Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry - A Documentary Film

28-Sen, 2020
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The documentary film about Billie Eilish, titled “Billie Eilish: The World’s A Little Blurry” and directed by RJ Cutler, will be released in theaters and on Apple TV+ in February 2021.

  • Just leaving this here.....

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  • Im just going to leave this here...

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  • Yess

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  • I am freaking exited 💓 Person i love the most :- Billie Eilish 😺

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  • hi i'm a french fan and it's complicated for me to follow the actuality of billie ! somebody can confirm to me that this documentary will be in cinemas ? thank youu and send love to every billie's fan 💚

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  • O my god

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  • baby billie i love it

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  • Why can't it be on Netflix 🌊😰

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  • BILLIE EILISH IS DEMONIC! please STOP listening to her music. And repent. She is leading millions to hell. im not trying to be religious here. This IS REALITY. PEOPLE ARE BLIND AND THEY ONLY SEE THE PHYSICAL ASPECT OF THINGS. Call upon the name of Jesus sincerely. Your life depends on it.

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  • oOooOo I got chills

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  • Seriously tho this looks so good

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  • 0:17 que cancion es?

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  • Why tf so many people believe that she sold her soul to the devil wtf kshkegsbzwhjegkzys Sorry for the caption thats kdhdksjjsjsshsnsishsshak Idk why i wrote thta hahahahhaha

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  • Billie I just want to say: I have so much respect for u! Keep doing what ur doing super excited for this film thank u!

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  • Bili I know you do not pay attention to a technician like me at all, but please read my comment Because I really love you. My biggest dream is to see you once. My name is Niusha I am sending you a message from Iran for the rest of my life

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  • I’m so excited for the film

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  • Im excited for 2021, thank u billie!

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  • I usually don’t like documentaries...BUT THIS IS AN EXCEPTION!!! 😜🤩🤪😍😊😆😭🥵🤭

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  • Soooo much to look forward with Billie in it 🤗❤👌

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  • Looking foward to the doc. We love Billie. Would love to see her in a Nice American Tee:)

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  • YASSSSSSSS, I'm going to watch this

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  • Jesus died in your place and wants you in his heaven!

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  • The only reason why I'm exited for 2021

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  • Jesus is the way the truth and the life. God sent his only begotten Son so that you can have everlasting life. Place your faith in Jesus. Trust Jesus. Jesus saves. God bless you.

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  • I Like It 💖💖💖💖💖💖

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  • Wow, an interesting trailer I'm very excited now From Vietnamese fan with luv😋🙂🤗🎉

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  • BEST 15 PRESENT EVER (my bday is on february) I LOVE YOUUU BILLIE

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  • YES

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  • Ilomilo 2019: the worlds a little blurry Billie eilish 2020: the worlds a little blurry documentary 🤯

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  • Alguien de aqui habla españoool??😢

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  • Cant. Waiit

    zina adozina ado5 kun oldin
  • It will be a thriller

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  • My Birthday is on February and this is gonna be out on February, am gonna count this as a little gift for myself:>

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  • I hope its gonna be on youtube! I am broke I can't afford apple TV. And Melanie had her movie on youtube so I am assuming that you will have it on youtube too. I love you Billie so much! Your my KING!!!!! I am 9 and I been listening to you for a year. I hope I get VIP to a concert if you go on world tour! And I am getting a lot of your merch for Christmas! I hope your safe at home and Fineas too! I love you Fineas and Billie! Your the best brother and sister! And Khalid did you WRONG girl! If I see him I beat the heck out of him. There is over 34.5M people in love with you! I am a crazy fan I of you. I love you soooooo much Billie! If I see you at a concert I hope I don't loose control and hop on the stage. But I will keep control! Hope you and Fineas are safe. Bye love you guys!

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  • Woah

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  • This is the best composer ( ) in the world, and Billie Eilish sucks. Это самый лучший композитор ( ) в мире, а Билли айлиш- отстой

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  • I think I will die from happinesse😂💜

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  • Can we just talk about the ending?

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  • I’ll cry through the whole thing Ilysm Billie

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  • I cant wait

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  • I can’t wait for this!!!! I’m a big fan

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  • I love u 🤍

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  • I love you ❤️💚

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  • WOW!!! I'm suddenly so excited for 2021, trust I was not before I saw this

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  • What a cutie baby.

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  • idk how much i love you

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  • never seen a girl more beautiful than you your music ispira soua girl i love you billie maybe you don't even read more know that you are encrinver never seen someone so beautiful and with that wonderful voice i really love you billie ❤ i love you ❤ I'm from Brazil ❤ answer me, please I will make you a poem you are beautiful just like the sun, not the most beautiful people like you billie your eyes are beautiful you are much more you are a disappointment to many and we will never give up on you my name is lavinia and when i grow up i will know you are very incredible shines like the sun and is beautiful I can't believe there is such a beautiful human being beautiful as the sun can't And I chose to believe in your dreams because from the beginning, even without knowing me, you believed in mine. And it is for you that I go to sleep smiling every night. Today, because of you and what I learned from you, every choice I made allowed me to smile. Impossible is to look at the sky and not ask God to bring you to the long-awaited hug. Thank you for teaching me how to love. if you need to talk to someone I will be here I love you ❤ you are not the most beautiful you are incredible your voice is soft you are beautiful wonderful not how to not love billie billie i am very your fa ❤ beautiful as the sunbeautiful as the sun I am not a great writer and I will show myself a lot but I love you very much please answer me bille ❤ I: I LOVE YOU ❤ I wanted to meet you I know you will not answer because there is a lot to do more I would be very happy you are amazing

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  • She is inspiring and beautiful 🤗

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  • It looks like an Apple ad !

