Benjamin Crump Launches George Floyd Memorial Foundation + More

13-Okt, 2020
12 827 Ko‘rishlar soni

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  • If he wanted a cheque, he'd be less vocal about the civil rights stuff

    B DB D11 kun oldin
  • Glorified ambulance chaser. Or maybe a better description is hearse chaser. 🙄

    mrbrainchild76mrbrainchild7611 kun oldin
  • Where are those Clouds of smoke coming from? Or am I Trippin?

    theblue014theblue01411 kun oldin
  • Seek God’s will daily.💞 John 14:16 Romans 10:9

    Lisa Love MinistriesLisa Love Ministries12 kun oldin
  • Finally, a brother that has come to his senses and not buying the bull. Lets stop with this race baiting .

    MrPredHunterMrPredHunter12 kun oldin
  • Yes Cameron is lying if postal service was suspicious packages going to a residence they would have investigated and made the arrest themselves!

    Ty HamptonTy Hampton12 kun oldin

    Casey WilliamsCasey Williams12 kun oldin
  • I dont know why we as a people keep propping this guy up. He is a puppet.

    NWB - Nerdy While BlackNWB - Nerdy While Black12 kun oldin
  • When Will They See Us....??

    tauheedah whitfieldtauheedah whitfield12 kun oldin
  • -__

    s02 Pzychotiks02 Pzychotik12 kun oldin
  • Now we know at least 3 drug dealers who were breonna's exes. This girl sadly deliberately played with fire

    Purple LavenderPurple Lavender12 kun oldin
    • Stfu

      Lankisha JohnsonLankisha Johnson9 kun oldin
  • Your not a criminal attorney, your a civil attorney

    chosenjuan025chosenjuan02512 kun oldin
  • Once he appeared in movies and writing books after Trayvon death I knew what it was. A come up

    Jay 3Jay 312 kun oldin
  • wow, it’s sad but i’m not surprised that my own people are so ready & willing to tear down a black man who has done absolutely nothing wrong. He is a civil case lawyer. white people dont even do this to their own. We are own worst enemies.

    michelle danksmichelle danks12 kun oldin
    • @MrPredHunter no, the DA needs to be called out and held accountable for what he did. Not just by crump, but by all of us. It hurts even more because he is a black man who will eventually have a black son or daughter. Not even a shred of empathy. These officers were charged for bullets entering another apartment but not charged for all of the bullets that entered Breonna Taylor. If this was a tragic accident - why has no one admitted fault and taken responsibility for the bullets that killed her but can do that for bullets that harmed no one. Crump - a black man that hasn't done anything wrong is being torn down for no reason. It's likely that Crump would defend them, if it was their life that was lost. He isn't the only lawyer on this case he just the most vocal. We rarely ever see any type of justice in these cases but people are blaming Crump? He did his job with the settlement as a civil rights attorney.

      michelle danksmichelle danks11 kun oldin
    • Exactly. White folks celebrated those 2 lawyers that was waving around their guns at protestors? Guess what they do? As a profession.

      Marlon ErrarMarlon Errar11 kun oldin
    • Black people are programmed to hate one another its sad! The same black people on here tearing him down haven't done a fraction of the things he done for the cause!

      Tiffanys ChannelTiffanys Channel11 kun oldin
    • michelle danks , he is the one making us look bad with his race baiting and he is the one tearing down another Black man , the DA , but because most don’t agree , it’s ok for him to do so. All the facts were given and this was a tragic accident. How about he Makes some noise for those getting murdered in the hood .

      MrPredHunterMrPredHunter12 kun oldin
    • We are...

      MarcellinoMarcellino12 kun oldin
  • Crump , is a fox in the hen house .

    RANSOMRANSOM12 kun oldin
  • If I’m ever shot and killed by police....Do not have this man representing me. I don’t need the lawyer version of Bubba from Forrest Gump. every time that man speaks that’s all I hear.... “Shrimp cocktail, shrimp On rise, shrimp scrampy”

    Joshua dJoshua d12 kun oldin
  • He’s the black version of Lisa bloom. He just wants his check literally goes wherever the controversy is

    Chaad AugburnChaad Augburn12 kun oldin
  • Man this guy dont get shit done ..who else irritated with this dude

    Auer RingAuer Ring12 kun oldin
  • lol. this guy is making bank! doing what........¿¿¿

    African GirlAfrican Girl12 kun oldin
  • Out of all the great people to give a memorial to.....:smh

    Mona FMona F12 kun oldin
  • he's another crooked cat that's profiting from the misery and suffering of black people similar to Al Sharpton.

