Bride Is First To Ever To Try On Edgy New Gown | Say Yes To The Dress

27-Sen, 2020
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Shavonne is a fashionista who knows what style to wear on her big day but will her bridal appointment change her mind about what she wants.
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  • "Wasn't looking at the man, I was looking at my princess" 😢 8:50

    Miss StormeMiss Storme15 daqiqa oldin
  • the first dress was gorgeous except for that hideous 2 tiered skirt...

    Moochi PicchiMoochi Picchi3 soat oldin
  • Do you ever just women 💫

    RovekaRoveka4 soat oldin
  • She looked so pretty in that tux top dress when she was picking up the last layer from the front

    Yashaswi AgarwalYashaswi Agarwal4 soat oldin
  • Love the one she went for

    Niamh McDermottNiamh McDermott7 soat oldin
  • But fr they are such a beautiful couple

    stanicxo 17stanicxo 1710 soat oldin
  • this bride was so lovely and likable and her mom was so warm give me more of these people somehow lol

    oliveolive10 soat oldin
  • Her entourage is not at all fashion forward. They want the over the top ratchet sparkles 😳

    athi booiathi booi10 soat oldin
  • The first dress was everything. Even the bottom

    athi booiathi booi10 soat oldin
  • The tuxedo and the last dress if combined is a killer!!!

    ivy blueivy blue10 soat oldin
  • I love the tuxedo gown, but I would have liked to see the top tulle layer be longer.

    Annalisa SteinnesAnnalisa Steinnes12 soat oldin
  • What! No! She looks beautiful!!

    LaurieLaurie12 soat oldin
  • The first one, totally fitted on her.

    Jean SolonJean Solon13 soat oldin
  • She is so beautiful. Wow she makes every dress look good on her.

    GreenrayGreenray15 soat oldin
  • Damn she rocked the 1st dress. She looked awesome.

    GreenrayGreenray15 soat oldin
  • The dress was gorgeous til you get to the bottom. Then it’s just like why ruin a beautiful tuxedo dress with that weird bottom?

    Lindsey MyersLindsey Myers16 soat oldin
  • I personally dont like the dress because of the bottom, if it wasn’t stacked that way I’d be SOLD tbh

    Daphne BDaphne B16 soat oldin
  • I love the mom lol ❤️

    J VanceJ Vance16 soat oldin
  • A beautiful, stunning woman that makes you feel like she can be your best friend. No arrogance or snobbishness.

    CrossingtheRubiconCrossingtheRubicon17 soat oldin
  • I thought it was going to be one of those open front skirts with pants underneath.

    Maria HardyMaria Hardy17 soat oldin
  • When you have online conference but at the same time it's your wedding day

    KAYE IDEASKAYE IDEAS22 soat oldin
  • Her mom’s hilarious 😂 “Yeeeeeaahhh” hahaha

    Lynden LeeLynden Lee23 soat oldin
  • She's so gorgeous and cute at the same time, I want to be her friend.

    mrk 1122mrk 112223 soat oldin
  • That has got to be the prettiest dress I have ever seen (tuxedo one) wow !

    Ami SandersAmi Sanders23 soat oldin
  • Beautiful girl inside out!

    Kirti SawantKirti SawantKun oldin
  • I do you say...obsessed with her???

    Indira WIndira WKun oldin
  • I freakin looooove the tuxedo gown!!

    Diana HidalgoDiana HidalgoKun oldin
  • I would 100% change the skirt of the first one to a mermaid style made with the same material as the top and it woukd have been perfect (the skirt of the last one).

    Great Red SpotGreat Red SpotKun oldin
  • I love that it wasn’t a “ mother hates the dress and immediately changes her mind with the veil

    Anastasia MillersAnastasia MillersKun oldin
  • Im just staring at her lips. I love the way she talks!! She sooo beautiful !!! ♥️♥️♥️

    Nap Team CaptainNap Team CaptainKun oldin
  • Love d mom

    Iresha's Kitchen CafeIresha's Kitchen CafeKun oldin
  • the mom

    Palmi DubyPalmi DubyKun oldin
  • Don't mind me. Just stopping by to say I love love love Mindy. Like she's so beautiful and cute and radiates such positive energy.

    Aditi BhowmickAditi BhowmickKun oldin
  • The first dress was her dress for sure

    Danah AkritidisDanah AkritidisKun oldin
  • genuine nice people! i really liked the last dress wow

    Fuzzy loveBitsFuzzy loveBitsKun oldin
  • I looove the top. It's the most beautiful thing and I don't know if any other skirt would go on the 1st one

    Apple PeelApple PeelKun oldin
  • The first dress is amazing

    MultifandomCrackhead uWuMultifandomCrackhead uWuKun oldin
  • I loved the first dress😭

    namrata kaulnamrata kaulKun oldin
  • Gee I wonder if he’s rich?

