C H I L L V I B E S | Simpson Lofi Mix 2021 | Chill & Aesthetic Music Playlist

24-Noy, 2020
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C H I L L V I B E S | Simpson Lofi Mix 2021 | Chill & Aesthetic Music Playlist
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Lofi beats playlist: spoti.fi/3dTH2FN
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    lofi fanlofi fan16 kun oldin
    • @Saphed Barph cu chose uu cu ce Guyot tu c uc b bug

      Dyvann MelinardDyvann Melinard7 kun oldin
    • Une cucucujci

      Dyvann MelinardDyvann Melinard7 kun oldin
    • @Saphed Barph cco uog fou ucuc c’est cu cocouuu chez g uc OK cu uc uc co cuc uuun ucu ucucutuuc

      Dyvann MelinardDyvann Melinard7 kun oldin
    • @Saphed Barph cco uog fou ucuc c’est cu cocouuu chez g uc OK cu uc uc co cuc uuun ucu ucucutuu

      Dyvann MelinardDyvann Melinard7 kun oldin
    • Ça c uc uu

      Dyvann MelinardDyvann Melinard7 kun oldin
  • What the fuck does this have to do with Simpsons?

    PinealPineal6 soat oldin

    HoTube O.NHoTube O.N8 soat oldin
  • hell yeahhh

    Jerfg HeenkellJerfg Heenkell9 soat oldin
  • So good

    Cloobeck MusicCloobeck Music11 soat oldin
  • Beautiful video!

    Brazilian DreamscapesBrazilian Dreamscapes13 soat oldin
  • its 2021 and you spent the weekend at bernie's

    Erik WarnErik Warn15 soat oldin
  • Did you upload this on Spotify or where i can find this play list

    JAYA_ SH00TJAYA_ SH00T15 soat oldin
  • a

    lil mintlil mint18 soat oldin
  • 33:40 could somebody kindly tell me the name of the song?

    JIRGENSONS BeatsJIRGENSONS Beats19 soat oldin
  • cool

    Juan Carlos Alvarez J.Juan Carlos Alvarez J.22 soat oldin
  • damn, i thought replaying this vid will remove the adds. huhu

    E SE SKun oldin
  • Me and my BFF just started where we colour in a colouring page while listening to this, anyone reading this, you should try it, it makes you really chill

    Gory and Glory commentaryGory and Glory commentaryKun oldin
    • Assuming you're blazing a little before all this right?

      daniel k.daniel k.21 soat oldin
  • hi

    shakirah jimenezshakirah jimenezKun oldin
  • Coding + this = Good output

    Raz BasnetRaz BasnetKun oldin
  • Working with 3 hours of sleep last night, holding a huge bag filled w unspoken words filled to the brim, constantly suppressing heaves to prevent breakdowns and this playlist. Could there be another better combo if not this? :) Thanks Mate for this tranquilizing playlist. T'was much needed.

    Anwesha MishraAnwesha MishraKun oldin
  • 1:40:00

    FerFerKun oldin
  • 1:31:00 say no more

    FerFerKun oldin
  • Good

    Kikme ApicKikme Apic2 kun oldin
  • love it

    Phillip EdwardsPhillip Edwards2 kun oldin
  • Hey all checkout lofi art at RB under HammerEdge. Tell me what you think of it. Don't worry about hurting my feelings. I will just Lofi 😁👍

    Hammeredge M.J.C.Hammeredge M.J.C.2 kun oldin

    ethan jamesethan james2 kun oldin
  • instagram.com/pensandoefim/

    Elezir Margareti dos SantosElezir Margareti dos Santos2 kun oldin
  • Yo, what's the name/artist of the second song that is played?

    Zeen22222Zeen222222 kun oldin
  • Lebron Jame!

    BenbejamingBenbejaming2 kun oldin
  • too many commercials

    Joe GiamportoneJoe Giamportone2 kun oldin
  • Can someone please name the track @33:00 onwards. Shezam not to rescue this time

    D XXXD XXX2 kun oldin
  • nice!