    Alphonso AquariusAlphonso Aquarius12 kun oldin
  • Racepimp Crook!

    roxy doxyroxy doxy12 kun oldin
  • I bet he's tired, keep up the fight !

    mel shaemel shae12 kun oldin
  • Narrative of Self is the result of a feedback loop between “Separate Self” & Cosmos✌️

    STILLSTILL12 kun oldin
  • Crump is an ambulance chaser

    TracyTracy12 kun oldin
  • Black people please learn the difference between CRIMINAL ATTORNEY and CIVIL ATTORNEY. So many want him to be a Johnnie Cochran but thats not his lane. He shows up when people rights are clearly violated. Crump is a CIVIL RIGHTS ATTORNEY so it's not his job to bring about criminal justice. Crump wins most of his civil cases and his clients are well compensated.

    Bree BreeBree Bree12 kun oldin
  • Believe that Breanna Taylor WILL get justice for wrongful crime she gotten! Watch the movie “Just Mercy” and see what I’m talking about!

    David PDavid P12 kun oldin
  • What about George Floyd? He needs justice as well!

    David PDavid P12 kun oldin
  • How about justice for the many black kids who died at the hands of black men? Since there is no money in that the Crumps of the world are silent. Why only care for black lives taken by white people? Why when a black life is taken by a black man the no snitch clause is used. Why do we have Stockholm syndrome?

    A Freed ManA Freed Man12 kun oldin
  • We’re still not voting.

    Peanut LivePeanut Live12 kun oldin
    • You a smart man ..dont vote

      Auer RingAuer Ring12 kun oldin
  • Benjamin “The Settle King” Crump 👎🏾👎🏾👎🏾

    King TonyKing Tony12 kun oldin
  • Sorry but this attorney has won ZERO cases for unarmed black people. Try another attorney, because it's not working.

    Tiff XyzTiff Xyz12 kun oldin
  • George Floyd and his incredible flute playing skills drove all the snakes out of town.

    ShareThisFastDOTcomShareThisFastDOTcom12 kun oldin
  • Can the FBI step in?

    black ice 79black ice 7912 kun oldin
    • @ShareThisFastDOTcom what u mean?

      black ice 79black ice 7912 kun oldin
    • by adding more BS news to the situation?

      ShareThisFastDOTcomShareThisFastDOTcom12 kun oldin
  • These cops executed a MURDER. Ms Taylor was the main subject to die.,she was getting a suspect out of jail and these cops didn't like it.There is no way all those bullets never hit him but hit her five times.As a matter of fact where is his black ass at anyway.It was all a setup to kill this woman

    jerome gilbertjerome gilbert12 kun oldin
  • Somebody tell Jay Prince what these Albany Police is did to me I'm a ghetto boy for Life for real

    Nekeshie JacksonNekeshie Jackson13 kun oldin
  • Crump represented Trayvon Martin's family. George Zimmerman had a top notch criminal lawyer, in fact he was a former prosecutor. Thanks for all those that point out the difference.

    Normajean EasonNormajean Eason13 kun oldin
  • My name is Christopher Daniels I live in Albany Georgia the Albany Police department kidnapped me and tried to kill me someone helped me before they tried to cover it up all of them had on video cams and there's a video at the home run store in Albany Georgia on old ridge drive where it took place somebody help me

    Nekeshie JacksonNekeshie Jackson13 kun oldin
    • @D KNIGHTMAN I'm not sure how because I don't really follow Instagram like that but this is a real live true story brother so if you guys can at least get the story some exposure I will be very appreciative

      Nekeshie JacksonNekeshie Jackson12 kun oldin
    • You need to contact DJ Envy and Charmange personally through their IG

