Automatic pool stick vs. strangers

15-Fev, 2021
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An automatic pool playing robot - how hard could it be? Turns out harder than I thought. It took me quite a while to work through all the difficulties of this project but when it all finally came together is so worth it. To my surprise the most interesting aspect of this project is using the cue to play real games of pool over the internet. Let me know if you think twitch plays billiards would be worthwhile...

  • Meat servo cheats... (By the way you should totally support Shane on Patreon, like I do: )

    SmarterEveryDaySmarterEveryDay18 kun oldin
    • I knew it was you

      Rexsovel LlejesRexsovel Llejes12 soat oldin
    • With the amount of money Destin is making, it is no surprise to me.

      WGamerTV / WGTVWGamerTV / WGTV15 soat oldin
    • No

      WGamerTV / WGTVWGamerTV / WGTV15 soat oldin
    • @The BookLovers Pizza 1

      Flinki KlugFlinki KlugKun oldin
    • Dustin, I heard the word meat servo and I still can't get it out of my head hahha.

      French ProfileFrench Profile2 kun oldin
  • Unbelievable

    Himanshu HkHimanshu Hk14 daqiqa oldin
  • Try it with Snooker

    Robert HansenRobert Hansen16 daqiqa oldin
  • Great video. Engineering is all about failure, learning from failure, compensating to account for failure, and then overcoming that failure to create the most elegant solution. I love how you share your failures and successes.

    Mike WheelerMike Wheeler47 daqiqa oldin
  • He is Bill Gates’ bastard

    Roger NRoger NSoat oldin
  • Aye first time Viewer Billiard Advocate try the Cue against Efren Reyes!! That’s competition just a suggestion if you follow through that be amazing

  • Hard to believe this guy is so smart

    Roger NRoger NSoat oldin
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    Hatch LedouxHatch LedouxSoat oldin
  • was that your friend he was really nice :-)

    Samuel HiattSamuel HiattSoat oldin
  • Awesome video. If not already invented there is money to be made in that overlay of visuals from the computer which shows you where to shoot.

    Joe DJoe DSoat oldin
  • Wow

    Cody Gochenour66Cody Gochenour66Soat oldin
  • 11:36 you sure??

    COC mattersCOC matters2 soat oldin
  • Hi

    Turtle GamesTurtle Games3 soat oldin
  • You should collaborate with some pro pool players like Shane Van Boening or Venom Trickshots

    miamiwaxmiamiwax3 soat oldin
  • We're did you study

    Sharksha EditingSharksha Editing3 soat oldin
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  • you should update it to guess where the cue ball will end up

    TheBradWatersTheBradWaters4 soat oldin
  • Please make the 3D maneuver gear from Attack on Titan

    Ramyak SharmaRamyak Sharma4 soat oldin
  • He will beat Mark and vsauce in short period.

    Rajesh BRajesh B4 soat oldin
  • How about build me a left handed thumb throttle for my four wheeler cause I blew my hand off and still want to ride pleaseee

    casey robinsoncasey robinson5 soat oldin
  • "Getting this done is as hard as labour." You need to try out those labour simulators XD

    Kenny TanKenny Tan5 soat oldin
  • This guy just beated life

    Marco GómezMarco Gómez5 soat oldin
  • Why didn't you just make the camera actually straight to the table

    Darren BoxhallDarren Boxhall6 soat oldin
  • how hard can it be to package up a lock and send it to the lock picking lawyer? you promised!

    scamin samscamin sam6 soat oldin
  • Are we going to see LPL or an info update about it?

    Kevin MayoKevin Mayo6 soat oldin
  • Holy sheet! This guy so god damn smart, it's very impressive.

    Eric MentonEric Menton6 soat oldin
  • Man, may I ask you what do you do for a living?

    Ric oRic o7 soat oldin
  • Next gen has left the room. Lol

    Jeoseph san diegoJeoseph san diego7 soat oldin
  • ‘I don’t have skill but I have technology’ 😂👍

    Samlewis876Samlewis8767 soat oldin
  • Incredible.

