Black Women Speak Out After Announcement Of No Charges For Officers In Breonna Taylor Case

24-Sen, 2020
88 364 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Angela yee one of the realist hispanic women in the media tbh

    screaming forestscreaming forest3 kun oldin
  • Daniel cameron is pissing me off,justice needs to happen

    Rohan carringtonRohan carrington3 kun oldin
  • Brenna knew the dangers of her lifestyle and suffered the consequences... No one is to blame but herself.

    Ashley SAshley S9 kun oldin
  • Drug dealer that was killed due to the dangers of their life choices ... No sympathy here.

    Ashley SAshley S9 kun oldin
  • We Have Concluded that the only way to achieve PEACE.... .Is thru WAR!!!!!!

    Hood DigitalHood Digital9 kun oldin
  • All EYES ON BREE: Warning from the PEOPLE: we support Kendrick Wilson’s attempts to have a heart change : however there is money to return to the corrupt attorneys and a public apology to make to our people. Brother Taharka: If you have Kendrick Wilson in your show: please let him know that we know that HIS “East Indian team” called our house: AND TRIED TO SCAM US: just as requested by NFAC: he offered his “prolific and unethical: law breaking” services prior to his heart change: while working for NFAC he hurt people IN THE UNIQIE position WHICH IS ADVOCATING for the EXPOSURE OF WHAT IS UNDER THE BUILDING: he needs to apologize Publicly: for using his “East Indian team” of hackers and scammers that called our house: and everyone THAT NFAC FEARED: a so called “exposure” does not profit from it or endanger our people. we don’t trust Kendrick Wilson yet either. He is not the first or the only one who knows. We are glad that he exposed himself in regard to WHAT SERVICES KENDRICK WILSON : PROVIDED FOR NFAC: we DEAMND AN APOLOGY: First VOICES WILL NOT LET ANYONE EXPLOIT OUR PEOPLE WHILE IN THE FRONTLINES. BROTHER YAHYA TO YOU: Sir. We need proof of CHaracter. we don’t trust you either. Sir. We need proof of CHaracter. Period #taharkabey #kendrickwilosn #NBPP #NFAR #NFAC POWER TO THE PEOPLE #BLACKPOWER RECEIPT#1 (Exhibits being preserved for JUSTICE not the all eyes on me: this man knows who I am: let’s talk in public sir: please ) R o o t s : B O O T S : on THE GROUND REQUESTS THAT you go live and address the fact THAT : you also are helping prevent legal solubility and hurting people BLACK PEOPLE: and their families : by sharing the NFAC ROSTERS WITH YOUR HACKER TEAM: return the money you made if you are for real: get behind SISTER BREONNA (pbuh) and her family : WE WARNED YOU ABOUT THE HOOD HAVING EYES AND SKILLS: we TOLD YOU THAT WE ARE UNMOVABLE: you just “busted yourself out while acting on it: YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE All EYES ON BREE: Warning from the PEOPLE: we support Kendrick Wilson’s attempts to have a heart change : however there is money to return to the corrupt attorneys and a public apology to make to our people. Brother Taharka: If you have Kendrick Wilson in your show: please let him know that we know that HIS “East Indian team” called our house: AND TRIED TO SCAM US: just as requested by NFAC: he offered his “prolific and unethical: law breaking” services prior to his heart change: while working for NFAC he hurt people IN THE UNIQIE position WHICH IS ADVOCATING for the EXPOSURE OF WHAT IS UNDER THE BUILDING: he needs to apologize Publicly: for using his “East Indian team” of hackers and scammers that called our house: and everyone THAT NFAC FEARED: a so called “exposure” does not profit from it or endanger our people. we don’t trust Kendrick Wilson yet either. He is not the first or the only one who knows. We are glad that he exposed himself in regard to WHAT SERVICES KENDRICK WILSON : PROVIDED FOR NFAC: we DEAMND AN APOLOGY: First VOICES WILL NOT LET ANYONE EXPLOIT OUR PEOPLE WHILE IN THE FRONTLINES. BROTHER YAHYA TO YOU: Sir. We need proof of CHaracter. we don’t trust you either. Sir. We need proof of CHaracter. Period #taharkabey #kendrickwilosn #NBPP #NFAR #NFAC POWER TO THE PEOPLE #BLACKPOWER RECEIPT#1 (Exhibits being preserved for JUSTICE not the all eyes on me: this man knows who I am: let’s talk in public sir: please )

