Are You Ready for a Financial Reset in 2021? (Ramsey Reset Live Stream)

12-Yan, 2021
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Are You Ready for a Financial Reset in 2021? (Ramsey Reset Live Stream)
You don’t have to face another year of worry.

No matter how last year went, you can have more control over your money. More peace of mind in your life. At Reset Live, Dave Ramsey, Rachel Cruze, Chris Hogan, and Craig Groeschel with teach you how to:
Break free from debt. Forever.
Build better money habits that last.
Get small wins with money right away.
This is the event you need to crush your money goals this year and put 2020 in the rearview mirror forever.

Download the event workbook:
Reset your money in 2021:
Start your free Ramsey+ trial today:


    terje sandbergterje sandberg55 daqiqa oldin
  • Thanks for putting together this amazing presentation. All I have been needing is the MOTIVATION and DIRECTION that you all provide! Yes, the key to making this work is a solid income and lots of discipline, but your motivation is phenomenal! Thank you!!!

    Dana KellyDana Kelly10 soat oldin
  • what an AMAZING event you're sharing with the world... for free! Loved this so much- everyone was fabulous & I loved Rachel's shoes :) Bravo everyone.. this was extremely inspiring.

    Sofia JSofia J11 soat oldin
  • Love your teaching. But... I need to ask the question , why are you adopting the term " reset " ? It's a term coined by the WEF

    Alex PelbathAlex Pelbath11 soat oldin
  • Excellent !

    Charles GagnonCharles Gagnon13 soat oldin
  • Amazing as always! Thank you.

    Annabelle C.C.Annabelle C.C.15 soat oldin
  • Chris is so hilarious!!! 🤣😂 loved everyone 💕

    Constance LovelaceConstance Lovelace16 soat oldin
  • Ramsey soundtracks are getting more modern! Producer doing a great job moving with the times.

    tigerrxtigerrx16 soat oldin
  • please bring this to canada.

    Brittany EwingBrittany Ewing17 soat oldin
  • The Great reset will be digital it will be in your right hand.

    J LeeJ Lee17 soat oldin
  • I was expecting to hear something insightful about the "great reset" coming up.......sigh.

    Pibbles 'n BitsPibbles 'n Bits18 soat oldin
  • These are good people. Wise, sane, practical advice regardless of your religious or political leanings.

    lessdeth69lessdeth6918 soat oldin
  • is that mark cuban or am i blind?

    Kimberly AustinKimberly Austin19 soat oldin
  • I’m sorry you are using the ‘Reset’ label.

    Patricia FormanPatricia Forman20 soat oldin
    • I'm guessing they were unaware of the whacko resonance when they wrote up the theme.

      Matt CrouchMatt Crouch16 soat oldin
  • Hi Dave. Love from South Africa! I've been following you for a while now and I've tried to use the every dollar app but it doesnt really work this side. Please may I kindly ask that you make a version available for us Non Americans? Thank you for blessing us with your content . May the Lord bless you even more abundantly! I'm on baby step number 2. Thanks for making this video available to us !

    Swiftie DrifterSwiftie Drifter20 soat oldin
    • I live in Australia and had the same problem. In the end I just put in any US postcode and was able to create an account. Good luck! P.S Love South Africa!

      M FM F41 daqiqa oldin
  • Rachel, what is your household income?

    Alexander AAlexander A23 soat oldin
  • Thank you for the insights and information in this presentation. They resonated with many of us in these times.

    P HardP HardKun oldin
  • Good Teaching Dave Ramsey Atlanta intently listening

    Ruth Moore-SmithRuth Moore-SmithKun oldin
  • Anyone else still get chills at the mention of 9/11?

    OM617YOTAOM617YOTAKun oldin
  • I am the ish pig

    Laura ClarkLaura ClarkKun oldin
  • Like my mother always told me, Sally, it isn't how much money you make, it's what you do with it." I love my mommy.

    Sally MerrellSally MerrellKun oldin
  • Had the pleasure of attending this in person. Really great information!

    Gary and Kim PerkinsonGary and Kim PerkinsonKun oldin
  • 160 thumbs down? Idiots. He has helped millions of people.

    John RodeJohn RodeKun oldin
  • Chris and Rachel have become my fav!

    TaraTaraKun oldin
  • Wow just in time I guess

    Matt WoldanskiMatt WoldanskiKun oldin
  • When my wife and I were married in 2016 a friend from church gave us financial peace package and it changed our lives. It is hard indeed, but it takes discipline. We felt so bad for many people around us during and amid pandemic because they were scrambling trying to get by. We've felt guilty because to us nothing really changed because we have been preparing since 2016. We've tried to help as much as we could but sometimes it can get overwhelming seeing people's situation. We don't have a lot of money by any means, but we also don't know how to spend what we don't have. I am grateful for Ramsey and his family.

    t kt kKun oldin
  • I am so pumped for my financial freedom in 2021!

