BUYING BACK The Truck That Started Everything... *Friend's Crash Caught on Film*

25-Noy, 2020
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  • Make some content fixing her up then I’ll buy her back again and slap that mantis green on her 😈 😂 I’m sure she’s happy to be home brother

    RFRacingRFRacing2 oy oldin
    • Katech???

      i2ayi2ayOy oldin
    • Or or or hear me out let whistlindiesel do his Indiana magik on it

      Dirtydanbiqdiqboi _Dirtydanbiqdiqboi _Oy oldin
    • @Ryan Jack he can't drive for shit. Thats been proven many times.....

      Kyle SmithKyle Smith2 oy oldin
    • Hopefully you never touch the truck again.

      Ryan JackRyan Jack2 oy oldin
    • @clint Miller But another Blazer & put a new L5P crate engine in it!

      Steve HolstenSteve Holsten2 oy oldin
  • Keep the dents though

    Jackson MeadsJackson MeadsKun oldin
  • how do you crash like that..

    aLPHa_ sCRUBByaLPHa_ sCRUBBy4 kun oldin
  • I cant help but think when he says “the cars and coffee shop” i think about whistlendiesel being there having scones

    CassCass5 kun oldin
  • Green it is!

    Tim TaylorTim Taylor10 kun oldin
  • Daim the same thing happened to me but mine was the rear tire and I Tokyo drifted down a lil mountain into a bush lol car was totaled but I’m still here today thank god 🙏🏼

    Brian MartinezBrian Martinez12 kun oldin
    • This happened like a month ago to lol

      Brian MartinezBrian Martinez12 kun oldin
  • That Vette is awesome!

    Brian PooleBrian Poole12 kun oldin
  • Time for Whistling diesel to get his hands on that

    KrisKris13 kun oldin
  • What’s with the sunglasses all the time

    Taylor LienTaylor Lien14 kun oldin
  • I learned this when i was 16... Im 36 now.. if my shits gonna get crashed.... Im gonna crash it my shit

    Patrick LaskaPatrick Laska14 kun oldin
  • That Chewy bix though....My job has made me hate Chewy lol.....sry about the truck thank god your friend is ok though.....

    bennny6988bennny698818 kun oldin
  • 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

    WHB JRWHB JR19 kun oldin
  • You know what’s crazy..I lost this Channel when you were building the dirty max! And I just stumbled across your channel’ve levelled up big time!!!! Remember you always getting pulled in it 😂. Keep up the good work man

    SuperDrivetimeSuperDrivetime22 kun oldin
  • you were supposed to take this truck to your grave not sell it because it doesnt make money anymore... love is to take care at the worst times not just leave them behind and move on

    Kuldeep GiriKuldeep Giri24 kun oldin
  • Love this truck, glad to see her back! I started watching you for the original build and loved your content from then on!

    Benjamin BartlettBenjamin Bartlett29 kun oldin
  • What year is it

    Andrew ShamonAndrew ShamonOy oldin
  • Does anyone know if there is like a Facebook group on where to attend these meets at all

    SlapMyAxeSlapMyAxeOy oldin
  • mike: "i'm never gonna sell that truck" also mike: *sells it*

    Evan KimbroughEvan KimbroughOy oldin
  • i have that poster in the background of the dealer

    Hunter GrayHunter GrayOy oldin
  • Why did that blue c6 park like a dick

    printknight528printknight528Oy oldin
  • And how about EU viewers? Will they get a car if won?

    TimmY BoYTimmY BoYOy oldin
  • Too bad about OG duramax, it was the reason i subscribed. I Remember those videos you showed us when you bought it, you where soo proud. I also remember your last place when you finally painted the garage, good times. Think i started following you when you had under 80k followers😃 you was working back then, was it in a bank?🤔 good to see you made it🥳

    faentildrittsiefaentildrittsieOy oldin
  • That music decreased the IQ points by 60 and caused the crash. Driving like an Oaklander.

    anthonycaanthonycaOy oldin

    E L I T E O N T H E B E A TE L I T E O N T H E B E A TOy oldin
  • I bet the person that crashed the truck was Jimbo...yeah that Jimbo from Jimbo's channel and now Savage Garage LOL

    MartyMcFly700MartyMcFly700Oy oldin
  • That split window 🥵

    Nathan RhinewaltNathan RhinewaltOy oldin
  • 2:40 I really felt the awkwardness😂. Streetspeed smooth though

    Jake GilmoreJake GilmoreOy oldin
  • The truck is totaled

    Zach OlingerZach OlingerOy oldin
  • Goonzsquad collab!!! Let’s go!!!