    VIRTUAL PINK RHINO Virtual Pink RhinoVIRTUAL PINK RHINO Virtual Pink Rhino10 kun oldin
  • How about ... don’t sell drugs??

    recklesscru81recklesscru8110 kun oldin
  • I love black women, always have and always will and if by chance I ever find my Queen, i'll definitely give my life for hers naturally.

    Stephon RaimeyStephon Raimey10 kun oldin
  • If a black woman who’s pro LIFE, pro Christian, pro God, pro freedom of speech; imma vote for her. Imma vote for Candace Owens if she runs for press. Also: Breona’s boyfriend admitted in court that Breona was there with him in the hallway and that she shot at the cops first. Please don’t let the media play with your emotions

    TheCubanMafia97TheCubanMafia9711 kun oldin
  • prophetic warning to America

  • This video was heartbreaking.. just because my son and my daughter are black half black, does not make me black..♥️. Obviously I don't know what y'all went through.. but I know that it really hurts me.. my parents did not raise me about color I knew nothing about color as a best friend was this girl a black girl named Kelly Malcolm I will never forget her. Anyway when Charlemagne the God was speaking, I just felt that hard.. I don't want to talk about my whole life but I've been treated really bad. By the police I've been beaten up.. a couple of times they cuff my feet and my hands.. cop punch me dead in my face.. but that's was a long time ago what I'm trying to say is I love black people...I can't change what happened but I just want to say that I'm sorry for what happened I know y'all probably calling me stupid or whatever but I mean this for my heart I don't get on Facebook and talk like this.. I'm just feeling y'all pain.. I love black men I love black women.. and I will to the day I die.. I love my black son and my black daughter. Of course they look nothing like me.. they just have my beautiful eyes.. my son got big green eyes and he's medium skin like mocha color... I am already in trouble with this boy Jamel..♥️♥️♥️🗣️🖤💜♥️🖤💜♥️🗣️👑👑

    Mia JackieMia Jackie16 kun oldin
  • how the hell does this channel not hammer Biden for this..... pathetic!

    TripleAstyle1 ATripleAstyle1 A17 kun oldin
  • Talk to a solutionary

    Lester LewisLester Lewis18 kun oldin
  • Black guns matter

    Lester LewisLester Lewis18 kun oldin
  • Why yall won't put a real one on yall show

    Lester LewisLester Lewis18 kun oldin
  • Get maj on the show

    Lester LewisLester Lewis18 kun oldin
  • I've heard enough.. this racist shit is actually low. stop trying to keep the past Alive like dumbass when were smarter! Black been balling and yah celebs can't speak for everybody cause of what gets on the news! My eyes seen the same happen to Spanish and whites, different is that you guys don't deal with this..just judge from the outside and make it as a whole!

    Jay SilenceJay Silence19 kun oldin
  • I said a lot of us brown skin women have to b in fifthy old houses and nasty old apartments worser than what jj and his family was dealing with on good times!!!! Us brown skin women just can't get no kinda break especially being poor !!!! Than my typing keep meesing me up on here !!!.

    Chastity LampkinChastity Lampkin19 kun oldin
  • Yea this is true like this light skin woman just said, it is really the poor brown skin women are still at the bottom, even a lot light skin woman have better lives than alot of brown skin women. This is also unfair a lot of poor brown skin women like me have to live in dirty old frothy nasty houses or even dirty old apartments based on being brown skin, yea this is still going on as well!!!😒😒😒😒😒😒😒.

