Best of Cardi B (Compilation Part 2) | Season 7 | @VH1 Love & Hip Hop: New York

21-Yan, 2018
28 928 865 Ko‘rishlar soni

A compilation of Cardi B's most over the top scenes from season 7 of @VH1 Love & Hip Hop: New York.
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Cardi B Supercut (PART 2): Best Moments from Love & Hip Hop Season 7

  • TIMECODES 0:05 - Cardi B’s life changed drastically (S7 E 01) 2:45 - Don’t be too Swift in the studio (S7 E02) 5:05 - “Queen Petty LaBelle” (S7 E04) 7:46 - Cardi B snatches wigs (S7 E04) 9:52 - Cardi B takes a bath while Bianca spills the tea (S7 E07) 11:41 - “What should I do? What should I does?" (S7 E14) 13:22 - Cardi vs. Asia at the reunion (S7 E15) 16:30 - A shot of Hennessey (S7 E16) 17:55 - Cardi B urges Amina to let it go (S7 E16)

    VH1VH12 yil oldin
    • Am going today queen destiny queen mother in law to be a two day living room to see if you would say take a look forward her email

      Denise BabbsDenise Babbs28 kun oldin
    • Wah gawn dutty gayl🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲😂😂

      TammyzTammyzOy oldin
    • Beuwbs

      sne Syesne Sye3 oy oldin
    • S Gvswonwkwkw

      sne Syesne Sye3 oy oldin
    • @Olivia M VAL RIGHT

      Le cringy CatLe cringy Cat3 oy oldin
  • why Asia look like a damn lima bean

    Hannah WiltHannah Wilt6 soat oldin
  • 16:45 Hennessey just suddenly stood up and sprinted outta nowhere😭 I love how close they are, true rude or dies😂💕

    Tamaya DavidTamaya David2 kun oldin
  • this dude over here trying to mix business smh

    Xnsbeats 420Xnsbeats 4203 kun oldin
  • I love cardi

    tashna channeltashna channel3 kun oldin
  • Squidward: I’m Han- Asia: hold my plastic surgery(that made her look like squidward)

    McKenzie CalhounMcKenzie Calhoun4 kun oldin
  • I feel famous😂😂

    Joshua EmmanuelJoshua Emmanuel4 kun oldin
  • Nobody cares!!!🙄🤭🤭

    Mr Silver & BlackMr Silver & Black5 kun oldin
  • Swift behaving as thou, Asia wouldn't find out

    Jamaican KingJamaican King5 kun oldin
  • Yooo I miss Nina sooooo much she was my favvvvv host and she had my name 😭😭😭

    MissIamTwinkles01MissIamTwinkles016 kun oldin
  • I love white boys Cardi: Yhu dthoo?

    lio vlio v7 kun oldin
  • I think cardi just said that on up dont know how i give it up

    Michelle BrownMichelle Brown7 kun oldin

    Naturi WadeNaturi Wade9 kun oldin
  • sorry not sorry but asia’s body might be stunning but her face ain’t cutting it 😀

    Lindseyy AlexandraLindseyy Alexandra10 kun oldin
  • A whole queen right here 🙌🏼

    mariahcriesmariahcries12 kun oldin
  • lol

  • Asia do be looking like handsome squidward tho??

    CoolFnCoolFn13 kun oldin
  • Amazing

    Cedrick MutomboCedrick Mutombo13 kun oldin
  • Asia's face looks like a pickle 😐

    Alishia HambletteAlishia Hamblette13 kun oldin
  • Security Guards Faster than my Wifi when im on Tik Tok🤪

    Kala's AestheticKala's Aesthetic13 kun oldin
  • Jay weler 26/4...

    Iman Shalom01Iman Shalom0113 kun oldin
  • I miss cardi on the show😭🤣

    Tifan WilliamsTifan Williams14 kun oldin
  • cardi cracked her i said crack ha cardi crack haa

  • Girl cardi you doing to much

    Samuel CunninghamSamuel Cunningham14 kun oldin
  • I LOVE Cardi B, she’s definitely one of a kind. She has one hell of a sense of humor, she’s real (unlike a lot of people these days who are way too fake) and she doesn’t put up with bs from anyone 💯

    Rose BudRose Bud15 kun oldin
  • I love her voice

    ᴇᴍᴍᴀᴇᴍᴍᴀ16 kun oldin
  • Went from the bottom to the top cardi I’m proud of you, you’re a perfect role model for women in the hood

    Obama’s SonObama’s Son16 kun oldin
  • Yo Hennessey is legit like a tiny ass pitbull. She's just LOOKIN for someone to scrap with 🤣🤣

    KPKP16 kun oldin
  • Hennessy really bout that action for cardi 🤣

    B JB J17 kun oldin
  • What did cardi B say after saying shut the @¡$* up... What? I've ever heard that word.

