BET Hip Hop Awards Nominees Are In!

30-Sen, 2020
39 975 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • One of the babies 😃

    Honey OwoloHoney Owolo21 kun oldin
  • Lil baby only 4 I need a recount

    Desmond HarbinDesmond Harbin22 kun oldin
  • I am so sorry, guys. The BET Hip-hop Awards show is not like it used to be years ago because there too much favoritism especially when it comes to Drake.

    Radical BryanRadical Bryan22 kun oldin
    • Not only that everyone sounds the same look's the same and rap about the same shit so it's nothing to see foreal artists don't have that same appeal like they did in audience back then

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey21 kun oldin
  • No juice wrld wowwww🤦🏽‍♂️

    Tamara WricksTamara Wricks22 kun oldin
  • Hip hop sucks now have of them up there is corny I ain't even know people still watch bet hip hop honnors

    Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
  • No polo g nomination 😒

    David MerrittDavid Merritt23 kun oldin
  • I barely care enough about the BET Hip Hop Awards to click on this video...

    Tony MondolaTony Mondola24 kun oldin
  • If YoungBoy not nominated it’s all fake

    MoneymakingmallMoneymakingmall24 kun oldin
  • youngboy had 3 nr 1 albums this year tho

    Mariana SomaMariana Soma24 kun oldin
  • This is probably the lowest time in hip hop for me, the different ones always get taken, hopefully someone will cone along soon

    Gamby_99Gamby_9924 kun oldin
    • Hip hop been water down for about 10 years now bro thanks to the south

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
  • Lol @ D nice winning DJ of the year by a landslide.

    TheReason2PacSpitInTheCameraTheReason2PacSpitInTheCamera24 kun oldin
  • Cant take award shows serious anymore Eminem and Royce should be on here

    Brown ManBrown Man25 kun oldin
  • These photos of Kobe will surface and that is definitely something I DO NOT want to ever see.

    11thWoods11thWoods25 kun oldin
  • -____-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik25 kun oldin
  • eminem will win

    Mr TruthMr Truth25 kun oldin
  • Youngboy had three number one albums in less than a year and he gets no nominees? Smh

    King Jay95King Jay9525 kun oldin
  • Nobody watches BET anymore!!!

    Nicky KrystalsNicky Krystals25 kun oldin
    • That's what I'm saying it sucks now

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
  • Good Morning Why y'all not talking about Tory Lanez?! He deserves the acknowledgment!!! Yall was quick to engage in the insinuation about him shooting Megan. Cover his album as it is relevant to the situation and prevalent to what's happening to the culture.... Real recognize real!

    E. S.E. S.25 kun oldin
  • Flo milli I'm rooting for.

    Gregory's Podcast.Gregory's Podcast.25 kun oldin
  • If these are the artist they are going to continue to uplift each year, stop calling it the hip hop awards. These are rap awards, not the same.

    Quintin SandersQuintin Sanders25 kun oldin
    • @Nicky Krystals these youngsters are lost

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
    • @Gunnel Gainey I was telling a youngin the other day that Rakim would never wear a dress lmmfaoooooo.

      Nicky KrystalsNicky Krystals22 kun oldin
    • @Nicky Krystals yeah I agree hip hop been water down for about 15 year's now

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
    • @Gunnel Gainey If you ask any of these youngins what the 5 elements of HIP-HOP is they'd give you a blank stare. If you ask any of these youngins who made up the actual word HIP-HOP they wouldn't know. You ask any of these youngins who someone like Coke Larock is they won't know. Hip-hop been dead. Don't get rap confused with real HIP-HOP. There's still rappers but HIP-HOP been dead son!

      Nicky KrystalsNicky Krystals22 kun oldin
    • @Nicky Krystals no hip hop been want's the south change hip hop sound and dumb down the lyrics

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
  • where is pop smoke damn i hate that

    Milan DhakalMilan Dhakal25 kun oldin
  • Awards shows are no where near as good, entertaining, and worth watching like they used to be. Back in the day the awards shows were like the fights, you be over someone house turning up having a good time tv turned up while watching together. Now I don't even be knowing who any of the artists are and if I do I will record it just so I can fast forward through everything and find the artists I want to see perform

    DreadedUp TeeDreadedUp Tee25 kun oldin
    • That's because have these people that's rappers shouldn't be rappers,hip hop became nothing but marketing and business now so they sign people who can make them money not have talent,and besides everyone sounds the same look the same all the beats are the same nothing is different or look different so we don't care and I think it has to do with social media we see artists everyday on the internet and on Instagram so when it's time for them to perform we don't care cuase social media made us so in tune with they life,back then we barley see artists only if a video comes on or we hear them on the radio so when we do see them perform is huge cuase that would be the only time we can see them again