    Chastity LampkinChastity Lampkin19 kun oldin
    • @Pasqual Disantos nope I an telling the truth !!!! U wanna laugh about this , this shows ur ignorance it is not about being crazy, this is the real world, the real world is not funny !!!!! So whoever laughs at this, I say to hell with u !!!!!.

      Chastity LampkinChastity Lampkin2 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣🤣 you're blaming racism for your terrible living conditions? You're definitely crazy

      Pasqual DisantosPasqual Disantos2 kun oldin
  • But I am just done with guys period I have given up on guys just in general, I am glad that I am single, I have seen to many evil, stupid, mean guys with my own eyes and I am 41 years old. I was born in 1979. The way alot of guys are, I dont have no choice to b single !!!!.

    Chastity LampkinChastity Lampkin19 kun oldin
  • You won't be the head of your families if you don't look down on most men... Stop divorce, stop baby mama cultures. And from statistics black men suffer more than women.

    Alijah AnyagwosiAlijah Anyagwosi21 kun oldin
  • Just not enough

    Mercedez LopezMercedez Lopez21 kun oldin
  • Black say what you feel your not like like us as Black woman

    Mercedez LopezMercedez Lopez21 kun oldin
  • She picks and I say No

    Mercedez LopezMercedez Lopez21 kun oldin
  • Last I looked she made sure everyone knew she wAs mixed with Chinese

    Mercedez LopezMercedez Lopez21 kun oldin
  • Looking at the comments... black women cant have anything. Not even a segment to talk about our issues that affect us. Smh...

    zammy myzammy my22 kun oldin
    • Do you not understand how social media works? Regardless of the topic any and everyone are allowed to give their opinions.

      Pasqual DisantosPasqual Disantos2 kun oldin
  • They were shot at.

    Kimberli JonesKimberli Jones22 kun oldin
  • That whole quote about the most disrespected person in America is the black woman, is an old and outdated phrase that doesn't apply today. How could it?? I hate these discussions because I'm not trying to race to be at the bottom and play oppression Olympics but ita clear who the real target is, it's the men

    BlackOwnedDollarsBlackOwnedDollars22 kun oldin
  • Love my black women

    Devante SimsDevante Sims23 kun oldin
  • I know Jesus, so a black woman's safe place is wi f h me....that being said, i'm married, sooooo......she only wants to see her in her household sooooooo lol.....but for real, community is how you tolerate earth.

    Me UniversityMe University24 kun oldin
  • Y they n the studio 1 min then at home the next?! 🤷🏾‍♀️🤔

    Candice CandyCandice Candy25 kun oldin
  • Here these agents go again... Femanism is hatred for men.. And created by white women.. We dont need that

    JedEye MaStarJedEye MaStar25 kun oldin
  • I know I'm a white woman but I live in the inner city and I agree with everything you guys are saying however I have looked into the case and I listen to a black man that gave a commentary about the whole case going back 4 years and the case that they had against her did she deserve to die absolutely not but the man that shot at the police and then basically used her as a shield should be getting charged for her murder if you go on UZworld it's called Brianna Taylor kingpin there's a six-part series they have everything from the indictments to the trap house information to how many cells there were to the jail phone calls to back in 2016 she rented a car for a man and the man was shot in the car that she rented that's how they linked her name to all this stuff she was receiving packages in the mail of these drugs you know she's not innocent she did not deserve to die though

    Albany lifeAlbany life25 kun oldin
  • A Black woman should be safe with a Black man but they have tried to kill and destroy the back man so that the Black woman is isolated, vulnerable and there is easy access to her (us). But we will come together Black men and women are going to unify Breonna Taylor's Black man kudos to him and to her ex for not supporting the coverup.

    Ya'aYa'a25 kun oldin
  • We are here for our women. Did yall forget Malcolm told them WE WILL KILL U OVER OUR WOMAN.