      D KNIGHTMAND KNIGHTMAN12 kun oldin
  • My name is Christopher Daniels the Albany Police department tried to kill me for no reason I'm trying to reach out to powerful people so they can see what's going on they try to break my wrist they try to poison me all for no reason somebody look into this where are my powerful people

    Nekeshie JacksonNekeshie Jackson13 kun oldin
  • What's up breakfast club my name is Christopher Daniels this must be a godsend I was trying to get in touch with attorney crump just today. I live in Albany Georgia I'm legally blind I've been practicing martial arts for over 35 years the Albany Police department kidnapped me from home run foods in Albany Georgia beat me up put me in a room and tortured me if it wasn't for my kungfu I will still be in that room dead they tried their best to kill me and I can't get anyone to even help or a lawyer to even think about touching the case I don't know who to trust right about now you guys need to come to Albany Georgia and check out what's going on the police department actually tried to kill a legally blind man who doesn't bother anyone ask for video evidence of the whole time I was in there custody they beat me and tortured me the whole while I never once fault back just meditated and prayed to God praying for my life hoping I see my son again! Please get in touch with me and look into this incident you can reach me at 229-364-1564 again my name is Christopher Daniels and I was abused almost killed by the police for absolutely no reason I think this story needs national exposure!

    Nekeshie JacksonNekeshie Jackson13 kun oldin
  • So that everyone who reads this understands fully, Ben Crump is a CIVIL ATTORNEY NOT A CRIMINAL ATTORNEY. He does not try criminal cases in court. His goal is to get as much money possible for the family he represents.

    Sherman DudleySherman Dudley13 kun oldin
  • RIP George Floyd And Breonna Taylor!!!

    Power100Power10013 kun oldin
  • What about the children..... Save our Children protest going on in Hollywood and around the world about Human trafficking children....

    Tyrone CookeTyrone Cooke13 kun oldin
    • Tyrone Cooke , this is a joke and fraud, unfortunately, the real issues don’t line their pockets.

      MrPredHunterMrPredHunter12 kun oldin
  • Would y’all please stop interviewing this glorified ambulance chaser!!! I see people on here calling this ass a civil rights attorney, he is not!! He is a personal injury attorneys, aka an ambulance chaser. All he does is get the settlement for the family and in each settlement it says the police accept no responsibility in the death, which they use in the criminal trials. This dude is part of the problem.

    hottubtony77hottubtony7713 kun oldin

    Dr X XXDr X XX13 kun oldin
  • 🤷🏿‍♂️🛑 They must have paid that racoon Daniel Cameron atleast a year's salary to make the case turn out like this.

    DippingWithThe RevolvingShottyDippingWithThe RevolvingShotty13 kun oldin
  • I mean at least he’s getting these families paid. But nothing is being done about their deaths. No punishment at all. It’s bs

    Billy ButcherBilly Butcher13 kun oldin
    • He's leaving out known evidence in order to receive more money

      Jay 3Jay 312 kun oldin
    • He’s getting himself paid, and is more than likely getting the majority of the settlement money.

      gerard leadgerard lead12 kun oldin
  • ✊🏿✊🏿✊🏿

    Corey DavisCorey Davis13 kun oldin
  • Charlamagne and crump are Prince Hall masonic brothers

    Melinated -N- HatedMelinated -N- Hated13 kun oldin
    • Yep! Boule shills!

      roxy doxyroxy doxy12 kun oldin
  • The families never want true justice but they will take the money always. He is a money lawyer that is all he is not a criminal lawyer.

    Geoffrey LaneGeoffrey Lane13 kun oldin
  • Slick crump is trying to indirectly get you to vote for biden

    Melinated -N- HatedMelinated -N- Hated13 kun oldin
    • @Spoken Truth yes I would I call white liberals out all the time

      k Patrickk Patrick12 kun oldin
    • @k Patrick Why can't black people support each other? just because you see his face everywhere and he's working doesnt mean he has bad intentions. You wouldnt act this way if it was a white lawyer

      Spoken TruthSpoken Truth12 kun oldin
    • Uhh you voting for trump ..thats a no Brainer ..trump a clown and if you voting for him you are to

      Auer RingAuer Ring12 kun oldin
    • @Darkskinyaya lmao you funny

      k Patrickk Patrick12 kun oldin
    • Slick crump has been actually working his life for justices for our people

      DarkskinyayaDarkskinyaya12 kun oldin
  • This man is a agent and the breakfast club are agents and sellouts too. They never call out his bullshit and never go against him or question anything just like good puppets do.