    Catalina J. CullCatalina J. Cull3 kun oldin
  • haha

    Duy DuDuy Du3 kun oldin
  • Got really good at 32:00 - 35:00

    Hudson ReynoldsHudson Reynolds3 kun oldin
  • 1:02:08

    KamiKamiKamiKami3 kun oldin
  • mientra hago la tarea :3

  • Perfect to study, even though I'm still going to cheat on my tests.

    Jallir DavilaJallir Davila4 kun oldin
    • @zyxwut321 bruh let the man cheat on his test damn. None of the stuff that he’s learning in high school is going to help him in the real world

      Cameron CordovaCameron CordovaKun oldin
    • @Boyce Waltersfor reall its such a vibe

      Jayla_the_leoJayla_the_leoKun oldin
    • @zyxwut321 Nah cheating is the best way to go for online school because it's online the answers are everywhere

      Jayla_the_leoJayla_the_leoKun oldin
    • @Fabrx Shut the hell up and leave me alone bot

      Boyce WaltersBoyce WaltersKun oldin
    • Pq PP PP pp pp PP PP PP pp pp p pp p pp pppp PP PP PP pp pp PP PP pp

      FabrxFabrx2 kun oldin
  • these songs kinda suck dude add some variety next time like city escape or something jeez

    GruGru4 kun oldin
  • love this but so many ads 🙄🙄

    kaydee cooperkaydee cooper4 kun oldin
  • dude i was stressing hard right? smoked me some mf weed, got recommended this, man this shit got me mellowed out

  • 1 hour 32 mins in and im still listening And I've finished I had to go sleep so couldn't finish it!

    Dynamo_ SzymonDynamo_ Szymon4 kun oldin
  • Best time to turn your dreams in reality was yesterday and the second best time is now, better start now because now will be yesterday very soon

    Lofi chillsLofi chills4 kun oldin
    • u are an angel of a person

      RM playsRM plays3 kun oldin
    • Really nice, I agree, but I started last week 😎

      Carlos MENGSCarlos MENGS4 kun oldin
  • chillen off into the sun set.

    Anthony CampbellAnthony Campbell5 kun oldin
  • 2th곡 29:00 45:30

    Ham스터Ham스터5 kun oldin
  • You must have been there...

    PORK IBTIquePORK IBTIque5 kun oldin
  • So enjoyable.

    Coffee StoriesCoffee Stories5 kun oldin
  • yas

    DumpsterDumpster5 kun oldin
  • smh at all the "stressed" 20 somethings on here... Life has yet to begin fucking you. Gird your loins

    Robert MurphyRobert Murphy5 kun oldin
  • Nice vid! keep up the good work

    Yasin AlyasiriYasin Alyasiri5 kun oldin
  • This mix has me doing work and lost track of time. #thanks

    Rhys PortilloRhys Portillo5 kun oldin
  • mieda

    Anlly marine diloneAnlly marine dilone5 kun oldin
  • 32:30

    SerpentSerpent6 kun oldin
    • @Kevin hah i only commented so i knew where the song was still cant find the song

      SerpentSerpentKun oldin
    • Yeah... I came to the comments section to find the name of this one.

      KevinKevin2 kun oldin
  • Stress has brought all of us here. All hail the algorithm.

    Joseph HausserJoseph Hausser6 kun oldin
    • Naw I’m just enjoying the good music, I’m not stressed

      Cameron CordovaCameron CordovaKun oldin
  • This beat got me sleepin while studyin... that's how chill it is❤

    Nontokozo ZuluNontokozo Zulu6 kun oldin
    • Man turn the music off before you fail your papers

      Antonial PoharamaAntonial Poharama4 kun oldin
  • i am stressed at the fact it isnt pefectly looped

    JBJB6 kun oldin
  • 3:23:39

    Kennan StowersKennan Stowers7 kun oldin
  • Fight back , You are strong!

    Neelesh GoswamiNeelesh Goswami7 kun oldin
  • ben a déjà fait ce clip aller voir marseille

    ManumManum7 kun oldin
  • Something about this makes me reminisce., even the bad times. Doesn’t seem so bad now , all fond memories even tho it hurts

    evil3570evil35707 kun oldin
  • too sad

    Possessed PrincessPossessed Princess7 kun oldin
  • Song name @ 55:41

    CassiusCassius7 kun oldin
  • Holy shit this is great to just put on at work and get your stuff done. Well done.

