Buying and fixing a dozer : John Deere 450

10-May, 2020
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In this video, I buy a ~1970 john deere dozer 450 straight. Fix the steering clutches, and install a "canopy", and then push some dirt

  • Hey you really got it looking nice Cheers from Jacksonville Florida

    James MichaelJames Michael17 daqiqa oldin
  • Hey very nice job on clutch and brakes you kept it interesting and informative i once owned a Case 450B it was so fun to operate and repair my problems were in the track tensioner and worn sprocket i became expert in puting track back on in the middle of nowhere Thanks for sharing Cheers from Jacksonville Florida

    James MichaelJames Michael38 daqiqa oldin
  • How long did all your repairs take in hours, days and weeks?

    Charles GarrettCharles Garrett5 soat oldin
  • That trailer solid

    Tk HannibalTk Hannibal10 soat oldin
  • "Don't smash my camera" "Then get the fucking camera out of the way!" lol.

    Absolute ChaosAbsolute Chaos19 soat oldin
    • where was that? I dont remember that

      Jesse MullerJesse Muller19 soat oldin

    IAmKyle1457IAmKyle145722 soat oldin
  • Jesse u all lost me way back when

    Rebecca OckerRebecca OckerKun oldin
  • nice job

    Andy WarringtonAndy WarringtonKun oldin
  • 2800 hours is only 70 weeks, surely that's rolled over?

    Ima ComputerIma ComputerKun oldin
    • @Jesse Muller it's brand new then!

      Ima ComputerIma Computer17 soat oldin
    • no I think it is correct

      Jesse MullerJesse MullerKun oldin
  • I have an old 350c John Deere dozer were is the pump for the rear ended hydraulic lines

    Judy BaileyJudy BaileyKun oldin
  • Call me please. I have a 67 jd 450. Im in alaska and could use some advice. 907-888-8530

    fairbanks casualfairbanks casual2 kun oldin
  • I have a 67 jd 450 dozer/ crawler. When mine gets warm about 30 miniutes it backs up a slope slower than when cold. Do you have any ideas what i might do to diagnose my issue? My name is jack i live in alaska. Heres my phone number if you feel like helping 907-888-8530

    fairbanks casualfairbanks casual2 kun oldin
  • Hello Andrew you said that if you have basic experience you can do a lot but from what I have seen in. many videos I watched of you working have have much more than basics when I see that if it is mechanical you can just about do anything and if it’s electrical you don’t seem to have any problems fixing things plus you can do welding brazing mig welding operating a plasma color so you have to have a certain amount of experience in this type of work plus I watched you build your castle from containers and that is a big acheivment and you can overstate any kind of machinery and that is why I enjoy watching you work well done

    Paul SalibaPaul Saliba2 kun oldin
    • this is Jesse, Andrew is a different channel. but we work together

      Jesse MullerJesse Muller2 kun oldin
  • lookslike its never been serviced

    carl fxicarl fxi2 kun oldin
  • Nice looking turd you got there

    Jason LabonteJason Labonte2 kun oldin
  • The rops looks awsome..

  • Drill bit stops work well to. Hate to see you ordering another set. Re drill in another spot..

  • Jb weld holds brake linings on well.

  • Nice job- nice dozed

    danny stubblefielddanny stubblefield2 kun oldin
  • I was just like you 45 years ago self-taught diesel mechanic truck mechanic Welder Jack of all trades don’t need a college education for all of them keep up the good work now you can develop your property and make a few dollars on the side

    Texas gilleyTexas gilley2 kun oldin
  • Terrific job on the dozer. That ROPS look damn solid to me but I understand your caution. Don't forget, tho, without a seatbelt the superstructure can end up just being the thing that cuts you in half when you go over...

    motorv8Nmotorv8N2 kun oldin
  • never never put greese oil or anything ....... why do u think there is no sign of it there now////?

    walter barkerwalter barker3 kun oldin
  • at 2,788 hours thats hardly into the breaking in age.

    Chakat NightsparkleChakat Nightsparkle3 kun oldin
  • 891 people accidently pressed the dislike button.

    Ryan DanielRyan Daniel3 kun oldin
  • I'm a new subscriber great content love this sort of video keep up the good work

    carl masoncarl mason3 kun oldin
  • You need to invest in good tools that are appropriate for the job. I’ve been a field service mechanic for 45 yrs. makes any job easier. But good work anyway.

    Jeff JonesJeff Jones4 kun oldin
  • Sory i said losser video :I thought you were some other. Guy"heck you're AWSOME👌

    Carl BarstowCarl Barstow4 kun oldin
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    M Bot5M Bot54 kun oldin
  • What work have you done to that semi?

    powerram92powerram924 kun oldin
  • nice job on the dozer looks better then the stuff you buy today

    Billy BobBilly Bob4 kun oldin
  • The trailer is something else, very smart moving the axles to lower the rear.. really simple

    Billy BobBilly Bob4 kun oldin
  • @1:31:45, that was awesome.

