Avatar The Last Airbender New Animated Series Announcement Breakdown - Netflix 2021

9-Yan, 2021
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Covering new Avatar The Last Airbender 2021 Announcement, New Animated Avatar Series. Avatar The Last Airbender Netflix New Series Update. Avatar Kyoshi Series. Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino Avatar Creators Statement about the new Series and future Animated Avatar The last Airbender Series, Projects, New Stories and more. Avatar Cast Reunion 2021 Video.
Netflix Avatar The Last Airbender New Episodes Plans going forward. Release Date changes and production schedule and more live action Netflix Anime Series coming soon like One Piece Anime. New Avatar The Last Airbender Story explained by Mike and Bryan. Future Live action Avatar The Last Airbender Netflix Series, The Avatar Cycle and What Happened to Team Avatar After Avatar The Last Airbender Book 3 Ending. Aang, Zuko, Katara, Toph and Sokka.
I'll do more Bonus Avatar Videos and Episodes this year once we get more details about new separate Avatar Universe Series and the Netflix Series. Post all your big questions and video requests in the comments!
More big Trailers coming soon too. New Star Wars The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer, Marvel Phase 4 Trailer videos. Avengers Falcon and Winter Soldier Trailer, Venom 2 Trailer, Wandavision Trailer, Spiderman 3 and lots more!
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  • Here's my new Avatar The Last Airbender video and New Avatar Projects breakdown along with Netflix updates. Post all your picks for new avatar series in the comments. Here's my Avatar The Last Airbender Season 4 video too! uzworld.info/player/video/baaap6ivaKKomJY

    Emergency AwesomeEmergency Awesome7 kun oldin
    • @Shahaneh Limonadi I agree, Avatar the legend of Rylo would be epic. The avatar after korra taking place in modern tech society and could be a parady of real life.

      Robert VierraRobert VierraKun oldin
    • If they don't want to piss off the fans who didn't like the Live-Action 3D movie, then they should do the new show animated. Not surprised Netflix disagreed with them. I mean just the fact its live-action tells you everything. I like the movie, but never seen the show. Also, I don't know what people thought was going to happen; when they knew the entire story was being done in a single 2 hour movie. I mean, how did you show fans not see it coming. They let you know before the movie's premiere that there would be no sequel, and that everything was happening in a single 2 hour movie.

      Shahaneh LimonadiShahaneh LimonadiKun oldin
    • @illiJay They wanted to make a live action reboot with the OG creaters on board, but months passed and they dint get to do what they wanted so they bounced, and now netflix might be trying to go animated cause that's easier to do with covid

      Robert VierraRobert Vierra2 kun oldin
    • Wait is this real? Is netflix actually making a continuation of the Avatar series??

      illiJayilliJay2 kun oldin
    • @Marisa B WE need a avatar after korra, taking place in modern times with smartphones and could be a parody of modern society like south park but with more anime

      Robert VierraRobert Vierra2 kun oldin
  • Korra vs Aang is simple aang made a story that wasn't full of the shipping and drama it was pure story with life as a background then a for ground now korra was a shipping and woke mess it was hard to watch I would fall asleep on it

    Mack ElderMack Elder21 daqiqa oldin
  • I would love to follow the first avatar, avatar Wan or the second avatar being born into war finding out he/she is the avatar. I would love but also wanna see season 4 of Atla

    KPE 02KPE 0222 daqiqa oldin
  • So now you have to pay for another streaming service? Tell me again why I should keep Netflix at this point?

    peacendpola23peacendpola23Soat oldin
  • i just hope there is not as much stupid things like in Korra

    TRDJ YTTRDJ YTSoat oldin
  • I want to see a show on the life of Uncle Iroh.

    thirtythreeflavorsthirtythreeflavors2 soat oldin
  • Really hoping we get the story of Avatar Kyoshi

    Ali CarrollAli Carroll2 soat oldin
  • Evil earth bender avatar after Korra dhskzlsl

    DaylinDaylin3 soat oldin
  • Just stopped by to remind you all that legend of Korea sucks and it ruined everything. That is all.

    KevKev4 soat oldin
  • I'm so excited to see Zuko finding his mum finally animated and out on air❤

    Erin TonyErin Tony4 soat oldin
  • I just want more Toph ... So I'm happy

    Atlas HellfireAtlas Hellfire4 soat oldin
  • I wish they would do a new avatar but without the modern day but I don’t know how they would do that

    Salty futbolSalty futbol4 soat oldin
  • Nobody wants a live action! we want a continuation of the original or an alternate storyline for example what if Aang had not run away from the air nation how the story would have ended.