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
  • love love the breakfast club

    anthony whiteheadanthony whitehead25 kun oldin
  • So no Doja cat

    Ebonique CollinsEbonique Collins25 kun oldin
  • Ok Charlemagne that Joke was wack asf. You need to chill sometimes 💯

    Kynyre SawyerKynyre Sawyer25 kun oldin
  • My vote..... Lil Baby 🙏🏾

    God firstGod first25 kun oldin
  • Draaaaakkeeee

    Dere OmiebiDere Omiebi25 kun oldin
  • Da Baby And RIP Pop Smoke need to win something!!!!

    Power100Power10025 kun oldin
  • Goofy was in LA selling pills 😂😂😂

    Pablo Escobar's Search BlocPablo Escobar's Search Bloc25 kun oldin
  • 1:28 That's crazy if people are doing that.🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤔🤔🤔

    Power100Power10025 kun oldin
  • Londononthetrack and MetroBoomin really not even nominated 😒😒😒😒

    J BennettJ Bennett25 kun oldin
  • Charla asked about the other djs just to dog envy man smh😂😂😂😂

    brandon kagheebrandon kaghee25 kun oldin
  • CTG hella said D-Nice gonna win that by a landslide to DJ Envy 😩😂

    Cali CaliCali Cali25 kun oldin
  • The Kobe Bryant law is proof that times have truly changed... don't miss the point! Act accordingly! There is no integrity outchea no mo!

    Alley Angel Artist AphropicAlley Angel Artist Aphropic25 kun oldin
  • DaBaby & Roddy Ricch had a great year but Meg got a number one song with Beyoncé and one with Cardi B so...

    Timothy RyanTimothy Ryan25 kun oldin
  • So lil uzi album didn’t drop this year

    dar21mardar21mar25 kun oldin
  • When you put a baby and a horse in the best lyricists category, you have to explain why that is because I do not understand it. What is the criteria to be one of the best lyricists in hiphop?

    Blueis AcolorBlueis Acolor25 kun oldin
    • Hip hop is different now bro they look at lyrics different than how we do everything is dumb down now

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
  • Time is valuable

    D- MoneyD- Money25 kun oldin
  • Ha ha CTG threw shade at Envy and he didn’t even know it. Envy is to busy hugging CTG balls and repeating everything that he sez. Envy is a Squid, he has no back bone.

    Sinek UsSinek Us25 kun oldin
  • TBH. Yall cancelled, especially after how you did Tory. NOT EVEN LISTEN TO HIS SIDE. You can really see who gets paid off and who doesn't. Shame.

    Sydney RossSydney Ross25 kun oldin
  • I just watch the awards for the ciphers... these awards been trash for acouple years now.

    Deeno M.O.E 155Deeno M.O.E 15525 kun oldin
    • Awards sucks now bro they nothing like how they use to be anymore

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey21 kun oldin
  • CTG IS A HATER LMAO. WHY DO YOUR CO-HOST (Envy) LIKE THAT? His energy this year has been off to me.

    gee. kay.gee. kay.25 kun oldin
  • covid-19 just keeps on turning Now the MFL is in jeopardy

    TriplomatXTriplomatX25 kun oldin
  • Kobe Law is HIPPA!!

    Chrissy McnealChrissy Mcneal25 kun oldin
    • To be honest I ain't even know people still watch the bet hip hop awards it's nothing like it use to be

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey21 kun oldin
  • I stop watching award shows years ago. I don’t see what is the point. I don’t need award. The payment for the show or movie is the award.

    Ashleigh SmithAshleigh Smith25 kun oldin
    • And hip hop sucks now it's nothing important to watch anymore back then wouldn't wait to see are favorite artists now is like whatever

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
  • Great to hear it from the Breakfast Club 1st, Early to me Atleast. Thanks Yee for the info, updates, and info we enjoy consuming.. including the bs that comes with it. I recommend since life is growing fast af, i prefer no personally info on people! Celebs etc,.

    Francel WilsonFrancel Wilson25 kun oldin
  • They didnt mention hip hop platform category. Gee wonder why

    Heidy MendezHeidy Mendez25 kun oldin
  • Why isn't Eminem or royce da 5'9

    Josh WelkerJosh Welker25 kun oldin
  • As a first responder, let me say that medical personnel take pictures of incidents all the time. If we see an injury that has an interesting story behind it or “looks cool” we take pics and talk about it later with other people in our profession. I can’t speak for anyone else but I always ask for permission from the patient because our ER has a no phone policy,. Now when it comes to the dead I think it’s disrespectful but I promise they only passed that law because it was Kobe.