    Vields 23Vields 23Kun oldin
  • Omg that tuxedo ball gown was hideous to the max. I'm with mama on this. Burn that dress honey. Nobody has tried it on before because it's so damn ugly.

    Melodi CarpenterMelodi CarpenterKun oldin
  • I think the tuxedo dress would have been the perfect one, but the bottom of the dress was off. It should have been more like the bottom the dress she chose.

    KatzKatzKun oldin
  • She says she wants long sleeves and high neck. Not one was high neck, but the one she chose was perfect.

    KatzKatzKun oldin
  • The dress is Christmas tree uuckkk

    Chloe McConvileChloe McConvileKun oldin
  • this is my mom *hi mom* bish not your mom-

    Dia Gupta-LemusDia Gupta-LemusKun oldin
  • Her body is incredible!

    dana sokdana sokKun oldin
  • Okay... I FREAKING LOVE her personality 😍

    Caroline SchroederCaroline SchroederKun oldin
  • The first dress: she said yes to the dress The second dress: it’s a no The rest of the dresses: Rest In Peace

    S WS WKun oldin
  • Omg that's my favorite dress of all time holy sh*t it's gorgeous

    daisydreamgirldaisydreamgirlKun oldin
  • This tux dress is so amazing on her!!!

    Veronica KlubnikaVeronica KlubnikaKun oldin
  • How is it possible that I just watched a day yes to the dress video and the consultant was Mindy

  • The top of the first dress was bomb, that second one she tried... hated it, the third seemed like it was ill fitting on top, and the 4th was very very nice but, the bow in the back was distracting from the rest of that beautiful dress. Whatever she is wearing.... she'll be stunning in.

    Gena ThomasGena Thomas2 kun oldin
  • The dress with the spaghetti straps is so gentle and feminine.. Gorgeous on her

    Ellie WoodsEllie Woods2 kun oldin
  • Who is the designer of that tuxedo dress??

    Bri BaltesBri Baltes2 kun oldin
  • The first dress isn't my style, but the bride carries an elegance that goes with the dress and it looked great on her.

    Sheila VazquezSheila Vazquez2 kun oldin
  • 😩🥺 her moms reaction to the final dress is literally goals! I hope I get that moment with my mom one day ☺️❤️

    Nya SmithNya Smith2 kun oldin
  • What a pretty briiiiiiiide!!!!

    Nya SmithNya Smith2 kun oldin
  • She’s fabulous! I love the simplicity of the gown she chose. It’s perfect.

    namastenursenamastenurse2 kun oldin
  • I think with the first dress the silhouette of the dress works just maybe a change of fabric to a lighter weight for the bodice would be better.

    Angel WangAngel Wang2 kun oldin
  • is she wearing a moka moka in the beggining :-))) }

    Sakura nhceSakura nhce2 kun oldin
  • First unique dress i see in this show. And then lets back to lace shit we do over and over and over here. I would just make the short part longer and thats it.

    Aubrey OleandereieAubrey Oleandereie2 kun oldin
  • Cut the damn skirt off😂

    Lisaaatjehx xLisaaatjehx x2 kun oldin
  • The top looked so amazing on her, I love IT. Absolutely horrible skirt imo😂 still love IT tho

    Lisaaatjehx xLisaaatjehx x2 kun oldin
  • When she walked out with the last dress the other ladies in the store for their own wedding dresses were like WOW!!!

    Tahira J.Tahira J.2 kun oldin
  • Hmm I might have finally found something I might like for myself, maybe with a different bottom though :)

    xxes11xxxxes11xx2 kun oldin
  • the dress she chose omg-

    Nicole MonragaNicole Monraga2 kun oldin
  • dude this bride is ridiculously hottttt

    Ammarah Samar Khalid Husain ShahAmmarah Samar Khalid Husain Shah2 kun oldin
  • I like the last dress too

    Sevinch OrujovaSevinch Orujova2 kun oldin
  • She is so beautiful and she looks amazing on that dress.

    Rita VitalRita Vital2 kun oldin
  • She can rock every clothes she wear... Even those clothes that comes from garbage...

