hours. Lasts 9,200 miles between charges. And has a lifespan of 12 MILLION miles.

    Mike AdamsMike Adams4 kun oldin
  • NIO: We're finished. CCP: Bu shi!

    Jack OphelottJack Ophelott4 kun oldin
  • different targets at all. nio aims to the high-income layer, but tesla face to the middle class, besla better to compare with BYD han.

    Drive & See the worldDrive & See the world4 kun oldin
  • kudos to elon for leading the world automotive industry to electric

    billie bartbillie bart4 kun oldin
  • LUCID!!!!!!!! Buy Made in the USA! Lucid and Tesla and Lordstown motors!!!! Buy American and help our own economy!!!

    Kevin LayKevin Lay4 kun oldin
  • I wish good luck and prosperity for both companies. Competition is beneficial and as one said: the fight is between EV and ICE.

    Jens EricsonJens Ericson4 kun oldin
  • I will buy in after it settles back to the 30’s.

    Andy VoAndy Vo4 kun oldin
    • Your boat has sailed!

      Sandy RodriguezSandy Rodriguez11 soat oldin
    • Which is never going to happen

      Mhan LMhan L3 kun oldin
  • EV market will take of in 2024 .... this is when all big players will produce EV,s

    Thanos PriceThanos Price5 kun oldin
  • Great idea specialy for poorer countries to own an ev that could be charged later, Not every countries have perfect power systems, let alone fast-chrging. Come on, it seems Chinese are on right track. Unlike other European luxury car industry, China have always tried to produce for mases and as cheap as possible. Well done China.👍

    Keanu LeeKeanu Lee5 kun oldin
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    Kevin BudzischKevin Budzisch5 kun oldin
  • SunHydrogen share - hydrogen for everyone - thanks to ingenious technology.

    Sonnen StudioSonnen Studio5 kun oldin
  • Stock is dropping not a good time to invest 📉

    Abel LopezAbel Lopez5 kun oldin
  • The sturdy wound finally chop because node phenomenologically invent aboard a premium lan. stiff, fabulous fairies

    Fausto AndradeFausto Andrade5 kun oldin
  • Watch out Nio, dont try to overdo it, always remember the phrase "national security threat"....the OVERLORD might not like it and their power of "sanction" will be used to you.

    mrmate phmrmate ph5 kun oldin
  • So what this report is ignoring BYD? They have only been outselling Telsa for the last 6 months in EVs 🙈

    Ron BurgandyRon Burgandy5 kun oldin
    • @Evan H compared to what though? I think ALL stonks are overpriced. And if you are comparing to their main rival Tesla it's a bargain!🤯

      Ron BurgandyRon Burgandy4 kun oldin
    • solid company but stock is too high

      Evan HEvan H4 kun oldin
  • Yes

  • Yee

  • Omg why is China always copying. I know they are progressing but like. They always come up with something after something in the usa have became successful. I’m not racist I’m chinese so...

    disney 2disney 26 kun oldin
  • Is it me or is the Nio looking like the Hyundai Kona 🤔

    nkosi colliernkosi collier6 kun oldin
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      Alfie HarrisAlfie Harris6 kun oldin
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      Alfie HarrisAlfie Harris6 kun oldin
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      Holly PaulHolly Paul6 kun oldin
    • i'm new at this, Pls how can i reach your broker??

      Megan WoodwardMegan Woodward6 kun oldin
  • The answer is Yes!

    Elite Stock PicksElite Stock Picks6 kun oldin
  • Yeah but they are building it and selling it to China. That's not good for everyone else in the automotive industry. They are building and consuming.

    Andrew BirchleyAndrew Birchley6 kun oldin
  • Once you go electric, you will never want to go back to an ICE car.

    ambessa shieldambessa shield6 kun oldin
    • @Stabiel I like my music, I want the car to be silent. 😁

      ambessa shieldambessa shield4 kun oldin
    • Noo.. I like the. BrrrBRbbbRrbbrrr

      StabielStabiel5 kun oldin
  • Relying on government subsidies sucks...generating sales locally first before going outside. Prove self first!

    **justlisted _bchomes_az****justlisted _bchomes_az**6 kun oldin
  • so all nio cars belong to the ccp with all the spy tech imbedded in these cars. Perfect Trojan horses to send around the world🤣

    peace 4Allpeace 4All6 kun oldin
  • The Tesla of China... ... is Tesla

    Bruno SmithBruno Smith6 kun oldin
  • Nio, Xpeng and ...etc. are extremely overvalued in its stock price if you seriously think about its financial or business plan. The investment of the shareholders will never be paid back unless you treat them as just a stock investment vehicle.

    Auto TalksAuto Talks6 kun oldin
  • We won't buy it because the Chinese are against us!!!!!!!

    Tommy KiddTommy Kidd6 kun oldin
  • When there's blood on the streets

    InterstellarStallionInterstellarStallion6 kun oldin
  • This is cool but why is it recommend to me... I'm a broke college student.

    花木Joyce花木Joyce6 kun oldin
  • Ooh yeah

    Lukman HackimLukman Hackim6 kun oldin
  • Good heavens. Chinese cars? It will catch on fire the moment you leave the dealership. Only thing that know how to make well is the virus.

    John BurrJohn Burr6 kun oldin
  • Made In China

    Jin ChungJin Chung6 kun oldin
  • Buying mine from the innovator not from a copy cat

    R SpencerR Spencer7 kun oldin
  • CCP govt puts money in exchange of total control of the company.