    Donsha ThomasDonsha Thomas25 kun oldin
  • I'm going to address some things regardless of how anyone else feels/thinks; it's my truth. I don't support any polarized movement/organization that only upholds certain Black lives. Every Black life should matter regardless of age, class, gender, orientation, religion & circumstance. One of the reasons Black females don't get as much attention as Black males in police brutality cases is due to how prevalent misogyny is within the community, not to mention homophobia. I'm glad more light is being shed on the topic of Black female inferiority, especially for dark-skinned Black women. I know how it feels to be ostracized by people who should be my allies. I have encountered many Black people, mostly males who have viciously hated on me for speaking and acting proper by calling me a f@#got. The crazy thing is I am not even gay. This has happened so much that I am now overly self-conscious and hold animosity towards Blacks of that background. It's also one of the reasons I don't personalize every police brutality case involving Black men. Would these men be out on the streets protesting for Black women or Black people who identify as LGBT if the roles were reversed?? My guess is no. We're too divided as a race. We hate on each other for almost everything (dating preferences, fashion, musical tastes, political affiliation, skin tone, the list goes on). There's no way we are going to fight racism that way unless we become united as the Black race in America.

    Igboman87Igboman8726 kun oldin
  • What is this gender divided bullsh!+ you guys are on

    gsitvgsitv26 kun oldin
  • This is so tragic. Tell me that Black women carry the burden to raise families, head the household and love the men in their lives no matter what the circumstances. This is exhausting work and we get it done! Enough with the nonsense. Black men stand up and speak out and do better!

    Football MamaFootball Mama26 kun oldin
    • If you stop procreating with terrible men you wouldn't have to head the household 🤫

      Pasqual DisantosPasqual Disantos2 kun oldin
  • I'm gonna die about mine and yours!

    King_JahiKing_Jahi26 kun oldin
  • Breonna, how many 15 to 17 yr. old girls you or your man sold crack too got addicted are giving head for $4 or $5? Too many! These drugs dealers need to stop selling crack to youngsters or be imprisoned or shot. How many 5 & 8 year old kids were murdered in drug wars? Too Many!!!

    David JonesDavid Jones26 kun oldin
  • “JuStIcE fOr BrEoNnA” He endangered her girlfriend, it was manslaughter at best

    GigglebitxhGigglebitxh26 kun oldin
  • We all black people , don’t separate us

    solo dolo bikingsolo dolo biking26 kun oldin
  • Making this a Black Woman issue is the dumbest shit. This issue regarding racist treatment is something that both black men and black women to are subjected to in America. 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Dewayne BoydDewayne Boyd26 kun oldin
  • Louisville Kentucky’s Attorney General #DanielCameron is the most hated man in America! This was the moment in time to make A change, A statement that this will no longer be tolerated, All the years of injustices we as a black people have endured And he did NOTHING at all... He had all the power in his hands and , it’s like he’s basically telling people this is how America works and we just have to deal with it! This Black Man is Trash, He is the puppet of 2020 the masters told him what to do and he did it when he could’ve stood up and done the right thing not just for Black people for all people!!! #JusticeForBreonnaTaylor continue, continue,continue, to #SayHerName

    JenBunnie 502JenBunnie 50226 kun oldin
  • Zechariah 11:[4] Thus saith the LORD my God; Feed the flock of the slaughter; [5] Whose possessors slay them, and hold themselves not guilty: and they that sell them say, Blessed be the LORD; for I am rich: and their own shepherds pity them not. Micah 2:[10] Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction. 2 Corinthians 6:[17] Wherefore come out from among them, and be ye separate, saith the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing; and I will receive you, COMMENT: Israel, COME BACK TO THE BIBLE AND NOT THE LIE CALLED CHRISTIANITY. KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS!!! BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

    Jeshurun Ben-IsraelJeshurun Ben-Israel26 kun oldin
  • Dude the conversation was about black women and you go and make it about you and black men being disrespected. Come on man. Give the black women a chance to air their views and how it affects them

    Johan KellyJohan Kelly26 kun oldin
  • Yee loves dividing black men and women she does it so much I don’t think she notices it’s at all but then again she does

    Black TonightBlack Tonight26 kun oldin
  • This is Almost like "Black Woman Lives Matter" against "Black Lives Matter"...We Are All 1. Kings and Queens together. We are here for our Sisters. Yee kept making us to be separated. We Protest for Justice for Blacks as a whole not for Black Men.