    Bill AlisonBill Alison5 soat oldin
  • Ugh make the comics but better. Comics lack true depth like original series had

    amber61popamber61pop5 soat oldin

    Aysha RobertsAysha Roberts5 soat oldin
  • I’m not a fan of aangs beard

    MilkmanMcgeeMilkmanMcgee5 soat oldin
  • I honestly just want them to leave the francise alone now. The Legend Of Korra ruined the feel of ATLA and i personally didnt like it. But im more worried about how politically-correct they might make a new series be, many new ATLA fans on twitter and netflix keep trying to force different sexualitys on the main characters in ATLA.

    T MT M6 soat oldin
  • I would watch the crap out of a Kyoshi series, she's my favorite Avatar.

    Shady DooragsShady Doorags6 soat oldin
  • Unpopular opinion but I think they should rewrite Korra.

    The Anti-ChristThe Anti-Christ6 soat oldin
  • I agree that i don't think avatar works as a series beyond korra. i mean looking at the series it really feels like technology had a power creep scenario setting in i know lots of people hate on korra and there are plenty of things not to like about it but at the same time i think it could be really interesting to see korras story go further and likewise would be super interesting to see avatar aang and the gang expanded on into there adult life. and finally if we don't get either of those either a kyoshi or honestly any of the other avatars. afterall it says that theres been a thousand avatars blah blah blah they have so much room to expand on those past avatars stories i mean maybe they could even expand on avatar wan we got some of that in LOK and i mean personally i enjoyed how those scenes played out. but going beyond korra into a new avatar i don't think we are ready for that yet however in the far future it could be an interesting topic to maybe cover and see how they might make that work. they can also kill korra off earlier than expected in order for it to not go too far into the future

    Fraser GriffithsFraser Griffiths6 soat oldin
  • Don’t do that, don’t give me hope.

    FleFlanFleFlan7 soat oldin
  • Water... Water... Water... *WATER*

    Roger That!Roger That!7 soat oldin
  • I'm excited to see how this turns out. In Legend of Korra, Aang's kids alluded to him not being the best father to them so I'd love to see more of what they meant and of course see all of crew navigating their lives as adults.

    Jodi-AnnJodi-Ann7 soat oldin
  • I learned nothing from this video

    Daniyaal NoorDaniyaal Noor7 soat oldin
  • Please Avatar Kyoshie Series

    Spuncky PlaysGamesSpuncky PlaysGames8 soat oldin
  • “Tip of the iceberg”. I see what you did there

    Urahara’s ShopUrahara’s Shop8 soat oldin
  • I'm sorry to everyone who would love to see a season 4 of Avatar TLA, but that show is already excellent. On the other hand a season 5 of The Legend of Korra would be my real hope. The show is not perfect, and that's why it needs an amazing hearthbreking finale. Maybe something where korra tries to fix the connection with the previous Avatar, this could be a super cool way to combine it with the original Avatar TLA cast and maybe with others too.

    sic parvis magnasic parvis magna9 soat oldin
    • She can't it's a new cycle no other avatar can connect with there last lives can't even talk to her so she fucked up it's that next avatars Job to basically correct the last avatars issue

      Damarcus HarperDamarcus Harper35 daqiqa oldin
  • I would like to see how ang made union, and all that.

    Tryston KincannonTryston Kincannon9 soat oldin
  • I mean: avatar genji has a pretty good story to develop

    Schwarz TeeSchwarz Tee10 soat oldin
  • I hope they bring back azula

    Gypsy FreakGypsy Freak11 soat oldin
  • i might be in the minority here but i don’t want a kyoshi series. because of the hype around the character i feel like most of the fans would never be satisfied with it

    Jack SweeneyJack Sweeney11 soat oldin
  • You sound identical to John Scares man, idk if someone said that before but its true haha

    Lucas GroenLucas Groen11 soat oldin
  • 0:45 where dis from?

    Vain _Vain _11 soat oldin
  • Why don’t we just have a prequel! Flashes of the old avatars, stories of Iroh, or whatever! I don’t want sequels, everyone I love is dead and they’ll just screw it up.

    Haunted Mushrooms ASMRHaunted Mushrooms ASMR11 soat oldin
  • I actually like kiyoshi being left up to the fandom to characterize

    Rissa LaylandRissa Layland12 soat oldin
  • I personally want to see a new series with a new Avatar (or just one we haven't seen). I love the Gaang, but the idea of expanding the world more is really exciting to me.

    Joy C.E.Joy C.E.12 soat oldin
  • I think a modern avatar would work. It wouldn't have to be a direct copy of modern times, you could just have elements of it in Republic city.

    Cole HazenCole Hazen13 soat oldin
  • I know I am late, but if they do another series I really hope it is about the gaang as adults. I think we all want to see the original gaang shine again, and it would be so cool to see their adventures while forming republic city. Also, we would see more interactions of their kids.

    Laney G.Laney G.13 soat oldin
  • they shoulda just continued da original show bruh🤦🏽‍♂️

    T4XTIMET4XTIME13 soat oldin
  • Kyoshi series would do it. A new series should focus on a different Avatar. Let the comics continue the story of Aang and Korra.

