Burden - White Privilege (Official Music Video)

18-Okt, 2020
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Directed by Burden
Produced By Josh Petruccio
Video Credits: DirectedByGhost

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I’m bout to stir up the pot, imma say everything they don’t want me to say,
This division of race, is a spit in the face
Of America, look at how far we done came,
- oh what a shame,
How does the media fill you with hate,
how do you feel like it’s racist
For someone to say that they’re keeping America great,
Let’s talk about this white privilege
-I’ll Make it clear so that yall get this
I ain’t never had an opportunity in life that was given based what the tone of my skin is,
You ain’t oppressed,- look at what year it is,
It ain’t no talking to you, you ain’t hearing this,
he’s just a cracker who walks around talking his shit Hes politically wrong and Hes arrogant, right?
fist in the air, black pride, that’s great,
But if do the same for my race, thats hate,I can do what I want, is what a lot of you say,
Like if I play with police it won’t be a bad day,
you must high,
-Done already told you I don’t wanna die,
Who said it was better they told you a lie,
You think that my color gone help me survive?
I don’t despise my hair and my eyes and my heritage made me as handsome as I ,
don’t make me no better or worse than no other person just saying I’m happily white,
Is that straight?,
-Plus we the same, lemme explain,
work the same jobs, and get the same pay,
-Want to pass school, had to get the same grades,
If you make the same choices, you go the same places,
Lemme speak,
I work hard for what you see,
I was taught ain’t nothing free,
If someone got it,
it aint ME,
White privilege
Let’s talk about this white privilege,
Let’s talk about this white privilege,
Don’t exist,
With God as my witness
It’s easy to see,
You think I don’t get it cause I don’t agree,
Like I didn’t make it from out of the street
With No where to sleep and nothing to eat
everything that we do by choice,
Your racist movement, ain’t muting my voice,
My life been hell, as far as I can tell,
The idea of white privilege been destroyed,
where is this card they say I can pull,
-kicked out of school, for bein too cool,
I went to jail,and I didn’t get Bail,
I wanted to rent, I’m a felon I can’t
So Where is all the inequality at,
I applied for jobs, they ain’t calling me yet,
My eyes are green, and my skin is white,
Maybe they’ve been busy, yeah that’s got to be it,
Haaa you prolly Believe it,
-now you got to get even,
Even though I ain’t seen it
that ain’t the way that I’m treated
Telling me you got expectations
Of me paying you reparations
Well I’m the voice of a million people feel the same exact way afraid to say this,
that ain’t right
I’m bout to stir up the pot, imma talk about what they don’t want me to say,
This division of race, is a spit in the face
Of America, look at how far we done came,
- oh what a shame,
How does the media fill you with hate,
how do you feel like it’s racist
For someone to say that they’re keeping America great,
Lemme speak,
I work hard for what you see,
I was taught ain’t nothing free,
If someone got it,
it aint ME,
White privilege
Let’s talk about this white privilege,
Let’s talk about this white privilege,
Don’t exist,
With God as my witness

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    • Go get em.

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    • Much love Burden. ✌️

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    • here sum real exmple hereuzworld.info/player/video/rZ6oe71teaSvZ5Y

      America & The PatriotsAmerica & The Patriots6 kun oldin
    • Would love it if you could collaborate with my friend Loza Alexander who is another 🔥 rapper and a true Patriot Proud Boy! Check his stuff out! uzworld.info/film/PL7fbfsk-lyx5hT8QiRZ_X0UZObaio7Ss0

      Johnna SmithJohnna Smith8 kun oldin
    • Funny you say we gotta get same grades when right before I clicked this song I was talking about how Asian people need to get better grades to get into college because so many if them get accepted and black, spanish, excreta... people sometimes get accepted easier under the guise of stopping racism.

      King DankKing Dank9 kun oldin
  • Get it

    We The People QWe The People Q27 daqiqa oldin
  • this song is a straight up banger man!! nice job!!!🙏🏻

    Purty PrincessPurty Princess2 soat oldin
  • =Thinking either that white privilege doesnt exist or that all your problems are race related is ignorant. As with nearly all of life nothing is black and white as this guy would like. Everything is grey.

    SapienceSapience4 soat oldin
  • The media is the most powerful entity on Earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent. They control the minds of the masses. -Malcolm X TRUMP 20/20🇺🇸🥊

    KJV PACKERS 1611KJV PACKERS 16115 soat oldin
  • Speak the truth man. I just found you as an artist and you’ve become a top favorite man. Keep up the good work the true fans love you for the art you create. Much love

    Michael FosterMichael Foster5 soat oldin
  • Duude fuckn wrecked it !