    Artrepinurz ExclusiveArtrepinurz Exclusive26 kun oldin
  • They dividing the black men and black women, we are oppress together not individually.

    Jonathan D IsraelJonathan D Israel26 kun oldin
  • Y'all can't even stand real men, can't cook, clean, or communicate

    GrassRoots Director of PhotographyGrassRoots Director of Photography26 kun oldin
  • I suggest y'all watch my Video how hoe ass this Industry antics, forget feminism and respect, y'all don't respect me, but they respect me

    GrassRoots Director of PhotographyGrassRoots Director of Photography26 kun oldin
  • Every black woman has a story to tell and it should be heard 👂 but let's not point fingers so we can come to a understanding. We have to unify organize and come as 1 #B1

    Queen Trina BQueen Trina B26 kun oldin
  • The police, they, these crooks and liars shot their own officer and trying to blame the accuse Now with more than eight bullets riddle in the body of this young woman, Breonna Taylor, whose life was taken from her in her bed, in her private home The settlement should be triple the amount of bullets found in her body times what these racist punk agree to settle to give. If it was a caucasian person they would be getting more than what was settled on for the cruel death of this queen, her life was taken unjustly. Wicked God's wrath will be just and swift

    Marsha TMarsha T27 kun oldin
  • Stop with this divide of black men and black women. We have to fight together as black people.

    AMBFilmAMBFilm27 kun oldin
  • Angela sure like to divide black men and women. That didn't happen because she is a women it was because she is black. Do not fall for the trick black people. Is she black?

    Marquell MartinMarquell Martin27 kun oldin
  • The dogs in the Michael Vick case got more justice than Breonna Taylor. Let that sink in.

    Chuy EspinosaChuy Espinosa27 kun oldin
  • Yes, we are one!

    Reparations Are ComingReparations Are Coming27 kun oldin
  • If you have the time and interest to learn new things, watch "Uncle Tom". You can pre-order it on "ITunes".

    Miranda RayaMiranda Raya27 kun oldin
  • Black folk don't stick together ... start there.

    joseph bjoseph b27 kun oldin
  • The one officer charged was for shooting at a wall shared by a white family. Not for shooting into the house and murdering Breonna Taylor Let that sink in. White people get more justice for being in the vicinity of a shooting than the black woman who was murdered.

    Mike ColinMike Colin27 kun oldin
  • DJ Envy so damn fine I just wanna sit on his face and riiideee😛😜🍑

    Dee BoiDee Boi27 kun oldin
    • @M. Allen HAHAHA yeah cuz we all know him and Charlemagne are low keyyy haha 😜

      Dee BoiDee Boi12 kun oldin
    • Dee Boi I have a feeling envy would luv that...carry on🏳️‍🌈

      M. AllenM. Allen12 kun oldin
    • @M. Allen Yes I’m a mann lmao

      Dee BoiDee Boi12 kun oldin
    • Dee Boi I hope you are a man seen that if so then I think it’s appropriate

      M. AllenM. Allen12 kun oldin
  • Yes ole whitey up to his old tricks again trying to divide the black race smh.. trying to do what he's been doing all along by dividing the men and the women.. we see through your evil schemes 💯

    Roger BlewettRoger Blewett27 kun oldin
  • We are connected whether we like it or not. There's a deep pain that only WE know. We have to stand together and collectively turn back to Him.

