Burned Harvest Equipment, still smoldering

22-Okt, 2020
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  • Wtf happened? How can so many pieces of equipment catch fire at once?

    Elephant CompanyElephant Company5 soat oldin
  • Did they catch the arsonist?

    Jay PreddyJay Preddy2 kun oldin
  • No one ever said what caused the fire...?

    DeJay BaileyDeJay Bailey2 kun oldin
  • How did the fire happen

    Emily WoodEmily Wood3 kun oldin
  • That farmer with the burned equipment where they sit make no sense and how they burned up look as if they where man made fires.Arson is my guess. but he can burn his own shit up to collect insurance. donate to an arsonist i dont think so.

    john regrutjohn regrut4 kun oldin
  • This was... gut wrenching to watch. I don't understand how people can have so much hatred in their hearts to be able to do such evil. I'm so sorry for the farmer's loss, and bless you for doing your part in helping them.

    John YoderJohn Yoder6 kun oldin
  • 😭😢

    gursewak sgursewak s7 kun oldin
  • Pop corn

    George BoysGeorge Boys7 kun oldin
  • Activist around urban areas and college town "influence" have threatened this kind of damage and more to others they disagree with over any issue. If it happens in Indiana it won't make the news. That also includes threats of poisoning live stock and water wells. Oh and chasing non-"liberals" out of farmers markets. Welcome to the new America but these threats and damages go back many years, 30 that I know of. Around my area farmers and those owning huge woodlands have put up monitoring cameras, alarm systems, since they first came out with them.

    BrotherHairlessBrotherHairless8 kun oldin
  • Strange that 3 pcs of equipment catch fire that far apart, I do feel sorry for the farmer that this happened to but I can't figure out what caused both to catch fire?!?! Not even a fire trail between the fire so they are totally separate incidents.

    Ronny BörjessonRonny Börjesson10 kun oldin
  • Looks more to me like a rival farmer may have done it. Farming can be a cut-throat business for the haves and have nots. God bless.

    Dr. LoveDr. Love11 kun oldin
    • At the time that it happened, there was strong speculation that it was politically motivated - targeted for posting support for a candidate. Haven't heard much in the month that has passed.

      SoccerVideosSoccerVideos2 kun oldin
  • sorry maybe i'm stupid but i didn't understand. Watching this recording, someone set fire to a tractor, combine and truck independently? Can someone explain it? Is it hate?

    Lary LaryLary Lary12 kun oldin
    • At the time that it happened, there was strong speculation that it was politically motivated - targeted for posting support for a candidate. Haven't heard much in the month that has passed.

      SoccerVideosSoccerVideos2 kun oldin
  • Some body had to start the fires,no way the fires spread cause the ground not burnt in between the equipment.

    Gaming pro IsaacGaming pro Isaac12 kun oldin
  • I had a ford 4400 and was in a hayfield walk to the other side that was on a hill then started to smell smoke and see some over the hill then walked back down and saw the tractor burning. I don't know what caused it but it was probably an electrical fire.

    Andrew BaileyAndrew Bailey14 kun oldin
  • 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴❤

    Mustafa YüksekMustafa Yüksek15 kun oldin
  • Hope they catch who did this, sad to see.

    Dale GrovesDale Groves16 kun oldin
  • Is this arsen

    The Spy ChannelThe Spy Channel16 kun oldin
  • I might have missed something, was this a sabotage ? Actually, someone set out to do that to your family / business / farm ? Jesus...

    Zeze AndjrZeze Andjr17 kun oldin
    • it was the equipment of one of her neighbours and because there was corn in the grain tank i guess it was an accident.

      CL500 MolekülCL500 Molekül16 kun oldin
  • trump?

    Роман КушпітРоман Кушпіт18 kun oldin
  • 😭😭😭

    TheYasiuTheYasiu18 kun oldin
  • Hii

    Gurwinder SinghGurwinder Singh19 kun oldin
  • No doubt some kind of accelerant was used. The trailers and the wheel on them are aluminum, Al melts at 1200 degrees F. Probably a half to three quarters of million dollars, up in smoke there.

    Joshua ClarkJoshua Clark19 kun oldin
  • WTF?!! ... Hopefully nobody was injured?!

    filibbooofilibbooo21 kun oldin
  • Any update to this story?

    pisnotmyname sisnotmygamepisnotmyname sisnotmygame22 kun oldin
  • Someone is sharing this incident on social media saying this was due to a Trump flag being on their equipment. Can you verify that?