    Manuel CalderónManuel Calderón17 kun oldin
  • Hennessey really got cardi's back. she and cardi are both queens honestly

    melanie isabellamelanie isabella18 kun oldin
  • Damn her breast implants were awful then!! Idk what they look like now I’m just assuming she had them fixed

    illa illailla illa19 kun oldin
  • Asia GOT AH BIG ASS HEAD 🤣THAT FORE HEAD A 5 head🤦🏾‍♂️🤣.

    Sean Luciano jrSean Luciano jr19 kun oldin
  • Cardi you're so sweet😘🥰💖 but reduce talking .😢😜

    Benny MwanzaBenny Mwanza20 kun oldin
  • The way he does this all on camera and thinks no ones gonna see it 😂

    ExzyExzy20 kun oldin
    • I say the same exact thing with kirk and rasheeda 🤷🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

      Young Queen ColeYoung Queen Cole19 kun oldin
  • I wish I could see her in real life and I love her Music

    Dallas BoyceDallas Boyce20 kun oldin
  • 16:46 if my sister doesnt have the same energy I DO NOT WANT IT THE WAY THEY BOTH GOT UP LIKE IT WAS PLANNED

    18k marv18k marv21 kun oldin
  • yo i'm like watching this in 2021

    Lesego SiboyaneLesego Siboyane21 kun oldin
  • 🖐🏾👁👄👁🖐🏾

    Milan anderosnMilan anderosn21 kun oldin
  • Love how Sister had Sisters back!!!!

    mamaverosmamaveros22 kun oldin
  • i don't even like cardi but damn that dude hella disrespectful, both of these women deserve better

    angeliqueangelique22 kun oldin
  • Wow

    Blessing NgataBlessing Ngata23 kun oldin
  • Who wachthing this when cardi b is famous and has wap and up as music

    Vienty’s worldVienty’s world23 kun oldin
  • I ship them

    Christine KragChristine Krag23 kun oldin
  • Who else cringed when he grabbed her thigh?💀💀💀

    Fox willFox will24 kun oldin
  • Cardi b going on bad

    Deandra CampbellDeandra Campbell24 kun oldin
  • Swift looks like he wants no part in this 😂😂

    Luke WalkerLuke Walker24 kun oldin
  • Cardi b is iconic in every way.

    Audrey CavinessAudrey Caviness24 kun oldin
  • cardi b i love u and ur music plz make more and i love ur song up and u r amazing also ur wap song is a big hit hope u r doing good and hope u have a good time bye

    Railynn MullinsRailynn Mullins25 kun oldin
  • Hennessy remind me of Rolanda wasabi productions 😂😂😂

    Jah'Nice MorrisanJah'Nice Morrisan25 kun oldin
  • “ Don’t let the haters get to you because even Jesus got criticized and he is a good man. “

    Richie YoungRichie Young26 kun oldin
  • Bro fumbled

    D1G1T4LD1G1T4L27 kun oldin
  • These reunions be like Jerry Springer lol

    Leslie AnnLeslie Ann28 kun oldin
  • They are good actors.nice script

    The BigggThe Biggg28 kun oldin
  • Cardi n Bianca are a cute friendship

    Taylor RaeTaylor Rae28 kun oldin
  • Destiny queen of the mothers girlfriend destiny queen

    Denise BabbsDenise Babbs29 kun oldin
  • Cardi: white boys like us Henessy: I like white boys Cardi: u do ? Henessy: yeap Me: she's lying

    SashaSasha29 kun oldin
  • These type of dudes 🤢

    Yaretzi tlamatineYaretzi tlamatine29 kun oldin
  • I love to watch Cardi B n Hennessey together I love there relationship I admire them very much Cardi is still the same since day 1 she doesn't n still hasn't let the fam get to her head LOVE THE REALIST love these bitchs come at them with words they coming for yo ass wit shoes n fist lmao

    KK BeazleyKK Beazley29 kun oldin

    Kailyn GomezKailyn Gomez29 kun oldin
  • White boys love us 😂😂🤣😂😂

    Chucha’s DelicacyChucha’s DelicacyOy oldin
  • We all need a sister like Hennessey

    Angie RoseAngie RoseOy oldin
  • I love Cardi b because she is funny 😂 make me laugh when I'm cry

    Lisa MayaLisa MayaOy oldin

    Isabella QuintanaIsabella QuintanaOy oldin
  • Keeping it classy I see 🤣

    Shannon RussoShannon RussoOy oldin
  • Swear I never knew this side of Cardi and I'm glad that she has grown up a bit.