    R&D Productions UNLIMITEDR&D Productions UNLIMITEDOy oldin
  • Ya need to put a link in description to the store

    Travis SikoraTravis SikoraOy oldin
  • Dirtymax gocart

    Long WillardLong WillardOy oldin
  • As much as I like the C8 I believe you should sell it. Get the Z06 when it comes out. The first year manufactured always has problems. Hope everything goes good on all the future plans. Happy holidays from Cali.

    niugnepniugnepOy oldin
  • Glad everyone was good after looked like a tough slam

    Joseph NeelyJoseph NeelyOy oldin
  • My grandpa had one of those in green.... wish he had it still

    itsPKitsPKOy oldin
  • Glad everyone is ok awesome you helped Bobby like that you really need to get that to a reputable body shop to check the frame

    Chris StrubleChris StrubleOy oldin
  • Who else but quagmire.

    i2ayi2ayOy oldin
  • You did put alot in to your og Duramax, you put alot into that truck.

    Doctor Death.Doctor Death.Oy oldin
  • Mike, you have said that before about your other vehicles that you had pass, but you do make Investments out of these vehicles.

    Doctor Death.Doctor Death.Oy oldin
  • Mike: I'm driving the speed limit Speedometer: 92 mph.

  • Good thing it didnt completely roll

    Michael's FarmMichael's FarmOy oldin
  • If you get the land do you mind if I hunt on it

    Diesel KingDiesel KingOy oldin
  • The car give aways are fake

    J seelJ seelOy oldin
  • Where is the cap for the bed?

    Milos MiladinovicMilos MiladinovicOy oldin
    • He got rid of it ages ago, looks SO much better without it

      TaffPlaysTaffPlaysOy oldin
  • i was tired and went through a blinking red light and got t boned. luckily the guy slowed down before he hit me. i was able to drive home luckily. when looking at it it seemed i just needed to get a new quarter panel and file some scratches on a rim. so i drove it a few weeks like an idiot before i got it looked at. the whole front end was messed up and it took multiple mechanic visits to get it back in order. bend tie rod, control arm, swap bar end link, etc. it will never be perfect and the quarter panel is still jacked. its not worth fixing it to mint condition if i'm selling it next year. could be a damn good deal for somebody since it has a dirty carfax. hoping some kid will pay extra since its a manual.

    Jon FockerJon FockerOy oldin
  • I say turn it into the new SS717 Off-road Rig... To replace or run with the blazer!!?!!

    Fortitude GarageFortitude GarageOy oldin
  • Give the OG to your kid in the future

    Hunter GrimesHunter GrimesOy oldin
  • Sas sema build please??

    Bo PerryBo PerryOy oldin
  • Used to be a C7 with a blown trans and the Dirty max.

    Zachary GregorczykZachary GregorczykOy oldin
    • Wasn't it the diff and not the trans?

      TaffPlaysTaffPlaysOy oldin
  • U should get a zl1 camaro

    Cody DuncombeCody DuncombeOy oldin
  • dang i remember when you would get pulled over for tint and too wide wheels. you have come a long way

    Oscar RamirezOscar RamirezOy oldin
  • What have I missed? I’ve been gone for maybe 2-3 years and everything is just whaaaaaaaaaat

    Walter JoyWalter JoyOy oldin
  • I just totaled my lly duramax on Thanksgiving and it hurt my heart

    Joshua PalacioJoshua PalacioOy oldin
    • @TaffPlays yea truck took the blow like it's meant to... right now the damage is at $13000 without disability

      Joshua PalacioJoshua PalacioOy oldin
    • Oof I'm sorry! That's awful, you alright at least?

      TaffPlaysTaffPlaysOy oldin
  • How you not broke

    Colefinney 1234Colefinney 1234Oy oldin
  • A 1963 corvette is my dream car

    Rocket GamingRocket GamingOy oldin
  • With an unknown number I always ignore the first and answer the second call. The thought behind it is that if it is an important call they will call more than once.🤓

    TackyLamb YTTackyLamb YTOy oldin
  • What lil baby song is that lol

    Evan LeblancEvan LeblancOy oldin
  • So can I send back my shirt that had 1X entry and reorder for a 20X?! This is a bummer

    Kyle CollierKyle CollierOy oldin
  • Man frame, box and a whole front end.. should only take 20-30 hours to swap the cab and powertrain onto a new frame..

    TruckingislifeTruckingislifeOy oldin
  • That upper A arm maxed out on impact. The cab did shift over on its mounts. It anything, that inner drivers rail might be tweeked but nothing too major. Everything does need to be realigned which is a huge chore of the brackets are destroyed. By the looks, minor fram damage mainly cosmetic.

    Brandon CaldwellBrandon CaldwellOy oldin
  • Ahhh poor dirtymax. I remember when you fist got it, that ol pap cap 😆

    Dalton WoodsDalton WoodsOy oldin
  • My dream Vette is a C6 Gran sport

    Steve EdmondsonSteve EdmondsonOy oldin
  • I wish your videos were around 15 mins. Strads are around 12, perfect length.

