29-Sen, 2020
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THANK YOU SO MUCH! Love, Sir Buddy, Boujii, USM and Miles

  • Kind of weird that you are pretending to be some professional outoorswoman. But You are not even doing it for nature. -The amount of Plastic Utencils is popostorous. I dont know how you EAT with it and i cant believe you think thats legit to use in nature, thats so bad for the environment :/ -CHANGING YOUR OIL NEXT TO A RIVER ?! LOL wtf. youre a welder? in Trades? you cant go find a fucking walmart parking lot to do that at? You think your engine takes a gallon milk worth of oil? -40 days traveling in a row and you havent figured out that nature rules out there? Youre account is literally a G rated only fans account. Somehow angling your neckline in every shot. This is a bogus ass channel. Youre not wise. -

    David KaneDavid KaneSoat oldin
  • you are hard core. Love it!

    Jeff LundgrenJeff LundgrenSoat oldin
  • You are truly living life it's awesome to watch

    rooster857rooster8574 soat oldin
  • True meaning of being free you are living the free life

    Tony HillTony Hill5 soat oldin
  • OMG, this video cracked me up. Love it, stay true and push forward.

    Rob FosterRob Foster6 soat oldin
  • OMG, this video cracked me up. Love it, stay true and push forward.

    Rob FosterRob Foster6 soat oldin
  • There should be 5 quarts total.

    RockawayCCWRockawayCCW13 soat oldin
  • Dachshunds were used in Germany to hunt badgers so they'd have to dig down in the badger holes to go after them sometimes. Digging holes is in their blood. also Dachs hund = badger hound

    Solution SeekerSolution Seeker13 soat oldin
  • here i was wondering where my soulmate was... turns out she may or may not be state side touring a round lmao

    ToxicBullet Stream'sToxicBullet Stream's14 soat oldin
  • Hi Morgan.. I love your honesty and relaxed attitude love watching your videos enjoy your travels And keep smiling 👍

  • On the shower note schrader valve and small air compressor will give you good pressure till your out of water

    Brad RamseyBrad Ramsey23 soat oldin
  • Are you going to come to Florida for the winter?

    NevyNevy23 soat oldin
  • You need the Canadian part of the map.

    Mark Pearl Bodybuilding and FitnessMark Pearl Bodybuilding and FitnessKun oldin
  • I will never understand why women are homeless. Much respect to you tho. Livin life on your terms I guess. You keep to yourself and thats important. Dogs are faithful and loyal. What else do you need? Keep on truckin.

    HueJackCity66HueJackCity66Kun oldin
  • This girl is bad ass I maan just totally awesome

    120th Division Prepper120th Division PrepperKun oldin
  • Yes and I was the one who lost the salt!!! Sorry not sorry! 😒😂

    Last SonLast SonKun oldin
  • Just because I typed are twice I've went from a Pirate to Buffett. 😂🙏👊

    Last SonLast SonKun oldin
  • Yes I'm a Pirate. 200 years too late. The cannons don't thunder , there's nothing to plunder I'm hopeless over 40 victim of fate!

    Last SonLast SonKun oldin
  • Those chunky soups are are great poured over rice

    Last SonLast SonKun oldin
  • 🐇🐇🐇🐇

    Lizard LifeLizard LifeKun oldin
  • Make sure you have your dogs rabie vaccinated in case they would come up on a rabbit animal in those bushes

    Lizard LifeLizard LifeKun oldin
  • Love the Bronco!

    Byron ClarsonByron ClarsonKun oldin
  • This was stimulating.

    pkdiddypkdiddyKun oldin
  • I don't know if you know, but nonstick uses cancer causing ingredients. The Hulk guy did a whole movie on it.

    ShawN shawNShawN shawN2 kun oldin
  • I’m sorry I can’t stop staring, and your two puppies.

    Zach ThegunguyZach Thegunguy2 kun oldin
    • Yup

      Jorge NegreteJorge Negrete12 soat oldin
    • She has some nice ones thats for sure!

      Wet Hook FeverWet Hook Fever2 kun oldin
  • Stop ! Who's she ? 💥I asked myself as I'm surfing the web. Who's here for the scenery ? That's where I raise my hand . Nice job with the oil change. Entertaining and slightly arousing 🤏 I lived in a Ford conversion van by choice for about 6 months or so. Loved it except for the hassle of no shower. Question ? In your travels ever concerned you find yourself in the middle of some protesting area or sketchy situation because of the crazy unpredictable world we're in right now ?