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  • 😎😍😘😘😘😘😄😇😇😇😇😇🤥😻😻😻😸🤳🤳🤳🤳💪✌🖤🖤🖤🖤💜💜💛💚💚💚💚

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  • 💖💖💖

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  • еще одна причина, по которой я жду 2021

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  • 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

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  • Just the trailer is very great.

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  • Yessir.😈🙃

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  • Or maybe it's my eyesSss

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  • Egumioy antisible

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  • Im exited!!

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    • Im your big big fan!! ❤️

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  • You feel better

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    stan Billie Eilish for clear skinstan Billie Eilish for clear skin8 kun oldin
  • ten tickets please

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  • positiv !

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  • Hello Billie Eilish, I would like to warn you that not everyone has an Apple TV. and almost all of his fans are brasilieiros, so almost nobody here in Brazil has Apple Tv, his documentary could be posted on UZworld and / or Netflix. I'm a Brazilian fan of yours and I don't have the money to subscribe to Apple TV. I wanted this quarantine to pass soon for you to come here to Brazil to do a show! All Avocados love you S2

    GuelGuel9 kun oldin

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  • Wow I am so exited for this I saw this and my heart was beating so fast I was so exited

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  • Wow. I very like ur songs:D

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  • Over and over I replay her voice inside my head (Inside my head) Her heart was talking but I didn't hear the messages (The messages) I don't know how I could have been so blind not to notice, oh-ooh That right before my eyes Was the love that I never should have missed It's all about you It's all about you It's always been you, I didn't know it Now what can I do? Now what can I do? When all I want to do now is show it You don't know what you've got Until it's gone Don't know what you've got Now she's gone Waiting and waiting for signs of her on an empty screen (on an empty screen) oh-oh-ooh Got me confused, never knew just how lonely I could be (lonely I could be) ooh If I could rewind go back in time then I'd do it over, oh-ooh I'd listen to my heart And be right where you are telling you these words It's all about you It's all about you It's always been you, I didn't know it Now what can I do? Now what can I do? When all I want to do now is show it You don't know what you've got Until it's gone Don't know what you've got Now she's gone And I was wrong I'm singin' this sad song 'Cause she's gone Now I know It's all about you It's all about you It's always been you, I didn't know it Now what can I do? Now what can I do? When all I want to do now is show it That you don't know what you've got Until it's gone Don't know what you've got Until it's gone Don't know what you've got Now she's gone Billie did you like the song is called she´s gone although I don´t care if they have already copied it

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  • 0:15 gives me chills 👁👄👁

    a very interesting usernamea very interesting username10 kun oldin

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  • i am BEYOUND excited !! ... tbh this is prolly something EVERYONE HAS BEEN WAITING FOR

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  • Billie. Stop. You’re too amazing.

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  • El comentario en español que estábas esperando ,amooo a billie elish ❤️

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  • ok but let’s appreciate the dude who mixed the songs for this mashup!

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  • Um I just read the description. IN THEATERS!!!!!

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  • Billie: famous at 16 Me RN(16): lets see how many wattpad fan fictions I can read in a 👀

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  • do you think she’s gonna release another album with the film? 😳 that would make 2021 the best year hands down lmao

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  • I LOVE Youu ❤️

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  • Repent ask god 2 for give you and be nice 2 people also help homeless people this girl is evil god said don’t be deceived listen 2 me not many left like me and I’m not gone leave this world with out giving it my all 😢👼🏽💯

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    • how is she evil lol

      Stephanie MaishaStephanie Maisha10 kun oldin

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  • I can't wait

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  • Seeing Billie at a very small age who probably never thought of creating music and now seeing her as an 18 year old who creates such wonderful music makes me wanna cry . Thank god for creating such a talented artist .

    Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein12 kun oldin
  • I had a stroke in my eye three days ago and lost 50% of my vision in my left eye. So yes Billie, the world is a bit blurry.

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty12 kun oldin
  • XXXTentacion fans

    Free fire greees Free fireFree fire greees Free fire12 kun oldin
  • It feels like God is making 2021 litt becoz 2020 is the worst year 🙏

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  • This looks SICKKKKKKKKKKK I can’t wait💚🖤

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  • fun........

    CttGCttG12 kun oldin
    • the vibes are ✨i m m a c u l a t e✨

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty12 kun oldin
  • 🤭🤭🤭🤭💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚🖤💚

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  • Billie

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  • omg You so cutee😍😍❤

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  • I love your videos Billie❤️

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