Beware of the Disinformation Campaign | Give Him 15: Daily Prayer with Dutch Day 68

12-Yan, 2021
309 629 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • Leanna Not sure if you will get this but I just want to say you are a blessing to me and I thank you for your prayers. He who began the good work in me will see it to completion! Just got that this second as I wrote to you my first sentence. God is doing a good work in me these days but all hell is breaking out! Please keep me in your prayers as you are led by the Holy Spirit.

    Francis MurtaghFrancis Murtagh19 soat oldin
  • Dutch Sheets- Ministry of the Coup d’etat. tRump is ground zero for the disinformation campaign in the US! And for Co-Vid

    Mike HarmsMike Harms3 kun oldin
  • I stand in AGREEMENT!!!!

    Gina AmerineGina Amerine3 kun oldin
  • Those who bear false witness shalll surely reap the fruit of their crimes.

    Rob BallRob Ball4 kun oldin
  • I dont say this to create conflict. I know many of my brothers and sisters are still praying for Trump. My ❤ was reminded of Hezekiah. He asked for more time and was given 15 years. We know that did not go well for him. More so generations after him. Let's us pray for wisdom and discernment. Above all I pray we look up, not to any man but our ABBA. 🙏❤🙏 Let us pray for HIS will. Jesus prayed 3 times, if there is any other way, Nevertheless ____. Let us pray NEVERTHELESS as Jesus did. Pray for the will of the Father, not our own. Love and blessings brothers and sisters ❤🙏❤🙏❤🙏

    Linda OrbisonLinda Orbison5 kun oldin
  • in agreement AMEN

    Ellen CarlinoEllen Carlino6 kun oldin
  • Amen!

    Adriana Zakis CândidoAdriana Zakis Cândido6 kun oldin
  • As the ugliness and hatefulness on the left "boils" over I feel certain it's driven by desperation, a knowing of sorts that their end is near. As i was praying the other day, I "saw" the earth and a stench from it rising to the heavens that most certainly is appalling to Our Lord.... my next thought was that the prayers of the faithful from around the world would overcome, purify, and rise to Heaven in a pleasing and acceptable way that Our loving Father would not ignore....keep those prayers going as the devil and his minions will not give up until the battle is lost. Let the sweet smell of prayer and supplication rise up like incense and overpower the stench of evil.

    Karen CKaren C6 kun oldin
  • Amen! I have been praying for decernment for all for months now.

    Hettie PhillipsHettie Phillips6 kun oldin
  • Imagibe a world with no religion. 💕

    Deborah OSheaDeborah OShea6 kun oldin
  • In this podcast, you mentioned a video that you discern as demonic based on interpretations of the motive of the persons who produced the video as being to incite violence or glorify Trump. If the video you are referring to is “Silent Running,” I have no verification as to the motive of the producers, but I can unequivocally state that “Silent Running” inspired hope in me for a better future, one where we are delivered by Jesus, referred to as “The High Command” in the song “Silent Running” by Mike and the Mechanics. I asked Christian friends of mine their take on this video and they were all inspired. Not one was incited towards violence or even thought the thought. What this means is that we all perceive differently. Perhaps my friends and I perceived it as inspiring hope because we are abstract thinkers who are adept at understanding symbolism, NOT black and white thinkers who perceive things literally. That reveals an under-developed sense of perception that has yet to evolve to abstract thinking. This was a main problem Jesus pointed out with the Religious leaders of His time. He would constantly say, “Why are you reasoning like that?” The word translated as “reasoning” is from the Greek word “logazomai,” meaning to use logic only rather than activate the part of the brain enabling reflective reasoning (referred to as “nous” in Greek”), thereby able to understand “the bigger symbolic picture” as well as have empathy for others, understand others, understand God’s will, etc. It is concrete thinking v. abstract thinking. Pharisees did not have compassion for people who got healed because they focused on Jesus “not having authority” and felt threatened by the power He operated in. It made them insecure. The way the Pharisees interpreted things was revealing “logic only,” NOT the “mind (nous) of Christ. The reason why America is in the mess it is in is because of the problem Jesus pointed out, referred to as “logazomai.” People who are logic-only don’t see symbolism, don’t empathize or see the other’s perspective, unable to shift their opinions, tend to dominate because the feel insecure even if they appear confident, are grudge holders, more easily misuse lust and fear, take things literally, are judgmental, etc. Doesn’t this explain Obama, Clinton’s, Zuckerber, Dorsey, Pelosi, Schumer, McConnel, Brad Raffensperger, etc.? Christians who are concrete thinkers can easily get off the beaten path too. Many members in the denomination I recently left are this way. They won’t engage in reconciliation. They won’t say sorry. Speak ill of others. Think they are better than others. Get riled if they perceive you as smarter than they are. Will dig your grave, yet think well of themselves as being a good Christians. All Christians need to understand what level of thinking they engage in. If they are, for the most part, concrete thinkers, they need to be aware of the handicap and make sure they are led by abstract thinkers who are spiritual, who have good discernment. As I said before, I thought the “Silent Running” video was patriotic and inspiring of hope for President Trump having a plan to take out the enemy. I saw nothing in the way of inciting us to arms. The song mentioned using arms “only in an emergency.” Right now, the military has things well in hand. My son is in the National guard back east, and all is well. We just need to keep interceding in prayer. Jesus has got this!