    PixieGlamPixieGlam27 kun oldin
  • I cant stop crying. This is too much. 😥

    Sunshine MonroeSunshine Monroe27 kun oldin
  • I feel defeated

    Melanie KennedyMelanie Kennedy27 kun oldin
  • y yall divide between black men and women? smh

    Presi DavePresi Dave27 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne just all lives mattered us. Thanks Yee for helping him stick to the topic. RIP Breonna Taylor.💔💔💔

    Tammy MorganTammy Morgan27 kun oldin
  • its set up for Us to lose.

    King of chillKing of chill27 kun oldin
  • Thats BS. Black men has it the WORST

    GAmacBoi478GAmacBoi47827 kun oldin
  • How do you listen to the breakfast club live (if your in Memphis,TN) and at what time does anyone know ???

    Joel ThomasJoel Thomas27 kun oldin
  • What a fucking horror story.

    HDKiddoHDKiddo27 kun oldin
  • We not safe anywhere!!!!!

    Patricia ShantelPatricia Shantel27 kun oldin
  • How is acknowledging and protecting OUR black women, dividing us?

    sarkazm69sarkazm6927 kun oldin
  • Why does Leonard keep drawing an equivalent to black men? Yes we are in this together but it’s time to console our women. Not dismiss or diminish their pain. They DO have more struggles to contend with. How can a MAN sit up there and suggest it’s the same? Pay inequality? Sexual assault? Health disparities? You all have to deal w racism AND being a woman. 🙏🏽🖤

    sarkazm69sarkazm6927 kun oldin
  • :Donald-John: Trump has stolen my property. See here A & B: .Help. Send this out.

    dj hilldj hill27 kun oldin
  • 80% women are ahead of households like wtf

    I Am KnowledgeI Am Knowledge27 kun oldin

    Javonna DixonJavonna Dixon27 kun oldin

    Nappy Headed BoostaNappy Headed Boosta27 kun oldin
  • Am not gonna really do dat shit, like killing a white police, but am thinking it in my head, cause is sad seeing this shit going on without justice

    Max SmithMax Smith27 kun oldin
  • -____-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik27 kun oldin
  • For those upset about this segment focusing specifically on the pain of Black Women, let me break it down for you. This isn’t about black men vs black women. The Breonna Taylor case provides a Unique Opportunity to discuss the effects of the intersectionality of race and gender on Black Women: If you take out 2 pieces of paper and write down a list of things you have to worry about as a black person on one page and a list of things you have to worry about as a woman on the other, you end up with two lists of tragic experiences. But imagine what it’s like to live a life where both tragic experiences apply to you? The purpose of these types of conversations is not negate the experience of black men. The purpose is to acknowledge and explore the specific experiences of black women; one in which two different storms collide and you’re left having to find a way to survive and thrive despite the many obstacles against you.

    Timietra ElliottTimietra Elliott27 kun oldin
  • 9:08. This is what this whole conversation should have been about. Thank you, Charlamagne! As a black woman, I fear for my future, but I also fear for every black man, woman and child’s future! These are not separate issues we are dealing with here! It’s one issue with sightly different methods to take us out! United we stand; divided we fall! Black women and men, protect each other and protect your children. That’s how we get though this fight!

    Delana NoilDelana Noil27 kun oldin
  • Fight the good fight of faith keep enduring the test of faith. Stand firm by seeking Father God daily. John 3:16-18👑 Revelation 21:8🔥 1 John 5:19 👿

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love Ministries27 kun oldin

    wade russellwade russell27 kun oldin
  • Y r ppl complaining about them focusing on blk women? U can’t please ppl period these days.. hell yeah they focused on blk women just we all blk doesn’t mean it’s all the same struggle I’ve seen a lot of white men that’s racist and sexist and yes we all get treated differently regardless of what yaw say.. if there wasn’t anyone focusing on blk ppl period then yaw would be mad frfr then just be appreciative that we have ways of getting racism out here more and there’s ppl willing to focus and spread the hatred and wrong doing of our ppl... so what if they focused on blk women today let them have there day bc they’ve focused on blk ppl all together plenty of times... all of you r so quick to turn on ppl just like yaw did to Kendrick and j Cole and they’ve been talking about this stuff in their music way b4 a lot of ppl started trying to focus on it... smh this is sad af