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  • Im subscribing!!


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  • Your music makes me proud to be me! Most inspiring and truthful artist out there 👉👉👉Burdenworld

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  • Damn never heard of you but damn you need to be known props bro keep it up love the talent

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  • Killing it bro

    MiniMotoBikeLifeMiniMotoBikeLife22 soat oldin
  • I came out the cellar with nothing and ain't never been handed shit, where the fuck is my privilege. Maybe it was when I was a youngen and the led was flying throuh the windows while sitting at the dinner table at 6 years old, but I dont know.

    MiniMotoBikeLifeMiniMotoBikeLife22 soat oldin
  • I like my white skin and I don’t hate anyone ! I’ve worked my ass off to get where I am. Nothing was given to me. My parents didn’t have a lot of money. When I started out in the Heavy Duty Mechanics trade harassment was part of the job. You were ridden hard and people you worked with tried to make you quit. I never gave up. 20+ years later I’m a Red Seal H.D. Mechanic and I’ve proven that hard work and determination work.

    H.D. Mech. MortensonH.D. Mech. MortensonKun oldin
  • These day you can't say your happy White with out getting hated on

    liam tutorialsliam tutorialsKun oldin
  • Awesome song

    Rachel JoseRachel JoseKun oldin
  • Where's my white privilege??

    Spider MonkeySpider MonkeyKun oldin
  • I disagree! Way more than a million people feel this way.

    Maxlvl NPCBossMaxlvl NPCBossKun oldin
  • So true! Love this song ❤️

    James BertinottiJames BertinottiKun oldin
  • Super sick bro. Keep creating!

    Jimmie SmithJimmie SmithKun oldin
  • Fuck goddamn yeh I just found Burden, man this dude got talent and he's speaking truth, I bump his shit in my logtruck and I'd fux wid him on tha street if had the opportunity to.

    Clayton CokerClayton CokerKun oldin
  • This fool is constantly deleting all the negative comments about this trash song to make it look like everybody likes it, watch my comment will be gone again too

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  • They wasn't ready

    Dreaded RaiderDreaded Raider2 kun oldin
  • Facts bro im been thinking this hard lately

    Mathew CooperMathew Cooper2 kun oldin
  • DAYUM! My fellow White rappers are coming out in droves and lashing out at the race-baiters and white haters. Nice work,Burden. This is the first time I've heard of you and I'm glad that I came across this.

    TheRealPrimeOneTheRealPrimeOne2 kun oldin
  • It's incredibly sad that "white privilege makes certain white boys feel like they aren't actually white.

    Retro Games Made EasyRetro Games Made Easy2 kun oldin
  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    thedukelives24thedukelives242 kun oldin
  • If you can say that we're all oppressed equally then you probably haven't thought about it objectivly for long enough. You have to step out of the world and perspective you live in and ask yourself, "who benefits frommy efforts? Who dictates what media I watch, the money I make, the taxes I pay, the policies at my job , my education, my rights as a citizen...who?" The White men in the White House do. If you're just as under- privileged as the next person, you have those men to thank. And I highly doubt you are ridiculed about your white privilege to justifiably spend your talent creating a song about the lack of privilege you're dealt.

    ❡aỵṃℇ ♡❡aỵṃℇ ♡2 kun oldin
  • Stopping back in bro showing more love. 🤜🔥🤛

    DJ Sipp music ReactionDJ Sipp music Reaction2 kun oldin
  • You can have everlasting life and be saved and forgiven all your sins if you believe in Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour 😊💕💖❤️ Jesus died for our sins got buried and rose from the dead ❤️ read Isaiah 53 and Psalm 22 they are prophecy’s about Jesus written long before the crucifixion and can be found in the Old Testament or on google ❤️😊 also look up the prophecy of tyre and what happened ( really do if you don’t believe in the real God ) repent toward God and believe in Jesus Christ if you have not and if you do not ❤️💕 do you know where you will go when you die? ❤️❤️ when it comes to truth don’t trust the lies from the ones called roman catholic’s or orthodox and I mean no offence ❤️ but they are not biblical in many things and I’m not saying they lie about everything but it’s just better to read the Bible for yourself then listen to a roman catholic or orthodox priest I believe ❤️ and I have lived in and one side of my family is from a orthodox country so I write from experience ❤️ My tip is to start with the New Testament ❤️💕 God bless you and your family 💕❤️ and if you are Muslim read surah 18:86 without the editing from the commentator ❤️

    I love ChristI love Christ2 kun oldin
  • Dig it...truth

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  • Liked Shared Subscribed!🔥

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  • Go back to school

    Sped MasterSped Master3 kun oldin
  • good song

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  • DUDE!!!! This is so awesome! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOUR MUSIC BRO!!!! lots of love to you and your talent man🔥♥️

    Jami NicholsJami Nichols3 kun oldin
  • Wow, this is refreshing to hear.