  • Yessssssssss

    Amit dasAmit das7 kun oldin
  • Nio make good cars

    Tobi LTobi L7 kun oldin
  • No matter how environmentally or cheap an EV becomes , if there are lack of fast charging stations it wont be widely adopted compare to combustion engines.

    Jackal NJackal N7 kun oldin
  • Already invested in stock and I can't really get good return from it. The stock crash is just inevitable that why you just have to understand. Yeah investing in crypto and forex trading will be the Wisest thing to do. You are right already earning much profit with favorable market rise, You gotta see investors scared and loose funds due to lack of ignorance. It's not really lack of ignorance but due to unproductive broker in the business today There are still productive brokers out there for investors.

    Joseph DouglasJoseph Douglas7 kun oldin
  • With Biden at the wheel, practically anything is possible for china.

    Irish OverseerIrish Overseer7 kun oldin
    • China is now having a power crisis as they stopped buying Australian Coal.

      Andrew Chiu-kit TsangAndrew Chiu-kit Tsang6 kun oldin
  • The solid state battery doesn't exist yet. 2 to 5 years hence.

    Nor DicNor Dic7 kun oldin
  • If reasonable price It will be my first EV car

    Grin CadornaGrin Cadorna7 kun oldin
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    Stanley.MStanley.M7 kun oldin
  • Can Huawei become the Apple of China?

    catonpillowcatonpillow7 kun oldin
  • Nio has very nice design.

    Stanislav PetkovStanislav Petkov7 kun oldin
  • I believe so

    TETradingTETrading7 kun oldin
  • short answer: no long answer: nope

    孙祎彤孙祎彤7 kun oldin
  • Lol you guys should do a video on all the investors who got locked out from there shares in Chinese stocks. As it stands today a few billion dollars worth.

    Bahala Na?Bahala Na?7 kun oldin
  • USA is going down because asia and africa is rising again. USA is a far away sea locked country.. Ban their Dollar and US internet infrastructure. US Internet giving them business priority and propaganda. All businesses going to USA unnecessarily. Only US 33 crore immigrants people can not leading us. No No No.We asia,africa need to stop.

    Md.Rony RasalMd.Rony Rasal7 kun oldin
  • Remember to burn fossil fuels for electricity!

    onesoloving1onesoloving17 kun oldin
  • NIO is waaaaay more luxuriate than Tesla.

    Curtis TangCurtis Tang7 kun oldin
  • Happy new year y'all Please repent because Jesus is coming soon Like so more people can see this

    NotafratdudeNotafratdude7 kun oldin
  • Nice car I'm going for nio ep9

    Prince JadonPrince Jadon8 kun oldin
  • 2019/20 Gouvernement subsides, gouvernement saves the company. 2030 CEO say "I'm a self-made man, gouvernement stops innovation, gouvernement must shrink. We need freedom. The story of economical neoliberales. They have a little bit of shame.

    Gardenholic chubbyGardenholic chubby8 kun oldin
  • loved the new video?

    soinu foigsoinu foig8 kun oldin
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    Roady RoadRoady Road8 kun oldin
  • Trashy NBC, promoting a bad quality copycat Chinese product again.

    TonyTony8 kun oldin
  • Well with chines government money behind there is no obstacles. If they start to export the brand outside China mainland it will be hard to make their customers trust them when you have a stack holder the Chines government. Outside companies will look it like another mainland backdoor spying "device" in our infrastructure.

    ivan mitevivan mitev8 kun oldin
    • ago. But Tesla outpaces Nio by a mile. Go to any store and you will see it. The problem is there are just too many Chinese car brands popping up every day and each of them

      soinu foigsoinu foig8 kun oldin
  • I tried Tesla and Nio, and buy a NIO ES6, if you can buy it in US. and EU, you will find NIO is better.

    Nan LinNan Lin8 kun oldin
  • Actually, NIO car is better than Tesla.

    Nan LinNan Lin8 kun oldin
    • It looks like sir

      sharai67sharai677 kun oldin
  • "The Chinese government is not here to make money" ?

    Ramesh AdhithyaRamesh Adhithya8 kun oldin
    • Hefei government : hold my beer

      Julian ChanJulian Chan4 kun oldin
    • Ofc they don't. Why would government want to make money when they can print. They would love to see local companies win competition against Tesla. Does not really care who. Could be Li Auto or Xpeng.

      Ao XueAo Xue7 kun oldin
  • Why aren't we using this battery swap thing again? Many people aren't buying a EV because of the battery aren't charge as fast putting fuel in it and go. THIS IS HUGE!!!

    Konata IzumiKonata Izumi8 kun oldin
    • @Nor Dic What if you want to do some cross county? what if you're in LA and trying to go San Francisco? those are like very far away, i doubt you don't need to stop for a recharge. MKBHD also talked about this, the distance is the greatest weak point of the EV. imagine like a company like Tesla start doing services like battery stop for 5 minutes and off you go with a freshly charged battery. that would be awesome.

      Konata IzumiKonata Izumi7 kun oldin
    • That is only an issue for the ignorant. Most ev owners here in Oz charge at home, and leave home with a full tank every time. Then the average daily commute in the USA is 30miles / 50kms.

      Nor DicNor Dic7 kun oldin
  • Yes