Benjamin Crump & Tezlyn Figaro On Breonna Taylor’s Injustice, Witness Accounts & Court Transcripts

25-Sen, 2020
102 225 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • how many cases crump won not settlements convictions

    Terry JohnsonTerry Johnson11 kun oldin
  • is you a agent,you made 4 quick mill fore the ink got dry you didnt fight for family

    Terry JohnsonTerry Johnson11 kun oldin
  • If we gave a "DUCK" about people’s lives we would celebrate the deaths of Opiate or Opioid drug dealers or associates who refused to stop. When a long term Drug dealer dies, I thank God. One is sick & tired of 17 year old girls offering Blow jobs for $5 so they can buy more opioid or opiates. One is sick & tired of parents’ children dying from drug use

    David JonesDavid Jones12 kun oldin
  • I wish someone would have the balls to question Crump about the lawsuit he is in over the Trayvon hoax.

    VPVP12 kun oldin
  • So the transcripts were released and, as usual, Crump turns out to be a grifting, lying POS.

    VPVP12 kun oldin
  • Are you sure Brianna was not a hit that was made out? It seems like a purpose hit js. The bf was the one with the gun but she got shot instead not him, they release the actual home they wanted to raid- I never heard of police releasing this much info. Then the trap house was raided but no one got sjot there either! Why was she the only one shot in this whole thing? Did she know too much? Was it a hit? Why was the neighbors talking to the police? Why they call the meds almost a whole hour later? Like wtf is really going on that no one is saying!?

    golden shadowgolden shadow20 kun oldin
  • That was no damn pay off that money they got don't mean nothing when a life is lost ⚖ ⚖ justice

    I know the truthI know the truth20 kun oldin
  • Drug Queen gets all this attention. How many girls got hooked on drugs she & her boyfriend sold & went on to become prostitutes or drug addicts?

    David JonesDavid Jones21 kun oldin



  • People watch the truth . !!!!

  • Why do they continue to have this Black lady back on spewing Fox News lines and Lies. Kentucky is red state, ruled by republicans in the state house. She needs to take her RNC paycheck and shuffle on somewhere else

    thiqassthiqass22 kun oldin
  • You (Crump)are asking questions like you wasn’t even at the court during the proceedings, are you Ms.Taylor family lawyer or are you there to get the check and on to the next one? No, they will not get tired of settlements our tax dollars pay for so we are paying for the cops to murder our loved ones. You know all of this so what is really going on?

    Big SlimBig Slim22 kun oldin
  • Benjamin Crump is reallyy a fake, he can't do anything without press

    GrassRoots Director of PhotographyGrassRoots Director of Photography22 kun oldin
  • What the hell is benjamin crump is winning in any of these situation besides gettimg a check

    donell branchdonell branch23 kun oldin
  • You ever wonder why you don't hear from the NRA when it comes to cases like Breonna or Philando?🤔

    Butterfly QissesButterfly Qisses23 kun oldin
  • Stop typing charalamain mute the mic wtf

    Theway tvTheway tv23 kun oldin
  • No I'm logical the fake meotion is a turnoff.

    Theway tvTheway tv23 kun oldin
  • How does this man still have a voice wen he win kno cases

    Alex MillerAlex Miller23 kun oldin
  • You cain't reform a cop that is racist.

    Coaco SweetsCoaco Sweets23 kun oldin
  • Benjamin Crump is a damn snake 🐍. He's a settlement lawyer.

    Black Pill GamingBlack Pill Gaming23 kun oldin
  • The best reform is punishing these crooked cops with jail. Im sick of hearing about all these reforms when the copa dgaf. We still see cops accosting people, shooting people turning off there cams. They dont care. They nees punishment.

    sincerre 4realsincerre 4real24 kun oldin
  • Talking a bunch of jibber jabber

    Jay AlkebulanJay Alkebulan24 kun oldin
  • Crump is the problem ...ambulance chaser and not for true humane justice ..he's suspect

    Jay AlkebulanJay Alkebulan24 kun oldin
  • 🚨Trump 2016 machine learning modeling/AI database(s) to disenfranchise some demographics exfiltrated and revealed: Trump campaign strategy to deter millions of Black Americans from voting 🚨 You really should watch this:

    Yo Soy DaniYo Soy Dani24 kun oldin
  • Do you think it is wise to say Breonna caused her own death choosing the wrong men in her life for her death?