    Birgitte StoughBirgitte StoughKun oldin
  • I love money!!

    hilltopbloodhoundshilltopbloodhoundsKun oldin
  • Hogan's voice is literal molasses.

    Peter ZellerPeter Zeller2 kun oldin
  • i cried :) and with a smile. what a great ending. thank you.

    matthew sosamatthew sosa2 kun oldin
  • Clickbait bud this videos trash 🗑 DailywebEArN. Com is legit

    Zurn KenZurn Ken2 kun oldin
  • Thank you very much ,the dollar app doesn't work in Africa please do something for us .thank you

  • I thought this was going to be about the global financial reset and how to prepare. :(

    Anthony NardellaAnthony Nardella2 kun oldin
    • Go to some prepper pages. Lots of them out there.

      Jayna RobinsonJayna Robinson2 kun oldin
  • I live in Australia and I have actually implemented Dave’s principles. My partner and I are debt free with a 6 month emergency fund with 25K saved so far for a house.

    Travis JonesTravis Jones2 kun oldin
    • Killing it! Keep going

      KC HKC H12 soat oldin
  • Does Dave speak on his recent bankruptcy?

    Linda MoraLinda Mora2 kun oldin
  • Be that third pig!!!!

    David HarridDavid Harrid2 kun oldin
  • paid off $85,000 by myself in less than 2 years!

    Liz DolanLiz Dolan2 kun oldin
  • These principles changed my life too. Do it, and feel the peace and freedom over the years to come.

    maria de jucilenemaria de jucilene2 kun oldin
  • Baby step three and almost done! Four is going to be fun!!!!

    The Trump DimensionThe Trump Dimension2 kun oldin
  • Rachel is a great speaker!!!

    The Trump DimensionThe Trump Dimension2 kun oldin
  • I'm in a different place and changed my family tree. I'm so grateful for the hard work we have done to get to where we are at. Can't wait to see what the future holds moving forward! Thanks Dave!

    JnshoxJnshox2 kun oldin
  • Sir I am very poor family boy .please u give me little job .I am indian .thanks

    Raju DalaiRaju Dalai3 kun oldin
  • Pray, thithing, budgeting, and saving finally free me from 4 years of debt. I am on my way investing. Thank you Lord and thank you Dave.

    KAP KAPKAP KAP3 kun oldin
  • This Reset is EVERYTHING!🙌🏾🙏🏾

    rmperez529rmperez5293 kun oldin
  • Thank YOU! ❤️

    Rita TharpRita Tharp3 kun oldin
  • How was this filmed with ALL these people in one place???!!!

    Laura CampionLaura Campion4 kun oldin
    • Freedom

      ColinColin3 kun oldin
  • Thank you!

    homesteadingoatshomesteadingoats4 kun oldin
  • What a legends! Loved every single minute.

    Willem-Jan van DaalenWillem-Jan van Daalen4 kun oldin
  • I finally woke up this year and realized I didn’t need to be married or live on two incomes to pay off debt. My long term relationship ended and to distract myself from the pain I started my debt free journey. It has made me so proud of myself and empowered me to know that I can do it!

    Rachael VRachael V4 kun oldin
    • Thank God for your wake up call. It’s amazing how much growth can happen when we dedicate ourselves. Bless you sister.

      Old Rock Soul 6Old Rock Soul 62 kun oldin
    • Good for you, so proud of you for investing in yourself!

      Backroad MoneyBackroad Money2 kun oldin
    • Great job!!!!! Same here!

      The Trump DimensionThe Trump Dimension2 kun oldin
    • Great job, keep it up

      Sandra Swatson-OppongSandra Swatson-Oppong3 kun oldin
  • We will be the 3rd pig!

    Joyce WattJoyce Watt4 kun oldin
  • Thank you

    Charlesetta Ade JCharlesetta Ade J4 kun oldin
  • Don't spend any more than you have to. Stay out of debt. I was expecting something specifically related to 2021. There's a lot of speculation about the upcoming financial landscape...

    GeoMac GranddadGeoMac Granddad4 kun oldin
  • yolo work book page mikes wrought iron macaw cage douglas brothers sage

    Jeffrey RichardsonJeffrey Richardson4 kun oldin
  • This is absolutely fantastic. I really liked ALL the speakers, slightly different thinking styles, all on the same road for the same goal. Pastor Craig, I like how he did the mind set with with Do and Try. I want to teach that to my children for their everyday life.