    Kevin PolhemusKevin Polhemus22 kun oldin
    • @James Magyar yes sir. I agree 100%. Just trying to "fact check" a narrative thats being shared on social media.

      Kevin PolhemusKevin Polhemus20 kun oldin
    • As a Biden Supporter...I don't care what flag was flying on her machines....This ain't right, and whoever did it should be in jail for a long time. Regardless of our political beliefs, neither side want to see anything remotely like this. This is disgusting and not the American way....

      James MagyarJames Magyar20 kun oldin
  • any update on who did this??

    T manT man22 kun oldin
  • Hey love, sorry this happened to you. I'm a farmer too and this right here makes me sad. Do you have a fundme account?

    Gloria PalominoGloria Palomino22 kun oldin
  • Its windy as hell

    Heri LsHeri Ls22 kun oldin
  • do you knwo how the fire strted

    Kolby WilliamsKolby Williams23 kun oldin
  • Wow at first I thought the tractor caught fire due to some electrical issue then saw all the other equipment burned i hope these people who did it gets caught and pay the consequences

    Matt's firewood videosMatt's firewood videos24 kun oldin
  • This is truly heartbreaking for me to see. I can’t imagine how much pain is being felt from this. Unbelievable just absolutely unbelievable. Thoughts & prayers to you & this family. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

    Jack DreherJack Dreher24 kun oldin
  • I am so sorry for what happened this doesn’t happen again.

    The Will Life WillThe Will Life Will25 kun oldin
  • I live in California and lots of pro-Trump stuff has been burned.

    jaydak99jaydak9925 kun oldin
  • Dang I can’t hear you. I turned it up but the wind got louder and louder. Some folks have a sock 🧦 over their mics or a fuzzy thing that slips over it. But reading comments. Thanks.

    Bolt HaydayBolt Hayday26 kun oldin
  • How did fire melt the steel metal ?? I see holes punched thru thick steel of an 18-wheeler. I see melted aluminum wheels. Normal fire can not do that. A blue-flame super-hot Blow Torch will not even burn its way through a piece of aluminum foil. How did yellow-flame cooler fire melt steel ?

    1RoomPlayhouseCom1RoomPlayhouseCom26 kun oldin
  • So sad.

    Drinternat GDrinternat G27 kun oldin
  • You’re gonna have to do something about your mic. Can’t har for wind noise.

    Drinternat GDrinternat G27 kun oldin
  • Ilove you laura kees my

  • How did all 4 catch on fire that’s really weird they were a separate from each other

    Antonio NunezAntonio Nunez27 kun oldin
  • I'm from Germany and im wondering if there is insurance for such things, and if there is then why the farmer doesnt have it ? Still so sad that somebody actually did this

    da seppeda seppe27 kun oldin
  • How does that happen to 4 Machines in the same field

    Alittle8 6.2Alittle8 6.228 kun oldin
  • Its all by intention to destroy the food supply. Watch ice age farmers channel

    Kezz _Kezz _28 kun oldin
  • That’s very sad 😞 I wish that harvest could have gone better for this poeple🙏🙏🙏

    Maria FronteraMaria Frontera28 kun oldin
  • Shewt em

    Cale PhillipsCale Phillips28 kun oldin
  • Non dirmi che ci sono pasati fratelli rossi m

    Tore FoncelloTore Foncello29 kun oldin
  • How did everything catch on fire.

    Avery WoodrumAvery Woodrum29 kun oldin
  • That's an expensive way to make popcorn

    Army PathfinderArmy Pathfinder29 kun oldin
  • People who do this over something so petty, should never have kids

    Joshua brownJoshua brown29 kun oldin
  • i wonder how they burned like that...i didnt catch it if she mentioned how the fires started but seemed like they mustve went up quick for all of that to burn...im sure he has insurance so it wont be any loss to him if anything he'll get brand new equipment....a delay in his harvesting i guess but other than that

    Sonny CSonny COy oldin
  • ахренеть . Как после обстрела градами . Жаль я ни бэ ни мэ по-английски ,но интересно а зачем всю технику сожгли ?.

    Валерий ПетровичВалерий ПетровичOy oldin
  • Wow... I'm sorry to hear about that. You are all in my prayers and thoughts.