    Twelve_Deadly_CynsTwelve_Deadly_Cyns24 kun oldin
  • They just don't care about black people especially black women.

    Cheri HartwillCheri Hartwill24 kun oldin
  • I love Figueroa I put her right up there with Nina Turner my two favorite black women

    Natorrie LeeNatorrie Lee24 kun oldin
  • Personally I think and feel the only way we get past these cops killing us is when they do something happens to them or their family members problem solved thank me later

    Bryant ArcherBryant Archer24 kun oldin
  • What doesn't make any sense is that how do u make a law under someone's name, banned the no knock warrant but theirs no indictment

    Kane 718/310Kane 718/31024 kun oldin
  • Her boyfriend says the cops knocked. And the cop charged didn’t hit anyone with his bullets. Crump needs to stop lying

    james parkerjames parker24 kun oldin
  • Breonna’s name was on the warrant. She was involved with drug dealers, she let them use her car. They had been following her car to the drug houses. Boyfriend shot first cops shot back. Settlement money comes from tax payers. Democrats run these cities, wake up.

    Ossie ROssie R24 kun oldin
  • This is so insane blame the murdered person to not hold police accountable. Tell the truth sister.

    Gayle RobinsonGayle Robinson24 kun oldin
  • Both Democrat and Republican parties seem to be a failure to this movement. And the heartless individuals are taking advantage of the BLM movement, hijacking it to cause terror, making BLM look like an anarchist group and making it weaker.

    Steven OcampoSteven Ocampo24 kun oldin
  • I’m so Crump, we need a different attorney. He’s not on Cochran or Marshall’s level.

    Nikki MyNikki My24 kun oldin
  • Is that DJ Envy or Carlos Boozer???

    Sy GreySy Grey24 kun oldin
  • Crump aka mushmouth

    the onethe one25 kun oldin
  • Rodney king OJ Simpson....when they wont convict the 1st thing they gon do is pay.....this is the reason why they paid so fast....mark my word them guys are not goin to jail

    jayson taylorjayson taylor25 kun oldin
  • Sad part is Kennth shot one time and hit his target. Police shot 40 times and missed their’s. If the intent was to shot the shooter, they did everything but that. Would love to see the target practice scores

    RichardRichard25 kun oldin
  • He’s asking a lot of questions.. is it bc he doesn’t have any answers?

    Ramon SalazarRamon Salazar25 kun oldin
  • The fact is that the police force have laws in place to protect them and those laws needs to be restructured or removed in some cases in consideration of citizens because no amount of “emotional wishes” will benefit Blacks in this country against the “long arm of the laws”...

    YahudahThe LionKingYahudahThe LionKing25 kun oldin
  • Anela YEE Money matters. I am glad her stick it where it hurts. White people is only afraid of you if you can get into their pockets.

    Caleb PageCaleb Page25 kun oldin
  • the Dread Scott Decision is still in effect, people. Remember the movie that Denzel Washington got an Oscar for? This is training Day on steroids. The police arrested an acquaintance, who they accused Breonna Taylor of being associated with, but no drugs or money were found, apparently, So they invade Breonna's home hoping to find money and drugs at her home, for themselves. That is why they sent the ambulance away. They did not need witnesses. Their scarey asses did not predict the presence of her boyfriend who did what he was supposed to do, defend her and himself against a home intrusion. The real slap in the face came when the grand jury charged an officer for shooting into the white neighbor's apartment, but not only did they not mention Breonna, they did not charge them for firing into the black neighbor's apartment, upstairs. This is the Dread Scott decision all over again. It is proof the the Dread Scott Decision was never repealed and is still in full effect..

    rastadiva101rastadiva10125 kun oldin
  • The house boy and field boy have to work together against the master to win justice.

    Saleem HillSaleem Hill25 kun oldin
  • Attack the system not the black man thats the same trick slave masters have used to divide black people. Only change is black Republicans and Democrats working together

    Saleem HillSaleem Hill25 kun oldin
  • Black Americans have to be careful how we change laws because we not the only race of people in America and there are bad people who would continue to destroy black communities white people not the only race governing black communities systematic racism is on every corner in every neighborhood some places you lost because all the signs in another language.