    Ryan TurnerRyan Turner8 kun oldin
    • thats literally i use it for

  • soy el unico argentino que se pasa escuchando este tipo de musica para estar relax mientras se fuma uno ?

    ianchurrazo_musicianchurrazo_music8 kun oldin
    • No no sos el unico xD

      Adriel Giovanni Franco AmelungAdriel Giovanni Franco Amelung8 kun oldin
  • 48:25

    Kevin iscloudKevin iscloud8 kun oldin
  • 몇분 몇분에 무슨노래인지 알려주시면 감사하겠습니다 ^^

    gadirokfulgadirokful8 kun oldin
  • 22:26 songs ?

    ArcanumArcanum8 kun oldin
  • just woke up to this playlist (3 hours in)/ looked at the comments (that made my morning too) the Lofi style on thiis, the comments truly inspired me to enjoy myself/get some "home-work" done (day off from work) keep it up to everyone who is scrolling pass these comments (lofi nation/ Unity w/ PeaceHappiness)

    Ryan RayRyan Ray9 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/hJKti7KGoqK8fYg

    demetrio rosasdemetrio rosas9 kun oldin
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    SerenSeren9 kun oldin
  • aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    SerenSeren9 kun oldin
  • this joint hit respectfully

    Emily MancillaEmily Mancilla9 kun oldin
    • super fire

      USWMOUSWMO7 kun oldin
    • Lmao, samee

      Cpt. HuesudoCpt. Huesudo9 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/fJHNqMpon6O3pZ4 check this peaceful rain compilation

    Tushar SharmaTushar Sharma9 kun oldin
  • Yes I needed this

    Caterina CappelliCaterina Cappelli9 kun oldin
  • I love this, You deserve a million subscribers.

    Zoey Akamatsu CriesZoey Akamatsu Cries10 kun oldin
  • thank you for this lovely track i listen to this all day and for all the people having a stressful day then i suggest you listen to this

    S.P Galaxy_Altair101S.P Galaxy_Altair10110 kun oldin
  • To anyone going through a hard time, you feel like you can't rest, you can't catch a break, you are tired, you are slipping....It has not come to stay, it has come to pass, you will find your way back into the light

    LUCKY GamesLUCKY Games10 kun oldin
    • @Sharon K ...

      Kristy NiederkornKristy Niederkorn9 kun oldin
    • uzworld.info/player/video/cZjMhM2YgKSamYw

      Sharon KSharon K9 kun oldin
  • I cannot access the Spotify link what's the username?

    DeniseDenise10 kun oldin
  • Agregamos no pare que somos un grupo de personas que lo que soñamos no lo planeamos un objetivo desirme a todas las del mundo que no soy lo que quisieron ponerse de acuerdo para cuando redes cuenta estarás entre los 00 bajo 0 seguimos con los comentarios de que no ocupamos celulares pero no todo escuchamos pedimos ser como los dulces que nos arruinaron y poder chingarlos publico el que enseñarán a la demás gente lo que nos arruinaron sigo sigo pensando como lastimar a quienes me an insultado hay que desmentir a todos lo que gracias a una mentira se aprovecharon de algunas que se creían muy inteligentes, y más a esos que se lucieron desacuerdo para que las cosas malas que nos han echo no les podamos hacer daño...

    Rodolfo perez burgoinRodolfo perez burgoin10 kun oldin

    Loren Juan Profanter MayLoren Juan Profanter May10 kun oldin
    • 😁

      Joker BirdJoker Bird9 kun oldin
  • Where is he going? We will never know

    McKayla KarnesMcKayla Karnes11 kun oldin
  • haöhbcdu

    Anita PrahovljanovicAnita Prahovljanovic11 kun oldin
  • What song starts at 2:03:20

    Kooper DoddKooper Dodd11 kun oldin
  • Know

    Andrea AvilaAndrea Avila11 kun oldin
  • woww

    raul reyesraul reyes11 kun oldin
  • Oh dad... in such miserable state... I'm bored, look at my bored face ;)