    Robert ReedRobert Reed2 kun oldin
  • If you need Kentucky try around Louisville

    Jay DowellJay Dowell2 kun oldin
  • Come live with me and we can get married and have a family and love one another forever and take romantic dinners and showers and so on

    Shawn SmithShawn Smith2 kun oldin
  • Great video. Please check my channel Jacob and Dad. Subscribe to support my channel grow. Thanks for your support and kindness.

    JACOB and DADJACOB and DAD2 kun oldin
  • Salt lake bound, put you up.

    Finch AtticusFinch Atticus2 kun oldin
  • Living in a vehicle with 3 dogs : smelling / inhaling dog hair n smell all day dam ! That’s a job itself !??? Your crazy haha you seem lovely tho , hope your happy ! & wish the best for you :)

    TimmyTimmy2 kun oldin
  • So do you have an only fans page if not you should for that money 💰 because you could make it easy on there for sure

    Bryan McGuireBryan McGuire2 kun oldin
  • best way to recycle is to put the oil back in to the earth directly

    tomas delaytomas delay3 kun oldin
  • Hey Morgan 👋🏻 You are so cute 🥰 I love your blooper reel videos. Aaaaa “I got oil in my hair” Ha Ha 🤣 too funny 👍🏻 I love it! You should do comedy, because you would be good at it. 🤣 Cheers Cutie 🥂 - John

    John007John0073 kun oldin
  • That would be awesome to meet u

    Brandon OdellBrandon Odell3 kun oldin
  • Morgan, hi New sub. I just wanted to say I think you`re the SECOND MOST beautiful woman on earth (MY WIFE IS FIRST). No disrespect intended ( by commenting on your looks) I just heard you say, in your last video, that you thought you "have a little belly". so I wanted to let you know you do not have a belly, you look AMAZING, and if I was not married... you would be rejecting me right now. Lol. Seriously though I love what you`re doing. Have fun honey and, keep posting, luv ya sweetie. God bless.

    Robert HendersonRobert Henderson3 kun oldin
  • bungie that battery secure..for the next time you go on bumpy dirt roads ....

    stone magicstone magic3 kun oldin
  • Hello. How are you doing. Message me. I live in Colorado

    Lucas MerklinLucas Merklin3 kun oldin
  • Love your videos and your drive and desire one Are you looking for a Husband?

    Fred JeffFred Jeff3 kun oldin
  • Oh my girl!

    Raymond GrossRaymond Gross3 kun oldin
  • Shes hot!💥💥

    Jacob LewisJacob Lewis3 kun oldin
  • I'd love to be your road partner 💯🥳🥰 let's travel together

    Mista_R2 _270Mista_R2 _2703 kun oldin
  • Get a wrench, you're gonna round off that oil plug with vice grips, metric wrenches combo wrenches would be best. Also add some fittings to your solar water heater and use a bicycle pump to add a slightly positive pressure, it'll make your shower more enjoyable.

    Darryl SumnerDarryl Sumner3 kun oldin
  • I have lived in a 35ft RV for the past 3 years and it has been great but I can not even imagine staying in a tiny Bronco with 3 dogs that need to eat, poop, and drink water 😮😭 Good luck to u out in the world! As long as u are having a good time, have at it ❤ Be safe

    busaj383busaj3833 kun oldin
  • Don’t know how I found this. But I am happy to be here..? Have u ever had a Bigfoot encounter. Or anything like ufo sightings.

    Bryan HilburnBryan Hilburn3 kun oldin
  • Dammnnn Kidddd, your pup shits on you alot, maybe he needs some Kaopectate

    NoodlesNoodles4 kun oldin
  • drill a small hole and put a valve stem it the top in your water reserve for showers and use a bike pump to put a little pressure on it to evacuate the water.

    xdrfoxxdrfox4 kun oldin
  • Gooseberry mesa turkey week I will bring a bike for you

    Kelly HearnKelly Hearn4 kun oldin
  • The Golden spoon is so cool... you have to keep that one for life!!!!