    Geoffrey LaneGeoffrey Lane13 kun oldin
  • This man is a boule illuminati freemason and he is put in place just for this reason. Why do you think he is the go to guy for black men getting killed its always him and nobody else. How can this man go from state to state with cases. He only cares about the money because no police ever go to jail because there is a law that police can't go to jail, if I know this than he does too.

    Geoffrey LaneGeoffrey Lane13 kun oldin
    • @Early Stoppage Yes that is correct.

      Geoffrey LaneGeoffrey Lane10 kun oldin
    • Just like Trayvon’s father, that was the case that put crump in this spotlight, keeping it in the club

      Early StoppageEarly Stoppage11 kun oldin
    • I dont believe you are even black. This man clearly said he is not a criminal lawyer and he is clearly invested in this case. Your comment is retarded af!

      Jay KleckleyJay Kleckley11 kun oldin
    • So what law says police can't go to jail? Humor me...

      Jay KleckleyJay Kleckley11 kun oldin
  • Seriously So how much money is he getting from this deal???? Cuz he gets 35% of each of these settlements!

    Strong Black PantherStrong Black Panther13 kun oldin
    • Yeap

      Jay 3Jay 312 kun oldin
    • We need a Cochran to represent the dead, not a Cock roach.

      A Freed ManA Freed Man12 kun oldin
  • Breakfast club you should have Benjamin Crump come on just to explain what his role during these cases is. Have one of his clients explain what Mr. Crump did for them. Some people don't understand that he doesn't prosecute murder cases. This could be a teachable moment.

    jesse farrowjesse farrow13 kun oldin
    • @MrPredHunter You just made that shit up! It was racial before he got involved. You tried it though...

      jesse farrowjesse farrow12 kun oldin
    • jesse farrow , he is a high end , race baiting , ambulance chaser!

      MrPredHunterMrPredHunter12 kun oldin
    • This is true, BUT he can also choose to not use certain evidence which may lead to more 💰

      Jay 3Jay 312 kun oldin
  • enough is enough........ vile convict who terroised a pregnant woman plus other vile offences ALL LIVES MATTER

    Mark BoxallMark Boxall13 kun oldin
  • the truth coming out! good!!! enough of this bulls**t!!! study the information on this case folks, they did not even have probable cause for the search warrant! open the case and charge these fools!

    ytRbroytRbro13 kun oldin
  • If some people would stop looking at the killing of Ms. Taylor in a political way or in a racism way, and just see that something is gravely wrong with the proceedings of this case then and only then will they really see that justice wasn't served. DANIEL had one job which was to present ALL the facts of the case to the grand jury but he CHOSE to present ONE charge before the jury. THAT'S NOT JUSTICE! Period. Had he done what a responsible AG should have done and the officers still weren't convicted then fine but he didn't do his job. He said it himself that he only brought one charge to the jury AFTER one juror wanted to speak up. Now he is trying to stop that from happening. If you have NOTHING to hide, why try to stop transparency? 🤐🤨Y'all can @ me all you want. I'm ready.

    The Influence of ManyThe Influence of Many13 kun oldin
    • Gtfoh!

      Peanut LivePeanut Live12 kun oldin
  • There's some very ignorant ppl in these comments. He's not a District Attorney/Prosecutor. He can't get a conviction because that's not his job. Simple mothafuckas.

