Baker Mayfield Postgame Press Conference vs. Steelers | Cleveland Browns

10-Yan, 2021
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Quarterback Baker Mayfield addressed the media following the Browns' 48-37 playoff victory over the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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  • I'm a Canadian but I have family in Ohio and it could be a family thing but other parts of my family do not to have the trait they are the epitome of the American Blue Collar work they work very hard they took care of their family they are good people but if you put a chip on their shoulder and basically say hey notice me to pay attention to me it's only a matter of time until things are not going to work out the way you thought Blue Collar mentality with the stubbornness and resolve to keep improving I mean the Browns could not have shown a better representation of what my family is like in Ohio the Steelers dismissed them as no threat they were nothing to be concerned about we're going to do what we want bunch of Grey face opponents. That would be like a criminal putting on a bounty on his own head first-time dad might not get you the second time they might not get you but they will and when they do they're going to crush your skull and change everything about your life in relation to what happens the Steelers will never be the same after this dismantle talks about Roethlisberger going Tomlin going you being the Cleveland Browns football team snatch the soul out of the Steelers you took their will and drive and complacency because they didn't see you as a threat and you shoved it right up their ass all the while doing what looked a lot like dog walking because wherever you wanted to go or what you wanted to do happened and what they wanted to didn't sounds like a human walking the dogs the dogs can only go where I allow them to and they have to go where I go and do what I want mr. Mayfield and Cleveland Browns organization you really know how to walk a dog. You're like a dog walker in New York City walking 11 dogs at a time making all 11 go where you want them they stop when you stop they walk when you walk yeah that would be a fair representation of how that game transpired better luck next time Juju. Juju why your dances were more effective than what you did here because the time frame when you dance on Logo before a game you're going to make them angry and frustrated and infuriated but not time to digest and come up with how they want to respond they are still in their feelings you came out and gave them like a week to digest process and plan their response well having all of the positive effects from you talking down on them but none of the negative say that s*** closer to the game. The more distance you have from a situation the greater your perspective can be on it. Basically when you're dancing on their logo Juju he gets so upset they can't see the forest cuz the trees right in front of them but when you give them time they might take a step or two back and realize there's a forest behind here you need them thinking there's just a tree in front of them not a forest if you get what I'm saying if not the f*** you doing

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  • plzz i hope colin slowly starts to back baker on the show now.. sports players normaly could give af less what media thinks, that there is beyond cool!

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  • Cleveland should put the franchise tag on this guy they've been waiting for a QB and they've finally found one

    TheBlackSuper SaiyanTheBlackSuper Saiyan2 kun oldin
  • You same people licking bakers boots now will be wanting to hang him Sunday, never fells.

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  • Just hope Baker doesn't leave at the end of his 4 year deal.To some place with warm weather.Cleveland has some of the worst weather of all the states.....Or Cleveland will be back at square one.

    Penny WisePenny Wise3 kun oldin
  • I love the trolling of Colin Cowherd. I REALLY dislike that guy

    Savannah O'NeillSavannah O'Neill3 kun oldin
  • Legend for turning his hat backwards

    Gavin HaaseGavin Haase3 kun oldin
  • He has NEVER stopped caring and trying his utmost. All the flak. All the criticisms. I'm no Browns fan. I just see someone has always kept trying 100 percent. He deserves this time.

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  • This was by far the best game yet I've seen the browns play. Unbelievable. We aren't done yet! Goooo BROWNIES!! 🧡🤎🧡🤎🧡

    Drowning in MusicDrowning in Music3 kun oldin
  • Sounds pretty normal to me!!! That’s right Baker!! So normal that it doesn’t matter!! GO BROWNS!!!

    Meek MeekMeek Meek3 kun oldin
  • Wow one win and he thinks he was the men of the game and turning his hat backwards lol if there was no interception who knows if it would be a win but you need to win the Super Bowl like number 15 DID to be the MEN (mr. brownie) See you Sunday 30 - 9 Chiefs

  • 00:09 The Moment. Congrats Baker and Browns, up next KC!

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  • LMAOOO he put his hat on backwards to troll cowherd LMAOOOOOOOO

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  • "Were not satisfied yet" That quote gives me even more confidence!!

  • In a world of 5g this was a very sloppy interview.. My question??? Baker!!! How does it feel to be the biggest hero of 2021? His answer.. Awesome..