    Maxlvl NPCBossMaxlvl NPCBoss3 kun oldin
  • White privilege is doing a good job mopping the floor even though its a video

    ukwarrior89ukwarrior893 kun oldin
  • Love it..truth

    Spider MonkeySpider Monkey3 kun oldin
  • Where's my white privilege I'm poor

    Spider MonkeySpider Monkey3 kun oldin
  • Privilege i missed that bus i had to catch that train to stuggleville

    Bob PBob P3 kun oldin
  • Cry if thats what makes you feel better.

    Kai BerndesKai Berndes3 kun oldin
  • There's no white privilege, only CLASS privilege

    Michael WangMichael Wang3 kun oldin
  • I love this soo much 🤗❤

    Jody RigsbyJody Rigsby3 kun oldin
  • White privilege is similar to professional wrestling and fire breathing dragons...its not real

    internet trollinternet troll3 kun oldin
  • Add captions

    Raghu SinghRaghu Singh3 kun oldin
  • The people saying "You've got white privilege" are prejudging us by our skin color. Last I checked, that makes THEM the racists. They have no clue what our lives our like. Or what it's like to try living as "a productive member of society" when you're forever marked w a Scarlet Letter of "F". Stripped of our rights for life, for making some dumb decisions long in the past.

    CoryKickzAssCoryKickzAss3 kun oldin
  • Time to stab myself in the eye

    Watch_anime09Watch_anime093 kun oldin
  • Proud of my Puerto Rican, Irish, German, French, Native heritage and fuck you if you have a problem with em.

    Chalupa batmanChalupa batman3 kun oldin
  • Awesome, instant fan.

    Oneshot OnekillOneshot Onekill3 kun oldin
  • Burden world - White privilege (Ft Tom Macdonald) That would be amazing

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  • You know I could really use some of that white privilege everybody talking about right now 😂

    Colby McCalipColby McCalip4 kun oldin
  • Fuck this shit goes hard

    Kilo KortezKilo Kortez4 kun oldin
  • Love your stuff. Just got a new fan.

    mindy loumindy lou4 kun oldin
  • Simply fire

    Shawn StewartShawn Stewart4 kun oldin
  • Bruh. Off brand Tom Macdonald

    SoulSingedSoulSinged5 kun oldin
    • You suck

      BurdenWorldBurdenWorld3 kun oldin
  • FACTS bro

    Bob PBob P5 kun oldin
  • You're Donald Trump supporter? 🤣🤣🤣 GTFO, Next!

    C@SP3RC@SP3R5 kun oldin
    • Yes

      BurdenWorldBurdenWorld3 kun oldin
  • For real im white with a ebt card lol

    Eric DarkEric Dark5 kun oldin
  • Funny how the poorest counties in the US are mostly white

    James EdwardsJames Edwards5 kun oldin
  • "White privilege" is an anti-White superstition.

    Promethean PersonaPromethean Persona5 kun oldin
  • this is quality! glad I found this! subscribed

    Pernicious. MusicPernicious. Music5 kun oldin
  • republicans speak through music But the Democrats speak through violence

    scarface 25scarface 256 kun oldin
    • Who’s the party who tried to run bidens bus off the road, or lit a black church on fire after Obama won again? Or has groups of people tell anyone who’s not white to go back to their own country, Both parties are violent don’t be a moron

      New MoonNew Moon3 kun oldin
  • Look at this guy trying to be Tom Macdonald. Good song tho

    Blake WilliamsonBlake Williamson6 kun oldin
  • 👀

    Hi MaloneHi Malone6 kun oldin
  • Fucking great lyrics ! Great track ! Kudos I’m tired of everyone yelling white privilege , and having the victim mentality

    stormtropper88stormtropper886 kun oldin
  • I'm white person and I'm not racist nor am I white privileged you know what is racist tho criminalizing one race and victimization another race its what devides people and police brutality racisem and other things effects everyone

    kingcopycatkingcopycat6 kun oldin
  • Listen. I'm someone who deplore anyone who professes a phenotypical skin expression as being better or worse than others. This isnt a race issue, it's a class issue, end of story.

    Martin LoweryMartin Lowery6 kun oldin
  • Yup let’s go

    Aaron TroutAaron Trout6 kun oldin
  • Just found you because of TooLitMafia's reaction...found my new favorite right next to Tom Macdonald. Straight fire and straight FACTSSSS. Killin' it big homie!

