Big Sean Takes Subliminal Jabs At Kanye West In 'Timeless'

9-Okt, 2020
164 949 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • I didn’t hear Sean’s subliminal 🤷🏽‍♀️‼️

    Kiki EaddyKiki Eaddy2 soat oldin

    Xavien JacksonXavien JacksonKun oldin
  • If this Kanye\Big Sean issue gets resolved will the media cover it!

    BleedWolfBleedWolf7 kun oldin
  • Reach! Sean would never call Kanye that, that's big bro and the reason he even got on. Sean was at the ranch not too long ago and responded to Kanye's masters tweet

    BishopFeathersBishopFeathers10 kun oldin
  • Lol yaw didnt play shit lol

    Baudelio GonzalezBaudelio Gonzalez11 kun oldin
  • Remember when sean sobbed kendrick?....He Will Fall Back Again

    With The Grip Of JacobWith The Grip Of Jacob13 kun oldin
  • charla and envy soooooo funny

    Eve NalediEve Naledi13 kun oldin
  • When some shows u who they are believe them and Kanye west has always said hes ignant and u can't tell him nothing

    Rodney DickersonRodney Dickerson13 kun oldin
  • Be careful what you ask for

    Macky MacoiMacky Macoi13 kun oldin
  • I dont feel sorry for big sean . Stop signing deals before understanding the content in it. So many be quick the sign on the dotted line for inmaterial possessions. In the end its more stress and headaches. Now kanye did publicly say he would give their masters. I doubt he even own it 100%

    Team YoungTeam Young13 kun oldin
  • Angela yee is annoying asf

    Quantez WattsQuantez Watts13 kun oldin
  • Surprised to hear this because Big Sean wouldn’t say this if it weren’t true. Therefore if it’s true, then Kanye needs to make it whole. It will be good karma.

    SwatSwat14 kun oldin
  • What happened to Angela YEE

    Legendary ProductionsLegendary Productions14 kun oldin
  • Bout time big sean I think he thinks what we all think about Kanye

    Miami ADMiami AD14 kun oldin
  • I never thought I’d say this but we need Angela back man 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Šüãvę WhiteŠüãvę White14 kun oldin
    • You not we

      Lankisha JohnsonLankisha Johnson14 kun oldin
  • Oh and why should he🤔

    BerryBTalksBerryBTalks14 kun oldin
  • When they say rumor report with Angela yee... then envy voice come through 😒

    Tierra BraceyTierra Bracey14 kun oldin
    • What happened to her man

      Legendary ProductionsLegendary Productions14 kun oldin
  • Of course he’s getting screwed. That’s the business. Without Kanye, big whatever would still be making videos on UZworld and slinging mix tapes. You made one decent album, now you Ray Charles wanting your master’s??

    E. DoubleE. Double14 kun oldin
    • Lol stfu

      Jihad anazizi menes shakurJihad anazizi menes shakur13 kun oldin
  • Because Ye isn't worth 5 billion. He don't even have a Billion including his wife.

    themightyquynthemightyquyn14 kun oldin
    • @Christopher Ayettey it helps his brand and he can brag.

      themightyquynthemightyquyn13 kun oldin
    • But then why is he saying all that then

      Christopher AyetteyChristopher Ayettey13 kun oldin
  • When Kanye was tweeting about masters, Sean was the first one to co-sign him. How will he then turn around and diss Ye? He’s dissing the label.

    RunningOnEmptyRunningOnEmpty14 kun oldin
    • @RunningOnEmpty I sure haven't. I don't care either. Lol

      Dr0pkiddDr0pkidd13 kun oldin
    • Dr0pkidd Uhm, so I suppose you haven’t seen his response to this lie have you? You can’t be this thick.

      RunningOnEmptyRunningOnEmpty14 kun oldin
    • He clearly was co-signing because he thought He was gonna come through and give him his. He hasn't so he's mad. You can't be this thick.

      Dr0pkiddDr0pkidd14 kun oldin
  • I honestly don’t get the hype about big Sean. He is so overrated 🤷🏾‍♂️

    D.Martin ZoneD.Martin Zone14 kun oldin
    • Yeah, he's not that interesting of a rapper.

      Dr0pkiddDr0pkidd14 kun oldin
  • What happened to Yee?