    Deanna RitchieDeanna Ritchie7 kun oldin
  • The Lord told me a few weeks ago, “Get very comfortable with uncertainty for the time being. Things are on a ‘need to know’ basis; and you don’t need to know right now.”

    herdzcatzherdzcatz7 kun oldin
  • 15 minutes of my precious time that I will never get back😩

    SkinnyJollofSkinnyJollof7 kun oldin
  • Amen! TY for all you do! God bless!

    Psalm 37Psalm 378 kun oldin
  • In God we trust now and for ever in the mighty Name of Jesus!!!

    Doris TarvenDoris Tarven8 kun oldin
  • Amen

    Lorraine PriceLorraine Price8 kun oldin
  • Lies

    Lorraine PriceLorraine Price8 kun oldin
  • Amen 🙏🏼 Thank you for sharing this information! God Bless you!

    SunnySunny8 kun oldin
  • You make me doubt the spirit of truth it abides within me

    Patricia CarterPatricia Carter8 kun oldin
  • This history of the WHITE CHURCH controlled the black people. But that ends today SIR!!!

    Patricia CarterPatricia Carter8 kun oldin
  • You are disinformation 1. Site your news sources 2. Where is the Spirit of Truth. - the usual small time election fraud is the same as years past. You know this but you are praying down heaven. Smh I trusted you for the relationship you have with Global Spheres CHUCK PEIRCE. But now everyone is on the trust line

    Patricia CarterPatricia Carter8 kun oldin
  • Thank you, Dutch Sheets, you are a very good and wise man!

    DJ PrometheusDJ Prometheus8 kun oldin
  • Amen

    amy larsonamy larson8 kun oldin
  • This is so important for people to hear. My husband was sent that very false recording of President Trump. I immediately sent this Give Him 15 program. Thank you for continuing to teach us about the things that God has shown you.

    Denise BochmanDenise Bochman8 kun oldin
  • Lock them up try them for treason and sedition

    Mike StaufferMike Stauffer8 kun oldin
  • Dutch, the Lord gave me some meaning to a dream you shared about bats in the dome - just as I heard you share that part... I wrote it down for I knew the Lord had revealed. He told me that it also has to do with the Pope - not just the Capitol. I also had a dream about President Trump this morning... (1-14-2021). Some of it was clear, the other part I've had to pray about to understand. What you're saying about knowing he is weighing the cost of exposure and other rings in my spirit concerning this morning's dream. One thing I know is that HE NEEDS PRAYER FOR PHYSICAL STRENGTH and SAFETY. I also had a dream on the 5th right before we went to DC early the 6th, yes, during the electoral session meeting. In this dream on the 5th, a thick BLACK, BLACK tornado was sweeping the ground. I saw a woman beside me about six feet over and some other people, (not clear as they were farther from me). We ALL saw the tornado and knew that the only way we would survive it was to IMMEDIATELY HIT THE GROUND ON OUR FACE AND PRAY! We did that and I turned and saw the woman beside me SWEPT OVER by the tornado while QUICKLY it came toward me. I did not know if she had survived but it didn't appear so. The tornado came a couple of inches of sweeping me but then it CURLED UP (like a wave in the sea and was rolling back toward itself), it did NOT touch me and I quickly awoke! This was the 5th of January. In July, 2020, right before I went to DC for an interview and to celebrate the 4th, I had a disturbing dream that I was in an 8 story square building that began to rock and I started hearing explosions right before EVERY WINDOW SHATTERED and blew violently inward in the whole building. Then I awoke! I was then concerned about going to DC because of that dream but we went, my husband and I and nothing bad happened to us. I know that dreams can be timed, even long before coming to pass - or sooner. I don't think it was a literal meaning but rather more warning about what we've seen since then. I never knew if it was an earthquake or explosion that dream. I thought it was an explosion from a hostile attack. No matter, the unrest and craziness certainly confirms that my dreams have literal meaning of some scope and always spiritual. MANY BLESSINGS to you Dutch... THANK YOU for HOLDING THE LINE and STAYING ANCHORED!