    Uncle SpongeheadUncle Spongehead5 kun oldin
    • OK, @1:32:50 it got better. This guy is good!

      Uncle SpongeheadUncle Spongehead5 kun oldin
  • I feel like @andrew camarata is gonna pop out and saying something like... aight, so here we have this pat that is garbage.

    davitcontdavitcont5 kun oldin
  • I see one bug in the job here. Please correct the shape of exhaust pipe, please never allow any rainwater to get into the pipe. This water will go straight to the engine and over time will ruin it very fast.

    PoorHootzPoorHootz5 kun oldin
  • Be careful you nearly got some video in with the adverts. What a shame to many ads to watch the video

  • Me: Is John Deere? Jesse: No, this was relatively inexpensive. Me: 🤦‍♂️

    Joseph KingJoseph King5 kun oldin
  • Omg don't tip the dozer on purpose. 😬😬 😂

    AgustinAgustin5 kun oldin
  • Awesome! Looks like another great deal.

    AgustinAgustin5 kun oldin
  • Damn. The brake band situation is shitty. Haha. I guess it happens. 😬😬

    AgustinAgustin5 kun oldin
  • Hi great video We just done exactly the same job on a 1952 jd420 .up in the Pacific ,niue inland we had no lifting gear to handle the tracks, we broke them on the drive sprockets.the chains didn't bounce around as much ,and then wound them back on under power, no tractor .your dozer was a lot easier with that top inspection cover. We did have the track frame to deal with, so had a totally different approach. We have many hours of work for it clearing bee sites in the jungle. The 420 only weighs 2.5 ton so move it around on Well worth saving Andy .niue honey company

    andrew coryandrew cory5 kun oldin
  • Should of waited closer to the end after u changed the color but I like the banana 🍌 🤦🏻‍♂️

    Thomas DoughertyThomas Dougherty6 kun oldin
  • Banana 🍌 dozer💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

    Thomas DoughertyThomas Dougherty6 kun oldin
  • Nice job!

    Dale's Common SenseDale's Common Sense6 kun oldin
  • We have a saying in Sweden you should follow: Never buy and fix a dozer if you don't mean to.

    Chicken LegChicken Leg6 kun oldin
  • Mike's model A in Atlanta sales a rivet press to use on A break shoes it works fine on your app to FYI

    Mike DealMike Deal6 kun oldin
  • Need to use soap with that power washer

    Don BandurskiDon Bandurski6 kun oldin
  • this guy is accurate and careful like a surgeon

    Shiyi YINShiyi YIN6 kun oldin
  • Love your attitude keep up the great work 🍻

    Dave MegawDave Megaw6 kun oldin
  • A#1 work perfect!!

    skid markskid mark7 kun oldin
  • bolt missing 4 no reason at all?

    skid markskid mark7 kun oldin
  • great vid Jesse it came out late and I thought i'll watch a few minutes next thing I know it's over you make your dad proud (jesse is my son)

    Randy MarshRandy Marsh7 kun oldin
  • Excellent job.

    jix177jix1777 kun oldin
  • nice work

    pshodeanpshodean7 kun oldin
  • this guy reminds me of andrew camarata

    RJ KoshebaRJ Kosheba7 kun oldin
    • @Yixsa YT oh lol

      RJ KoshebaRJ Kosheba5 kun oldin
    • Their good buddies😂

      Yixsa YTYixsa YT6 kun oldin
  • Amazing work bro

    MikeMike7 kun oldin
  • Use a manual hand drill on the brake bands. You lose control with a power drill.

    Heyu DeuphusHeyu Deuphus8 kun oldin
  • Why paint so much different colors?

    Glen ParksGlen Parks8 kun oldin
  • Nice looking for a dozer about the same size. Excellent work ,seems to be a pretty good machine,good luck with it

    Johnny GoinsJohnny Goins9 kun oldin
  • No, not paint as on the shit ! Wash with hot Water and Rotating nozzle and mask hoses please !!!!! too bad for this restoration

    Pierre CabyPierre Caby9 kun oldin
  • You can not take the pin out. The wrench won't fit.

    Michael ChamberlainMichael Chamberlain9 kun oldin
  • Very impressive 🤙🇺🇸

    rock of ages USArock of ages USA11 kun oldin
  • excellent drone footage .. you were super cautious filling in that deep pool. the rollover cage / frame is superbe .. no issues with that . Best not to roll over in the first place .. Dont forget a lap strap to keep the driver seated .

    Richard WallingerRichard Wallinger13 kun oldin
  • I would love to see you using some anti seize grease .

    Richard WallingerRichard Wallinger13 kun oldin
  • woodruf key at 20-50 hopefully included at 54-50

    Richard WallingerRichard Wallinger13 kun oldin
  • at last you are thinking copper grease or Bostic nuclear grease . (Expensive ) but well worth the money .I have used a whole tin of the nuclear grease over the past 30 years ..