    Natalie RichardsNatalie Richards13 soat oldin
  • I would love to see a series about older Aang gang

    Yaryanna RachelleYaryanna Rachelle14 soat oldin
  • Idk but the thumbnail bugs me, korra is gay lol

    Axel PalaciosAxel Palacios14 soat oldin
  • I want to see events from straight after book 3, up until kids of the Gaang. We definitely deserve to see Aang and Katara wedding!

    StriderStrider14 soat oldin
  • WE WANT BOOK 4: AIR!!!!!!!

    StriderStrider14 soat oldin
  • Yes I am so fucking happy. I have waited so many years for this thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Muiz IbrarMuiz Ibrar14 soat oldin
  • Where's Zuko's part, finding her mom? What'll happen to Azula? etc.

    OrangeOrange15 soat oldin
    • That was supposed to happen in 2013, TLOK was intended to be a mini-series. The creators pitched an idea of a continuation 90min movie to nickelodeon, which is now a comic called 'the search' which is about team avatar and azula finding zukos mother. The pitch was shot down by nickelodeon and instead it was chosen to make TLOK a full-series instead.

      T MT M5 soat oldin
  • Nickelodeon is quick to throw away anything that isn’t spongebob It’s a shame

    Maggie Has no last nameMaggie Has no last name15 soat oldin
  • I just hope a new avatar anime come

    Jeffrey HauserJeffrey Hauser16 soat oldin
  • Ok But in this version they better not whitewash all of them

    MarieMarie16 soat oldin
  • Am I seriously the only one who wants to see Iroh and his journey in the spirit world? Like to prove me wrong

    SocratiasSocratias16 soat oldin
  • They already wrote the comics, why can’t they just do a continuation of the series? All the story is already set up. It’ll save them time and bring in the hype with fans seeing the old members again.

    Kenny HoKenny Ho17 soat oldin
  • Just animate both atla and Lok comics. Literally a no brainer

    Nicolas ArangoNicolas Arango18 soat oldin
  • I would like avatar in the future.

    Chidera AfakalamChidera Afakalam19 soat oldin
  • Dudeee, this gives me the goosebumps

    Sam?Sam?21 soat oldin
  • bla bla bla bla bla

    eleni valentijneleni valentijn21 soat oldin
  • I miss Aang

    Avatar YanisAvatar Yanis22 soat oldin
  • i would like to see a sci-fi avatar series and the avatar must bring back bending to the world

    Dominic and Robyn FlynnDominic and Robyn Flynn22 soat oldin
  • they could do a series just after ATLA and to the start of ATLOK

    Dominic and Robyn FlynnDominic and Robyn Flynn22 soat oldin
  • I think they should continue with aang or just start with a brand new Avatar. I mean look how good the "1st Avatar" was. I would have taken a whole series of that over Kora.

    Brandon GarciaBrandon Garcia23 soat oldin
  • They fucking left us with a cliffhanger, ruined my fucking childhood

    KurtKurtKun oldin
  • I wouldn't mind a futuristic avatar show where all bending is outlawed and the avatar has to kind of lead a rebellion more than establish peace, I think that would be a cool change of pace

    Sam TaylorSam TaylorKun oldin
  • I really hope Netflix doesn’t race swap or turn 70% of the characters gay or bi so it can be part of their character. I fucking hate that shit

    Darth StalinDarth StalinKun oldin
  • Okay when are they gonna make the Avatar Kyoshi live action 👑it’s going to be sooo adult

    Buoy BlaiseBuoy BlaiseKun oldin
  • Hopefully we get to see more mei and zuko and their rough relationship

    Pot roastPot roastKun oldin
  • Really excited for this but I doubt most people are gonna get another streaming service for one show i will most likely watch this online or something

    Fast as gaup The bargainingFast as gaup The bargainingKun oldin
  • Is Aaron Ehasz involved? Because if not, I quite frankly doubt that this will be as good as people hope. Bryan, Mike, and Aaron together made ATLA as it became.

    Maxxor - Overworld HeroMaxxor - Overworld HeroKun oldin
  • may the legend continue

    3OO plays3OO playsKun oldin
  • I really don't want a kyoshi series

    A riZA riZKun oldin
  • As much as I would be interested in seeing another avatar in the cycle, I really think Seeing Wan's story could be interesting :) They left off with him old, dying on a battlefield so I really wanna know what could come before that :D (I don't know if its been covered in books or not)

    Miiko SukiMiiko SukiKun oldin
  • Not gonna lie this tripped me out but I would be interested in seeing it too

    leileiKun oldin
  • Only the tip of the iceberg. Haha I get the pun

    Maxwell BellMaxwell BellKun oldin
  • They could completely do a series on how the first Avatar came to be

    Jon BellJon BellKun oldin
  • I would actually really like to see a more modern series

    Cheeseylegolas boiCheeseylegolas boiKun oldin
  • I say we get a 1950s 3rd show after korra died in battle around 1945, and then call it quits for the franchise.