    The Farmacy Seeds NetworkThe Farmacy Seeds NetworkOy oldin
  • You elect the wrong people and this will become the norm. This is what happens when intolerant people think they can get away with doing anything and breaking the law. People like this need to be stopped and punished so they won’t do it again. Look what is going on in the big city’s where they loot and burn down businesses, it’s only a matter of time before they go to rural areas if they aren’t dealt with like the terrorist they are.

    Sam Of AmericaSam Of AmericaOy oldin
  • Mans name is mr red bull. Yea no doubt he burned shit to the ground but he probably had a good time.

    HighRepGoodFormHighRepGoodFormOy oldin
  • What a shame. Greed kills all things.

    Kathleen GreenKathleen GreenOy oldin
  • It seems from what I can glean (I am a Welshman in Japan) that this may be a politically motivated wanton and heinous act of arson. The investigation will reveal all in time, however if so, this is my opinion on the matter. Whilst as an international I find Trump (not the Republican Party per se) revolting, insincere, selfish and to be frank, evil, I cannot and will not stand for this kind of heinous and rampant destruction of someone's livelihood. If you are someone who supports this kind of action, you are grossly mistaken. Everyone is entitled to a different political opinion and may support a political party or candidate simply because they offer the best deal for your industry. As a farmer's son, I can testament to my family voting for a party with which they only agree on a few policies that are best for the farming industry. In a democracy, the only and valid way to demonstrate your opinion is through the ballot box. ONLY through the ballot box. This(wanton criminal damage) is wrong and quite frankly sinks to Donald Trump's own low-level of acts against democracy. I.e., you the perpetrators of this crime have demonstrated yourselves to be no different from your target adversary. For Republicans I will also have you know that I have equally strong words for some of the Democratic Party Representatives and often find them silly and pathetic. When will we (in democratic countries) have politicians who are sensible and even though we don't agree we at least can respect.

    Andrew Jones ProductionsAndrew Jones ProductionsOy oldin
  • I did vote early Obama I voted for trump thank you for telling me to vote early

    Mike RhewMike RhewOy oldin
  • Only way you can start a concentrated fire like that... Is either jet/rocket fuel or thermite. Test the remains.

    GU ESTGU ESTOy oldin
  • Pathetic liberal cowards.

    Billy UhlirBilly UhlirOy oldin
  • How in the world could anybody do something like this . I have other things i would like to say but i dont think a young lady should hear it as a matter of fact any woman so for now ill keep it to myself but its disturbing to see this .

    Bob FizerBob FizerOy oldin
  • how did this happen this is so bad and all this equipment was so nice I feel bad for that farmer keep your head up

    aquaa RXaquaa RXOy oldin
  • I contracted to a county facility that ground up wood waste, as crazy as it seems a big piece of metal in a field with a bad thunderstorm can result in what you see here. I refused to accept the cause as a lightning strike, convinced it was arson until I saw the lightning hit the grinder on their security camera.

    Donald KnoblochDonald KnoblochOy oldin
  • So how do different pieces burn in different places ???

    ken carrken carrOy oldin
  • how did the combine and tractor both get on fire?

    Hunt Gaming/ProductionsHunt Gaming/ProductionsOy oldin
  • them weights are still good

    Hunt Gaming/ProductionsHunt Gaming/ProductionsOy oldin
  • I commented on @Cole The Cornstars' video lately where he mentioned "10 year olds" throwing metal into the field so I tagged him, his dad and brother in an instagram post. I also warned them about it in another comment a couple of weeks ago, but y'all should check out @IceAgeFarmer - Christian on here and twitter, who has a few stories up on how this is deliberate #agriculture #Sabotage - which is connected to #Agenda21 because "THEY" want traditional animal #farming to stop because they say it's "unsustainable", one of the #UNAgenda21 buzzwords. This is deliberate arson and all you farmers out there need to take extra precautions to stop them doing this stuff again.

    Paul DaveyPaul DaveyOy oldin
  • audio is terrible

    Arguijo11Arguijo11Oy oldin
  • Wind screen for mic, please.

    Mike LaBelleMike LaBelleOy oldin
  • The story goes is he had Trump flags on the tractor and combine and they think someone got offended and set fire to his equipment. Such cruel people out there to set fire to someones lively hood just cause of their beliefs.

    Born4theOutdoorsBorn4theOutdoorsOy oldin
  • There's noise in the video, , but it farming is nice

  • I will keep them in my prayers.