    Ellen ThweattEllen Thweatt8 kun oldin
  • I agree with these prayers. Amen.

    Ronda KudrnaRonda Kudrna8 kun oldin
  • Beware of false prophets

    pollywandapollywanda8 kun oldin
  • As an act of my will I stand in agreement with every word God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit are releasing through Dutch Sheets! So be it.

    Warring Host Makin' Satan Toast!Warring Host Makin' Satan Toast!8 kun oldin
  • I love you, Dutch and Ceci. MANY MANY BLESSINGS to you, your family, and all of your friends. I receive God's UNLIMITED for everyone that has, is, or will ever watch this video. SO BE IT.

    Warring Host Makin' Satan Toast!Warring Host Makin' Satan Toast!8 kun oldin
  • Biden knew he could stay in the basement he knew the election was going to be rigged. Biden/Harris was hardly seen or heard from. His rallies brought hardly any people whereas Trump's rallies had thousands.

    Gail JonesGail Jones8 kun oldin
  • If we don't fight off Communism and Jezebel spirit in this country we will become a CAPTIVE forever! I am fighting to win!

    Joy LeeJoy Lee8 kun oldin
  • My heart breaks for President Trump. May God intercede to right these wrongs

    Jane JohnstonJane Johnston8 kun oldin
  • Dear Lord expose the wicked so they can’t hide anymore, dear Lord bring our beloved country back to you🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    JeremJerem9 kun oldin
  • This "God" you believe in doesn't exist. Donald Trump just lost the election, no one "Stole it". The vast majority of disinformation comes directly from DONALD TRUMP. If you don't understand this you are a brainwashed moron, and I truly pity you.

    Peter SeghersPeter Seghers9 kun oldin
    • @Patrick Lawson nope, people did that.

      Peter SeghersPeter Seghers8 kun oldin
    • @Peter Seghers God DID do something. He exposed Trumpolini for the Wannabee Dictator he is. Yes

      Patrick LawsonPatrick Lawson8 kun oldin
    • @Patrick Lawson nope, PEOPLE voted for Biden and he won. Your god did nothing. At least you’re getting closer and have rejected Trump for what he is.

      Peter SeghersPeter Seghers8 kun oldin
    • The Lord God DOES exist. He just decided to remove Wicked King Omri from power. God let Biden in. Allowed it. Got 80 million to vote for him. LEGALLY.

      Patrick LawsonPatrick Lawson8 kun oldin
  • Fool

    Bob TheisBob Theis9 kun oldin
  • The liar is trump. The UNGodly man is trump. NO Godly man continuously stirs up strife or cheats on EVERY wife or has to pay hush money to those he has affairs with or rapes. The disinformation is coming only from trump. The Bible says many will bd deceived. OPEN YOUR EYES

    {:Starclan :}{:Starclan :}9 kun oldin
  • Why are you still not speaking truth to Pres. Trump's treason against the United States of America? What are you accomplishing with misinformation and lies? Don't you know that we all have to stand before God and be judged? Be Blessed in the Lord

    Phyllis DouglasPhyllis Douglas9 kun oldin
  • Thx u

    Rae HughesRae Hughes9 kun oldin
  • And god could not defeat Joe Biden, for he had chariots of iron.

    marvnvalmarvnval9 kun oldin
  • trump is the swamp. We’re going to be rid of this corrupt evil man soon. Over 81 million Americans voted to get him out. Did you see the moving vans at the White House today? They’re packing up his crap and moving him OUT!!!! Good riddance and there’s a prison cell waiting for trump.

    marvnvalmarvnval9 kun oldin
  • This is excellent and much-needed. May God forgive us for believing lies. May God help us to discern the truth and then act on it with courage.