    MyrdocMyrdocOy oldin
  • Dude those marks on the control arm are from the suspension completely bottoming out and hitting the mount

    Zach TZach TOy oldin
  • Remember guys it's a 717 number Also Mike you should may be able to call a local police station/operator and explain them the situation I bet they'd tell you who

    GingerandJaminGingerandJaminOy oldin
  • Miata!

    ImYoutubing247ImYoutubing247Oy oldin
  • Keep that C8 man. There’s too much story behind it. You were one of the first ones in the country to get one(you and Teej), only because the truck yours was made it out the gates before GM shut it back down. Trade it in or sell it when the Z06 comes out.

    Sergei WardSergei WardOy oldin
  • 👍👋👋👋😁

    James WeaverJames WeaverOy oldin
  • hahah 135, police loves that stuff, goodbye car!

    Tom langTom langOy oldin
  • Please teacher Beaver how to park. Jfc

    Tj LawhornTj LawhornOy oldin
  • That video shows it’s from 2017 hmmmm very odd don’t you think....

    Anthony PerezAnthony PerezOy oldin

    Luke DouglasLuke DouglasOy oldin
  • yes put it in the blazer. much yes.

    LoganLoganOy oldin
  • Keep a C8 on the channel!!!

    J LeeJ LeeOy oldin
  • Michael will probably see this upload and be like “OH SHIT”

    Jordan FieldsJordan FieldsOy oldin
  • @streetspeed717 how does someone from Palmyra area find these cars & coffee meets? I've been trying to take my son out to these events but unfortunately the 2 or 3 pages I follow, I don't see anything posted until around noon-ish or early afternoon from the day of. Thanks in advance with the info.

    David Gergely IIDavid Gergely IIOy oldin
  • Put a air suspension on it 💪🏽😈💯💯

    Eddy SanchezEddy SanchezOy oldin
  • Turbo the 63

    Caleb ToddCaleb ToddOy oldin
  • Getting that awful Jimbo hair going...

    Baum SquadBaum SquadOy oldin
  • Looked like this was intentional. Gassed it in a turn

    Fast_GT500&Nova_SSFast_GT500&Nova_SSOy oldin
  • That was a pretty nasty wreck glad he’s ok

    Toxic MisfitsToxic MisfitsOy oldin
  • Definitely not kilometers 😂

    Garret GodwinGarret GodwinOy oldin
  • “This was my baby for a long time” takes a sledge hammer to the side of the truck

    ColeColeOy oldin
  • How tf that was a easy fix

    Toxic MisfitsToxic MisfitsOy oldin
  • Lmao that’s great!!

    Travis HelmsTravis HelmsOy oldin
  • This video made me realize how lucky I am to have malibu country mart as a close enough cars and coffee I can go to... vector w8, Mclaren F1, Jay Leno, Lancia stratos, just to name a few ..

  • SAS the og durty max

    Austin reedAustin reedOy oldin
  • iPhones have a setting where you can automatically decline numbers that aren’t in your contacts.

    Tyler CastelloTyler CastelloOy oldin
  • Mike im not gonna lie its bad but i would love to see it back home where it belongs i think once u realign the frame most of it will go back to normal idk why but i still love its look even when it looks like this

    5.9Aaron5.9AaronOy oldin
  • If you are going to scrap the dirtymax I want the front bumper grill and headlights

    realtree 59realtree 59Oy oldin
  • 2:49 that’s not a Terminator. It’s just a Turbo’d GT.

    Anthonysvt_Anthonysvt_Oy oldin
  • Definitely put the dirtymax engine in the blazer

    Mason DasilvaMason DasilvaOy oldin
  • You should buy the blue stang that was for sale at the cars and coffee that thing is sick

    jeffrey nunnjeffrey nunnOy oldin
  • 25 x 20 is 500 a 25 dollar shirt would get 500 entries if its 20 times entries

    Bryan DerwinBryan DerwinOy oldin
  • I know you love us but you spend so much money on cars and give it away you don't have to do that we love you no mattet whst

    Adrian LiraAdrian LiraOy oldin
  • Oh crap, I hope this isn't the next give away! HaHa

    Doug TinklerDoug TinklerOy oldin
  • Plz keep and fix the truck and have it has you backup truck and when ever you have kids and they are old enough to drive give it to them for a weekend driver and to go to the school dances in

    Deer ChaserDeer ChaserOy oldin
  • I just bought a shirt! If I win the giveaway I’ll shit my pants lmfao

    Escabar alejandroEscabar alejandroOy oldin
  • Is this his second truck been wrecked

    Chris RandlesChris RandlesOy oldin
    • Yeah, the 1993 one that Steve gave away was the first

      TaffPlaysTaffPlaysOy oldin
  • That old vette is so slow too cars now in 2020 but i bet its a blast! Too drive

    NBA javiiNBA javiiOy oldin
  • Thanks for sharing the video.

    Jake PorterJake PorterOy oldin