    Jasper Dale SamaniegoJasper Dale Samaniego2 kun oldin
  • Hi ,, I'm from California 29 yrs single lesbian ,, are you ???

    joyce gabrieljoyce gabriel2 kun oldin
  • This woman looked so great, and then she started listening her old fashioned mother, I really don’t understand how quickly she gave up on her own taste, and she has really good, extravagant taste and is probably an Aquarius... ❤️ I hope she doesn’t give up on her other wishes and opinions so quickly.

    Tomorrow Is Another DayTomorrow Is Another Day2 kun oldin
  • such a nice family and beautiful dress

    Anel CouzoAnel Couzo2 kun oldin
  • I love the first dress but I agree with her fam, def not her wedding dress. Maybe a simple gala or photo shoot dress but not a wedding dress. The third dress was so gorg

    Tori AucoinTori Aucoin2 kun oldin
  • The top is stunning but I did not vibe with the tried dress

    Jessica EnriquezJessica Enriquez2 kun oldin
  • SHE’S SO PRETTY.!!!!!!!!!! AND THE DRESS OMG 😭❤️

    Aryama KumarAryama Kumar2 kun oldin
  • She’s wearing real fur. I’m out. Only ugly people wear fur.

    NoxLochNoxLoch2 kun oldin
    • It might not be real dude chill You can't just assume that out of nowhere

      Katherine KoshKatherine Kosh2 kun oldin
  • This bride is stunning!!!

    Zanna KorobovaZanna Korobova2 kun oldin
  • Beautiful girl, beautiful dress

    roxanne bartonroxanne barton2 kun oldin
  • The bride is beautiful love her ❤️❤️

    E RE R2 kun oldin
  • any update? did she really wear the dress she picked?

    Kate AnneKate Anne3 kun oldin
  • She nearly sounds like when a white woman sounds like she is 5 years old. Nearly.

    David JohnsonDavid Johnson3 kun oldin
  • Paul is a lucky man

    Nana BerryNana Berry3 kun oldin
  • YEAAHH!!😂❤️

    Michelle MugoMichelle Mugo3 kun oldin
  • I love this mother and daughter...they're refreshing and all honesty she can look good in a potato sack and make it look like it was designer made lol

    Lah CLah C3 kun oldin
  • The dress was ugly . Sue me

    Ana C.RAna C.R3 kun oldin
  • I feel bad that family can be so opinionated. It's not their day and if they see how much she loves it they should've curbed their opinion. Too much weight given to folks who won't be wearing the gown.

    Sealina LaShelleSealina LaShelle3 kun oldin
  • that last dress was made for her

    KaitlynKaitlyn3 kun oldin
  • I can hear the 14 year olds calling her fiance a simp. I know because I'm 14 and I accidentally yelled "simp"

    DJ GDJ G3 kun oldin
    • Hahahaha

      C ERC ER2 kun oldin
  • She is sooooo beautiful

    GIGIGIGI3 kun oldin
  • All dress is lovely on her

    Sheilmae FurogSheilmae Furog3 kun oldin
  • I often think that designers don't know when to stop. The last dress did not need that great mass of bow on the back - it made it look top heavy and one sided. The first dress was beautiful with the evening suit, satin top but a bit too "Fairy godmother" with the layered tulle skirt; it was like too odd gowns mashed together. Wish brides didn't feel the need to show so much flesh but that's just me being too traditional I guess.

    Amber FoxAmber Fox3 kun oldin
  • I wish Mindy fixed her hair a little bit. She seems so nice, just a little hair style change could do magic here

    Adriana SzutkowskaAdriana Szutkowska3 kun oldin
  • I literally loved every single dress she tried! But to choose, I'm definately gonna pick dress no.1

    Mohini PhukanMohini Phukan3 kun oldin

    Izz AIzz A3 kun oldin
  • Awwww I want to see their wedding!

    Stacey OrganStacey Organ3 kun oldin

    Ulfah RusslyUlfah Russly3 kun oldin
  • I loved the top of the tuxedo dress but not the bottom. The dress she chose is stunning on her, not a fan of the bow but she wears it well. Gorgeous dress for a gorgeous bride. And her smile lights up the room.

    123drpat123drpat3 kun oldin
  • The tuxedo top dress was gorgeous but it felt more like a fall/winter look than her actual theme wedding she’s going for (my opinion)

    jay cervantesjay cervantes3 kun oldin
  • Love the dress except the layer part

    Angie HigAngie Hig3 kun oldin
  • Not a nap gown person, not I did enjoy that first dress. The last dress though......WOW! Luv it! Looked great on her!

    mscardioqueenmscardioqueen3 kun oldin