Becoming a MOM to Siblings for 24 Hours Challenge! (Sisters Spy and Test) Rebecca Zamolo

21-Okt, 2020
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Rebecca Zamolo was in a giant hocus pocus movie in real life to find the imposter! That was before Matt and Rebecca found out that I am the imposter while surprising friends in hocus pocus movie in real life for 24 hours. Quickly afterwards the Game Master Network competed in a hot vs cold challenge using asmr as a game to find imposter in hocus pocus. During that challenge RZ twin told Rebecca and Matt along with their cousin Maddie to split up to find the red reactivator and a 3 digit code to unlock the mysterious lock box. Rebecca goes to big bear while Maddie visits the lake of secrets and Matt looks for clues at a coffee shop. When Rebecca arrives her sisters try surprising her to see if she can become a mom for 24 hours while they spy. They are tricking her while spying in a hidden room using spy cameras. Maddie's adventure turns into a hide and seek chase while Matt gets into a battle royale to defeat the RHS. Can Rebecca find the clues while babysitting her nephews and niece for 24 hours? It might be inside the game master tunnel. Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!
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  • I know two of the numbers 1,3 I hope that helps you!

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  • 237 or 732 or 327

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  • I think your a cool mom and a nice mom or like the fun mom Matt will be strict about the baby’s boyfriend or girlfriend

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  • Maddie knows the code you should’ve never done that now I’m coming after you what ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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  • U Margaret elle est one Life

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  • The digit is seven not the V sorry Rebeca

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  • Q Q is here in AJ DE The One who's fix you doing the mini bring food challenge

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  • Turn the bottom and pull it up like you’re going to close it and then open it again by putting returning to Reading Public pushing it down so yeah that’s how you do that that’s why you like you know like work with it

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  • Papa Becca I'm your biggest fan I cannot stop watching your videos I think that like MattyB calling the rifle and she just found a hidden camera hidden camera in her room I don't know who it's from but I think Joey is buying on Earth but if you like snowing today today Slappy the doll you put Monster x x x + remember well that sloppy if you had in my Carly Jane or Aubrey well then you would have a clause that he would be like teasing you you be like taking your dog by peanut pneumatic peanuts Lobby

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