    BiG RoD 305BiG RoD 30514 kun oldin
  • Tbh if ye owed him just go to court

    Neal aNeal a15 kun oldin
  • It’s just gay jokes chill. My best friend be on the same shit so I’m used to this. Stop being so homophobic

    989 Meechy989 Meechy15 kun oldin
    • Doctor DL If you gay, be gay. Don’t pretend to be straight and constantly stay on that shii. I could accept it more if he comes out of the closet.

      John DoeJohn Doe14 kun oldin
    • Doctor DL that shouldn’t be the case he’s entitled to his sense of humor. There should be no homophobia period

      989 Meechy989 Meechy14 kun oldin
    • John Doe well then watch/listen to something different 🤷🏽‍♂️ that’s his brand of humor and I doubt he’s gonna change bc y’all are uncomfortable

      989 Meechy989 Meechy14 kun oldin
    • Gay jokes are just one of those things which are better understood in private among guy friends. Yall know the dynamics of yall friendship but others don't. Publicly making gay jokes comes with homophobia period.

      Doctor DLDoctor DL14 kun oldin
    • Bruh, nobody wanna hear that shii from at least one suspect dude...

      John DoeJohn Doe14 kun oldin
  • It’s not subliminal, it’s quite obvious. Shout to Big Sean but I can’t get into his off beat flow. He got fire bars but somebody need to quantize them shits to the nearest beat.😩

    King MidasKing Midas15 kun oldin
  • Stop promoting this energy ...champion build up champion

    Corie StephensonCorie Stephenson15 kun oldin
  • Jahman vanofunga zvaakuita kunge van choga hr should disrespect kanye

    Tariro MaswaureTariro Maswaure15 kun oldin
  • Kanye should thank Big Sean for all the verses he gave him.

    Jonah TrillJonah Trill15 kun oldin
    • Kanye has ghostwriters, Big Sean writes his own music.

      Just A Black AtheistJust A Black Atheist14 kun oldin
  • Give Sean his own yeezy

    HotRod TOPICHotRod TOPIC15 kun oldin
  • Damn back in the studio now

    Veteranmac 88Veteranmac 8815 kun oldin

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and facts15 kun oldin

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and facts15 kun oldin

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and facts15 kun oldin

    Mr truth and factsMr truth and facts15 kun oldin
  • They just made me uncomfortable

    LeoLeo15 kun oldin
  • They just comfortable with each other 🙄 y’all reaching in the comments lol 😆

    Jtoospicy 15Jtoospicy 1515 kun oldin
    • @Long Jawn Silva who said u could pick and choose clearly u are not interpreting my comments correctly and in the example u gave means nothing because he is still with a women unfortunately he's just not able to produce that is different from choosing to not be able to and did u just say gay animals? Lmao. plus I know it's more to a man then reproduction but that is one of the main points of creation is to populate the earth and no scripture is not the only way I feel that way

      j317j31712 kun oldin
    • @j317 you can’t pick and choose which ones to follow. Only adapting your favorite parts. If you’re going to follow it then you take the entire thing. Being a man is more than just reproducing. Since the dawn of time men were more than that. If a man is infertile & chooses to be with a woman, is he still a man? There are gay animals my guy, those things exist. Being gay is a natural occurrence. Look at it as nature doing it’s own form of population control. If you say being gay is not being a man using the scriptures as your source. Then in the same argument you’re saying being a pedophile is being a man because the scriptures directly support it. If you met a gay man who could beat you up with ease and protect his family. Is he not a man? If he’s not, what are you since you lost to him?

      Long Jawn SilvaLong Jawn Silva12 kun oldin
    • @Long Jawn Silva bro of course things are sins that's not what I'm saying but there is a difference when it comes to choosing to lie with a man when u know that's not the nature purpose of a mans creation all men have sinned yes of course but sodomy and sex outside of marriage can both be done with a woman in my opinion when u choose to lie with another man that no longer qualifies u as being a "real man" u are specifically defying and going against what it means to be a man which is to create life and continue the generations and that is meant to be done with a man and woman can't be done with a man and man

      j317j31712 kun oldin
    • @j317 my avatar is the letter “L” on a purple background...Never had a picture on UZworld sir. The scriptures also say sodomy is a sin & that sex out of wedlock is also a sin. You are not a man if you do not follow those doctrines as well. Let’s not mention how the scriptures also promote pedophilia....are pedophiles real men? I caught your drift a long time ago but I disagree some of the worlds deadliest warriors practiced homosexual relationships such as samurai & Spartans. Are they not real men because they had sex with their apprentice (samurai) or Comrade in arms (Spartans)? If you’re going off the scriptures to define a real man, if so then the only ones who are real ones are Amish men. As they have been proven to follow the scriptures word for word.

