Big Sister & Little Sister SLEEPOVER! *ROUTINE* Roblox Bloxburg Roleplay

11-Yan, 2021
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hello loveliesss!
tonight lia went and had a sleepover at laila's new apartment for some quality girl time and sister bonding!
what do you like to do at sleepovers?
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itsakeila (unfortunately i cannot add anyone back since theres a 200 friend limit and i wouldn't be able to add everyone back)
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how old are you? 20
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camera? canon rebel t5i
how i make my thumbnails?
screen recorder? open broadcaster studio
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  • My wishes from its akeila this year. 1. Get pinned 2.Vlogs,or routines 3.more flee the facility 4.1 million+ subs I know I’m late for New Years😓🤫

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    • We know that but your wishes came true!!!!!!

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    • you got pinned! congrats!

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  • I feel like there should be a day in the life of Laila so people can see how she's doing living in her apartment so far

    HayHayGiraffeHayHayGiraffeSoat oldin
  • is no one talking about how laila put on positions like yes we love Ari

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  • yes please, i am watching this

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  • My wish list:get pined by akelia

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  • Wow

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  • My favourite thing to do at a sleepover is watch youtube with the guest

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  • Hi love your videos!! 💕

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  • I am late but like, I GET TO WATCH 2 NEW AKEILA VIDS :D so its kinda worth it XD

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  • With a boy I already have and we stayed up till midnight. With a girl I have not and I would tell spooky stories

    Kiki WolfieKiki Wolfie7 soat oldin
  • sleep overs are my nightmare Ihave nightmares T-T

    Traneascha FoyTraneascha Foy7 soat oldin
  • I like Livie the most 😭✨🥺🥺

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  • Yass one day this sam day happyend today😋

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  • paints crusty ol toe nails me: COMEDY

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  • My one wish for this year: one of the kids is in the LGBTQ+

    Cristin BrownCristin Brown8 soat oldin
  • When laila said paints crusty littl3 toes I died from laughing to much!

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  • Hi

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  • Fun Fact: Its Scientifically Proven That You Cant Breath When Your Smiling 😲 - - - - - - - - - - - I'm Kidding Silly!! Sorry I Just Wanted To Make You Smile ☺️💞 - - - - - You Do Know, Your Perfect The Way You Are! There Are Soooo Many People Who Love You Even If You Dont See It! 🥺❤️

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  • So cute 🥰

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  • What do you use to edit your videos?

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  • super close to 800k!

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  • I just realised all of the children’s names start with L

    Teigan PerezTeigan Perez14 soat oldin
  • Just when i thought of scary things lia just said "are you sure theres no monsters under your bed?" And that made me more nervous lol

    yes Pg3dyes Pg3d14 soat oldin

    Anna Plays RobloxAnna Plays Roblox14 soat oldin
  • I loved this bc it’s relatable with my sis except I’m older than lia and I love ur rp and mm2

    Lps AbbytvLps Abbytv14 soat oldin
  • Akeila,While i wws buying robux... I USE STAR CODE... Akeila!

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  • my favorite part of a sleepover is when me and my friends stay up all night and get mid night snacks

    Melissa PharrMelissa Pharr15 soat oldin
  • Wow Kylie that’s so cool that you watch Roblox! And akeila this video put such a huge smile on my face for bringing back old memories! Thankyou so much

    Mikayla RodriguezMikayla Rodriguez16 soat oldin
  • 1v1

    bloomfromvacabloomfromvaca16 soat oldin
  • Laila : -* Watches movie *- -Looks at chandelier - Omg lol I’ve just realised pinky pie is my username on roblox-

    Mr CdjMr Cdj17 soat oldin
  • Even though I’m a boy (not g@y) I still love your roleplaying videos!

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  • Ur blox burg house is soo nicee

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  • my roblox name is Kamara_plaz

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  • can u plz make me a shoutout and plz can i meet u in roville it would be a dream come true for my birthday plz make it true and can i have robux

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  • Akila I love your vids and ever thumbnail you make thare so cute keep it up QUEEEEEEEEEEN!!!!

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  • I love this is cute

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  • I love her roleplay is athetic creative an fun!!!

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  • Fun fact: the Laila series begin now

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  • Hi

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  • I would love to play hide and seek

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  • Great Video! Wanna Play?

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  • Omg my fav part was Lia:Ooo. VAMPIRNA Music:stops Laila:I’m not watching that

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  • I whod like do stay up all night

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  • I almost died when she said paints crusty toes

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  • i love the fact that laila comes to the house in pajamas😭😭

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  • Can you do like an building tutorial??