    Joshclassof07Joshclassof0727 kun oldin
  • To what Charlamagne said at 3:10 we do need to stick together but beyond black men being targeted, black women are still treated worse. And we come back up everyone no matter the race. Black men, start supporting black women MORE stop talking down about us. You hear no other ethnic group of men talking about their women if our own black men don't even respect us how do we stick together and fight together? I've never heard an Asian, Latin American, South American, European and your standard white American man talk about their women in the way we are discussed in music media etc. So enough black men and women lets stand together because to the outside we look divided. Extremely divided.

    Skysthelimit212Skysthelimit21227 kun oldin
    • Stop thinking black people the only people to go through shit lol

      Erin DuvergerErin Duverger27 kun oldin
    • They definitely Talk about their women 😂 ,

      Erin DuvergerErin Duverger27 kun oldin
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  • This country already doomed if trump gets back in office 2021

    Thomas Dodson,jrThomas Dodson,jr27 kun oldin
  • We need to learn to live around each other

    Aaron TaylorAaron Taylor27 kun oldin

    fedrick russellfedrick russell27 kun oldin
  • "Santantic!' unbelievable'! Human_ beings?' What if that was your family???

    anita washingtonanita washington27 kun oldin
  • So no one is going to talk about the father who was shot in the bronx shielding his 3 kids, from 3 armed BLACK men smh.... yall are out here defending and talking about a criminal who unfortunately died.... twisted ass morals TRUMP 2020🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

    fedrick russellfedrick russell27 kun oldin
  • I have no more stress with the help of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*

    Wilbert AbernathyWilbert Abernathy27 kun oldin
  • Democrats are not the same as Republicans educate yourself s Republicans always had position of power of the bylaws it was written in the constitution of white supremacist during the civil war the Senate blocked every bill the dems tried to pass don't you get black people open your eyes it's about money and power stop blaming the demecrateyed party when all they tried to do was help are asses miss me wit that ignorance

    Thomas Dodson,jrThomas Dodson,jr27 kun oldin
  • In order for the solution to happen not the problem we need to get all them trump administrators Republicans in higher positions and trumps 200 elected judges in position of power out in November Biden/Harris 2021 y'all

    Thomas Dodson,jrThomas Dodson,jr27 kun oldin
  • We have to protect our own and neighbourhoods.... when police violent . Stop voting for politicians who do do anything for us about the police violence . Stop paying murderers. Start protesting the police union and police private homers let there families know they are criminals like Nazis hiding behind the badges and the boolicker court officials for their complicity and corruption. The system is broke . Simon Wiesenthal hunted ex Nazis brought .... why can't we no justice you get no Sleep.

    TM HinesTM Hines27 kun oldin
  • These feminist are here to divide the black race.If you look at the data the black man is the most uneducated,unemployed,and incarcerated group.DON'T LET THESE PEOPLE LIE TO YOU.

    ty collinsty collins27 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne spoke factz. Stop trying to make it seem like Black women have it worst. It is US together. Stop misusing Malcolm Xs quote to further divide the genders in the cause of European feminism.

    Ori BarakaOri Baraka27 kun oldin
  • Kamala Biden nor Obama is not part of the problem they don't hold positions of power to do eanything unless the house and Senate approves aka Jim Crow Republican party the Republicans held positions of power since the Reagan administration black people stop blaming them they had no choice demecrates couldn't pass eany bill all because the Senate blocking it so let's not say demecracts didn't do eanything for black people if it was for dems you wouldn't have health care housing and social security you would be homeless

    Thomas Dodson,jrThomas Dodson,jr28 kun oldin
  • Black women are the most oppressed beings next to black trans/queer. Even black gays benefit from patriarchy.

    I. LewisI. Lewis28 kun oldin