    Marius NilsenMarius Nilsen8 soat oldin
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  • Anyone else here still waiting for Stuff Made Here to send his lock to LockPicking Lawyer?

    saranakkksaranakkk8 soat oldin
  • You need to be taking on nikola Tesla’s inventions

    johnjohn9 soat oldin
  • you're a legend

    Amir RasyadAmir Rasyad9 soat oldin
  • Imagine he had just misspelled a variable when he was searching for the mistake

    Alexis meiAlexis mei9 soat oldin
  • Instant sub, holy shit

    John SchmidtJohn Schmidt9 soat oldin
  • amazed

    Guido GuetaGuido Gueta10 soat oldin
  • I'm just slightly upset that you don't use chalk.

    Electric SheepElectric Sheep10 soat oldin
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    Tater TotsTater Tots10 soat oldin
  • "This is a good proof of concept" Proceeds to build his own physics engine and optimal shot algorithm from scratch 🙄🙄

    firehawk895firehawk89511 soat oldin
  • Very impressive work, definitely! Do you consider adding effect of spin on cue ball?

    Burkay UzluBurkay Uzlu11 soat oldin
  • wow

    zoopzoop11 soat oldin
  • This is insane man. Wtf.

    firehawk895firehawk89511 soat oldin
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    Stevie PStevie P11 soat oldin
  • He reminds me of Harrison Wells, the director of S.T.A.R. Labs in Flash...but SMARTER!

    Batsu XBatsu X12 soat oldin
  • “Transform quaternion” Stop giving me flashbacks to quantum field theory...

    Martin HawesMartin Hawes12 soat oldin
  • I stopped watching we he said robots are better.

    Zahir MbengueZahir Mbengue12 soat oldin
  • This is so cool.....

    Vedran ButerinVedran Buterin12 soat oldin
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    정예진정예진12 soat oldin
  • All I have is time

    Random StuffRandom Stuff13 soat oldin
  • We really love robots ever since. We just realized thag we hate it just thinking how to make one.

    Finding UchihaFinding Uchiha14 soat oldin
  • Someone needs to give this man a raise

    Davis CrevierDavis Crevier14 soat oldin
  • I just want to share that humanity invented fire a million year ago.

    Finding UchihaFinding Uchiha14 soat oldin
  • What software do you use for drawings on your iPad?

    AirdexAirdex14 soat oldin
  • let me know when your making a bot to predict the lottery! haha this is amazing stuff!

    Captain687Captain68714 soat oldin
  • I had no idea how far humanity did in terms of technology.

    Finding UchihaFinding Uchiha14 soat oldin
  • Wife Mode!

    Alif BiswasAlif Biswas14 soat oldin
  • Stupid patreon

    WGamerTV / WGTVWGamerTV / WGTV15 soat oldin
  • Stupid sponsor

    WGamerTV / WGTVWGamerTV / WGTV15 soat oldin
  • What is with his wife voice? Is she suffer from neck cancer or something? It seems that it is very difficult for her to talk and breath. She is almost suffocating on every phrase speaking it much lower than her real voice is.

    pahompahom15 soat oldin
  • This guy is taking away all fun from pool, STOP HIM

    Gautam BhotiaGautam Bhotia15 soat oldin
  • You should deploy the system against some pro players!

    Piotr BentkowskiPiotr Bentkowski15 soat oldin
  • You’re a scary guy! First rate video.... When I’m in the US, I do go to Micro center.

    Nitrous ManNitrous Man16 soat oldin
  • "I want to enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played." HAHAHA

    Brett BarkerBrett Barker16 soat oldin
  • INU?? In UK its an IOU

    God_ YNWAGod_ YNWA16 soat oldin
  • as someone being more used to watching snooker, I cant stop being baffled by how massively large the pockets on American pool tables are compared to the table size... theyre like 10 liter buckets! (yes I know the balls are a bit bigger as well)

    GroovingPictGroovingPict16 soat oldin
  • super intelligent, I loved it

    Breno BandeiraBreno Bandeira16 soat oldin
  • Aqui nem baianinho de Mauá

    brenno qpbrenno qp17 soat oldin
  • 7:17 "I wanna enjoy the game of pool the way it was meant to be played." uses a robot that never misses.