    Travius MccoyTravius Mccoy25 kun oldin
  • Why CARDI not

    Cherelle RobertsCherelle Roberts25 kun oldin
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    The MessengerThe Messenger25 kun oldin
  • Pop smoke

    Biddy BopBiddy Bop25 kun oldin
  • Until Mozzy get an award ion respect it,n Bino Rideaux n Blxst kilt the summer hands down

    poke_uno 3911poke_uno 391125 kun oldin
  • I miss The Source Awards. Those were the days.

    Jay HernandezJay Hernandez26 kun oldin
    • @Radical Bryan Facts. The 90's era was just something special

      Finesse JohnsonFinesse Johnson22 kun oldin
    • Of course. 1995 was still the best year for the Source Awards.

      Radical BryanRadical Bryan22 kun oldin
    • @Finesse Johnson back when hip hop was militant and culture

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
    • When it was hip hop and niggaz was militant

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
    • @Jay Hernandez Good Times. The nostalgia I mean, not the shooting of course

      Finesse JohnsonFinesse Johnson25 kun oldin
  • At this point, BET Hip Hop Awards will include Justin Beiber, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez as rappers...

    Jay HernandezJay Hernandez26 kun oldin
    • @leggosmodro okdo sad how hip hop change like that

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey21 kun oldin
    • Shit sad

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey21 kun oldin
  • I sware BET has an award every couple days 😂😂

    Shamar WebbShamar Webb26 kun oldin
  • I was surprised Doja cat wasn't nominated for a bet hip-hop award

    Tia WessellsTia Wessells26 kun oldin
    • Bold of you to assume she wants to be apart of "Black" Entertainment Television.

      Sagen 06Sagen 0624 kun oldin
  • EBT Awards seem like they’re every month now smh

    Cease600Cease60026 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne ain’t shit😂😂😂😂 Talking about “D-Nice gone win that by a landslide.” Envy kept talking 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    MaliMoMaliMo26 kun oldin
  • So y’all really not fukn wit Uzi!! Him and Lil baby the only artist that got platinum albums this year!! 😤

    Brad DunnBrad Dunn26 kun oldin
  • Where is six-nine for a nominee. He came back with a huge numbers on his songs.BET is a racist and if they don't support snitches then why is Roc Nation on there. These are facts and if you are unable to have a Latin artist bring down a small gang. Then you need to get out Roc Nation because they bring down a cartel.BET can't cry racism because they are the definition of racist.

    AntonjlaveyAntonjlavey26 kun oldin
    • Realtalk I'm thinking 6 9 probably came out with his album too late to be nominated.

      RayRay 214RayRay 21425 kun oldin
  • Joe Budden Podcast might snag the trophy.

    Scotty MarkotiScotty Markoti26 kun oldin
  • Da baby Been Workin he got 2 Albums in the same category.

    Elijah AshmanElijah Ashman26 kun oldin
  • Pop smoke easily.

    Dontay SmithDontay Smith26 kun oldin
  • Mediocre music

    All up in the videos....All up in the videos....26 kun oldin
    • awards show is nowhere near as good as they use to be back then awards show's was like the super bowl and big fights back then everyone was getting together to go watch it tv turn up having a good time now I don't even know who have these artists is it's just sucks now

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey21 kun oldin
  • DJ of the year is the same every year lol

    rrosen85rrosen8526 kun oldin
  • Megan 8 nominations.....yeah ok.🙄 #Pity

    Emmanuel JonesEmmanuel Jones26 kun oldin
    • @Emmanuel Jones hip hop change now bro it's not about art or lyrics anymore anybody can famous now in rap shit change

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey21 kun oldin
    • Naturally Nene Let me be clear, I haven’t heard squat about Megan until her unfortunate incident and WAP🤷🏽‍♂️

      Emmanuel JonesEmmanuel Jones26 kun oldin
    • What female rapper has had a more successful year than her in 2020 ? Oh ok

      Naturally NeneNaturally Nene26 kun oldin
  • One day YUNG JEONG will be big in the music industry...manifest 🥶🥶🥶

    Yung JeongYung Jeong26 kun oldin
    • NO!!!!!