    KingCo AndersonKingCo Anderson13 kun oldin
  • #JusticeForBreonna

    T. NicksonT. Nickson13 kun oldin
  • I’m reading the comments, really proud. This dude along with that Lee Merrit are THE PUPPETS. Something is super fishy about them and how they’re always there and how things always turn out🤔 There seem to be real problems but it just seems that these dudes, BLM, and other Pop feminist and LGBTQ are there to provide the kind of leadership and council to make sure things go a certain kind of way.🤔

  • I'm glad to see people waking up

    K ElaineK Elaine13 kun oldin
    • Me too

      mrbrainchild76mrbrainchild7611 kun oldin
  • Mush mouth Crump

    Mac Ju The TruckerMac Ju The Trucker13 kun oldin
  • This is sad. Profiting from death

    youngerk420youngerk42013 kun oldin
  • He’s a fraud idc he needs to fallback

    Royal MinddRoyal Mindd13 kun oldin
    • @Spoken Truth you don’t know how I would act. Trust me I’m all about BLACK everything so your wrong, It’s jus my opinion and he just doesn’t do it for me. We don’t have true leadership in our community so I stand on what I said he doesn’t get the job done for me THE END

      Royal MinddRoyal Mindd12 kun oldin
    • Why can't black people support each other? just because you see his face everywhere and he's working doesnt mean he has bad intentions. You wouldnt act this way if it was a white lawyer

      Spoken TruthSpoken Truth12 kun oldin

    Timothy CameronTimothy Cameron13 kun oldin
  • These clowns still making more money off y’all and go live with the people who they say are holding us down. It’s a nice hustle but it’s a shame that my own people are still stupid.

    Ron HarrisRon Harris13 kun oldin
  • If was fucked up from the jump because the prosecutor is in charge of selecting the jury and the evidence they get to's one sided as hell

    Justteezy91Justteezy9113 kun oldin
  • I'm sick and tired of this mushed mouth ambulance chaser.

    jamal hayatjamal hayat13 kun oldin
  • Read his book and do a little homework on this gentleman before judging.

    DeliaDelia13 kun oldin
  • RIP George floyd

    Milton ScottMilton Scott13 kun oldin
  • He trying to get the bag regardless

    TheZane03TheZane0313 kun oldin
  • Is crump haitian? He don't look like an ados

    Pri$eyPri$ey13 kun oldin
    • ADOS includes Haitians, Cubans, Jamaicans, Brazilians, Columbians, Panamanians, Bahamians, etc...If you're the descendant of Africans brought to America as slaves you are included in ADOS.

      c22tchc22tch12 kun oldin
    • So Haiti didn't have slavery????

      Joshua AlexanderJoshua Alexander12 kun oldin
    • I thought we were all black ppl when the cops pull us over or when the N word is used. I swear, some of you african Americans are no different from the racist white ppl.

      Marro MorrisonMarro Morrison13 kun oldin
    • Wtf does that even mean bruh 😂😂😂😂

      Marro MorrisonMarro Morrison13 kun oldin
  • I wonder how the pregnant woman that he placed a knife to her stomach feels about this!

    Taney HarrisonTaney Harrison13 kun oldin
  • Jive ass ambulance chaser

    Trayvon FartinTrayvon Fartin13 kun oldin
  • This dude is a phony who is lining his pockets

    k Patrickk Patrick13 kun oldin
    • @Spoken Truth lmao this ain’t a black thing. What you are complaining about is life. Sorry that everyone doesn’t feel the same why as you do that’s life. Disagreements are a great thing it leads to accountability and transparency. Why are small minded people always offended by questions... hmmm maybe it’s because people inherently by nature are always in it for themselves anyone that tells you differently is lying.

      MegaShady2000MegaShady200012 kun oldin
    • @Spoken Truth omg. I'm not attacking him or what he does. I said he's making bank which is good. he gets people 🤑🤑🤑 noo justice on their end but hey

      African GirlAfrican Girl12 kun oldin
    • @African Girl Why can't black people support each other? just because you see his face everywhere and he's working doesnt mean he has bad intentions. You wouldnt act this way if it was a white lawyer

      Spoken TruthSpoken Truth12 kun oldin
    • I got attacked so let me say. he wins big for the families. not alot of justice

      African GirlAfrican Girl12 kun oldin
  • Let's keep marching for police reform that rewards the police for doing wrong by giving them more funding and not punish any of them. That's sounds like a wonderful strategy.

