Being A Dad For 24 Hours!

17-Okt, 2020
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Announcing Rydel Is Pregnant and im gonna be a dad! So i was a dad for 24 hours!
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  • 3:25 plus 30 secs 🤣

    Lexie HarvieLexie HarvieKun oldin
  • i think he lives near me if he lives in santa clarita because i have a vons near ,me

    Px_ Rusto421Px_ Rusto4213 kun oldin
  • the back round song is from dancing in my room

    Px_ Rusto421Px_ Rusto4213 kun oldin
  • Man I wish the year 2020 would end now and I wish my depression would stop and I wish I could have a shout-out words by Capron my Tik Tok name is randomcrappeoplehate1221

    ilikegtav bad Behaviorilikegtav bad Behavior15 kun oldin
  • Hi

    Juan PingaJuan Pinga15 kun oldin
  • Yall are going to be such good parents and that baby is going to be so cute lol !!

    chelsey hernandezchelsey hernandez20 kun oldin
  • It's a boy

    Haya SalehHaya Saleh24 kun oldin
  • the two of you are going to be the best dads in the world congratulations. i love you guys

    Francisca Luck ArandaFrancisca Luck Aranda25 kun oldin
  • Please do a challenge where you call Ross “Austin” for 24 hours

    Francisca Luck ArandaFrancisca Luck Aranda25 kun oldin
  • I love how aggressive Rydel is when she tells Capron she loves him

    Boo BooBoo Boo25 kun oldin
  • 🧍‍♀️ “why are you washing her”

    KaylaKayla26 kun oldin
  • Nova is like "what in the world are you doing to me, Dad?"

    juliem_1986juliem_198626 kun oldin
  • he will be a good dad Rydel will be amazing mom so will Capron will be the best dad

    Savannah Hamlin-FollowellSavannah Hamlin-Followell28 kun oldin
  • My birthday is April 7 🤣

    R SR S28 kun oldin
  • That was sooooooooooooooooo cute 💕!! Love you guys so much 💕!!!!

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie Segschneider29 kun oldin
  • I feel like, they're gonna be the best parents ever!!! Love you guys so much 💕!!!

    Anh Sophie SegschneiderAnh Sophie Segschneider29 kun oldin
  • How do you download among us to a Microsoft pc

    Cheyanne PrattCheyanne Pratt29 kun oldin
  • that baby soap was probably AWFUL for the dog!

    Natasha HindmarshNatasha HindmarshOy oldin
  • My dog likes to do the Zooms

    Ian BischoffIan BischoffOy oldin
  • Do a reaction video

    Maddog TrumpMaddog TrumpOy oldin
  • Nova was like “I didn’t sign up for this”!!!!

    Harley BottsHarley BottsOy oldin
  • It's a boy !!!!!

    Marcelli BatistaMarcelli BatistaOy oldin
  • Hello

    Chill879Chill879Oy oldin
  • You should learn how to skateboard

    Brooklyn BBrooklyn BOy oldin
  • Why u not got wet socks:O

    Charmaine FarrowCharmaine FarrowOy oldin
  • I love how she let you sit on her 😂

    Ilyssa HagoodIlyssa HagoodOy oldin
  • When he had the puppet hand 😂

    Ilyssa HagoodIlyssa HagoodOy oldin
  • Haha he sat on her to put the diaper on 😂

    Ilyssa HagoodIlyssa HagoodOy oldin
  • Haha he look under her dress to check if she really was naked 😂

    Ilyssa HagoodIlyssa HagoodOy oldin
  • Capron putting the diaper on killed me

    Addie MonnierAddie MonnierOy oldin
  • None of you guys are bots all of us have the temple of god in us 1 Corinthians 3:16 “do you know that you are the temple of god and that the spirit of god dewells in you? 1 Corinthians 3:17 “if anyone defiles the temple of god; god will destroy him. For the temple of god is holy which temple you are. Guys it’s ends times get ready don’t let’s these people give you wrong information meditation dosent do nothing to you but meditating on the word of god will change your life REPENT GIVE YOUT LIFE TO JESUS THE ONE WHO DIED ON THE CROSS FOR ARE SINS rapture is going to happen and if you don’t believe in Jesus Christ the son of god you will be left behind !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    JthaboyJthaboyOy oldin
  • But they well be the best parents

    Piper PineapplePiper PineappleOy oldin
  • My dog gets the zoomies badly!