      D KNIGHTMAND KNIGHTMAN25 kun oldin
  • i honestly forgot about the BET Awards with all this crazy stuff going on

    LosAngeles_ KingLosAngeles_ King26 kun oldin
  • Why is jack harlow a nominee??

    Brice ProductionsBrice Productions26 kun oldin
    • Affirmative action !

      RayRay 214RayRay 21425 kun oldin
  • 2:52 Goofy was in Chip n’ Dale selling pills 😂😂😂 this nigga here

    BIG STAKBIG STAK26 kun oldin
  • Asif Travis hasn't been nominated for artist of the year!🤦‍♂️

    The Beat BoxThe Beat Box26 kun oldin
  • Yall Should Interview Jackboy he Yak's Brother

    BurhBurh26 kun oldin
  • CthaGod shut down envy with the quickness 😂😂😂

    demarcus ruffindemarcus ruffin26 kun oldin
    • It's because cthagod is the downfall are the black community and a hater

      AntonjlaveyAntonjlavey26 kun oldin
  • Dude Dababy is underwhelming sonically and vocally. He has flow and charisma I’ll give him that. But he doesn’t have much substance in any of his music so far.

    Golden Chi1dGolden Chi1d26 kun oldin
  • Griselda gets ZERO love from the BET Hip Hop Awards. They should've been nominated for something. I like DaBaby & Meg Thee Stallion, but they are far from being lyricists. They just can flow on the beat. Nas not nominated for best Hip Hop Album is a travesty. "King's Disease" best album in 2020 so far.

    NYBEAST360NYBEAST36026 kun oldin
    • @jebiusenvy That's right man. The deadline reached, by the time Nas & Big Sean albums were released.

      NYBEAST360NYBEAST36025 kun oldin
    • Who made the sunshine finna be strait fire

      Carlos RiveraCarlos Rivera25 kun oldin
    • Kings Disease just came out it'll be on next year's BET hip hop awards. If anything Detroit 2 by Big Sean should be on here too but probably missed the deadline.

      jebiusenvyjebiusenvy25 kun oldin
    • NYBEAST360 absolutely King’s Disease is by far on a tier of its own. Also As God Intended should’ve been nominated as well.

  • BABY

    Dee GonzDee Gonz26 kun oldin

    gift from Virgogift from Virgo26 kun oldin
    • @RayRay 214 that's what I'm saying

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey21 kun oldin
    • The queen of what ?

      RayRay 214RayRay 21425 kun oldin
  • Ctg thats a diss to Envy . But D nice is Nicd though. Pun intended!

    JAI BanksJAI Banks26 kun oldin
  • Charlemagne is such bad vibes and such a bad friend 🤦🏾‍♀️

    Anaïs xAnaïs x26 kun oldin
    • Right! I thought I was the only one that caught that. Smh

      Ms. UniqueBeautyMs. UniqueBeauty24 kun oldin
  • Hate that we can’t vote on Bet Hip Hop Awards but we can for VMAs!

    David PDavid P26 kun oldin
  • Paris Hilton is DJ of the year

    Luc MorstaLuc Morsta26 kun oldin
  • Freddie Gibbs,nas,Benny the Butcher all drop projects this year those are lyricist

    Migo DabbingMigo Dabbing26 kun oldin
    • FACTS🔥💯💪🏾

      SkinnyMinnieOgSkinnyMinnieOg25 kun oldin
    • Exactly.

      NYBEAST360NYBEAST36025 kun oldin
  • Drake doesn’t even write his own shit,DaBaby has the same flow, Megan is nooo where near a lyricist

    Migo DabbingMigo Dabbing26 kun oldin
    • Mikayla Kimberly you mad😭

      Migo DabbingMigo Dabbing23 kun oldin
    • Please sit down thank you tf

      Mikayla KimberlyMikayla Kimberly23 kun oldin
    • @Naturally Nene no but there where many way better lyricist compared to Megan

      Kingsley YeboahKingsley Yeboah24 kun oldin
    • No were is Nikki

      AntonjlaveyAntonjlavey26 kun oldin
    • Who did you prefer Cardi 🤣

      Naturally NeneNaturally Nene26 kun oldin
  • Music to be Murdered By smacks the shit outta all those albums combined

    blacksupreme777blacksupreme77726 kun oldin
  • I told BET not to nominate Nicki for nothing because of her dealings with 6ix9ine. 🐀 🌈💯

    TK KirklandTK Kirkland26 kun oldin
    • IM2 CUTE are you sure? Chris Brown & Young Thug are nominated based off their collaboration mixtape and Cardi B & Megan are nominated for wap

      Unruly SinnerUnruly Sinner24 kun oldin
    • The nomination are based off of 2019 release she didn’t put out any projects during that time genius. Nicki really be living in y’all mind

      IM2 CUTEIM2 CUTE25 kun oldin
  • PopSmoke should have been nominated more. That’s really disappointing. He was incredible.