      Long Jawn SilvaLong Jawn Silva12 kun oldin
    • @Long Jawn Silva u are a man but have a women's picture as your avatar? also a joke is one thing but the level these 2 do is way beyond jokes and no man should do that also if u don't catch my drift I don't consider gay men real men people can get offended all they want but it even says in the scriptures a man lying with another man is an abomination I don't believe a real man would want to be with another man because ultimately that's not what a man was created to do so putting a "real man"title on someone who's gay is kinna blasphemy

      j317j31712 kun oldin
  • Whereeeee is ANGELAAAA

    Justina EdwardsJustina Edwards15 kun oldin
  • Yall talk so much they didn't play the the song damn

    Tavoris WilliamsTavoris Williams15 kun oldin
  • Corny ass subliminal messages this new generation is weak... too scared to be blunt and direct

    BBC YupBBC Yup15 kun oldin
  • Glad GRISELDA getting more exposure

    Brooklyn SaratogaBrooklyn Saratoga15 kun oldin
  • What’s with the continuous gay innuendos?

    cosmic Mitchcosmic Mitch15 kun oldin
  • Just like Joe Biden, CTG reads all his answers and talking points from a computer screen right infront of him. CTG is a paid puppet just saying whatever is already typed out for him on that computer screen.

    RYRY15 kun oldin
    • @Ajaxx i couldn't care less what you need lol

      RYRY14 kun oldin
    • @Ajaxx just look at CTG eyes during every segment staring right at a computer screen. Same screen he clearly reads his donkey of the day from. Just observe the man he is always reading the screen. Just like Joe Biden lol

      RYRY14 kun oldin
  • Shawnye??? Lmao envy🤦🏿‍♂️

    chxvy chvsechxvy chvse15 kun oldin
  • 0:30 - 0:42 Reference #327 of DJ Envy calling something homo “kinky” instead.

    Goldman StacksGoldman Stacks15 kun oldin
  • Sean just needs to cut himself loose and move on. It’s not right, but I don’t think Kanye will ever pay him that money. At least not anytime soon.

    LeighLeigh16 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne speakin truth.

    King JagKing Jag16 kun oldin
  • 🤣oh they flirting flirting

    Mark ManningsMark Mannings16 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne has been giving me gay vibes for years but I’m 100% convinced now he’s not even tryna hide it anymore

    soufian larbisoufian larbi16 kun oldin
    • Yeah bro, he is closer and closer to inching out that closet with every passing moment

      John DoeJohn Doe14 kun oldin
  • Where’s Angela

    Ms GMs G16 kun oldin
  • 2:36 who tf is “Sean Ye”?

    Dave Its1neDave Its1ne16 kun oldin
  • Google says kanye net worth 1.3 billion not 5. I don't know who is wrong.

    martial amouzouvimartial amouzouvi16 kun oldin
  • It’s like Charlemagne gets paid to report news on Kanye with all his hate. You can tell he has something against Kanye.

    Ezra EzraEzra Ezra16 kun oldin
    • Wrong is wrong and that’s what charlas point. He’s still biased on mostly everything and everyone else so I agree that he must have something else against him.

      Mica HarrisMica Harris15 kun oldin
    • Facts

      marcus jonesmarcus jones16 kun oldin
  • I love what Charlamagne Tha God said about preaching, Kanye definitely needs to be practicing that s***. Kanye is a sellout. I used to be a Kanye fan. Quotations on used to be✊😔.