    Steve SweeneySteve Sweeney9 kun oldin
  • What do you think of Simon Parkes?

    conniebwriterconniebwriter9 kun oldin
  • hey let me know where i can get the hat ur wearing,,

    WorldofRandomThoughtWorldofRandomThought9 kun oldin
  • Yes, I am very aware of how the development of A.I. assisted video/audio manipulation has achieved near flawless manipulation of content. The results create rendered content quality that is imperceptible to humans and requires careful analysis conducted by a well trained A.I. to deconstruct. Dangerous times when men are effeminized by unclean spirits and perverse demons. The Jesuit Order over the past millennium has been very successful in their covert mission. We as men have been trained from birth to blindly adopt a multitude of idolatries and traditions under the guise of national culture. Only the Holy Ghost can purge us.

    Open D StudioOpen D Studio9 kun oldin
  • Thank you Lord Jesus for Dutch and for his courage to take on this battle against the Jezebels in our land.

    kathleen makarczykkathleen makarczyk9 kun oldin
  • Amen! I agree! I also feel besides a Joshua,, The Lord Almighty sent us a spirit to open our eyes & hearts to Him, who is, who was and who's to come. Nothing is Impossible for our living Christ Jesus.

    Marlinda MercadoMarlinda Mercado9 kun oldin
  • Your alphabet agency quote for the ages. "Our disinformation campaign will be completed, when everything the American people believe is a lie". Do something worthwhile...for your family. Terminate that propaganda ridden T.V. set, permanently. If Trump does not remain...the Republic ends.

    William CargileWilliam Cargile9 kun oldin
  • #stopthesteal was a disinformation campaign that kept intercessors distracted while the democrats took the senate.

    Mishkahn David Messianic SynagogueMishkahn David Messianic Synagogue9 kun oldin
  • Let’s hear it for the Kingdom of God! Isn’t that what we are supposed to be about?

    Mary FaganMary Fagan9 kun oldin
  • Dutch, I felt the same as you, in my Spirit & have been interceding 🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼🙌🏼🇺🇸🙌🏼🙏🏼✝️🙏🏼

    SM GrimaldiSM Grimaldi9 kun oldin
  • Interesting that this specific post seems to have been removed from UZworld search results and suggested videos.

    Jeff JohnsonJeff Johnson9 kun oldin
  • Thank You! Master Jesus For The Truth!

    Jamekia RidgelyJamekia Ridgely9 kun oldin
    • yes sister..the truth is spoken far too seldom! When it is spoken in love and in the anointing, it has tremendous impact and power! It can bring light into some darkness, where hardly anyone else dares to go! The bible tells us to love the truth. Only to know the truth is not enough. If we don't want to be seduced, we must love truth (Jesus is the truth)(gods word (the bible)) ! The holy spirit helps us to see, to understand and to speak it in the right time ! The truth sets people free. Therefore it is good to repeat it over and over again !! ...god bless...

      Tuning ForkTuning Fork9 kun oldin
  • Praying for President Trump from England UK God Bless America 🙏🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸

    PalmtreePalmtree9 kun oldin
  • President Trump has done a marvellous job of righting America. Majority value it Not. Sounds like OT Israel. So we carry on humbly looking to the Kingdom of God as we're pilgrims on this earth. Thank you President Trump for an amazing four years . 👏Jesus thy Kingdom come🙏

    Cathy HollinsCathy Hollins9 kun oldin
  • wise as a serpent gentle as a lamb....

    Bonnie CHAMPAGNEBonnie CHAMPAGNE9 kun oldin
  • God bless you Dutch! Thank you for your voice.

    Timothy ComerTimothy Comer9 kun oldin
  • Pass this message on to all Conservatives. STAY HOME!!! Boycott the Inauguration. Conservatives are NOT terrorists - we aren't with that mess - Pray at home through prayer groups the whole week & STAY AT HOME. Make your voice clear by National Boycott!!! Make this go VIRAL!!!! Pray for a move of God up until the Inauguration and beyond. We need to keep praying like we never have before. We know God is moving but we don't know when. In the meantime we need to stay away from the capitol. We need to be about the father's business. PRAY - PRAY -PRAY!!! I am calling for national prayer during this time leading up to the inauguration and after. DO BATTLE WITH PRAYER!!!