    Evie OnederEvie Oneder26 kun oldin
    • Yeah I feel like his album should be nominated nx yr

      Football Never stopsFootball Never stops26 kun oldin
    • Incredible? Nah.

      Chibueze IbidaChibueze Ibida26 kun oldin
  • Dababy so trash 🤷🏽‍♂️

    E. BurksE. Burks26 kun oldin
  • King’s Disease is the AOTY

    • July 10, 2020

    • @VANGUARDIAN TV when did that come out?

      jebiusenvyjebiusenvy25 kun oldin
    • jebiusenvy so what’s the excuse for As God Intended not being nominated?

    • It will be next year awards. Bet Hip Hop Awards I think counts albums from July 1, 2019 to July 31, 2020. It missed the cut off for this year same with Detroit 2.

      jebiusenvyjebiusenvy25 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne flawed for shutting down DJ Envy for getting DJ of the Year😂

    JBlazer49JBlazer4926 kun oldin
    • thought i was the only one that caught that.

      Spoken TruthSpoken Truth26 kun oldin
  • I feel like every two days it's the BET Hip Hop Awards lmaooooo

    PDot397PDot39726 kun oldin
    • @KIA TRU that's how corny hip hop gotten

      Gunnel GaineyGunnel Gainey22 kun oldin
    • Prominent Emcee it’s like everytime you look up lol

      PDot397PDot39724 kun oldin
    • I thought I was buggin'

      Prominent EmceeProminent Emcee24 kun oldin
    • 🤣🤣🤣 I thought it was just me

      Skateboard PSkateboard P24 kun oldin
    • Elijah Ashman I know that’s what i said

      PDot397PDot39725 kun oldin
  • No disrespect to any of the artist in the best new artist category but i feel like flo milli definitely deserves that win because her mixtape is 🔥...but most likely it will go to pop smoke 🤷‍♀️

    NaNa_Vs_LiVNaNa_Vs_LiV26 kun oldin
    • Idk how she didn’t get XXL freshman

      Football Never stopsFootball Never stops26 kun oldin

    A ESCOBARA ESCOBAR26 kun oldin
    • Love Always Wins! He keep getting no1 selling projects. BET supposed to be for us. Wtf jack harlow getting nominated for

      A ESCOBARA ESCOBAR25 kun oldin
    • His voice too annoying to get nominated, sounds like a screaming cat!

      Love Always Wins!Love Always Wins!25 kun oldin
    • Birdman probably black balled him.

      RayRay 214RayRay 21425 kun oldin
    • 🤢🤮

      EL PERFUMÉEL PERFUMÉ25 kun oldin
    • NBA is too good for bet because he is the definition of a gangster. The other artists are just Studio gangsters

      AntonjlaveyAntonjlavey26 kun oldin
  • Didn't they have a award show like a couple months ago

    Aaron GoatedAaron Goated26 kun oldin
  • The fact that a law needs to be passed for something that should be common sense 🙃 I hate it here

    Yuri WYuri W26 kun oldin
  • Used this as a trump lost lastnight button

    Randy MossRandy Moss26 kun oldin
    • America lost last night.

      Blueis AcolorBlueis Acolor25 kun oldin
    • Do you mean Joe Biden lost last night

      AntonjlaveyAntonjlavey26 kun oldin
  • Nashville is full of Covid. People should stop coming here to visit

    Dayum_MiDayum_Mi26 kun oldin
  • I feel like yee gets her news from the shade room

    Abubakr WallyAbubakr Wally26 kun oldin
    • Skybleu yes 6:05-6:10@m

      korReeS2korReeS225 kun oldin
    • Lol idc where she gets it from frfr sometimes it’s trash news like who cares

      catchin vibes tvcatchin vibes tv25 kun oldin
    • Skybleu yeah it’s during the show I think

      JadenWB 3JadenWB 325 kun oldin
    • Doesn’t she do the rumor report in the morning?

      SkybleuSkybleu25 kun oldin
    • How when she reports it before anyone else

      korReeS2korReeS225 kun oldin
  • D Nice got this one.

    M B, RNM B, RN26 kun oldin
  • i know people are tired of this covid shit!

    bobby colebobby cole26 kun oldin