    Mark JonesMark Jones4 kun oldin
  • Love the Bronco.

    Mark JonesMark Jones4 kun oldin
  • This is so cool! Brings me back when I drove forever back in the early 90's before internet, cell phones or youtube. Would have been rich but I was poor. I also had a road atlas. That was fun.

    Stephen BellmStephen Bellm4 kun oldin
  • So you picked up some more dogs even though your resources are extremely limited? Are you getting enough from UZworld to make that easy? Bc wither way that is fucking awesome. When I lived outdoors, I used to bathe butt-naked in whatever secluded water I could find that was clean. I know that may not seem reasonable to you, but you could just do the same thing in a bathing suit, wash the bathing suit clean, then change in your car. You can't leave anything in a cooler that isn't in some kind of hard container (condensation). Even with all teh dogs, though, I'm a bit worried about your safety. I hope you have a gun or something. I'm all about dogdr, but a group of dudes with some bad intentions will seriously fuck you up

    William LinkousWilliam Linkous4 kun oldin
  • Luv your videos...👍😉

    J SJ S4 kun oldin
  • When was you in Ohio?

    MurphyMurphy4 kun oldin
  • Not one tree just a bunch of bushes .lol That cracked me up. lol

    MurphyMurphy4 kun oldin
  • I like dogs(as long as they have owners that aren't me), so travelling with three dogs would not be my cup of tea. God bless you for making a go of this with three dogs!

    ffred34ffred344 kun oldin
  • Whole west coast except Alaska ;-)

    phils0stuffphils0stuff4 kun oldin
  • ​@UCQC65GoxabLeP4Fz_zRzkiw is a complete unstoppable babe.

    KZ OKZ O4 kun oldin
  • I just love how much you love your dogs. I just love it. I have one of my little boys left, Frankie, almost 16 years old. I just love how you love your dogs.

    KZ OKZ O4 kun oldin
  • Wow. I am pretty new to your channel. It is really inspirational. I have been watching a few of the videos. How amazing it would be to find and be with a girl like you. I''m looking at van life/trailer life right now. But how much more amazing to share it with someone who thinks the same.

    KZ OKZ O4 kun oldin
  • great videos. I have a doxie myself. still taking boyfriend applications? lol

    brad veithbrad veith4 kun oldin
  • Morgee...u are unstoppable.

    Scott KirkScott Kirk5 kun oldin
  • FYI- cans of soup, beans, ravioli, baked potatoes, etc. heat up well on the exhaust manifold while traveling.

    VetSemperFiVetSemperFi5 kun oldin
  • New subscriber here. Excellent editing, very few if any dull moments

    Darian BlaineDarian Blaine6 kun oldin
  • Where do you poop?

    OldAgitatorOldAgitator6 kun oldin
  • Hey slick, just a small tip about the water in the cooler, dry ice is the way to go. It lasts a lot longer than regular ice and doesn't melt, just turns into co2 gas. It does cost more per lb than ice bags you get at supermarkets, but lasts way longer. You can usually find it at welding stores or commercial gas distributors just about everywhere. Keep at it.

    SShep71 1SShep71 16 kun oldin
    • can't that be dangerous

      Marco PoloMarco Polo3 kun oldin
  • have you tried new England Clam chowder ?

    Ramon SedaRamon Seda7 kun oldin

    Ramon SedaRamon Seda7 kun oldin

    Gina LGina L7 kun oldin
  • U r SOOOOOO entertaining!!!

    Sandra TaylorSandra Taylor7 kun oldin
  • Shes perfect!

    CHefgeoloco ChefCHefgeoloco Chef8 kun oldin
  • Castor oil is actually good for the hair, but CaSTROL oil is not so good. LOL

    Daniel DomineDaniel Domine8 kun oldin
  • The Great Sand Dunes are great fun!

    Doug WrayDoug Wray8 kun oldin
  • Next time you're in Colorado let me know! I'll buy you lunch!

    Doug WrayDoug Wray8 kun oldin
  • isit easier for you to have one dog?

    ba sookba sook8 kun oldin
    • @Unstoppable Morgan I am sure that they like you too.

      ba sookba sook8 kun oldin
    • Yeah probably. But I have three so.... Gotta deal with it. They are my family.