    ZedZedKun oldin
  • I don't understand why people want the next Avatar so bad. To be honest the story wouldnt work with our modern time think about it by the time Korra dies which could be in her 80's maybe even 90's unless she dies young the new Avatar would be too close to us. By the time they are old enough to be able to travel alone (Aang had no adult figures and Korra was 18) they would be graduating high school which would be either early 2000's or mid 2000's. In today's society there are too many ways to stop them for example guns which the Equalist didn't have nor did Kuvira's soldiers. If they do a new series I hope it is either a continuation of ATLA or LOK maybe even about the past Avatars.

    Jassii JJassii JKun oldin
  • LOL the Mass Effect clip. 😂 That's right, Jennifer Hale did voice Kyoshi!

    A.A.Kun oldin
  • I want either Book 4 and beyond, a completely new Avatar series set before Aang’s Era, or and hear me out, Cyberpunk Avatar. I’d actually like that.

    Jon DupratJon DupratKun oldin
  • A kyoshi series would be cool but i think it would be harder to invest in her story since she's nothing like aang or any of the other main characters we know. tbh i'd be happy with avatar book 4 if it means more azula, ty lee and iroh

    TaylaTaylaKun oldin
  • "FINALLY! That's what we've been waiting for!"

    AnayaAnayaKun oldin
  • Look, I'm a huuuuuge Avatar the Last Airbender fan like it's the one thing from my childhood that I still hold onto today. (And literally, I've been on the fandom for years.) But tbh they should just drop it and leave the perfect show that is AtLA as it is. Enough spinoffs, enough money grabs. I'm so tired of my favorite things getting ruined just because they wanted to continue the story.

    nnndaprilsternnndaprilsterKun oldin
  • I've been wanting for a new avatar series. But i'm worried that the new series would put a stain in the "Avatar" name

    Matthew AbrahamMatthew AbrahamKun oldin
  • Ive always wanted to see Aang and the gang reunited. We could get that fourth season adapted from the comics or Just an adult version of the show. But tbh I think a show for Tenzin, Bumi, Kya, Lin and her sister would be great too

    C JC JKun oldin
  • Or can they complete book 4 of ATLA

    Chris AilshieChris AilshieKun oldin
  • Mmmmhh ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 08490607... Get more info

    NikitaNikitaKun oldin
  • I want to see Aang and the gangs experience as soldiers in another war. It could be interesting since in the original show they spend most time as witness’s of war.

    SmallFry SkilledgeSmallFry SkilledgeKun oldin
  • Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I'll die happy

    Pheonix AngelPheonix AngelKun oldin
  • It actually makes me so happy how much power Mike and Bryan have now, considering how screwed over they got when releasing LoK every season.

    WillSMoviesGamingSportsWillSMoviesGamingSportsKun oldin
  • Is it for kids?

    The GBThe GBKun oldin
  • Dante Basco as the Boulder or a client in The Jasmine Dragon

    Sarah StermolliSarah StermolliKun oldin
  • I literally just want them to adapt the comics. The stories are RIGHT. THERE. 😩

    simpleplanfan011simpleplanfan011Kun oldin
  • As long as it isn't like Korra I'll be happy. I really didn't like those characters (just couldn't relate to them unfortunately).

    trogdoar149trogdoar149Kun oldin
  • Bruh. We already have kyoshi books

    Emperor of PenguinsEmperor of PenguinsKun oldin
  • I heard one avatar didn’t have arms?? I want to see that one! Love Kyoshi but a no-armed avatar (that uses the elements as her arms)?? Yes please.

    breezterbreezterKun oldin
  • Give. It. To. ME. Please :-)

    breezterbreezterKun oldin
  • Well I want to see Avatar Kyoshi Animated series or Roku

    Gecko ReactsGecko ReactsKun oldin
  • I hate to be a jerk but jeez could you at least use video footage of the Avatar rather than everything else? Trying to relate to other material and you did a poor job at it.

    Tevonta BamisebiTevonta BamisebiKun oldin
  • I either want What happened after ATLA or Aang in early republic city and Zuko as fire lord

    Gecko ReactsGecko ReactsKun oldin
  • O m g I m H a v i n g A H e a r t A t t a c k

    Gecko ReactsGecko ReactsKun oldin
  • I want them to animate what happens between Korra and Asami

    Skiinggirl80Skiinggirl80Kun oldin
  • I want a live action Avatar television show that focuses on Aang, Sokka, Katara, Toph, Zuko, etc in the prime of their life. Like in between Avatar and Kotra is where this show would take place

    Rob Fab VideosRob Fab VideosKun oldin