❦Bruh Girls vs. Soft Girls❦ |Gacha Life| Original GLMM

2-Avg, 2020
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Okay seriously this was all for you guysシ
I hoped you enjoyed because this took me forever to make. Btw, you can thank tik tok for making me do this UwU
I also wanted to introduce you guys to Melanie at the end of my video! Melanie and the other are not real (Although I wish they were) I made them all up:) *my imagination* but Melanie is the newest member of our group and she will be with us for the rest for the journey. I hope you all enjoyed this! I’ll be making a mini movie very soon. Let’s hope it won’t take too long XD

  • I'm both -

    iiXavierGirl BTHiiXavierGirl BTH8 daqiqa oldin
  • im bruh girl and soft girl i talk to boys like a bruh girl i talk to girls like a soft and bruh girllllll so what am i

    Fan gacha gamer cookie.Fan gacha gamer cookie.Soat oldin
  • And yes I am a softie and sometimes bruh

    Red Person OwORed Person OwOSoat oldin
  • Not all girls are bruh, people made skirt for girls but girls don't but them

    Red Person OwORed Person OwOSoat oldin
  • This on r/gachalifecringe ;D

    rainbow_planet _1273rainbow_planet _1273Soat oldin
  • i wonder if im a bruh girl or a soft girl wait im not even a girl how do i tell???

    Amari Bushay SpringerAmari Bushay Springer2 soat oldin
  • Since my name is Charlotte people call me Char Char too!Twins lol

    Insta CamInsta Cam5 soat oldin
  • I think Bruh Girls won Im also A bruh gurl Lol I HATE make up

    Mary SultMary Sult6 soat oldin
  • Deff BRUH GIRLS they are totaly me LOL

    Amanda CampbellAmanda Campbell8 soat oldin
  • Soft

    Loan NguyễnLoan Nguyễn8 soat oldin
  • I’m probably the only one that when the stuff says warning earbud user I make it loud 😂

    • boba tea• •Goldie•• boba tea• •Goldie•8 soat oldin
  • I like Macy

    シBxllaシシBxllaシ8 soat oldin
  • sorry i not can talk right cause im from indonesia

    vincencia vanessa harunivincencia vanessa haruni9 soat oldin
  • im a half bruh girl half soft girl, and if i bruh girl i really crazy and if i soft girl i really wear a short skirt.

    vincencia vanessa harunivincencia vanessa haruni9 soat oldin
  • So ya when it said “How Bruh Girls Feel Like Sore losers” It’s Said to turn down your volume if you had headphones on and I had headphones on so I turned the volume to max :)

    SkyPønySkyPøny10 soat oldin

    Lilith GarciaLilith Garcia10 soat oldin
  • What the heck is a “Bruh Girl”

    BananaLobsterBananaLobster11 soat oldin
  • congrats on making it on r/gachalifecringe

    lol lollol lol11 soat oldin
  • I’m sadly a bruh ☹️

    Margaux TheoretMargaux Theoret12 soat oldin
  • Bruh girls i like there styles better

    Serenity conwaySerenity conway12 soat oldin
  • Definitely the bruh girls the McDonald's one tho😂😂

    gamingwithkylie .-.gamingwithkylie .-.13 soat oldin
  • I'm so Macy's personality (We lit look the exact same o-o) ~ Here's a little random story bc why not!: Sooo Plot: First day of school Goal: Make friends Me: *Walks in with a sweater and my hoodie on* Everyone: *Looks for 0.1 secs* *goes back to chatting like animals* Me: *Try's to join in but does it awkwardly o-o* Me: H-hey guys... Them: (*Who is this girl*) *Someone walks up to me* Random Girl: Umm- Hi are you new here? Me: O-O Random Girl: Hello are you ok? Me: O umm yeah- Random Girl: I'm Ava! Me: Umm I'm Nelly- Ava: (*damn this girl is so weird*) Ava: Well I gotta head to class- >_> Me: O, ok Ava: Bye~ Me: Bye..? Ava: (*Whats wrong with that gurll*) *A few years later (How we greet each other)* Me: BESTIEEE Ava: BESTIEEEEE *Hug* And yeah- That's how I make friends, I wasn't very social- Me (Like at this very moment): Wow you actually read this?- Tyy!!

    NzlleyNzlley13 soat oldin
  • Me:hmmmm Video: *whisper* soft girls Me:BRUH girls Video:GOD D***** Me:uwu Video: :-\ Meᕙ(°▽°)ᕗ

    jeannie meyerjeannie meyer13 soat oldin
  • "Im nOt lIKe oThEr gIrLs" soft girl: *does makeup BEFORE bed*

    peyton smoldtpeyton smoldt14 soat oldin
  • Sometimes I act like a soft girl but dress as a bruh girl Sometimes I dress as a bruh girl and act like a soft girl Like if Soft girl Comment if bruh girl

    * Alexa ** Alexa *15 soat oldin

    Sabriyah CharlesSabriyah Charles15 soat oldin
  • How bruh girls as sore losers is exactly like my oldest brother he always breaks his controller if he loses :/