    Ken StoneKen StoneOy oldin
  • this is straight up arson. only the vehicles burned? and not the field around the equipment? id see who was in the area that week and file for arson charges against that individual

    Greg SmithGreg SmithOy oldin
  • What caused everything to catch on fire?

    BamaflashlightBamaflashlightOy oldin
  • Laura - what county & state did this occur in? I just looked at a news story about a burned combine & tractor in Pennsylvania, and I'm wondering if they are somehow related. Could there be a sicko out there who gets his rocks off burning farm equipment? Is the local Sheriff seriously investigating, or are they just paying lip service?

    Chris AckerleyChris AckerleyOy oldin
  • WTF

    duane thomas dirt pileduane thomas dirt pileOy oldin
  • Definitely lookes like it was lit intentionally

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  • Why would someone do something like this hope they catch they bast. Erd

    Fitzyvlogs 2Fitzyvlogs 2Oy oldin
  • Omg Los sicarios quemaron esa herramienta The sicarios bernen his. Equipment

    Cayetano SosaCayetano SosaOy oldin
  • The scum that did this should be roped and drug down an interstate until there is nothing left!

    Shane WardShane WardOy oldin
  • Either someone has a grudge or they were paid to set fire to the equipment. Because you don't just sit at home and think (I know instead of watching TV tonight I'll go out and burnout some farm equipment and ruin someone lively hood )makes no sense

    jonathan belljonathan bellOy oldin
    • They had Trump flags.

      Jason ElsingJason ElsingOy oldin
  • Equipment seems to catch fire up there a lot. We don't have that problem, but we don't have fancy new equipment like that. 4440's don't seem to spontaneously combust.

    ih8tusernam3sih8tusernam3sOy oldin
  • Thanx for showing us around Laura, Prayers Up 🙏 for the Rempel Family

    HawkEye18HawkEye18Oy oldin
  • it is sad that people can't act like adults, Sending prayers from Southwest Texas to this farmer and his family.

    rita kinderrita kinderOy oldin

    dre daydre dayOy oldin
  • Prayers to the farmer and, his family. Thank You to the excellent farmers of Nebraska who stepped in to help.

    Kenneth BeanKenneth BeanOy oldin
  • I suspect that the Arsonist is one of those who came to help with the Harvest.

    James McKayJames McKayOy oldin
  • get a windstopping mic !!!!!!!!!

    pankas2002pankas2002Oy oldin
  • myself i am just an autobody shop owner from MA . I see stuff like this and it sickens me to no end ... hope they catch the MF who did this ...I just don't get it !

    rick marinrick marinOy oldin
  • What happened?

    Matthew WoodburyMatthew WoodburyOy oldin
    • Someone burned there equipment because they had a trump flag on the combine and tractor.

      Terry MyersTerry MyersOy oldin
  • I'm black and can really tell you something about being burnt out.

    Red TRed TOy oldin

    Jim CalhounJim CalhounOy oldin
  • The best philosophy to go forward on is...take nothing for granted. You must safe guard everything everywhere. 🤠

    Rich PetersonRich PetersonOy oldin
  • 可惜了

    aibo wangaibo wangOy oldin
  • i heard it all started from a trump flag

    jim secristjim secristOy oldin
    • @jim secrist well someone burned the combine and tractors, it didn’t get caught in something because all the equipment was already s parked for the day.

      Terry MyersTerry MyersOy oldin
    • I read a report idk if it's true or not but it started by a trump flag catching in something and it got stuck and burned

      jim secristjim secristOy oldin
    • Yep. There is no way it was a electrical issue since the combine and tractor are so far apart there is no way fire can magically travel.

      Terry MyersTerry MyersOy oldin
  • Trumpism at its finest , stoking devisivness

    Brian WhitwellBrian WhitwellOy oldin
  • I saw this on Facebook. I hope the people that did this get there asses whipped by a group of pissed off farmers

    Seth RuppSeth RuppOy oldin
  • Fucking people are a disgrace. I hope they are caught and hung. They are feeding this country and the world, regardless of what political side you are.

    hesakia Munsonhesakia MunsonOy oldin
  • Y did they burn there equipment

    Steven MartinezSteven MartinezOy oldin
  • What hapen dear

    jazz brarjazz brarOy oldin
  • Terrible audio. Seriously?

    R HermanR HermanOy oldin