    Saleem HillSaleem Hill25 kun oldin
  • You have some republicans running for Democratic seats. They are not interesting in the policy that the democratic stand for. So we let to get rid of the impersonator. We need to get our people more involved in economic . To educate our people about how the government is run and the important of voting.

    Raynite CorbinRaynite Corbin25 kun oldin
  • 1

    Derrick AskewDerrick Askew25 kun oldin
  • This man is every body's lawyer. Dam it man

    lu lulu lu25 kun oldin
  • I'm a black man I didn't understand The whole entire situation. And I started blaming the police officers who killed Breonna Taylor. Unfortunately I did not take my time to actually get a better understanding about the narrative of this matter. Now that the truths are finally coming out about Breonna Taylor and her criminal boyfriends. Now it is clear and very transparent that she is the reason she got killed. She was dealing with drug dealers and forgot about she had a career to stand by as a registered nurse serving her community. She even got caught with dead body in her car although she's never been brought to justice. I blamed the police officers for shooting many times and caused other residents in that neighborhood to suffer, and they need to be persected for that matter. On the other hand her boyfriend had no right to shoot. He should have gone to a quiet room and called the cops if he believed his life and girlfriend were endanger. The police shoot in self defense. Which they have the right to do so. That's why neither of of them was charged. If I were the attorney general or the prosecutor, I would never bring any charges against these officers myself. I don't know why you guys are sitting here on social media start blaming that attorney general. Is it because he's black and was supposed to be on Breaonna Taylor's favor? I don't get it. Breonna Taylor and her own boyfriend caused her death. Just a reminder, in case you did not know, the attorney general did not go to law school earning his degree in order to be in black people's favor. He has a job to do, serving all race and ethnics. If understand myself correctly, I think that black attorney who's representing all those black folks in a weekly basis is after nothing but money and trying to be famous. As you can see he's only representing one race, which is just blacks who are being killed for doing criminal stuff. I think his name is Ben Crump. To me the most racist is him because he's only standing with one group of people which is people of color getting millions of dollars from them for each case. BLACK AMERICANS PLEASE ITS TIME TO START OPENING YOUR EYES AND START SMELLING THE COFFEE.

    camp Richcamp Rich25 kun oldin
  • The cops need to be in prison and Daniels too

    Mydebby ToohotMydebby Toohot25 kun oldin
  • Also that let us know they want that property

    Mydebby ToohotMydebby Toohot25 kun oldin
  • He did to be fired also dis is a stepup that neighbor lying they $$$his the boy FRIEND attorney said it don't look like the gunshot did not hit the cop that a lie

    Mydebby ToohotMydebby Toohot25 kun oldin
  • Hey y'all I love what y'all r doing thank u thank u millions time and some 😁😁😁🕪🕪Amen

    Mydebby ToohotMydebby Toohot25 kun oldin
  • Her name is ANGELA!!!!!!! SAY HER NAME!!!!

    Charles ACharles A25 kun oldin
  • sound like all of those mess ups would be grounds to re trail this case

    Ronnie McThomasRonnie McThomas25 kun oldin
  • 🗣B crump needs to be replaced. Has no convictions. I met him in Sacramento 2008. Representing my family in Lamar Alexander case shot in the back 8 times by Elk Grove PD🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

    76Chevythang 91676Chevythang 91625 kun oldin
  • Any black folks who think that Ben Crump is in any way successful, when the train to black liberation leaves the station, you need to stay behind. Dude is an ambulance chaser and nothing more. Not even an articulate one, at that

    SuperKenndogSuperKenndog25 kun oldin
  • Sandra Bland say her name where is the money for her death in police custody

    Tiffany'ScorpionQueen' McMillanTiffany'ScorpionQueen' McMillan25 kun oldin
  • I didn’t read all of the 1.2K comments posted. So if someone already said what I’m about to say, please let that comment stand. People, if you ever elect to go thru civil proceedings first. You forfeit the right proceed criminally thereafter. The fact Charlemagne directed Tezlyn to answer the question concerning the order of proceedings is evident that they rehearsed this interview first. And Tezlyn straight out Lied! If Vlad is to be kicked to the curb for lying on Farrakhan. Then Tezlyn should be banished to the nearest sewer hole for life for misleading the black community with that bull💩 answer. Notice how Tezlyn goes on to convince the black community to keep protesting. People, laws are contracts and any attempt to modify a contract must be put in writing. Protests, from Martin Luther King Jr. to Kaepernick, don’t move the courts, they never have and never will. 👎🏾Breakfast Club!