    Amanda PhoenixAmanda Phoenix9 kun oldin
    • Praying Destruction over your political opponents, Praying that God would go back on his word and reverse his WILL, peddling dangerous propaganda and false and blatant conspiracies that DARE question our democracy, while being defiant and rebellious against THE LORd. All of that IS Witchcraft and demonically influenced. The Bible says that Rebellion Is The Sin of Witchcraft as Insubordination is Idolatry. You and ALL of those agreeing to this nonsense are in WITCHCRAFT. Sheets is going to HELL. The Lord resents Men of God who manipulate and twist his Word for Political gain. Shame on Sheets.

      Patrick LawsonPatrick Lawson8 kun oldin
    • God is ignoring your prayer. Because he ignores Evil Witchcraft un Holy Spirit filled led prayers.

      Patrick LawsonPatrick Lawson8 kun oldin
  • Thank you. This is absolutely correct.

    LadyWar AnonLadyWar Anon9 kun oldin
  • The biggest disinformation comes from Trump and his supporters, you're brainwashed if you believe otherwise because all the evidence supports he's the most lying president in U.S. history and his supporters believe every word of it.

    Steel Soldier75Steel Soldier759 kun oldin
  • God bless you Dutch I agree in Jesus name 🙏

    Lori MaddenLori Madden9 kun oldin
  • Praying in agreement from South Africa

    Carol MelvilleCarol Melville9 kun oldin
  • I needed to hear this. I've been struggling so badly the last several days. I want truth and news so badly and can't trust much if anything I hear. Please pray for me. Since I have been out of the fold for some time.

    John NormanJohn Norman9 kun oldin
  • Please pray for FBI investigation and other investigators. Pray against doctrines of devils! In Governement, gossip, witchcraft, religious cults, anything that exalts itself above the Lord!

    Ahava MarthonAhava Marthon9 kun oldin
  • Hi Dutch I am veteran I am trying to believe. What u say .chris coon .victory I dont think I can stand still...they have camps made in the us Dutch I keep seeing Arlington as property sold for condos...I a so sick if this happens and I did nothing New York looks like a ghost town I am losing all trust in the leaders in this country dutch.idont now who to talk to or what to do I feel hopeless standing out side w a sigh its enough

    Marco TintoriMarco Tintori9 kun oldin
  • Well, Trump is now refusing to pay Rudy Guiliani bc Guiliana could not find the evidence for him. As he has historically hired people and fired them claiming that they did not do what he asked.

    Ann FloraAnn Flora9 kun oldin

    Catherine DouglasCatherine Douglas9 kun oldin
  • Black Rock black rock Black Rock

    Donna TaliercioDonna Taliercio9 kun oldin
  • Blackwater and the great reset and the connection with Biden and the green deal.

    Donna TaliercioDonna Taliercio9 kun oldin
  • Let this coming week be the time when the whole world knows that there is a God in Israel! ( King David facing Goliath)

    Esther WischerEsther Wischer9 kun oldin
  • The battle is fierce, but God is mighty to save and He will. This battle is the LORD’S battle and He cannot and will not fail. Praying that God will give President Trump supernatural strength and wisdom. The LORD surrounds him with His favor like a shield. Great is the LORD and greatly to be praised. Victory belongs to the LORD 🙌

    barbara filanderbarbara filander9 kun oldin
  • Oh dear Lord God Almighty hear our prayers! Amen

    Jimmy MartinJimmy Martin9 kun oldin
  • I stand in agreement!

    Jana HartleyJana Hartley9 kun oldin
  • Thank You Sir it helps !

    Sandra JohnsonSandra Johnson9 kun oldin
  • Amen!