    Provenance SpaghettiProvenance Spaghetti15 soat oldin
  • My favourite was the bruh girls and I’m a bruh girl-

    倒れ食い倒れ食い16 soat oldin
  • I think im a boft

    Avery HilkeAvery Hilke17 soat oldin
  • Every 8 year ild=im ovisly a bruh girl i beat up those kids and im the beat

    Avery HilkeAvery Hilke17 soat oldin
  • Bruh Girls win im a bruh girl peope rlly hate my games :{ ........ HEALTHIER FU**

  • Yup I am macy

    Mira DagasanMira Dagasan18 soat oldin
  • In ruby cassie and Macy combined because Ruby:I like sports Cassie:cause i like to skate board Nacy:cause of her style

    cookies n milk Gachacookies n milk Gacha18 soat oldin
    • Macy*

      cookies n milk Gachacookies n milk Gacha18 soat oldin
  • Bruh girl because um a bruh girl cause I'm in love with sports

    cookies n milk Gachacookies n milk Gacha18 soat oldin
    • I meant cause I'm a bruh girl

      cookies n milk Gachacookies n milk Gacha18 soat oldin
  • who here is a btuh girl?? like this if u are

    Limited redLimited red19 soat oldin
  • My name is Charlotte

  • I love your videos❤️❤️❤️

    Cute cookie roseCute cookie rose20 soat oldin
  • Whoa I like the bruh girls

    Adiba ShadAdiba Shad20 soat oldin
  • 2:00 that thing that she is dragging really is trash

    Allison BowdenAllison Bowden20 soat oldin
  • 4:56 where did she get the sword

    Molly Kitty GirlMolly Kitty Girl21 soat oldin
  • 4:30

    Gisele LandryGisele Landry22 soat oldin
  • I go with Both cause that’s my personality I cry like dkgdnndhjdyjrdgnsgbrkturyj

    •Xx_Happy _Midnight_xX••Xx_Happy _Midnight_xX•22 soat oldin
  • Hmmm char char is my online friends name 👁👄👁

    •Xx_Happy _Midnight_xX••Xx_Happy _Midnight_xX•22 soat oldin
  • its so cute :3

  • Sorry apperently I don't find this ok or somethin, I'm gonna not be a racist or somethin but the idea of the thumbnail bruh girls looks like bad girls, apperently, they are not like that,bruh girls are used to be funny,wears casual clothes some stuff like that a sleeveless but I think bruh girls are not apperently edgy or emo,I think bruh girls style is like a bit more casual and a but not girly or edgy,it's just the right amount, ok know I think I sound like I'm very racist or offended to others if you were offended by any chance I'm so sorry this was just my opnion

    Ducky TurianoDucky TurianoKun oldin
  • I'm both 🤗mostly a soft girl tho

    cjacksoon62 Gmailcjacksoon62 GmailKun oldin
  • Soft girls and brush girl ASMR How soft girls fight against Germany:AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH RUN How bruh girls fight agansit Germany: BANZAI GO GO FOR NORWAY HEIL NORWAY AAAAAAAAAA

    Norwegian Armed forcesNorwegian Armed forcesKun oldin
  • I am half nothing boy and I full and I am full Norwegian. Ok that didn't make sense...

    Norwegian Armed forcesNorwegian Armed forcesKun oldin
  • I’m LITERALLY Macy!! Like man I got lots of games and as you can see I’m on yt! And I get get motivated by xxxtentacion my fav singer rip! And I like bug jackets but not sweats but still I LITERALLY her!

    xXxbunny LoserxXxxXxbunny LoserxXxKun oldin
  • More oF Macy though

    Drama Banana :DDrama Banana :DKun oldin
  • I’m Macy And Lily, Aweosme vid btw

    Drama Banana :DDrama Banana :DKun oldin
  • Im a bruh girl and like i just wanted to say that- nothing else

    Samira CasidsidSamira CasidsidKun oldin
  • Im a bruh girl and like i just wanted to say that- nothing else

    Samira CasidsidSamira CasidsidKun oldin
  • I Would Say I’m More Like Macy And Lily..Cause Like You Know 👉🏻👈🏻✨

    •Chloe-Bff••Chloe-Bff•Kun oldin
  • But i mostly be a bruh girl

    Aniya IrvingAniya IrvingKun oldin
  • Im both

    Aniya IrvingAniya IrvingKun oldin
  • I’ma flat BRUH girl

    ShatteredBlueMirage 1432ShatteredBlueMirage 1432Kun oldin
  • Im Macy and Cassie mixed

    Layla RichardsLayla RichardsKun oldin
  • I so related to the " bruh girl" if they hear a noise bc I have a baseball bat next to my bed at all times

    alayna margaretalayna margaretKun oldin
  • My brother says Im a bruh girl and a soft girl..

    Lanky boxLanky boxKun oldin
  • I’m both of”bruh girl and soft girl” But my vote is to Bruh girl!

