16-Noy, 2020
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Haulover Inlet is the most dangerous inlet in Florida and yet it has the most boat traffic of any inlet in the United States. At any given moment, the waves will get the best of unsavvy captains and send them home with a few learned lessons.
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  • You guys taking the Cigarette Cat 52' or the Cigarette Tirranna? 😎

    Wavy BoatsWavy Boats2 oy oldin
    • The FREEMAN....

      Indiana JonesIndiana Jones20 soat oldin
    • Tirrana, was cutting through waves like hot knife on butter

      Vrio vrioVrio vrioKun oldin
    • Holy smokes batman!

      GooseGoose5 kun oldin
    • @TheAntiSnowbird bruce jenner owns two so she’s out

      Dane Ta Tua TonkaDane Ta Tua Tonka12 kun oldin
    • @Dane Ta Tua Tonka same

      AlexAlex12 kun oldin
  • I want a Quad Mercury!!!!

    Harry RileyHarry RileySoat oldin
  • Muitas aventuras nessas onda...... Onde fica esse lugar no mundo?

    Mario carvalhoMario carvalho6 soat oldin
  • 0:10 that thing looks like the Batboat

    iBotiBot10 soat oldin
  • No one with a life jacket! how is this shit less dangerous than so called covid-19? this seems to me way more dangerous than dining at your local restaurant! LOL

    SomoshiphopRadioSomoshiphopRadio16 soat oldin
  • This may seem like a stupid question but why dont we see people in life jackets out in the ocean but i see people on lakes with life jackets??

    Raw BlowRaw Blow18 soat oldin
  • 1:51

    Scott ArivettScott Arivett18 soat oldin
  • 6:51 - what does he loose off the stern? Lol

    Atlantic Media ProductionsAtlantic Media Productions22 soat oldin
  • How many "mishaps" or sinkings happen in that inlet ?

    jussi tikkurijussi tikkuri22 soat oldin
  • "I'm going to ride up front where everyone will see how cool I am!"

    delicious fishesdelicious fishesKun oldin
  • Where the hell are your children’s life jackets ?

    MrOramatoMrOramatoKun oldin
  • Rich man's toy

    Tim HumphreyTim HumphreyKun oldin
  • 👍👍😎

    C5Ron7C5Ron7Kun oldin
  • Clearly, you have never been to Newport Oregon Jaws on a stormy day. Go there and video.

    The Rough RyanThe Rough RyanKun oldin
  • i didnt see anybody with life jackets on in that dangerous water. ya just cant fix stupid,

    Angie MainesAngie MainesKun oldin
  • @ 6:50 something fell off back of boat. Would love to see all the lost things on the ocean floor around there.

    Steven ValysSteven ValysKun oldin
  • No thank you

    Coco ChanelCoco Chanel2 kun oldin
  • He's about fifteen miles North of the most dangerous inlet. That would be Boynton inlet. One quarter the width ☠️☠️☠️☠️

    Dave AloiDave Aloi2 kun oldin
  • Proof that drinking piss and coke turns captains into farkin complete fools. How embarrassing

    el captitan civilel captitan civil2 kun oldin
  • I never knew until I started watching these haulover videos that the trend had moved away from inboard to multiple outboard motors. Are there individual throttle controls for each of these outboards, or are they all controlled in unison by one throttle control?

    Bill SmithBill Smith2 kun oldin
  • Mystery boat is a whaler dauntless. Not sure size

    GenericGeneric2 kun oldin
  • The things ego will put people through. No lifejackets either. What absolute idiots.

    Passing ThroughPassing Through2 kun oldin
  • That freeman 42LR just became my dream fishing boat

    xXMizuJetXxxXMizuJetXx2 kun oldin
  • biggg boatss 👍👍👍💪

    Mrlias86 DiverMrlias86 Diver3 kun oldin
  • So what’s the correct approach here? Looks like some just take the blast through approach

    J & A RJ & A R3 kun oldin
  • I love how none of the captains give the heads up to any of girls sitting in the bow. Worst place to be sitting.

    Kevrock529Kevrock5293 kun oldin
  • “Hey let’s all sit up front without life jackets. That way we’ll get the biggest drops in the waves, soaked if the nose gets buried and possibly drown if we fall out 😎”

    tornagawntornagawn3 kun oldin
  • No wonder there's a waiting list to get a freeman..

    cocolocococoloco3 kun oldin
  • I used to build them freeman boats. They are some baaaaad bitches

    Dylan HearnDylan Hearn4 kun oldin
  • Where do these assholes get the money

    Jared NalleyJared Nalley4 kun oldin
  • The dude in the Speedo had me LOL so hard!!!

    CogzedCogzed4 kun oldin
  • That guy in the whaler needs massive help

    Brad DBrad D4 kun oldin
  • you gotta stay up fellas !!!