    Sharise LoveSharise Love16 kun oldin
  • -___-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik16 kun oldin
  • Lol why Envy’s notes look like my homework from jr high 😂

    Number1HeatRockaNumber1HeatRocka16 kun oldin
  • Ill wayne verse🔥🔥 " I do this for my young more precious than the moon is to the sun"🔥🔥

    Collin RoseCollin Rose16 kun oldin
  • Big Sean will never marry JHENE and will be black balled in the game no more hit singles byeeeee

    DYnasty TreeDYnasty Tree16 kun oldin

  • Big Sean seems like a modern day Fabulous to me

    T YotaT Yota16 kun oldin
  • lol Wayne trash stop liking him after he talked about black ppl

    Brezzy 1815Brezzy 181516 kun oldin
    • Look up this link if you think Wayne is trash..

      FYTFYT15 kun oldin
    • Wayne is the Goat foh

      FYTFYT15 kun oldin
  • You gotta check Wayne verse on that Benny record. Son you just got to

    AJ the RapTorAJ the RapTor16 kun oldin
    • Wayne murdered that shit lol

      FYTFYT15 kun oldin
  • No cap dj envy and Charlemagne asses is suspect asf

    ME Long DingAlingME Long DingAling16 kun oldin
  • They do this shit purposely, because they know how people will react to it. They do it way too much, that it's obvious at this point.

    Anthony ClarkAnthony Clark16 kun oldin
  • He didn't diss him

    Dennis DinnallDennis Dinnall16 kun oldin
  • I bet anything the thing with Kanye and big Sean is a publicity stunt

    Xavier MXavier M16 kun oldin
  • How to freestyle rap Let me know what you think Breakfast club 💯🎶🙏🏽

    FitForActing Reynaldo BFitForActing Reynaldo B16 kun oldin
  • Sean didn’t mention his name. Lol. Kanye was probably in the studio with him, and he would not care either way lol them guys literally luv each other fo life. 🙏🏾

  • CTG been in the game too long to still be eating while on the mic. Most annoying sound ever lol

    zXmzXm16 kun oldin
  • I love Charlamagne and Envy’s banter it’s too cute and funny 😂😂😂

    Ollin AaliOllin Aali16 kun oldin
  • Rappers gotta stop signing these deals. 2020 and the hunger to get on so to speak leaves them forgetting to hire a lawyer to read that paperwork.

    airhall24airhall2416 kun oldin
  • Yeah Kanye might be taking advantage or whatever but Big Sean is the one that signed the contract... Kanye has helped him alot, why do artists complain bout their contracts but are the ones to sign it anyway???

    Raging CamelRaging Camel16 kun oldin
    • He's not complaining about the contract he owes him money as party of the contract.

      philip ocharophilip ocharo15 kun oldin
  • Playing gay is funny for 5 seconds.. on that 6th second mofos need to cut the ish

    Jason CollinsJason Collins16 kun oldin
  • They both ayo!

    Zain HectorZain Hector16 kun oldin
  • I’m out! , this ish getting to gay for me

    B.Trill BeatzB.Trill Beatz16 kun oldin
  • Until Sean get paid all that financial flexxing by Kanye is CAP

    MrCleanPapiMrCleanPapi16 kun oldin
    • FACTS!

      WA VenturesWA Ventures14 kun oldin
    • David Gibson look at AK’s post on IG. Sean said the sht himself...idiot.

      RunningOnEmptyRunningOnEmpty14 kun oldin
    • RunningOnEmpty no he ain’t bro charlamge the god CONFIRMED THIS but everyone has an opinion no need to call us idiots tho

      David GibsonDavid Gibson14 kun oldin
    • He’s dissing the label you idiots.

      RunningOnEmptyRunningOnEmpty14 kun oldin
    • U snapped g

      David GibsonDavid Gibson14 kun oldin
  • Kanye is the biggest Hypocrite, he gets on my nerves lawd

    Sade EdoSade Edo16 kun oldin
  • Sean fuckin' up the Birthday Parties run at the Presidency in 4 years! LOL

    11thWoods11thWoods16 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne back on the Kanye hate train. Dude has no consistency. Bu denied Kanye owing big Sean money 🥱🥱

    Wale OdukoyaWale Odukoya16 kun oldin
    • Kanye wrong period calling someone out on their bullshit isn't a hate train. Yall call it a train when it's a celebrity other than that yall call it exposing when it comes regular people. Smh

      Doctor DLDoctor DL13 kun oldin
  • Kayne is a hypocrite.