    Juanito AlvaradoJuanito Alvarado17 soat oldin
  • Thought making a table tennis machine would be cool. This china's machine kinda shitty tho

    AdriangzyAdriangzy17 soat oldin
  • 11:28 "Why quitting is nothing to be ashamed of" was the best subtle joke I've seen, made me laugh :D

    xImperialyxImperialy17 soat oldin
  • he looks like a clone of Bill Gates, both physically and mentally.

    poşet.exepoşet.exe17 soat oldin
  • I definitely understood the first 12 min of the video... definitely😅

    Jerry HairyJerry Hairy17 soat oldin
  • “$100 if you can miss” Never underestimate ur opponents

    Sugarist0Sugarist018 soat oldin

    Richard CruzRichard Cruz18 soat oldin
  • I want to see Efren "Bata" Reyes and that tech in a match, and see who is really the legend I'm sorry for my bad grammar thou

    Termux LinuxTermux Linux18 soat oldin
    • That would be a great match !

      Gadeshwar IshwardeenGadeshwar Ishwardeen4 soat oldin
  • Why can’t I like this twice????

    Eduardo FischerEduardo Fischer18 soat oldin
  • Takes out all the fun

    Ray ShadeRay Shade18 soat oldin
  • Overwatch here: VAC BANNED !

    Just JordanJust Jordan18 soat oldin
  • Is it just me that has the feeling this guy’s talents could be spent doing things that actually improve our world instead of doing things like this for UZworld views?

    F CF C19 soat oldin
    • Seems to me as if he is improving the world, he's not doing anything that a team of people couldn't already do. Philanthropic carpenters make shelters for the homeless and they get taken down by the city, water filter technology has existed for centuries before flint had their water crisis the state government just isn't using it and curing cancer isn't an engineering problem. Other than inspiring and bringing joy to over a million subscribers by pursuing his passions and recording it for everyone to see, how do you think he should be using his talents?

      hamsolo474hamsolo4745 soat oldin
    • He's living the dream man, Don't ruin it.

      Michael MillerMichael Miller9 soat oldin
  • Please be my computer science lecturer.

    afolabi akinniyanafolabi akinniyan19 soat oldin
  • That robot looks sexy to me

    Rishi KaushalRishi Kaushal20 soat oldin
  • Reverse engineering the outcome shouldn't be impossible, sort of like how alpha zero looks backwards from all possible mates to increase its calculation abilities. This would avoid any situations where you have no moves left and still choose the path with the least likelihood of error cumulatively. If this were a serious venture this could very realistically become functionally unbeatable.

    CheapShotFailCheapShotFail20 soat oldin
  • His wife is such a turn off.. Such arrogance on her 1-cent face!! JUST DON'T TAKE HER IN YOUR VIDEOS

    Musical FunMusical Fun20 soat oldin
    • Pretty sure they are just acting (acting competitive because he beat her at pool, she usually plays the unamused accountant).

      Nii CommeyNii Commey11 soat oldin
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  • Are you a single or a team?

    Shariar MorshedShariar Morshed21 soat oldin
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    Awesome CreeperAwesome Creeper21 soat oldin
  • Truly amazing what a smart dude can get done.

    Mithrandir the GreyMithrandir the Grey21 soat oldin
  • You didn't really win the robot won

    VideoHubVideoHub22 soat oldin
  • 8:48 sunmed up my college years building robots, every week there will be moment like thos and half of the time the solution is stupid.

    Ilham WicaksonoIlham Wicaksono23 soat oldin
  • Eventually you run out of stuff to go wrong 😆😂 how much pain you gotta endure until then ?

    RylanRylan23 soat oldin
  • Hi, super good video as usual, but just fast question, what is the ipad app used for the sketch? thanks

    Giovanni PerilloGiovanni Perillo23 soat oldin
  • Fantastic video and invention. My favorite channel by far!

    David StanfordDavid StanfordKun oldin
  • "extract_balls(self)" heh >.>

    Frosty.Frosty.Kun oldin
  • How do we know he's not an ai robot?

    Devin BookahDevin BookahKun oldin
  • People on 8 ball pool with hacks be like

    DJ ChronicusDJ ChronicusKun oldin
  • There are solvers that solve for every ball out there but require a lot of thrust to get the white ball moving

    ZdrytchX -{ReferenceZdrytchX -{ReferenceKun oldin