    Larry DittlerLarry Dittler4 kun oldin
  • Cigarette Tirranna: And how many engines do you want? Captain: Yes.

    Russell LapuaRussell Lapua4 kun oldin
    • most outboards ive seen on a boat in real life is 3 lmao

      Plake PlaysPlake PlaysKun oldin
    • Read you comment for seeing it. I’ve never seen so many outboards on one boat!

      J & A RJ & A R3 kun oldin
  • Those floating coffins are about as sea worthy as a rock.

    Robert AronsonRobert Aronson4 kun oldin
  • Looks to be the norm here! Wow! Crazy!

    maxpaul11maxpaul114 kun oldin
  • Why bother going out on the water when conditions are like this??? These conditions would pretty much take all the fun out of it for me....😐

    Dean BunnellDean Bunnell4 kun oldin
  • Mystery Boat #1 is obviously a Speedo Weenie Bender 21

    JJ WalshJJ Walsh4 kun oldin
  • I have gathered that if you spend 2m+ what just gives you a pass.

    ryan grayryan gray5 kun oldin
  • We actually have a part of the ocean it's out in the Hamptons Long Island New York where the Open Seas come into a Inlet that opens back up to the Seas I remember as a kid my grandparents and my parents would always go out to the Hamptons for vacation and I remember this spot and my father telling me do not enter the water it was rough just like you see here plus you actually Sewell basically a tornado in the water and my father told me many boats have sunk or the boat drivers will lose control and be taken by the current until they can control the boat again amazing how powerful water is

    Joseph MalinowskiJoseph Malinowski5 kun oldin
  • Was that Batman’s boat?

    Dan WatersDan Waters5 kun oldin
  • Who is taking the video? Where are they at and what are they on?

    707SonomaComa707SonomaComa5 kun oldin
  • I was watching best places to eat in Florida and I ended up watching this.... 😳

    WahduhhecWahduhhec5 kun oldin
  • A few of them are gonna be pissing blood for a week!

    Marc SmithMarc Smith5 kun oldin
  • The ones I like are the one's of the little ol guy in his 20' Grady White, that's been out fishing or going fishing and been doing it for 50 years plus, and putts right through the gnarley stuff not even thinking twice about it. Is it like that all the time or just during certain tides or times?

    Duane RossDuane Ross5 kun oldin
  • This is a lot like the Pacific Graveyard

    Pinoy AkohPinoy Akoh5 kun oldin
  • 6:50 something falls off the stern.

    Sean WSean W5 kun oldin
  • I don’t think I saw one person wearing a life jacket. Am I wrong?

    Errol FlynnErrol Flynn6 kun oldin
  • my 16 ft Carolina skiff, Flat bottom. would have been just fine and dandy.

    John CurialeJohn Curiale6 kun oldin
  • 3:05 that Brazilian kid screaming for his dad to go back 🤣🤣🤣

    Anonymous GZAnonymous GZ6 kun oldin
  • 2:15 the pilot of that thing doe, I'd trust that guy.

    Anonymous GZAnonymous GZ6 kun oldin
  • Things I have learned watching this awesome channel: 1. This is a skill to know when owning a boat. 2. Twin hull is everything. 3. There are a lot of lucky people in the world. In particular, Miami.

    Joe PereiraJoe Pereira6 kun oldin
  • Man that piece of art at the end is beautiful... I’m not much of a boat person but that thing definitely struck a cord with me

    Josh TongateJosh Tongate6 kun oldin
  • For 6:51 put in playback speed 0.25 and you will see someone’s back path goes overboard 😂

    Jack WestJack West6 kun oldin
  • So Scarab boats are garbage?

    boospruceboospruce6 kun oldin
  • 1 was a BW dauntless?

    Ruckus PiperRuckus Piper7 kun oldin
  • The mystery red hull is an Apache and the Carib motif over white is a modified Boston Whaler with a bow davit.

    Shawntell RonquilleShawntell Ronquille7 kun oldin
  • That Freeman 42! Like a hot knife through butter!

    MURPHY421MURPHY4217 kun oldin
  • 04:25 A jet ski? He's got a death wish.

    Big McLargeHugeBig McLargeHuge7 kun oldin
  • 2:09 That sun tracker pontoon boat did way better than I thought it would.

    Troy BriceTroy Brice7 kun oldin
  • 6:51 you can see their cooler or bag flying off the back after that big wave 😂

    N SorgN Sorg7 kun oldin
  • no life jackets on,

    Donald MinardDonald Minard7 kun oldin
  • That 66 footer at the end came in like a professional; rode the backside of a wave all the way in.

    Thomas MaughanThomas Maughan7 kun oldin
  • Life vests, anyone? What a bunch of maroons.