      Unstoppable MorganUnstoppable Morgan8 kun oldin
  • I think the reality of your misadventures is you really need a captain - of a van to at least be out there with you as a shadow or convoy leader. I worry about you. Especially with a bit of stardom.

  • Come see me in Kentucky and if ur lonely

    Brad WoodBrad Wood9 kun oldin
  • You a brave soul ❤️

    Emilie LundEmilie Lund9 kun oldin
  • isn't it weird when you're driving and nobody else is on the road? why aren't other people enjoying this? oh yeah, they are too busy being slaves.

    HangaFangHangaFang9 kun oldin

    Timmy BobTimmy Bob9 kun oldin
    • How is this click bait!?

      Unstoppable MorganUnstoppable Morgan9 kun oldin
  • I was told early on that one could make a living, in fact become a millionaire talking about your breakfast on UZworld, this is an example of that type of thing. Marketing is an interesting animal.

    Acharya james oermannAcharya james oermann9 kun oldin
  • I think I'm in Love.

    JustinJustin9 kun oldin
  • U are fricken hilarious, first time watching u,, 🤪 👍

    Ken BoyingtonKen Boyington9 kun oldin
  • Yep 5 quarts is more than a gallon

    vation simsvation sims9 kun oldin
  • You need some Canada stickers.

    Lawrence VeinotteLawrence Veinotte9 kun oldin
  • Castrol 1Qt bottle bottom cut off. makes the Best Funnel. I used them in my shop for years. & I’m a professional

    KenKen9 kun oldin
  • Put a diaper on that dog.

    MCallahanMCallahan9 kun oldin
  • I really respect the way she is with her dogs. Very loving and that says a lot about her as a person.

    Rob LRob L10 kun oldin
  • Gotcha a little upgrade...your discretion as you just went through my state that...I just ran across your life...and as for the chunky soup...Dollar General I gather...I am partial to the Chicken, Sausage Rice Gumbo!!! Ha... Impressive assembly...utilization of space...feasibly predetermined construction of said living how the hell the 3 hellions can co with diarrhea...and smiling...aye yi it by Miles??? Pepper spray as in Bear I hope...let alone a pea shooter perhaps??? MMmK...HOPE THAT HELPS...perhaps incorporation of existing into upgrade???

    foresaken to noneforesaken to none10 kun oldin
  • You are quite Patriotic for someone who is being held hostage by that same government over taxes that are based on an absolute lie. Look up Philander Knox to learn more about the lie of the 16th Amendment.

    The Liberty CauseThe Liberty Cause10 kun oldin
    • Well said

      semaj ksuhsemaj ksuh9 kun oldin
  • a little punkin out of a can will help dog with the runs

    David RushDavid Rush10 kun oldin
  • You crack me up 😂 shit everywhere

    JR 81JR 8110 kun oldin
  • Ive lived the life you are living but i was in a ford festiva with 2 dogs here in Australia in summer OMFG the heat was friggen disgusting

    Brian rapleyBrian rapley10 kun oldin
  • I had a sausage dog growing up his name was BamBam

    Brian rapleyBrian rapley10 kun oldin
  • You had me up to the Botox.

    Hardline ManufacturingHardline Manufacturing10 kun oldin
  • hey get a rv pump, (it has a pressure sensor) it works when you open the valve then it will pump the water to a decent psi, enough to shower or wash stuff. ohh by the way you can get the mobil 1 synthetic oil that gives you like 15k miles of protection with the filter that goes with it (wall mart has them for 35 (oil) and 12 (filter) I use it for years on my cars and they run like new (no oil burning/consumption and the seals are holding up like new after 10 years on a suv and 5 on a car)

    Edd Z3r0xEdd Z3r0x10 kun oldin
  • I work for the are metal Protection Agency we will be in touch with you very soon you're not allowed to drain oil onto the ground I'm sure I will be having a conversation very shortly with you

    Wes AregoodWes Aregood10 kun oldin
  • I travel aswell just like you, you are absolutely Awsome and a very Courageous Woman. Will you come to California ??

    Mi Nombre Mi ApedilloMi Nombre Mi Apedillo11 kun oldin
  • Baby ur Gorgeous Woman

    MundizLevi CamposMundizLevi Campos11 kun oldin
  • Your one cool chick .

    American BikerAmerican Biker11 kun oldin