    3rd Level Intellect3rd Level Intellect13 kun oldin

    Aisha GainesAisha Gaines13 kun oldin
  • Whose in the background blowing down!?!?!? Look at the roof.....Smoking that shit 🌲🌲🌲 🔥🔥🔥 00:40

    Mr1991havocMr1991havoc13 kun oldin

    Aisha GainesAisha Gaines13 kun oldin

    Aisha GainesAisha Gaines13 kun oldin

    Aisha GainesAisha Gaines13 kun oldin
  • He's a Civil Case Lawyer. His job is to get damages and money for the families, not to convict and send people to jail.

    Independent360Independent36013 kun oldin
    • @Don Riller Right more like hearse chaser. Smh

      mrbrainchild76mrbrainchild7611 kun oldin

      Dien DangDien Dang12 kun oldin
    • Thank you!!!

      KELZ BKELZ B12 kun oldin
    • * settlement lawyer*

      SirWavySirWavy12 kun oldin
    • At this point you can't even call him an ambulance chaser. He's more like a vulture feeding off dead carcasses supplied by "the good ole boys" in blue. This guy's literally getting rich off of this shit. That's a cold hussle right there.

      Don RillerDon Riller12 kun oldin

    Aisha GainesAisha Gaines13 kun oldin

    Aisha GainesAisha Gaines13 kun oldin
  • Wtf! What did G.Floyd do for black people that would prompt us to give him a memorial. He got 14 million in donations. Of course Crump wants to because he got a huge payday. How about giving Farrakhan a statue or something while he is alive. Smh.

    Stitch WizardsStitch Wizards13 kun oldin
    • @Lacquer Black Yeah. We are in a point were we have to separate from the dead. We can't waste time waiting for them to wake up or use common sense. We have to walk away for survival. Family and all.

      Stitch WizardsStitch Wizards12 kun oldin

      Lacquer BlackLacquer Black12 kun oldin
    • @jesse farrow Unfortunately our people don't cherish the honest living. We live in a perpetual death culture. We love our criminals and shun the intelligent. I'm sure you've noticed.

      Stitch WizardsStitch Wizards12 kun oldin
    • Stitch Wizards 😂🤣Yoo I got curious about all the foundations and memorials and the money so I was googling. Have you you ever seen the justice for George Floyd website. It’s about giving money and how Yt people can protest and it reads like an Onion article.🤣😂😂 I was thinking the whole time I was reading “Is this a hoax site?” Something ain’t right.

    • @Lacquer Black Wowzeers!

      Stitch WizardsStitch Wizards13 kun oldin
  • Is anyone else tired of seeing Crump on these high profile black injustice cases where no justice is ever served and the family may get a settlement.....after they pay him, of course

    SueSue13 kun oldin
    • @Sherman Dudley it’s really not and I even said what you just said in my first comment. You have to be one to question why things go the way they go and some of the coincidences but, I hear you.

    • @THEGREAT GEEKSBY the only issue is that people don't understand that men like Ben Crump and Lee Merritt are civil attorneys and they sole purpose is to get money or other civil benefits for the family.

      Sherman DudleySherman Dudley11 kun oldin
    • @michelle danks 🤦🏾‍♂️ I don’t think you understand the issue being raised.

    • so y'all want him to work for free and then when there is no justice served, blame him and not the system? I dont understand y'all...

      michelle danksmichelle danks11 kun oldin
    • He, Sharptongue and many others are just ambulance chasers.

      JahRoxkYaJahRoxkYa12 kun oldin
  • This dude hasn’t won a case yet, please stop hiring this dude as the lawyer, he’s a talking head he isn’t getting anything done, he’s there for photo ops and clout so he can do more interviews like this

    Bmiller9219Bmiller921913 kun oldin

      Dien DangDien Dang12 kun oldin
    • @jesse farrow he needs to stop everything he’s doing

      Bmiller9219Bmiller921912 kun oldin
    • jesse farrow one thing is true, Lee Merrit and Ben Crump stay settling those civil suits.

    • @jesse farrow thank you. I don’t know why people keep saying that.

      Marvin HowardMarvin Howard13 kun oldin
    • Attorney Crump doesn't try cases, he helps families navigate the legalities. The PROSECUTOR prosecutes cases.

      jesse farrowjesse farrow13 kun oldin