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  • I’m a Ravens fan but I got nothin but respect for the Browns and Baker. In my opinion, Ravens and Browns will become the next great rivalry in the AFC North, the Steelers are trash

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  • I hate the browns.

    Mason NorrisMason Norris4 kun oldin
  • Crazy how people still sleep on this man 💯💯

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  • Very young team ,always making good draft pics,and free agent pick ups slowly becoming what everyone thought they could be ,and gotta love all the big personalities on the team

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  • Pure MOXIE !!

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  • I wish the reporters would stop saying no one thought The Browns could win. Cleveland Browns fans knew they would!

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  • “Nobody is satisfied yet”

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  • D A D D Y W A V E

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  • Man I am so excited with you guys on the team. I been with the Browns my whole life, born and raised in Cleveland, now live in Florida but always I represent the Browns. I am old enough to remember the drive, the fumble, the whole kosar - belichick issue, team leaving Cleveland, coming back in 1999, not been relevant except for 2 seasons, 2002 and 2007. Thank you guys for playing hard, making playoffs and beating pukesburgh 2 weeks in a ROW and in playoffs! We be happy on that, but we want more, we want the smoke! lets take it to the world, Get that lombardi trophy Browns! lets GO! play the song grove st party by waka flocka but it is city Cleveland party!

    MAGA WarriorMAGA Warrior4 kun oldin
  • How bout that hat Colin Cowherd

    Cole WhitelyCole Whitely4 kun oldin
  • In Bakers last few sentences, he referenced emphasizing big plays and winning games. He knows in his heart about the law of attraction. I truly believe that he will lead Cleveland to multiple super bowl titles during his career. His team is starting to believe it too.

    Kemmo SabbiKemmo Sabbi4 kun oldin
  • Man, I love this browns team. I dont think they have enough to match the chiefs, but it should be a great game.

    JayJay4 kun oldin
  • Man I love Baker and his trollingbto cowturd 😂😂😂 happy for the Broens organization and fans signed...A falcons fan

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  • I love you, man. 💙Keep on dancing with the touchdowns!

    Fran ForbesFran Forbes4 kun oldin
  • 😉❤️🔥🐕

  • I’m really proud of that entire team and how they’ve stepped up their game. Stefanski and his coaching staff have GREATLY coached up Baker and that Offense 👏 👏 👏

    Philip TuckerPhilip Tucker4 kun oldin
  • Este Valer Mayfield era la mera Verdolaga. Nadie creí en los Browns . Ahora se enfrentarán a los campeones. Mucho que ganar . Será un día histórico...más motivación. Gracias x las alegrías ...G.L

  • Being born and raised in Pittsburgh and bleeding black and gold my whole life, I have to show my respect to the Browns for a good game on their part. It must be difficult being a Browns fan and remaining loyal all these years so I have respect for that as well. I also know how you all hate us and I’m cool with it. I’m glad to see that their is so much talent in this division, which is by far the best division in the NFL and I look forward to many close games in the future. See you next year.

    Adamantium 412Adamantium 4124 kun oldin
  • Good game baker, I'm a die hard browns fan and besides my wedding and the birth of my kids, this was the best day of my life.. thank you and God bless

    John ChaffinJohn Chaffin4 kun oldin
  • and this is how a professional athlete speaks. others should take note!

    Sam SimpsonSam Simpson4 kun oldin
  • He dissed Colin cowherd so hard at the beginning 5 seconds in... Baker: Hold up one sec Flips hat backwards 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I swear Colin cowherd is the worst television personality ever. Smh

    Brayden GabeleBrayden Gabele4 kun oldin
  • Mary Kay is Mary Kay still, thats for sure.

    Jay PeazyJay Peazy4 kun oldin

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  • I'm from Chicago and love Baker and his personality but most of his play and maturity. Hey Cleveland trade you Trubisky for Baker

    SpinyDEE ZeeSpinyDEE Zee4 kun oldin
  • 421st comment 👍

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  • Just wish big Joe Thomas could have played with these Browns

    Joseph ThomasJoseph Thomas4 kun oldin
  • Honestly wanna see the Browns upset Kansas

    Pedro LopezPedro Lopez4 kun oldin
  • I was rooting for the Steelers but damn I love this giy

    - 7567- 75674 kun oldin
  • looking forward to the next building the browns!!

    gamblefcgamblefc4 kun oldin
    • I didn't think of that. That's going to be awesome.