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  • Just came across your videos. Some pretty amazing stuff! I'm in, you now have a new subscriber. Keep spreading the truth! 👍👍

    mona brammona bram7 kun oldin
  • Please Please try to do a track with Tom Macdonald. OMG that shit would be crazy

    Youllnever knowmetoYoullnever knowmeto7 kun oldin
  • Glad to see someone who is not afraid to speak there mind in 2020. Supper tellented man God bless.

    Firefighter with a stacheFirefighter with a stache7 kun oldin
  • Just ran across you from a reaction video. Glad I did because there's a few but not enough young and talented white dudes speaking facts. With that said, you have a new fan here...keep bringing the 🔥

    Shane JacksonShane Jackson7 kun oldin
  • You would sound fucking awsome with tom macdonald

    LucaLuca7 kun oldin
  • 45

    By IBy I7 kun oldin
  • panda much lol still good from the 304 boyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    Alex GAlex G7 kun oldin
  • I’ve noticed that ask 100 people what “white” privilege” is and you’ll get 100 different answers. Seems most agree it exists in some way, but what it is and how it should be addressed or spoken if varies widely.

    The Logic PartyThe Logic Party7 kun oldin
  • FACTS!!!!!

    330Kid330Kid7 kun oldin
  • Been white for 40yrs still waiting on my privilege to be instated

    Tiffany ClarkTiffany Clark8 kun oldin
  • Would love if he collaborated with my friend Loza Alexander 😍 If everyone likes Burden’s music they would love Loza’s music too! It’s 🔥🔥🔥🔥 uzworld.info/film/PL7fbfsk-lyx5hT8QiRZ_X0UZObaio7Ss0

    Johnna SmithJohnna Smith8 kun oldin
  • I hope that when this social distancing bs subsides, you go on a world tour and reap the rewards of your talent.

    Joseph GuidaJoseph Guida8 kun oldin
  • "White Privilege" doesn't mean Caucasians don't have hardship within there lives; it just means the color of their skin has NEVER been an obstacle to overcome within society. Systemic racism is real in America. It has stopped people of color from receiving employment, mortgages, personal loans, where you can live, school funding for education and excessive policing within non-white neighborhoods. This has all been done to keep the most impoverished enslaved within America and it's the "Big Businesses" (Corporations/Monopolies) that perpetrate this fraud upon the American people.

    J. G.J. G.8 kun oldin
    • @New Moon as far the 12 times more likely to b falsely convicted, how can it proved it was falsely? Were they later let go? I’ve never been in jail with a guilty person lol everyone in jail says they’re innocent 😇

      Jeremiah KeeleJeremiah Keele2 kun oldin
    • @New Moon Racism is a real thing yes yes I get that it’s never gonna go away, humans are flawed and sadly there’s people that will miss out on great friendships because of a preconceived notion in their tiny brains that all people are the stereotypes they’re labeled.

      Jeremiah KeeleJeremiah Keele2 kun oldin
    • @Jeremiah Keele ahhh yes the judges are in such a bad mood when in court and a black person just happens to be there. So badly that they’re 12 times more likely to be falsely convicted of a crime. It’s one thing if it was double. It’s ridiculous for you to say it’s not racism when they’re 12 times more likely to be falsely convicted of a crime than White people. No I’m more attracted to white men.

      New MoonNew Moon3 kun oldin
    • Also there can b a lot of differences on why a person can get more time, past records and better lawyers, judge having a bad day and a persons attitude towards law enforcement or judge. There’s so many variables that can come into play that make going off some numbers them schools researched possibly invalid. I’m not saying there isn’t racism/prejudice in the world, it goes for everyone tho! I’m a 5’6 white guy would u pick me over a 6’0 black guy for basketball? Bet I’ll run circles around a good majority of them and hav a better vertical 😉but if u didn’t know me I’d bet 9.9/10 times my lack of melanin isn’t getting me picked even if I was same height. We’re human man there’s always gonna b negative minded people. My whole point is why focus on negative in this short time we’re here? If u look for anything long enough you’ll find it.

      Jeremiah KeeleJeremiah Keele3 kun oldin
    • Thanks for your input sweetie 👍 I’m not denying there’s racism btw just saying the whole white privilege narrative being pushed is BS and racist. I’m racist for not reading your articles full of “facts” posted on the internet 😂😂😂

      Jeremiah KeeleJeremiah Keele3 kun oldin
  • I really would love to see you work with Tom Macdonald

    Mike EvansMike Evans8 kun oldin
  • Next!