    Ryan JensonRyan JensonOy oldin
  • pour nova

    CareBear CollinsCareBear CollinsOy oldin
  • Get ready for when Baby Funk will cry all night!

    Nicholas HermanNicholas HermanOy oldin
  • You are going to be the best dad

    Lucas BergeronLucas BergeronOy oldin
  • Plot twist: Hes a dad forever

    GlitchingGlitchingOy oldin
  • Hi

    Adam MarshallAdam MarshallOy oldin
  • Aww I could tell you were either stressed out or tired this day... Hope you get some rest and smile Capron! We love you!! ❤️☺️

    Michelle AlticeMichelle AlticeOy oldin
  • You should do a video where you secretly follow Rydel for a day

    Asia MarassoAsia MarassoOy oldin
  • This was soo fun

    Jonasyh YTJonasyh YTOy oldin
  • If it a boy you should call him Ben

    Cheater_ BWCheater_ BWOy oldin
  • dude i think i just got on a fortnite match with you it sounded like you so much man

    Mia salasMia salasOy oldin
  • 1:46 why that me tho 😂

    skylar gardinerskylar gardinerOy oldin
  • Am I the only one that saw Capron put Novas diaper on back words

    Kaitlin RoddenKaitlin RoddenOy oldin

      Julia JosephJulia JosephOy oldin
  • Team boy all the way

    Jacob AnguianoJacob AnguianoOy oldin
  • This was a funny video please shout me out I have never had on I have your merch and I have been a subscriber to the funk bros since you guys started. Love you your amazing.

    Amanda HopkinsAmanda HopkinsOy oldin
  • Capron be piping

    My Crazy GrandmaMy Crazy GrandmaOy oldin
  • Yall should start a family channel that's calles the funky fam

    Cy squadCy squadOy oldin

      Julia JosephJulia JosephOy oldin
  • They made a furry😐 nasty....

    Curtis WhitlockCurtis WhitlockOy oldin
  • I think Nova was loving the attention !! She wasn't really pumped about the diaper or the bath tho!! lol!! Capron, YOU are DAD APPROVED!! lol Congrats!!

    Kayla CashKayla CashOy oldin
  • I thought my dog was the only one who got the zooms

    Theresa SmithTheresa SmithOy oldin
  • But you became a dad when you got your dog. :) Next time YOU should be the baby :)

    Jaii gogetitJaii gogetitOy oldin
  • My birthday is on the 6th of April.Hopefully it’s on the 6th like me

    Kayden BremnerKayden BremnerOy oldin
  • It's hard to think that Capron and Rydel fucked

    Rowyn FisherRowyn FisherOy oldin
  • I hope that’s dog soap

    Dawson SmithDawson SmithOy oldin
  • awww that was cute i think you are ready to be father👨‍👩‍👦👨‍👩‍👦

    Ashdeep singh SranAshdeep singh SranOy oldin
  • I cant believe that years ago I used to hang out with Capron and Corey at scooter zone and I was here to watch you guys grow your channel and your lives o doubt your gonna see this comment but if you do please dont stop making your great content and please respond if you see this it would make my day

    coleton rosette82coleton rosette82Oy oldin

      Julia JosephJulia JosephOy oldin
  • If they have I girl I wish them so much luck

    Luv me26Luv me26Oy oldin
  • Congratulations!!! Maybe we’ll finally get some Kids size Merch so I can match with my kids!!!

    Samuel FloresSamuel FloresOy oldin
  • Are you suppose to shower a dog with baby shampoo

    Rachel LorenzoRachel LorenzoOy oldin
  • haven't watched all the video but dogs can have milk its just not the best for them. And love your vids!!!