    Dusty’s GardenDusty’s Garden4 kun oldin
  • The more you listen to these guys the poorer you become

    sparcx86 Channelsparcx86 Channel5 kun oldin
    • How do you figure? I have been using these principles for years and am doing quite well.

      Dana KellyDana Kelly10 soat oldin
  • Great presentation! Thank you so much Dave and the team. Warmest good wishes from Wendy, New Zealand.

    Wendy MansonWendy Manson5 kun oldin
  • Thank you so much.

    La muñecaLa muñeca5 kun oldin

    Jorge rendonJorge rendon5 kun oldin
  • This video was full of wisdom. Very encouraging, thank you all! I'm definitely resetting in 2021

    His glory outreachHis glory outreach5 kun oldin
    • Read philosophy and the Bible for wisdom.

      Paul SmithPaul Smith3 kun oldin
  • My mentor. He got me out of debt. He's my father figure since my father has been long gone. God Bless Dave Ramsey & friends; God Bless America the Beautiful!

    Peter Gumaer OgdenPeter Gumaer Ogden5 kun oldin
  • Inspirational and motivational. Thank you very much.

    Doug BDoug B5 kun oldin
  • if you wanna look like an athlete, you gotta train like an athlete. -athleanx

    George RamirezGeorge Ramirez5 kun oldin
  • Single mom of 5 working toward being debt free little by little and if I can do it so can you. You are not your circumstances you got this. 😁 Let's go!!

    Chef KimmaChef Kimma5 kun oldin
    • Should of closed them legs sweetheart.

      Riverdale talesRiverdale tales17 soat oldin
  • This was so good! Thank you Team😊

    7 Flights7 Flights5 kun oldin
  • Be the third pig!

    Donavin RobertsDonavin Roberts6 kun oldin
  • Why would you guys host this event live during a pandemic?

    Bet KingBet King6 kun oldin
  • so many are at home< I could teach women how to have the perfect coffee table and your husband could still watch his game

    Alicia TakaharaAlicia Takahara6 kun oldin
  • mother pig looked up and said "oink, oink"

    donald johnsondonald johnson6 kun oldin
  • I really needed this today. People keep asking me why I babysit. This is why. Because I can achieve my dreams and stay home with my babies. Because it got me debt free. Because I have an emergency fund. Because I just paid cash for a 2019 van. Because I want to do more than survive, I want to thrive! Thank you Dave for helping me see how much this really matters! I'm handling money the way my grandparents would. And I'm changing my family tree! Next up, pay off the house.

    Michelle MaddoxMichelle Maddox6 kun oldin
  • Just bought a 2018 impala with cash today!

    LOA5000 AndrewLOA5000 Andrew6 kun oldin
    • Congrats!

      Dana KellyDana Kelly10 soat oldin
    • Congrats! Waiting to do the same in a few months

      Shirley CelestinShirley Celestin5 kun oldin
  • great man just great

    The art of financeThe art of finance6 kun oldin
  • Outstanding. It is never too late 🤓

    Joe LopezJoe Lopez6 kun oldin
  • great job Ramsey team 🤓🤓🤓

    Jonathan DavisJonathan Davis6 kun oldin
  • Thank you so much for this!!! It is worth the price of admission but I was blessed to get it for free!! I really can't thank you enough. Your team is doing the work of God. Thank you.

    Nicky bNicky b6 kun oldin
  • American distress , citing bank what’s in your wallet ? MONEY. Omg he cracks me up ! 😂😂😂! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Celine VeeCeline Vee6 kun oldin
    • Don't use God's name in vain. Aren't people Christian around here?

      Canadian VacationsCanadian VacationsKun oldin
  • Omg this is amazing’! I felt like i was there !! THE TIME IS NOW ! 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    Celine VeeCeline Vee6 kun oldin
  • That was absolutely amazing!!! I’m in training AS OF TODAY!!!!

    Brittany CarterBrittany Carter6 kun oldin
  • this video should have more views

    Gjergji BullariGjergji Bullari7 kun oldin
  • This was so good!!!!

    Staci LoftonStaci Lofton7 kun oldin
  • Be the third pig!

    Jonathan GibbonsJonathan Gibbons7 kun oldin
  • I’m 32 and still use the envelope system 🥰 I didn’t know I needed this video till the ad....... AMEM🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    Disneyreisermom DisneyreisermomDisneyreisermom Disneyreisermom7 kun oldin
  • "I have realized that money, yes, money, is very tactical; but money is also extremely emotional, and so I will hear people say, 'well if I can just make this much a year, I'll be ok', or 'if I just had this much in savings, all my problems would go away' and the truth is, when thats where your hope lies, day in and day out, in that emotion, the finish line always moves." - Rachel Cruze

  • They are nowhere near capacity... they said tickets were very limited because of social distancing etc. Looks can be deceiving on camera.