    Ricardo MalloyRicardo Malloy25 kun oldin
  • why do black people keep hiring Benjamin crump he never wins he can't speak their other civil rights attorneys out there I'm just tired of tired of seeing him on everything he doesn't know how to fight none of the cases he doesn't know how to articulate the black language or the culture you know not saying nothing against the brother but I'm tired of seeing him on every case for what he debacle that Trey Martin thing even the white attorneys laughed at him and the prosecutors I'm tired of him please stop it Benjamin crump thing it's a million other civil rights attorneys that's a lot better than him

    Antonio RossAntonio Ross25 kun oldin
  • When u look at all the facts. You then understand this was not a raid. When police serve a warrant they are heavily armored and its a whole squad. Atleast 10 cops or swat minimum. Especially when your supposedly dealing with drug dealers. This situation was not the case. It seems that these cops were probably trying to steal or do things bad cops would do like break the law because they are infact the law.. its deeper than what they say.. use the common sense.. you will never see just 2 cops without uniforms on serving a warrant on a drug dealer

    J-WillJ-Will25 kun oldin
  • I DO NOT trust this guy!!!

    G-CheckG-Check25 kun oldin
  • Benjamin Crump 💷💶💴💵💰💳is a BLOOD CLAAT BLOOD SUCKING HUSTLER..........!

    jahnkonoojahnkonoo26 kun oldin
  • When Benjamin crump won a case. Man always where the spotlight is but I never see him win anything

    Carltons370zCarltons370z26 kun oldin
  • She was deep knee in the drug game. The transcripts are out

    nicey wilsonnicey wilson26 kun oldin
    • Lies. What transcripts are you referring because she was NEVER arrested or charged with ANY crime. And the police lied in there own warrant affidavit saying she was receiving packages but the U.S post office came out later and said she didn’t receive any packages at all in 2020.

      Ed AzzizEd Azziz25 kun oldin
  • Black man sit down and enjoy your money

    nicey wilsonnicey wilson26 kun oldin
  • This man ain’t doing nothing for us blacks just like the Democratic Party. He ain’t won a injustice case for us yet but his ass always showing up and I’m sure he’s getting paid. Another Al Sharpton!!!!

    Playmaker 21Playmaker 2126 kun oldin
  • Has this ambulance chaser won a case yet? In all seriousness he’s been on all of these high profile cases and the racist keep getting off.

    James DavisJames Davis26 kun oldin
  • We are our own enemy, the only race without unity while other races unite against us.

    probreedprobreed26 kun oldin

    DX BEATSDX BEATS26 kun oldin
  • The state of Kentucky is not fully lead by Democrats. The senior Senator and leader of the US Senate right now is Republican Mitch McConnell. And he is Senator of Kentucky. The other senator, Rand Paul, also a Republican and in Kentucky. Those two are diabolical enough. Thus, the spawn of this Black Republican Attorney General.

    L JL J26 kun oldin
  • So you telling y’all think that the money the family got is enough it equals that’s sister Breaonna Taylor’s life come on my people we got to do better ... getting money is just a piece of it not the end game

    Dice BDice B26 kun oldin
  • Crump is Grifting

    Nicholas LeblancNicholas Leblanc26 kun oldin
  • That typing is getting louder each video

    GG26 kun oldin
  • Everybody want some crump change

    Ronell FoxworthRonell Foxworth26 kun oldin
  • This entire case was presented without truth. Now it's so politically charged, we may never really know the entire truth. We already know we can't trust the narrative given by police just as we can't trust the narrative given by media.

    H JarraH Jarra26 kun oldin
  • They deleted my comment cause they don’t want you to know Benjamin dump only care about money and attention. He wasn’t there for sequoria turner and other children

    Shawn BurnsShawn Burns26 kun oldin
  • Tears. Pain. No real place to put the two. Just letting the tears and pain flow.

    Stacie StacieStacie Stacie26 kun oldin
  • This is just heart breaking but we as a race will never give up never

    Barbara MillerBarbara Miller26 kun oldin
  • So you cannot use your 2nd amendment rights and defend yourself against the police??? Are they above the law? so if rouge racists officers decides to hunt you down and kill you you should just lay down and die???