      Jim HarrisJim Harris4 kun oldin
  • Congratulations to you,the team & coaches.Keep the momentum going.You ALL Earned this,you ALL deserve this.God Bless,stay healthy,stay safe & thank you!

    Shelly KirschenbauerShelly Kirschenbauer4 kun oldin
  • I'm probably the only browns fan in Los Angeles,been cheering since bernie k days and i am so excited for this team and every brown fan who stayed true to their team

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  • Great running back in hunt and Chubb ran and got td even with taking a few Steelers with them!! Great to see the improvements!!!

    Chris VolkertChris Volkert4 kun oldin
  • We are in Kansas City now let's kick ass!! Go to Superbowl guys deserve it!! Hunt ran like he wanted Steelers great to see he loves Cleveland!!

    Chris VolkertChris Volkert4 kun oldin
  • Pittsburgh Steelers just got their “26th” playoff loss all time and Cleveland Browns just got their first playoff win in “26” years. NUMBERS DON’T LIE. Proving this everyday how pro sports are rigged. The world is a stage. ALL FACTS.

    Tyler DorsoTyler Dorso4 kun oldin
    • I want what you're smoking

      B-B-Big Dick In My Ass ManB-B-Big Dick In My Ass Man4 kun oldin
    • Do you smoke crack?

      kdc19941kdc199414 kun oldin
  • Pittsburgh Steelers just got their “26th” playoff loss all time and Cleveland Browns just got their first playoff win in “26” years. NUMBERS DON’T LIE. Proving this everyday how pro sports are rigged. The world is a stage. ALL FACTS.

    Tyler DorsoTyler Dorso4 kun oldin
  • Not even remotely close to being a browns fan but I’m glad y’all won. Maybe juju will learn something about opening his mouth giving a team more ammunition to come beat your ass.

    Brandon StephensBrandon Stephens4 kun oldin
  • Love the story but still betting on the Chiefs

    RobtheRipperRobtheRipper4 kun oldin
  • Baker Lives Matter.

    Joe AndahoeJoe Andahoe4 kun oldin
  • You know what do you know who he really reminds me as a quarterback on the field and off the field he reminds me of Jim McMahon out of Chicago the original punky QB. Turning the hat around was to gig and make fun of Colin Cowherd over at Fox sports. I tell you you are too go back and hear Mr cowards remarks last week about quarterbacks that turn their hats around.

    Mark MaleticMark Maletic4 kun oldin
  • I've been a Browns fan since childhood. Bill Nelson, Leroy Kelly days. From 2000 to present the Brown's haven't had a quality coach. We've had several good players during that time. This is the first year with a quality coach and we have top notch talent. Keep this team together and grow it. The 2020 and beyond Brown's can compete every year to bring it home. Cleveland will name streets and holidays to commemorate a championship. Baker, Nick, Kareem, Jarvis, Myles, Denzel, and finally the front line. That's where the big boys play. Yesterday's win showed me we have a "Team" no matter what position you play. First, second or third man up. A Team. And Baker is the QB Cleve needs. A true leader. Stay cocky, brash and focused. You got the gun. Colin Herd gives Baker crap because he is jealous. Colin is sooo proper it's obsessive. Love ya Browns. A fan since childhood.

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  • where Colin....was wrong.

    ImHereForPearlJamVidImHereForPearlJamVid4 kun oldin
  • Next man up! Any given Sunday! 0% expectation, 100% hope. Let's go Brownies.

    TheeMrRobotoTheeMrRoboto4 kun oldin
  • I like Bakers “Over The Top” Sylvester Stallone move! 👉👉How in the world did the Browns Beat the Steelers. Find out how

    Sailor SamSailor Sam4 kun oldin
  • Baker gives big Rodgers vibes in postgame 😂

    BlankBlank4 kun oldin
  • Been saying this since day 1. Baker is a DAWG he has that "IT" factor. Browns are gonna be foreal finally a stable staff and coaching staff. It only up from here. GO BROWNS & continue to shut people up 6.

    Logan NelsonLogan Nelson4 kun oldin
  • Steelers: it’s the browns we’ll win easily Browns: “and I took that personally”

    Just be finessingJust be finessing4 kun oldin
    • Same thing happened in 2008 with eagles and cards

      Erick & Kelly bondsErick & Kelly bonds4 kun oldin
  • I like his commercials and he’s becoming a pretty good NFL QB, but I’m not a fan of his character. Franchise QB’s don’t go running into the end zone pretending to be a photographer and taking pictures to celebrate a TD.