    Arnetress JacarArnetress JacarOy oldin
  • This my twin frfr we act so much alike and look too much alike especially without the make up get that schmoney cardi b riding in the bentley yessss sir okurr. I like when she say a thousand ppl be hating on me in a day it's effecting my mental🤦😂😂 and when she stay I still miss the hood doe 😂😂😂watz Poppin 😂😜

    myliakia westmyliakia westOy oldin
  • Asia is an actress. Fake story line lol

    Bob SmithBob SmithOy oldin
  • Love her 😂

    Danielle JonesDanielle JonesOy oldin
  • Cardi was a born star.

    GoodIntentVillageGoodIntentVillageOy oldin
  • Hennessy is faster than my wifi. 😅

    Tebello HlaleleTebello HlaleleOy oldin
  • we u mean you

    ψerdimsψψerdimsψOy oldin
  • I feel horrible for Asia. Y’all gotta understand the pain- She got cheated on. On television. She didn’t even cry once. Girl’s strong- But yet nobody cared. It was all because a famous person cheated on her with. Messed up- Honestly

    Tim KulishTim KulishOy oldin
  • Shumshmoney 😂😂

    Kelise BrooksKelise BrooksOy oldin
  • U are famous girllllll

    Asmahan RashidAsmahan RashidOy oldin
  • Asians are never like that

    Nadia NadiaNadia NadiaOy oldin
  • He can’t handle A New York chick lol

    Bob SmithBob SmithOy oldin
  • Cardi and Hennessy are #sistergoals

    javagail gordonjavagail gordonOy oldin
  • I love this scene lol

    Bob SmithBob SmithOy oldin
  • I love cardi-b

  • I like your hair

    Gabriellagibbs88 GibbsGabriellagibbs88 GibbsOy oldin
  • 6:54 my girl when im talkin to my other girl bsf💀

    Marcy MarcyMarcy MarcyOy oldin
  • Cardi is so funny!!! Her talent, looks and personality got her where she is!

    Meri BMeri BOy oldin
  • Cardi elevated way past these regular-degulars! They all probably catching vapors now!

    Tracey ManzanoTracey ManzanoOy oldin
  • These sistas really say woshjehdjwksje and they understand each other they really sistas ❤️😍🖐 ALSO MY MAN HAD THE GUT TO SAY "Yall done?" -_- 9:35

    《Ruby_ Gamer》《Ruby_ Gamer》Oy oldin
  • ❤🤗❤🤗❤

    Elizabeth HurtadoElizabeth HurtadoOy oldin
  • Hennessy really said let me get a piece of her wig to

    li-li Dli-li DOy oldin
  • Nobody- Swift Did promise that even when he's on tour he's gonna make sure that he gives me the hotel NUMBAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA *Hand Movements* -Me smelling tat ht stinky breath through the screen

    Kat HolmesKat HolmesOy oldin
  • Ya don't mess with the queen and her sister

    Glen DixerGlen DixerOy oldin
  • Asia is handsome squidward in real life😫


      milo’s matemilo’s mateOy oldin
    • @milo’s mate thx

    • I love your profile picture! 🤍

      milo’s matemilo’s mateOy oldin
  • God this is gross! A reality show made this chick. She got her period in that tub? the h2o is fucking gross red! God, money can’t buy class, that’s for sure. Putting hands on women , screaming over her. It’s disgusting!!

    Janny hawkinsJanny hawkinsOy oldin
  • I love her gangster estilo.....she reminds me of some gangsta biiissshes, up here in Cali!

    West Side Malditos209West Side Malditos209Oy oldin
  • Go girl😍

    Damar DonaldsonDamar DonaldsonOy oldin
  • 😔😔❤️

    jeanna bennettjeanna bennettOy oldin
  • V

    Mike BMike BOy oldin
  • I love Cardi. She is real. She has no problem telling people the truth even if it hurts. She shouldn’t be treated like that by other women. I’d love to have a friend like her.

    Sweet AnaSweet AnaOy oldin
  • 13:09 Really got me choking on laughter 🤣🤣

    Beyonca WhittakerBeyonca WhittakerOy oldin
  • asia looks like handsome squid ward 😭-

    Mizure EnoshimaMizure EnoshimaOy oldin
    • @Steven Lopez Pagan We been knew 🤡🤡🤡

      LilyLoves RobloxLilyLoves Roblox11 kun oldin
    • You going to hell… 🤡🤡🤡

      Steven Lopez PaganSteven Lopez Pagan13 kun oldin
  • Their both loud which i love

    brown skin fejiz Emmanuellabrown skin fejiz EmmanuellaOy oldin
  • Mary caldwelll S V card b moments before low hip season and you yes you should try to see the other Mary caldwelll 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