    Thomas MaughanThomas Maughan7 kun oldin
  • Sebastian looks more dangerous

    YukariWillKillYouYukariWillKillYou8 kun oldin
  • 3:42 buddies just fuckin givin er

    Mack KatzelMack Katzel8 kun oldin
  • 6:45 well hopefully the beer wasn't in that cooler

    Eyeroc FishEyeroc Fish8 kun oldin
  • 6:49 "are you silly? I'm still gonna send it!"

    Ian MeierIan Meier8 kun oldin
  • 😍😍😀👍👍✌✌💪💪

    Mrlias86 DiverMrlias86 Diver8 kun oldin
  • I don't even have a boat but most are all going too fast with the waves that high. LMAO. I mean common sense, the fucking coast guard with their MLB's don't just plow through waves at 20 knots and they have some vessels built for some serious storms and heavy seas. Sure some of them learnt their lesson being smacked on the deck after a large wave while also proceeding at speed. LMAO.

    Nima1212Nima12128 kun oldin
  • That last one IS the inlet.

    bogey19018bogey190188 kun oldin
  • 3:14 lol

    Real Yeezy TvReal Yeezy Tv8 kun oldin
  • What life jacket?

    bueller48bueller488 kun oldin
  • As someone with basically no boating experience what is the right technique to make it through in conditions like this? Just gun it and hope for the best?

    Cole HerndonCole Herndon8 kun oldin
  • Maybe someone can help me out. What is it called when a boat is riding into a wave or current. And the power of the water is equal to the power of the boat and it causes the boat to rest in place? Not stall out but just the equal force pushing against each other.

    FrogmanpipesFrogmanpipes8 kun oldin
  • Expected the sun tracker pontoon to struggle...did a nice job

    Sherrick CampbellSherrick Campbell8 kun oldin
  • I like the way only the Freeman was rigged up for offshore fishing... Hell of a boat

    AJAJ8 kun oldin
  • Pontoon out on the Atlantic, not so smart are we?

    AJAJ8 kun oldin
  • 6:50 if you watch the stern closely you see a teal and black duffel bag go out the back.

    Wisconsin Eagles-FanWisconsin Eagles-Fan8 kun oldin
  • Isn't it amazing more don't drown?

    w4cscw4csc9 kun oldin
  • 3:40 that Scarab wheelie like a mofo!! Dirtbike rider at the helm I bet. Stay gold.

    dnl machinednl machine9 kun oldin
  • That skipper's dangly bits were really flappin'!!!!!!!!!

    wordreetwordreet9 kun oldin
  • Some of these small hulls are really impressive

    Ab GrAb Gr9 kun oldin
  • I think Batman lives in Florida

    Kieran CaseyKieran Casey9 kun oldin
  • no boat sink

    TyrellTyrell9 kun oldin
  • Where is this in Florida

    Ricky FullerRicky Fuller9 kun oldin
  • YouHell does it again .

    Garret KrampeGarret Krampe9 kun oldin
  • nothing like shifty hull designs to make bar crossings dangerous

    Garret KrampeGarret Krampe9 kun oldin
  • At least I get to watch people with money do something.

    Garrett Bybee-MullinsGarrett Bybee-Mullins9 kun oldin
  • ❓ where are the smaller boats going? I don't see fishing rods on most boats. If I did not have to go out that inlet no way would I just go for a joy ride. Saw a 31 ocean master coming in one of my fav center consoles.

    Doug WillardDoug Willard9 kun oldin
  • This last boat is laughing at us all working for a living.

    PIlotrcmPIlotrcm9 kun oldin
  • I miss not having a boat. I am going to go buy one. Why in the hell did I buy this thing?

    Jake LakotaJake Lakota10 kun oldin
  • I smashed the like button with a hammer.

    Juan GallardoJuan Gallardo10 kun oldin
  • boat at about 6:50 lost something off the back

    Nedaj StootNedaj Stoot10 kun oldin
  • Jupiter inlet?

    Jakey SteensJakey Steens10 kun oldin
  • Is there a reason nobody wears a LIFEJACKET ?

    John Andrew NaylorJohn Andrew Naylor10 kun oldin
  • Anyone else see the pontoon and go "Well that's ambitious"? Just me? okay.

    Branden HoolehanBranden Hoolehan10 kun oldin
  • Just a bunch of rich ppl..

    Gustavo HenriqueGustavo Henrique10 kun oldin
  • I really hate traveling in boat, especially if the waters are either too rough or the navigator is an asshole and he thinks he is in a race.

    Omega StormOmega Storm10 kun oldin
  • Bro lmao the sun tracker pontoon boat did so well

    Ant kimbAnt kimb10 kun oldin