    Danni SchiflerDanni SchiflerOy oldin
  • you should do a video where you hide from bounty hunters in your new house

    Fade_editzzFade_editzzOy oldin
  • 2:11 just a PG 18 joke 😂

    Itz ChubbiItz ChubbiOy oldin
  • That was like 5 minutes

    Matthew MolinelliMatthew MolinelliOy oldin
  • Congratulations

    Jeff SumptionJeff SumptionOy oldin

    Elijah hottElijah hottOy oldin
  • Ill pay u 20 dollars if you play hide and seek with a paint ball gun

    RAZ3R_juggRAZ3R_juggOy oldin
  • Omg you’re child is gonna be so lucky to have you and Rydel as his/hers parents! 🥰. Nova being the baby was the best thing everrrrrrr! 😂😂

    Marlee OFallonMarlee OFallonOy oldin
    • YOUR

      Julia JosephJulia JosephOy oldin
  • I mean can you help me

    Connor MarConnor MarOy oldin
  • Capron can you here i live in the UK so what website can I get a merch jumper on cuz all your merchandise are so nice

    Connor MarConnor MarOy oldin

      Julia JosephJulia JosephOy oldin
  • Did anyone else notice that he wears both his rings, kinda interesting choice but I like them both!

    Hazel ChristensenHazel ChristensenOy oldin
  • I hope it comes 3 days late and healthy

    Kynten StoutKynten StoutOy oldin
  • My bday is APRIL 11

    Kynten StoutKynten StoutOy oldin
  • 9 months time Title Being a dad for the rest of my life

    BeatzBeatzOy oldin
  • Hi hope you have a good day

    ChargedFiberChargedFiberOy oldin
  • hahahaha capron

    Martin CupidoMartin CupidoOy oldin
  • When Baby Funk watches this video, I bet that Baby Funks gonna Laugh so HARD!!!!!

    Shree Nidhi BalajiShree Nidhi BalajiOy oldin
  • u should spie on hannah and corey for 24hours

    axis EUaxis EUOy oldin
  • nice

  • I know capron will read. This

    jared bautistajared bautistaOy oldin
  • Capron would be a good dad

    Caitlin GreedCaitlin GreedOy oldin
  • And we can't thank you enough for making boom and amazing content for us to watch while we're in lockdown!

    Anika JainAnika JainOy oldin
  • when you realize how they made the kid

    veeveeOy oldin
  • i love this video capron is so funny he's going to be an amazing dad and rydel will be an amazing mom i love you so much Capron & Rydel sending love from Pennsylvania xoxo

    Official rikavannar5Official rikavannar5Oy oldin
  • They will be amazing parents!! Cant wait to meet baby funk on April 8th!!!

    Aubrey DierkingAubrey DierkingOy oldin
  • Hey what happen to the cyber truck you ordered in the saying yes to your girlfriend

    Tyler GoforthTyler GoforthOy oldin
  • Congrats on the baby and I think u guys are gonna be great parents. Thank u soo much for inspiring my to to fun crazy things and just thank u for ur inspiration. And I think u guys are just gonna do fantastic. And just thank u so much for everything.

    Carson SorciCarson SorciOy oldin
  • Yay, hes officially dadp1ron

    Ciara RichardsCiara RichardsOy oldin
  • I hope you don’t sit on your baby like you did Nova when you tried to put the diaper on her

    Saylor White10Saylor White10Oy oldin
  • U shouldn’t get binkis for your baby there not good fo there theeth

    Margaret Does CoversMargaret Does CoversOy oldin
  • Do u not film w/ Corey any more

    CrackedgucciYT GucciCrackedgucciYT GucciOy oldin
  • What kind of dog is nova ???

    Addison WeaverAddison WeaverOy oldin
  • Poor nova, but in saying that it's good to brush their teeth! Haha

    nicoleeyohhhnicoleeyohhhOy oldin
  • This video should be called "Torturing My Dog For 24 Hours"😂😂

    Anthony CurtnerAnthony CurtnerOy oldin
  • Yo capron for the gender revel you should get Corey to drift into the driveway with coloured tyre-smoke so when he drifts into the driveway the tyre-smoke will either be pink or blue

    FR's WaysFR's WaysOy oldin
  • Did anyone else see caprons foot at 2:41 how purple and black it is

    Holley McknightHolley McknightOy oldin
  • Capron please tell me you didn’t just use baby shampoo on Nova 🤣 y’all will be good parents. Helpful tip DO NOT USE JOHNSON AMD JOHNSON BABY POWDER OR SHOWER TO SHOWER OR ANYTHING BABY PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Right now there is a federal lawsuit against them for putting talcum powder that contains asbestos in their powder which when used down in the genitals can cause cancers also if it is inhaled it can cause cancer and other health issues

    Jen MJen MOy oldin

    Lily HortonLily HortonOy oldin
  • I’m confused

    Mckenna Core:3Mckenna Core:3Oy oldin