    Critics RUSCritics RUS9 kun oldin
  • Viewing from Ahmedabad city, India

    Keith FooteKeith Foote9 kun oldin
  • Trump 5 hours ago conceded A Message from President Donald J. Trump - UZworld...he and his family deserve protection and rest ....we are now in the hands of people controlled by China...God help us in your mercy and compassion for a nation that does not listen or obey

    Dave KennyDave Kenny9 kun oldin
  • Thank you brother. Appreciate your words. Amen.

    rgee beergee bee9 kun oldin
  • That sounds about right and it cause people to believe in fear and causes them to believe the lies I seen that with a couple of friends it was very disappointing

    Jane SJane S9 kun oldin
  • Thank you so much for leading us together and in these discerning prayers. I am so grateful.

    LisaLisa9 kun oldin
  • I still standing and believing God

    Jane SJane S9 kun oldin
  • Psalm 94:20-23 Can wicked rulers be allied with you, those who frame[a] injustice by statute? 21 They band together against the life of the righteous and condemn the innocent to death.[b] 22 But the Lord has become my stronghold, and my God the rock of my refuge. 23 He will bring back on them their iniquity and wipe them out for their wickedness; the Lord our God will wipe them out.

    Mission Creek FarmMission Creek Farm9 kun oldin
  • I needed this encouragement today!! I have prayed that EXACT words, "undeniable evidence" and for a supernatural encounter!! I agree with you and all the remnant in prayer for a miracle, a Lazuraus miracle. I take this challenge to not waste my intercessory time ! Thank you for what you spoke in the behalf of Jesus and the Holy Spirit

    jason behunjason behun9 kun oldin
  • Focus on Jesus Christ. Be not deceived God is not mocked. I believe Isaiah 54:17. Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. Father thank you for your love when we are right as well as when we are wrong. Glorifying God. Jesus we lift YOU up. God Bless America

    Rhonda ToliverRhonda Toliver9 kun oldin
  • Amen 🙏✝️🙏

    Amaniwal LiaquatAmaniwal Liaquat9 kun oldin
  • 🙏🏻💕🙏🏻 thank you for these words of truth! It’s a confirmation because just yesterday I spoke with someone about discerning what we’re hearing and the validity of it all! God is always on time! 🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸🙏🏻🇺🇸

    Susie ConnerSusie Conner9 kun oldin
  • Are you guys going to go and be on any other social platforms? Besides fb and YT ? Maybe like Gab ?

    We - ZWe - Z9 kun oldin
  • Amen

    Bella Delores LawrenceBella Delores Lawrence9 kun oldin
  • GBUSA ✝️Thanks Dutch! Totally there with you! Lord willing, we need peace in our nation! Make America great was well received by many! Perhaps disinformation dissuaded others. May the Lord help us now as we seek healing our branch, We The People. One Nation In God We Trust.

    Kenny LaughonKenny Laughon9 kun oldin
    • New campaign! Fix America!

      Kenny LaughonKenny Laughon9 kun oldin
  • Please talk about the virus vaccine. Do you think it is the mark of the beast 🤔 Please let us know your thoughts with your knowledge 🙏 Thank you very much.

    Deanna SoutherlandDeanna Southerland9 kun oldin
  • Amen

    Sabrina LeSabrina Le9 kun oldin
  • Lord God I pray that You wrap your arms around our President with warmth and love during this time. I pray that our President be totally aware of Your presence without a shadow of doubt. May Your will be done through him with strength, courage and fortitude. We ask all of this in Jesus name. Amen.

    Francine SextonFrancine Sexton9 kun oldin
  • We stand in agreement in Jesus name

    dlabanowdlabanow9 kun oldin
  • We are warriors! The truth will prevail! We The People, One Nation Under God🇱🇷♥️🇱🇷🇱🇷👍

    grace johnsongrace johnson9 kun oldin
  • I decree that all false prophets like Dutch and their followers will burn in hell for eternity for rejecting god’s choice of Biden!!!

    Rajiv ShahRajiv Shah9 kun oldin
  • LIE: that's what we used to call it. Disinformation is putting it politely.

    Tebeth BlakerTebeth Blaker9 kun oldin
  • Amen

    Liz McNeillLiz McNeill9 kun oldin
  • A very important prayer. Thank you.

    Paul B.Paul B.9 kun oldin
  • Standing strong with you. Thank you.

    HorsefeathersHorsefeathers9 kun oldin
  • These supposed "armed protests" around the country have false flag earmarks all over them! God will have his victory, actually he already has it. We are ready to see it be fulfilled now.

    Life Is GreatLife Is Great9 kun oldin