    Ian NairneIan Nairne26 kun oldin
  • They edited him smiling and not smiling horrible look at it a few times people

    Lace coxLace cox26 kun oldin
  • Guys wake up Protesting is not doing anything for any of Us we are still being Killed at the hand of the Men and Women in Blue What can we do to get resolve? Any solutions Brothers and Sisters?

    Phylicia JonesPhylicia Jones26 kun oldin
  • I wonder how much Crump makes off this settlement?? I makes me wonder ??I think its extremely intriguing that Crumps narrative switches to Mr Walker .

    A FezA Fez26 kun oldin
  • Bolton John now Brianna Taylor black people can't even be in their house safe from the cops running anyone to shoot us now f*** waiting for these white people to give us Justice they don't even like us time to start fighting and shooting back

    rayvon simmonsrayvon simmons26 kun oldin
  • They where selling crack, meth out the crib. The neighbors said the cops announced them self. The warrant was legit with weeks of monitoring. Her boyfriend car was involved in a homicide weeks before. She fell for a loser boyfriend and used her for s shield. What a coward.

    Daniel IDaniel I26 kun oldin

    Keith DunbarKeith Dunbar26 kun oldin
    • I use to be that dude that use innocent women in my business, in the indictment they never once said her name. The no knock warrant was obtained by a lie that she received packages of dope in the mail. Man! Ya’ ll are terrible trying to make this woman a drug dealer, I promise you she would not survive in that life style. Some of you keep saying read the Tatum report, the report is a lie, the postmaster lied according to B Crump in this video. From my experience , I know they will lie. The main point I want to make is there was no need for a no knock warrant. That’s how we got to this point.

      Keith DunbarKeith Dunbar26 kun oldin
  • This guy is for the money only

    Moose JMoose J26 kun oldin
  • "Trial law... they teach us to evoke emotion because we know when people get emotional they will act" - Benjamin Crump Remember this when you hear anything from him. I respect Crump and what he does but his job is to get you emotional. That's very different than giving you facts. He structures his arguments to get you to be upset because that way he can get what he wants. I'm not knocking it, it's a common tactic of attorneys and "activist" but understand that your emotion is being used for their gain and they are going to give you the information in a way to make you emotional not logical.

    JT08JT0826 kun oldin
  • There is no way that they would drop charges on her boyfriend if the police knocked and anounced who they were. He shot a cop. That is a lie.

    B FosterB Foster26 kun oldin
  • Daniel Cameron skinning and grinning for Massa

    R. JeterR. Jeter26 kun oldin
  • Brothas and Sistas SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT and get this Sista in front of media outlets TAZ FIGARO

    A KNIGHTA KNIGHT26 kun oldin
  • She reminds me of lisaraye

    Jimmy GardnerJimmy Gardner26 kun oldin
  • The officers had a “no-knock” warrant, so why are we worried if they knocked or not or even announced themselves. Legally, they didn’t have to!! Plain clothes officers and no body cam was also legal. Shooting the officer was legal and so was the officer shooting back so this is just a bad case where laws have to be changed.

    WillWill26 kun oldin
    • roo moore I thought about that and I think yes! I don’t think there’s any way for him to be locked up for that. It’s self defense at that point. And the guy had legally aquired the gun, so he would’ve won that hands down. Just like he’s out now for shooting the cop on the leg.

      WillWill26 kun oldin
    • Do you think if her bf would had killed one of the officers he would had got off??

      roo mooreroo moore26 kun oldin
  • Every tim Attorney Ben take a case you know they gonna lose

    Jews_ruleJews_rule26 kun oldin
  • Is this man a real attorney? His English is horrific!

    cat catcat cat26 kun oldin
  • knock or no knock is not the issue because kenny is not facing charges. He fired at officers because he didn't know it was the police so he's free. Brionna was not murdered, I'm not saying that the boyfriend is the cause of her death but the officers returned fire point blank period nobody should be arrested behind this. It's a sad situation but no crime

    cat catcat cat26 kun oldin
  • Ben took the bag

    Cat WranglerCat Wrangler26 kun oldin
  • -_____-

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik26 kun oldin