    Richard WallingerRichard Wallinger13 kun oldin
  • Dude, you're a mathematician, scientist, mechanic, and handyman all rolled into one. I'm jealous of your abilities and your new purchases.

    T. T.T. T.13 kun oldin
  • I was literally about to scream watching the whole cotter key with vise grips ordeal mylanta that was hard to watch

    RealReview ForU2RealReview ForU214 kun oldin
  • Thats called a vernia calliper sir.

    Abdur Raheem MuhammadAbdur Raheem Muhammad14 kun oldin
  • Wow Great job

  • Great work!

    ESTEC Co., Ltd.ESTEC Co., Ltd.15 kun oldin
  • Dude is too ruff on the machine you’ve got to creep it and let it do the work not wide open as fast as it will go

    Andrew__6.7Andrew__6.715 kun oldin
  • Jesse, Is Andrew a membre of your family, because your work's are very similar in quality !!! Best regards from French Guiana !

    Marcel GérinMarcel Gérin15 kun oldin
  • Wow someone painted a old dozer very clean looking now.

    john bleckerjohn blecker16 kun oldin
  • I would slightly polish the corner of those plate tabs so they move freely rather then oil them.

    john bleckerjohn blecker16 kun oldin
  • Very nice clutch stack renewal. People should avoid off setting straight exhaust pipe.

    john bleckerjohn blecker16 kun oldin
  • and new stuff is not as good as the old as long as you can gits parts for it and it will run circles round the new that they make now. it would have been best with a drill press even a bench top drill press then you can set how deep your drilling you still can do it and just keep them if you wear out the new ones . you may wan`t to look at a Chan fall they do work better an smother more control i have one from harbor freight 1 tun $60 then 20% off $48 50.88 out the door. with it all clean an panted it will make it easier to see if you have a lick. you did a nice job it looks good an i see it works good .

    Robert BRobert B16 kun oldin
  • Micrometer ?

    MrBillFletcherrMrBillFletcherr16 kun oldin
  • GREAT job filming! Great repairing! Super value.

    Dean EasterwoodDean Easterwood16 kun oldin
  • Would you ever consider a trade I want a skid steer in ok to decent condition I have a 2000 John deere 310 EX enclosed cab, hydraulic cylinders are leaking, I also have a 1993 Monaco Dynasty 38ft Diesel pusher, both do need some work. Propane tank is empty, and has a leaking valve on outside of the tank, One suspension air bag is popped, and a few other cosmetic issues, also has brand new tires all around. backhoe has missing lights, and leaking cylinders

    Terrell PerdueTerrell Perdue16 kun oldin
  • 1:06:45 the paint matching skills of my local body shop.

    trolltvtrolltv17 kun oldin
  • 2,788 is low hours for an old unit like that.

    CetaneCetane18 kun oldin
  • Great thinking on the learning to fix your own equipment. More people need to think like us.

    CSXRockfordCSXRockford18 kun oldin
  • I am enthusiastic about her ability and what has become of it. I built a saw splitter myself and I know what's behind it!,

    12 1212 1219 kun oldin
  • This kid has some skills!

    DJ ParDJ Par20 kun oldin
  • Great t job on the canopy

    Timothy P. KoonTimothy P. Koon20 kun oldin
  • Got yourself a nice little machine. The video is pretty top just need to practice doing rivets with proper riveting tools

    MountainryderMountainryder20 kun oldin
  • would be nice if he spoke a little

    Stephen BrownStephen Brown21 kun oldin
  • What an amazing video. Thanks for all that dozer information. Really enjoyed watching ! Great job.

    Danny theplumberDanny theplumber21 kun oldin
  • Kip the good work !!

    Harald PedersenHarald Pedersen21 kun oldin
  • Well done Jesse. Thanks.

    jeepin johnnyjeepin johnny21 kun oldin
  • Good job, I bought a 350 ack in the mid 70’s and did the same thing. Used it on the farm and construction business for 20 years . Glad to see a young guy doing good job!

    Paul RichardsPaul Richards21 kun oldin
  • When Levi was asked what he thought of the job he said "Ruff". I mean, color match, masking the dash and, oh the huge manatee!

    Steve BarnesSteve Barnes21 kun oldin
  • great job

    Cory LenihanCory Lenihan22 kun oldin
  • Great job with video , very informative.

    Ed BlackburnEd Blackburn22 kun oldin
  • cool it works

    Harry taylorHarry taylor22 kun oldin
  • Very enjoyable Jesse, much appreciated .

    Robin FroudRobin Froud22 kun oldin
  • I wish mine had reverse 😩 if only it didn't cost money for me to fix it lol

    NihilusNihilus23 kun oldin
  • Great job Thank you so much for sharing

    Joseph MehriJoseph Mehri23 kun oldin
  • Good little dozers,they just needed a turbo like the IH TD's.

    chipps1066chipps106623 kun oldin
  • nice work boys you guys know your stuff!!

    al surkoal surko24 kun oldin