    Kelly QuinnKelly Quinn7 kun oldin
  • Not the Reset I thought they were going to talk about, but great talk

    GorgoGorgo7 kun oldin
  • Pastor Greg’s message is spot on!

    Sarah WalkerSarah Walker7 kun oldin
  • I would love for Ramsey to Wright his own version of the 3 little pigs. Thank you all for this. Its been amazing and motivating!

    Yvette SalinasYvette Salinas7 kun oldin
    • Hey

      E CollinsE Collins3 kun oldin
  • he doesnt sound likwe a giver he charges exorbant prices for his maTERIAL

    Jorge rendonJorge rendon7 kun oldin
    • He gives free material daily on UZworld, radio, and podcasts...

      Alondra Prieto MartínezAlondra Prieto Martínez6 kun oldin
  • notice how he kisses up to women to get their approval hey idiot a women without her man is nothing is both ways

    Jorge rendonJorge rendon7 kun oldin
  • Thank you Mr. Ramsey

    Jose CottoJose Cotto7 kun oldin
  • Wow this was amazing ! eye opener.

    Ana AndurayAna Anduray7 kun oldin
  • Don't use the terminology reset. Are you completely unaware of what this is referring to?

    KMFKMF7 kun oldin
  • Thank you for saving and sharing the Livestream!! We missed it Tuesday night 😥 This is the tough love talk I needed from Uncle Dave & friends to get my act back in gear 💕

    Lou HaleLou Hale7 kun oldin
  • I think I’m an unhealthy saver, like I am never impressed with anything that’s advertised to me, I’m like big deal, not worth the money. I will actually rid myself of basic things just to save money.

    Laci GalvanLaci Galvan7 kun oldin
    • Have a goal and a plan for the savings, nothing wrong with it if you're happy.

      Bonnie Half-ElvenBonnie Half-Elven6 kun oldin

    k wk w7 kun oldin
  • Don’t try. DO!!!!

    krystal dustinkrystal dustin7 kun oldin
  • Thanks for putting this Ramsey event on UZworld, free for all of us to watch.

    Reed LarsenReed Larsen7 kun oldin
    • N UK

      Noxolo QwabeNoxolo QwabeKun oldin
  • I'm a natural saver, definitely an unhealthy relationship with money. I'm afraid to spend much of anything, I first noticed the behavior in video games, mostly survival based video games. Now I'm 27 with over 100k saved but I'm afraid to use any of it on a house instead of continuing to just rent cheap.

    Lolatyou332Lolatyou3328 kun oldin
    • I'd get on the plan and figure out some financial goals for yourself and plan to get there. If you have no consumer debt, you'll want six months of household expenses saved, and it will give you the security you desire. Use the rest to buy a house and/or invest to make it grow.

      Bonnie Half-ElvenBonnie Half-Elven6 kun oldin
  • Love y’all, Dave, I’m debt free!!!!! 33k in 7 months.. working 70 hours a week.

    D CD C8 kun oldin
    • @D C you gotta live brother!! Great job !!! 💓

      NicoleMajorNicoleMajorKun oldin
    • 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

      maria de jucilenemaria de jucilene2 kun oldin
    • @tutu07777 I know......... I took a Vacation to Florida, 1,300, cash though!

      D CD C5 kun oldin
    • Nice! Great job! 5-6 months emergency fund next! Kill it!

      tutu07777tutu077775 kun oldin
    • Wow!!! Awesome!!!

      livingwell21livingwell217 kun oldin
  • “Successful people do consistently what other people do occasionally” This hit me

    Ajay BAjay B8 kun oldin
    • Vqoojqjonn

      Karla SKarla S2 kun oldin
    • Same - the saying can apply to all kinds of things.

      Bekah WBekah W2 kun oldin
    • I did consistently to pay check by check. So I am too successful, XD!

      Alex PAlex P3 kun oldin
    • love it. 🔥🔥

      Charline OrozcoCharline Orozco5 kun oldin
    • Same here; my investments are little, but years of working earned a good pension and good social security benefits. All the years I was working day after day for the same companty with little sick time off, I didn't realize how important the consistency was.

      Doug BDoug B5 kun oldin
  • Love your content! Such an inspiration and simple steps to Win, either paint or get off the ladder! I Am the 3rd little pig 🙌🏾💪🏾

    Captain HarrisCaptain Harris8 kun oldin