    Lisa ShankLisa Shank12 kun oldin
    • Same sis, same

      Halfrican beauteHalfrican beaute11 kun oldin
  • what is the first song sampling its driving me nuts that i cant remember lol

    Elizabeth KennedyElizabeth Kennedy12 kun oldin
  • thumbs up just for homer

    Adam DavisAdam Davis12 kun oldin
  • Thank you

    Tiara PertiwiTiara Pertiwi12 kun oldin
  • Dude there are soooo many ads it's completely bananas. Cant even listen to two songs without an ad. Completele kills the otherwise great Vibe :(

    Bernd StrombergBernd Stromberg12 kun oldin
  • uzworld.info/player/video/m4awfbCoicTXZao

    Max miaMax mia12 kun oldin
  • its gonna be okay hey dont worry smoking a spliff this night even though I fight I wonder where is the space beyond where I can let it all fall away Will I ever know a peace beyond this game where the waves roll, and the feeling goes away I get the feeling lord knows How to heal all the pain Been fighting day to day the system is fake you still have your soul and will we ever know that the injustice is done fight the horrors of this world dont put down the sword just one more hill and then you will

    Monad DichotomyMonad Dichotomy12 kun oldin
  • What begins at 38:25??? I love it so much

    MunichMunich12 kun oldin
  • I like this I'm using the chill vibe for my video~

    Zakery GriggsZakery Griggs12 kun oldin
  • a

    al aal a12 kun oldin
  • 18:45 omg... delicious

    Taina Silveira azevedoTaina Silveira azevedo12 kun oldin
  • Nếu mày hỏi về cuộc đời này I said don't understand Tao vẫn lao động kiếm tiền Kể cả 12h đêm Có câu chuyện và con người Mà tao chẳng bh quên Tao tồn tại một cách ung dung Là do tao simple man Tao đã từng nông nỗi Và cũng đã từng háo thắng Tao

    TomTom12 kun oldin
  • You don't know how much I needed this today, I'm so glad this popped up in my recommendations. Perfect music to chill out before daily stress gets to be too much. ❤

    Zander LeoZander Leo12 kun oldin
    • @Teo Garcia shouldnt be stressing about things daily boys. Got to learn to look at things from a different perspective

      StarkLuvStarkLuv9 kun oldin
    • Needed this to! It's a good feeling knowing a lot of us are in this together, dealing with the daily stress grind but getting moments of peace.

      Teo GarciaTeo Garcia11 kun oldin
  • Ads every other minute kills it

    T.j. WhiteT.j. White13 kun oldin
  • grv dard

    VanekaVaneka13 kun oldin
  • 1:26:42

    Ricardo SilvaRicardo Silva13 kun oldin
  • Hey im a streamer and look for background music just wanted to double check if this is useable i always say who posted and made the stuff as well so just lmk cause this is real chill and relaxing and i do alot of just random banter. But if not good stuff deff made my morning routine playlist amazing stuff!!

    Its vStimzyIts vStimzy13 kun oldin
    • Theres a #nocopyright tag so u should be fine, but idk for sure don't quote me on that

      Bungee CordBungee Cord13 kun oldin
  • Cant stress enough how euphoric listening to this in the middle of a trip is right now

    Ja'Van Turner-MooreJa'Van Turner-Moore13 kun oldin
    • @1Hunna Word up I can dig it

      Ja'Van Turner-MooreJa'Van Turner-Moore9 kun oldin
    • This shit be hittin off the molly nocap💯🤞🏼

      1Hunna1Hunna10 kun oldin
    • @Marcin Kiersnowski LSD of course😁

      Ja'Van Turner-MooreJa'Van Turner-Moore12 kun oldin
    • What you tripping on? I was a 15 hour liquid lsd trip yesterday.

      Marcin KiersnowskiMarcin Kiersnowski12 kun oldin
    • Lmfaoooo hell yea 😂🤣

      Corrupt GamesCorrupt Games13 kun oldin
  • How did i get send from A2M i got bitches too this

    Stijn VerbruggenStijn Verbruggen13 kun oldin
  • 44:40 the best/ la mejor

    Ayelen PazAyelen Paz13 kun oldin