    Shakester71Shakester714 kun oldin
  • MVP

    joliecidejoliecide4 kun oldin
  • Can Mary k just go away please no one wants to hear her after a win she is one of the people against us!!

    Jim HodgeJim Hodge4 kun oldin
  • Baker turning the hat around haha 2 fingers up at Colin Cowherd! Hahaha my QB!!

    DevilsDelightDevilsDelight4 kun oldin

    Michael SteeleMichael Steele4 kun oldin
  • Baker Mayfield, backwards hat guy. Thats for you, Cowherd.

    J BJ B4 kun oldin

    Kevin McCannKevin McCann4 kun oldin
  • A winning culture. So happy for all my fellow Browns fans that we finally are seeing what WE envisioned since 1999! Go Browns!

    Justin S.Justin S.4 kun oldin

    FinnFinn4 kun oldin
  • 😭😭😭😭 he did it


    Nora LynnNora Lynn4 kun oldin
  • Nick Chubb said it best “WE ARE THE BROWNS, WE ARE PROUD TO BE THE BROWNS & THATS BROWNS FOOTBALL” ... this team finds a way... and we are a TEAM... and I love it!!! Lets ride on to KC we are going giant hunting lets get it

    Jimbo RitnerJimbo Ritner4 kun oldin
  • At the beginning He turned his hat backward for Collin cowherd hahahahaa

    Michael HenriksenMichael Henriksen4 kun oldin
  • NEVER DOUBT “6” Jarvis Landry- 2018

    JD FJD F4 kun oldin
  • The new "standard" is winning

    tubesockets120vtubesockets120v4 kun oldin
  • Good job Bake we love u

    kd keyronkd keyron4 kun oldin
  • True, I can feel for Hunt wanting to go against the Kansas city Chief's. I love & respect Hunt. Sometimes shit unfortunate situations happen in life that result in life changing experiences. Although, Chiefs all the way baby. Time to lock down the WIN for the Chiefs Kingdom!

    Christopher GarzaChristopher Garza4 kun oldin
  • The hat backwards lol

    Maurice PhillipsMaurice Phillips4 kun oldin
  • We liked Kareem in KC. He kicked a girl on Camera and lied about it 😂 he acting like KC did him wrong or something.

    Jay BanksJay Banks4 kun oldin
  • Next victim.....The Kansas City Chiefs next weekend! Go Browns!

    Grant PicklesimerGrant Picklesimer4 kun oldin

    AdvilllAdvilll4 kun oldin
  • Huge win for baker! How can you not be happy for this guy

    MKWiiMastersMKWiiMasters4 kun oldin
  • man every week i just love baker even more than last week

    JustCayzJustCayz4 kun oldin
  • Baker is the guy!!!!! Proof that his struggles were due to inconsistency in the coaching staff. He's gonna be great.

    Jesse WarshakJesse Warshak4 kun oldin
  • Lol he is a fucking beast bro I love this dude man great qb let’s go browns

    Warren TriplettWarren Triplett4 kun oldin
  • Baker is a winner. No question.

    Rob MangeriRob Mangeri4 kun oldin
  • Imma raiders fan so I want to see the chiefs lose and I couldn't want a better team to beat them

    Mr ChampMr Champ4 kun oldin

    AspectAspect4 kun oldin

    braden lewisbraden lewis4 kun oldin
  • The Ball diffently rolled 😎 browns way Soolluutt great game

    jim draperjim draper4 kun oldin
  • I believed in you guys a couple yeaes ago and im an eagles fan. get that ring bro bro

    Tuff Lil D33zy91Tuff Lil D33zy914 kun oldin
  • Was the first fumble recovery in the endzone a record for the fastest touchdown??

    jim draperjim draper4 kun oldin
    • I think it was 14 seconds so I think it would have to be.

      Jim HarrisJim Harris4 kun oldin
  • I believed in you guys baker

    Justin TimeJustin Time4 kun oldin
  • 8:04 "seems pretty normal to me"

    Steven StanleySteven Stanley4 kun oldin
  • “Kareem ran pissed off. Kareem ran like he wanted to get to Kansas City.” Quote of the year.

    Cory ReedyCory Reedy4 kun oldin
  • Thanks for the win guys!!!! GO BROWNS been a long time coming

    David ManevichDavid Manevich4 kun oldin