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9-Yan, 2021
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Bison meat vs beef, ever wonder which is better? Maybe even bison vs buffalo? Did you know bison is among the best sources of protein you can buy? These are not a simple questions to answer, so thankfully, The Bearded Butchers are going to show everyone the differences today! And of course, there will be a cooking demonstration!
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When it comes to the taste of buffalo or bison, sometimes people are afraid that it might be dry. A lot of people ask us what does bison taste like, instead of trying it for themselves. It's true bison is a lean meat and lean beef is the opposite of Prime beef. So then what is lean meat, anyways? That's what we'll explain today. Just because bison may be lean, it doesn't mean that it's dry or without flavor. Be sure to use some of our tips and tricks and your next ground bison burger can be just as tender, juicy, and moist as your next hamburger. Same with bison steaks! The bison you see used today came straight from our own farm at Whitefeather Meats in Creston, Ohio. Be sure to stop by and visit us or check out Be sure to stay locked in for the cooking demo, even in the snow, you know there will be meat sweats!
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  • My God that Bison meat is really lean ,WOW.........

    Bruce ShenkelBruce Shenkel14 soat oldin
  • After watching several of these amazing videos ive had an opportunity to break a whole cow and i do not regret watching these one bit. Honestly they have been so helpful and educational.

    Jaymie E.Jaymie E.14 soat oldin
    • Cool! Thanks so much!

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers8 soat oldin
  • Not sure if you guys will see this comment but i was wondering if you all could do a video on what one should do if they are interested in becoming a butcher and maybe any tips to be successful just starting out? Apologies if yall have a vid like that already im new here

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    • Awesome! Thank you so much!

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    • Thank you very much!

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  • Wow, here I am in the city stuck with crap grade super market steaks as far as the eye can see. The nearest serious butcher shop is like an hour away driving

    DeathLotusDeathLotusKun oldin
    • So sorry to hear that!

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded ButchersKun oldin
  • 'Being raised on Bison meat' he said? They look like the Paul Bunyan Brothers!

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  • I'm totally going over there for some bison. Only 3 hours away and I've never had it. Super educational and I love the enthusiasm for what you guys do. My first watch was this video and you had me hooked to the very end. Good job guys. 👍👍👍

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  • There are over two thousand bisons living in the wild in Poland, which is also the only country in Europe where they still existed at the beginning of the 20th century. ;)

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  • I am waiting to watch a video of you guys squatting and medicine-balling a carcass back and forth as a skilled bladesman dices it into perfect cuts. Just made myself hungry.

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  • Great education. I can remember back in the early 90s most steak houses and burger joints, even diners here in NJ used to push Bison like it was going to be the next best thing. Now in the last 15-20 years or so you don’t see so much of it offered at these places.

    C EchoC Echo2 kun oldin
  • I had a bison burger over 20 years ago and I have NEVER forgotten how delicious it was. And yes the bones get cleaned in my house also.

    Armando BoenselArmando Boensel2 kun oldin
    • Bison is very good for burgers. I do a mix of bison and angus for mine. Simply to save cost. $10/lb vs 4.99/lb so doing a 50/50 mix makes for an amazing burger.

      The ShopThe ShopKun oldin
  • The amount of times I think you’re doing it wrong. But different parts of the world break beef differently.

    Satoa PendragonSatoa Pendragon2 kun oldin
  • I missed the butcher's dollar story , can someone timestamp it. Thank you.

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  • Maybe you guys can answer a question... If bacon is used in sausage, should the amount of cure be reduced for safety? Nobody seems to want to answer this. All I get is a pitch for product from everyone I ask. By the way. Love the original and black. Will be trying others soon.

    Donald SmithDonald Smith3 kun oldin
    • Yes, always try to aim for the safe amounts of curing.

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers3 kun oldin
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  • Only had Bison once in my life. My uncle was raising bison for a while and he was one of the first in the country to do it( I'm from Sweden). So while I was over once with the family we had Bison burgers lol. Kinda want to try it again but since then my uncle sold all his Bisons since he was getting a bit old, he don't even have cattle now.

    snicksnack666snicksnack6663 kun oldin
  • Awesome! Wish I could get some local. Had the pleasure of eating it in Colorado.

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    • @The Bearded Butchers me too! Also checking out you Kobe and Wagyu beef vids....can’t find that here either.

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    • Not twins, just brothers and best friends!

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    • Sounds great, Rory!