    Long LegsLong Legs16 kun oldin
  • Should’ve stood independent then.

    Gio IbGio Ib16 kun oldin
  • Where’s Yee? 😄

    King T’ChallaKing T’Challa16 kun oldin

    AllPureSkillAllPureSkill16 kun oldin
  • Yea could be in album mode but 3 mill still 3 mill gotta pay ur artist when they help build u

    DjMadnassScrewedDjMadnassScrewed16 kun oldin
  • But also isn’t Kanye sole owner of Yeezys? Which are NOT cheap... so isn’t he making money somewhere? I would be salty as well. If somebody owed Kanye money he would be pissed too. If somehow someone fucked his money up over his shoes.... it just wouldn’t make sense for him to not be mad. No matter who he (big Sean) is signed to or what’s happening... he’s still an artist generating revenue.... according to business insider... which is suppose to be a credible source..... Yeezy was valued at almost $3 billion in 2019 sooooooo..... where’s the money... all that supporting Donald Trump... he better ask Trump to give him the money to pay ppl he owes.

    S SchmidtS Schmidt16 kun oldin
  • Kanye West's is not worth 5 billion

    Clifton YoungClifton Young16 kun oldin
  • MOODYS came out and said Biden/Harris will create 7 million more jobs than Trump over the course of the next 4 years-and Trump called for Obama to be arrested by BIll Barr-vote Biden and Harris

    Leo ChernyLeo Cherny16 kun oldin
  • Lmao they gone keep acting sus because yall give it so much attention ... It is funny though

    The WizardThe Wizard16 kun oldin
  • Kanye the definition of hypocrisy.

    WardemonxiWardemonxi16 kun oldin
  • AY!! Lol. I think Envy know somethin that we don't! That's y we goin so crazy! Lol. Wait till Yee come back! She gonna b looking at them either confused or with the stink-face. 😂🤣😭🤦🏾‍♀️

    Candice CandyCandice Candy16 kun oldin
  • When did they start cutting the music out ??

    Marcus DMarcus D16 kun oldin
  • Kanye already said he giving his masters back to Big Sean and Sean thanked him on Twitter. Y’all think Kanye just got a folder called “Big Sean’s Masters” in a cabinet on his desk and $3 million cash and he just gon walk to Sean’s house and give them to him in like two weeks? LMFAO it’s contractual and things need to be done correctly and traceable. What are ya blabbering about? Y’all don’t understand Kanye’s method to his madness requires time. Y’all always call him crazy and in 5 years you realize you’re the crazy one for not listening. Just like Nike had to sit down and humble themselves after Kanye left them and they saw the success Adidas had and then they started taking Kanye’s underlings (Don C, Matthew M Williams, Virgil, Jerry Lorenzo, Travis Scott) with better deals bc they weren’t giving Kanye the proper respect. It’s the same shit, just give it time.

    KaySwiszKaySwisz16 kun oldin
  • Breakfast Club so two faced. They always screaming protect black women/believe women but always promoting Fabolous and Trey Songz on their platform.

    LowkeyLokiLowkeyLoki16 kun oldin
    • Shut up

      Lankisha JohnsonLankisha Johnson14 kun oldin
  • Dam that edit reason out lol 😂

    Ken PKen P16 kun oldin
  • I’m just happy for my boy Benny

    Savethe children2Savethe children216 kun oldin
  • Be happy if all someone does is diss you when you owe them millions.

    Hard31337Hard3133716 kun oldin
  • #trending #dahomeybu©®™️💯 #tiktokGodd🎶📺👀👈🏾👈👈🏾

    • Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers• Last MooRoccan Republic • Help 10k Subscribers16 kun oldin
  • Y'all got some sexual tension .

    Leander JeffersonLeander Jefferson16 kun oldin
  • So Ty Dolla Sign not a rapper?😳😁

    Kevin BrownKevin Brown16 kun oldin
  • And now we should understand why Kanye is so inspired by Trump 🤷🏾‍♀️

    Karen LewisKaren Lewis16 kun oldin
    • He isn't karen

      Chris MChris M16 kun oldin

    ShowNuffDaKingShowNuffDaKing16 kun oldin
    • Copyright issues

      IdreadIdread16 kun oldin