    Danika NguonDanika NguonKun oldin
  • Bruh girl

    Ella CollinsElla CollinsKun oldin
  • when the screen said turn the volume down i turned it up by mistake ;-;

    Sakura BlossumsSakura BlossumsKun oldin
  • 1:59 umm girl wut. Also I feel like I'm a Bruh girl..But think the soft girls won this

    PeachyPeachyKun oldin
  • Me Is this vice girls v soft

    Best itchy shoeBest itchy shoeKun oldin
  • bruh girls are just normal girls trying to be tough but at the same time im kinda like that but im short HAT AM I?

    Itz AllyRoseItz AllyRoseKun oldin

    ••Emma•• :••Emma•• :Kun oldin
  • I love Cassie

    Tosh&Jovie DTosh&Jovie DKun oldin
  • I’m a Tom boy cause I night skate with a skateboard

    Tosh&Jovie DTosh&Jovie DKun oldin

    Rohan&Ryalynn QRohan&Ryalynn QKun oldin
  • I'm more bruh girl BUT my trash isn't my bf (bc I don't have one, SiNgLe PrInGlE fOrEvEr) I'm taking out as*holes who hurts mah friends (usually 2 of them) *DON'T CHU DARE TOUCH MAH FRIEND UwU*

    Pointless ChannelPointless ChannelKun oldin
  • Almost none of this is true-

    Royale_HoneyBee HoneyRoyale_HoneyBee HoneyKun oldin
  • Im a tombot sooo

    saphier_ crystalsaphier_ crystalKun oldin
  • I honestly fall in the middle of noth of them i mean im a soft girl in some ways but im also a bruh girl

    Ava HoppeAva HoppeKun oldin
  • I really think bruh girls won that with how they act I can totally relate 😆

    Sugar BunnieSugar BunnieKun oldin
  • Ship u and meline

    Adelle AvanessianAdelle AvanessianKun oldin
  • I looks like Macy 😳

    Katja EisenblaetterKatja EisenblaetterKun oldin
  • Im a soft girl but my boyfriend is bruh boy

    • Meliquine •• Meliquine •Kun oldin
  • I am bruh and soft girls-

    Delight PuffDelight PuffKun oldin
  • Bruh girl I love gaming and UZworld

    Tessa RosquistTessa RosquistKun oldin
  • I'm def a bruh girl once broke my m=ums phone for making me wear a dress and i love skateboarding

    Offline WeirdoOffline WeirdoKun oldin
  • Also someone save me from Charlotte the barbie-

    Princess CassiePrincess CassieKun oldin
  • Omg lol I'm named cassie and I'm a tomboy too~ Jesus finally someone got my name right-

    Princess CassiePrincess CassieKun oldin
  • I'm more of a bruh girl Like if bruh girl Comment if softie

    Gayatri PahariGayatri PahariKun oldin
  • Myyyyy Ohhhhh Myyyyyy "bruh girls" "Soft girls" My vote goes toooo BRUH GIRLS-

    Hakaan BughioHakaan BughioKun oldin
  • I’m more of a bruh girl so my vote is bruh girls

    adeni Kidanemaryamadeni KidanemaryamKun oldin
  • Softies are not like brats they are like ;Shy,Nice,Good,Weak... Theyre like dat...

    ImSmart Among UsImSmart Among UsKun oldin

    ImSmart Among UsImSmart Among UsKun oldin
  • Me: bruh girl looking at soft girls😑

    Cata PerrCata PerrKun oldin
  • I’m more of a Bruh gurl this is why: Me:*minding my bisness* BFF:.....Help me pls! Me:wut BFF:someone tried to hit me! Me:Than.....*beats that bish up* done

    Hazmira QariestaHazmira Qariesta2 kun oldin
  • i honestly hate when softies just, , prople think there always crying,,, and yes, , im a aesthetic softie

    ୨୧ melody ୨୧୨୧ melody ୨୧2 kun oldin
    • In rwality they have lots friends

      Mira DagasanMira Dagasan18 soat oldin
    • They are sometimes like noBOdY lIKes ME

      Mira DagasanMira Dagasan18 soat oldin
    • Yea

      Mira DagasanMira Dagasan18 soat oldin
  • I'm a bruh girl 😌

    The roblox gamers pro sThe roblox gamers pro s2 kun oldin
  • Im exactly like macy :D

    Wuu WuuWuu Wuu2 kun oldin
  • I’m half bruh girl but sometimes i have a soft side

    Margarette jeanne HerreroMargarette jeanne Herrero2 kun oldin
  • Bruh girls won becuz some soft girl felling cute mostly

    Purple DiamondPurple Diamond2 kun oldin
  • My name is Melanie:0

    Melanie MMelanie M2 kun oldin
  • #Melinasupport

    the auceda family vlogthe auceda family vlog2 kun oldin
  • I’m not a bruh girl or a soft girl- At the same time though I’m more like a bruh girl

    MilkyWay RobloxMilkyWay Roblox2 kun oldin
  • Bruh girld

    Letta CrumplerLetta Crumpler2 kun oldin
  • Im def a ¨bruh girl¨ and ye bruh gurls (im obessed with baseball bats)

    Sable WarnerSable Warner2 kun oldin