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  • My dream: 1. That I get a good life 2. Be an actor 3. That Akeila notices me 🥺

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  • Pls make a intro for me plssd if not its ok my name in rolblox is Its_Samantahir and pls add flowerheart6785 if you can pls make us building something if you make in intro for me im gone freck your prob not gone but ill shout my shot so pls send it then to my insta liz_the_friend ok bye your prob not gone see this :( but its ok byeee :D 😂

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  • When Laila does a rp series it's gonna be tea like the boys and the tea is gonna be spilled

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  • lets get this hardworking amazing youtuber to 800k!!!!! ps. this was amazing! :D

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  • You guys should make a video we’re you spy on Laila in her apartment

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  • Hi akalia i love your new home and ya

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  • Akeila how do u build the house you role play in? It's very nice!😌

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  • Everyone: early!! Me: I think I’ll watch it later Also me: **doesn’t watch till like 2 days later**

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  • Who else thinks there the cutest sisters ever? 💖

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  • Hey it’s Amelia I am a huge fan I love your roleplay videos and I really would love you to make a house build tutorial of your new house or new roleplay house I would just like to see how you built an amazing house and I would like to build the same on but with my own twists and turns so I hope you understand I love your vids and keep up the good work

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  • omg me and akeila was in the same server on pastyz bakery today idk if u saw me but my user name was @dolliiaaa2 i tried to friend u but u didn’t accept but plssss i asked if i could be in the family rp plss ?

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  • and i saw u again--

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  • I love the carrying it’s better then the old bloxburg!

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  • I love there bond , and i hope to be in a roleplay one day my roblox name is babygurlkey123

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  • OMG I WAS JUST IN UR GAME BUT U LEFT U were in Pastriez Bakery

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  • hi Akeila can you pls make me a house

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  • Hi Akeila. All over UZworld and tiktok I have seen people building your house. Sometimes I tell them nicely that you don’t want other people to have your house but they ignore me. How do you feel about this? Are you thinking of doing something about it?

    Milky WayMilky WayKun oldin
    • I told someone on UZworld that was doing a video in the house but other person (I guess it was her friend) told me that she built it for her so it became her build and I was like wth

      Milky WayMilky WayKun oldin
  • Who else thinks Laila would be a great mom?🤫

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  • Can you show us how you make thumbnails? If you already have I apologize, I haven't checked. :S

    ・Sxph・・Sxph・Kun oldin
  • Uhm...... AKELIA you have a super fan BUT SHE STOLE ALL OF YOU RP IDEAS. MOVING INTO THE NEW HOUSE, HOW EVERYBODY LOOKS, AND MOREEEE :( she didn't give a lot of credit her name is gaming with crissy

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  • Hii Akeila! I'm Aaliyah. I'm a very big fan that saw u last night in Pastriez Bakery, I tried friending you but u left :((( So can u please go to your friend requests and accept my friend request (My User Is: Aestheicmango543) Have a wonderful day akeila!

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  • When's the vision coming? It's Thursday🥺

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  • Hi!!

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  • Akelia... Ik you only collab with people who are big UZworldrs but could you please collab with me so I can grow? :(

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  • Akeila I have an idea for your next Video Maybe August’s Birthday Because it’s m00dy’s Birthday today?

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    • Because August is played my m00dy so...

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    • @ii Pearl Thank You 😊

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    • That would be nice

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    • That a good idea

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  • can we just talk about the fact how she is sooooo close to 1 million like it is crazy love this girl so much!!!

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  • Am i the only one who can't log back into my roblox account?

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  • Can you do a layla morning routine and her boyfriend surprises her

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  • Me: gets a really creepy ad Ad ends Layla: well its over! Wasnt that great? Ummm.....

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  • I just realized that u had a UZworld channel when I was in ur roblox group this whoooollleeee time lol

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  • My and my sister would never get together LOL, but ur roleplays are amazing! Keep up the good work and happy new years!

    Mochi_nationMochi_nationKun oldin
  • My favourite thing to do at a sleepover is prank calls

    Ronald MzyeceRonald MzyeceKun oldin
  • Ok when i was little i watched my little pony alot. And at the sleepover i recognized the song she sang LOL. BETTER THAN EVER OH OH OH OH OH OH

    Mikayla RodriguezMikayla RodriguezKun oldin
  • i really want to be in your roleplay my name is kemz2010 you could adopt me in bloxburg

    Ini AjibolaIni AjibolaKun oldin
  • It’s just a black acreen

    OliveBuildsOliveBuildsKun oldin
  • the intro is way to cute but everytime i go to a family they always block me

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  • you should do a speed build on the house u live in now like the exterior and where all the walls and doors and pillars go in the inside ?

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    • i dont like having the same house as other people💖💖

      It's AkeilaIt's AkeilaKun oldin
  • Akeila: let’s there kids do fun stuff (my roleplays : mum ) GO TO YOUR ROOM BECAUSE YOU MADE A FUNNY FaCE AT UR SIS (me: wha-t the MAMA WHERE UR BRAIN GO???

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  • Lol

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  • my wish from my fav youtuber we do a collab or i join her server we do a roplay and duhh ill listen to what she wants shes my favvvv to-akeila

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  • Pls can you adopt me I’m a homeless kid my dad left me when I was 2 months my mom left me when I was 2 years the police find me and bring me to the adoption center the family who adopt me dump me now I’m 7 and my name is leia and look for a mom😍☺️🥰🙂

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  • Leila: would I lie to you? Leah:Uh yes.... Laila: HEY! me: *laughing so hard I forgot to get ready for school*

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