    Bo LingBo Ling8 kun oldin
  • Let’s stir up the pot for Thanksgiving because we all worked hard for our turkey meal 🥘✊

    ChristinaChristina8 kun oldin
  • I don't see anyone mad i guess no racist seem it yet

    Stoner GamingStoner Gaming9 kun oldin
  • Right on brotha! Happy Thanksgiving!

    Iceman 19Iceman 199 kun oldin
  • My dad said to listen to your music and I shrugged it off cause usually I don't like people my dad does but ur fire

    N1tro lolN1tro lol9 kun oldin
  • Wow, this was well done. You have a strong opinion that many would judge. I want tell you you're wrong, but that would be ignoring the disfranchising of a whole race. Your struggles are valid and real. I can see how as a white man, with all the struggles you faced, a similar amount of discrimination, it would be hard for you to see how the racism is real in this country, especially in the context of the fact that you face these problems too. I would like to present the arguement that white privledge theory is based on why would a whole race as a whole would do worse in a society than another race. Its is racist to say that black people are worse off in today's society, or more correctly doing worse (which is a statement generally agreed upon, in an over arching level) because of something that makes black people inherently worse or less in value, or inherently different by nature. Not only is it racist, it is untrue. This is something im sure we agree upon, atleast for the most part. A big arguement that BLM makes is that black people don't have any semblance of a foundation. They don't have generations of wealth that some white people are privy to. The real problem, would be the fact that certain families could hold onto wealth within their own communities while leaving black people behind (who were very obviously discriminated against when looking in history). The problem lays in the fact that those few rich white people hold all the power and influence. This includes media, politics, business, etc. And they would lay a foundation and system that would help people like them. I'm not blaming these people either, because over time, as a community, we made it more and more fair. But the nature of people in power is that their biases are important. People will try to please them. Try to cater to them. Be more relatable to them. Serve them. If we have a system that has a focus on pleasing rich powerful men to get their money, we are going to skew things in a way that please them. And while this is not your fault, it means that people will work towards them, using them as a ruler or benchmark of sorts. It is to say that our reality is generated not only based on not only what these "rich white people" want, but how people (you and me, businesses, and media) respond to them. If we live in a world where we are constantly working with powerful white men mostly,, This favors white men, and disfavors black people (and people of color). Thats why we want more diversity when it comes to positions of power. It is important. Image isn't just a superficial thing, it's a thing that exist in the reality you live in. I dont think trump is racist, but I think he is ignorant. Its a complicated issue that I dont feel like he understands enough to fight against it. So when he fights against the idea, he comes off as ignorant to people who see the world this way. And ignorance is often conflated with racism. That is all, hope you guys have a great day 😀 (P.s. I think its also a valid POV to agree with BLM message, and totally disagree with the solutions they come up with, and disagree with how they go around for change. It is also valid to completely disagree with BLM, but I think one should know what they're disagreeing with before they disagree. )

    Sean KimSean Kim10 kun oldin
  • Love it brother got into it with my xs family on this topic most people don’t get its classism all about the money not our skin colors keep putting it out there bro educate people so I don’t feel like the only one that’s been screaming this message since 1991!!!! Thank you bro god bless you and yours

    Kewl VisionKewl Vision10 kun oldin
  • Ok is this dude hearting EVERY comment?

    Ronaldo RobertsonRonaldo Robertson10 kun oldin
  • Embrace your beautiful white skin brothers and sisters Dont ever be made to feel ashamed of being white ❤️🤜🏻🤛🏻❤️

    n nn n10 kun oldin
  • It’s a 15 points advantage in a certain test.

    Alex BowmanAlex Bowman10 kun oldin
  • This slaps! I’m black and he is speaking a lot of facts.

    DjShodown TVDjShodown TV10 kun oldin
  • ❤️❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥⚡️⚡️

    Sarah FrankSarah Frank11 kun oldin
  • So I went to the f trump song and they can’t even say his name right they say don Trum like if u won’t say f trump at least say his name right they are a idiot trump 2020

    Squids SkySquids Sky11 kun oldin
  • I love this song 🤗😁❤

    Jody RigsbyJody Rigsby11 kun oldin
  • real fucking shit though

    Richard DilleRichard Dille11 kun oldin
  • This one is the truth for sure I'm 41 and I have been saying this for years

    Jesse NibleyJesse Nibley11 kun oldin
  • Nailed it !!! Thanks for saying our thoughts on your platform...we the people agree and embody this message...one love✌🇺🇸🙏

    Scott RichardScott Richard11 kun oldin