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers4 kun oldin
  • Trifecta: Butchery, Banter & BBQ

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  • May i ordered the coffee after I saw this and had some today. Very good man. Also, you guys deliver bison to california?

    Diesel RavenDiesel Raven4 kun oldin
    • Hey Diesel! Unfortunately, we only sell our bison locally in our store, but we do ship out our coffee! 😉 Feel free to use the link below to place your order: ☕

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers4 kun oldin
  • I'm a vegetarian but still find this interesting to watch

    Marderos DanielMarderos Daniel4 kun oldin
    • @The Bearded Butchers Welcome yes its true subscribed already

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    • We appreciate that, Marderos!

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  • Being a South African I'm passionate about getting the population here to eat more sustainably farmed meat like our Kudu, Gemsbok and even Zebra (Yes, zebra is edible and it's really tasty too). Would you guys ever do a video on processing meat from overseas and cooking it?

    Ross RowleyRoss Rowley4 kun oldin
    • Hey Ross! Very curious to know more about Zebras! Perhaps someday when the opportunity arises. 😉

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers4 kun oldin
  • It’s curious, but here in Britain ground venison (deer) costs as much as a quarter less than the same of beef and yet in the States, ground bison is over twice the cost of your beef! Both deer and bison as we know are nutritionally superior but perhaps the nature of economics of raising and harvesting both these animals play a large part in the final cost!

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  • I love that one of the first things you designate is the difference between bison and buffalo. I've been trying to explain the same thing to people for years. Its simply Bison bison. I wish that was more widely known. Btw Black is my new favorite seasoning, and I just ordered my F.Dick butcher's steel yesterday. Thank you for all of the worth while information.

    Elias WebsterElias Webster5 kun oldin
    • @The Bearded Butchers I used the black on a brisket which I did on my big green egg. And it was the first time I did an overnight cook with the egg. FYI my wife says I fanboy over you guys but I think she's just jealous.

      Elias WebsterElias Webster4 kun oldin
    • So awesome, Elias! Which meat did you use the Black blend on? 😉

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers4 kun oldin
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    • Extinct. But not exactly -- these are regulated, but we appreciate you for watching out for these precious animals! 😉

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  • WARNING ! This video may not be suitable for Vegans or Vegetarians.

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    • @The Bearded Butchers I always save the bones, heart, kidneys and lungs from our Christmas goose, to make stock for the sauce for next years Christmas Goose. Once it has reduced well, it can easily be stored for over a year in the freezer. Then you just heat it up, add double cream, at season with salt, pepper, and currant jelly.

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    • The bones really do make an excellent stock! 🤤 Thanks so much for the compliment!

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    • You're right!

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    • We don't sell our meats online, sadly; we do, however, ship out our Bearded Butcher Blends and Sauces!

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers5 kun oldin
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    • Thanks so much!

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers5 kun oldin
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    • Or a body 👀

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers5 kun oldin
  • Such an awesome video! I have to get my hands on some bison meat soon. Overall awesome content

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    • Best of luck!

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    • Awesome! Thank you so much, Shane!

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  • My Grandfather was born in 1909 and was a butcher his whole life. I have his huge Maple Butcher block that was a blood red color before my mom painted the sides of it a hideous yellow in 1977. I have his F. Dick Steel, Old File Butcher knife, Ontario Knife Company Boning Knife and several Block Scrappers. He told me stories of making what he called wieners but was really sausages. He said he would feed the meat grinder pork butts from a large rolling cart with a pitch fork. He ran a corner grocery store in Galveston Texas that was the first ‘Conditioned Air’ store on the Island from the mid 1940’s to the early 1970’s. With him growing up during the Great Depression he was very frugal. He had a small boy that would come into his store to buy products for his mom’s cooking. He told my Grandfather that his momma didn’t like his soup bones because they were too ‘Nekked’. When he was 90 I called my Dad to let him know I harvested a 11 point buck. He told my grandfather and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it so he could butcher it. I still remember the gleam in his eye as he worked that carcass.

    Dale CatchingDale Catching6 kun oldin
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    • Much appreciated!

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers6 kun oldin
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    • Great idea!

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    • @The Bearded Butchers Thank you so much...

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    • Great idea! Definitely on our list.

      The Bearded ButchersThe Bearded Butchers6 kun oldin
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    • The Bearded Butchers The Bison beef. I never heard the word Bison before that’s why I am asking.

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    • Which one?

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