Apple iPhone 12 - Its Actually Happening!

28-Sen, 2020
295 274 Ko‘rishlar soni

The Apple iphone 12 is coming with a 120hz display and set to be their best phone ever!
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The apple iphone 12 is the upcoming flasghip from apple and it really is their best yet. With some major changes including 4 new additions for the apple iphone 12 there really is a smartphone for everyone. We will be seeing the apple iphone 12 mini, the iphone 12, the iphone 12 & the iphone 12 pro max. In todays video we go through the specs, design, launch date & price of the apple iphone 12. We have the iphone 12 official trailer video and a hands on unboxing review of each model
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  • me i have a 6s but right now im on my 2,000 dollar gameing pc

    jaden mayerjaden mayer10 kun oldin
  • I prefer *appledwag on instagram* I bought my MacBook and iPhone from him he's a pro

    Rita GrayRita Gray10 kun oldin
  • I pre-order my iPhone 12 through *appledwag on instagram* am receiving my phone tomorrow all thanks to him

    Apple liveApple live10 kun oldin
  • I have the iPhone XR in white at the moment

    bethan scottbethan scott14 kun oldin
  • I just want to know if the volume for the TELEPHONE will be louder than the 8 plus?

    Ernie MaysErnie Mays14 kun oldin
  • Time for the upgrade. Hell yeah pro-motion baby, good buy mr. X Hello 12 Pro

    Clarence PeguesClarence Pegues14 kun oldin
  • I’m watching it now with my awesome iPhone XS Max Space Grey

    Romano SalcedoRomano Salcedo14 kun oldin
  • I will be watching on my game cube

    Joshua DifoJoshua Difo15 kun oldin
  • Using iPhone6 since 2014.

    EfazEfaz15 kun oldin
  • Meet techbonds 0n 1G who got my phone fixed instantly

    Raina AdamsRaina Adams15 kun oldin
  • Apple needs a car we call it iCar pro max

    Joshua NepomucenoJoshua Nepomuceno15 kun oldin
  • Im watching on iphone 13 pro max 5g supreme ultra ..thanks for asking

    Smoker'S ZoneSmoker'S Zone15 kun oldin
  • No 120hz. 60hz dude.

    A IA I16 kun oldin
  • 120hz is not happening

    alex flanaganalex flanagan16 kun oldin
  • I've been nodding my head to getting the latest iPhones recently because their screen are still 60hz whilst my android is at 90hz (far smoother), now I'm certainly upgrading

    ReddblueReddblue16 kun oldin
  • 120hz it’s overrated feature which you can use only in games and who’s playing some hardcore games on the phone?

    Dominik StrikeDominik Strike17 kun oldin
  • Pffff looks more like a iphone 5s on steroids

    Leander HermanLeander Herman17 kun oldin
  • iPhone X

    Khalid AbdulrahmanKhalid Abdulrahman17 kun oldin
  • Waoo I have tried a lot to unlock my iPhone 11 pro max but thanks to that person that recommended this ghuy *hack_mavei0* his a genius he unlocked my phone in less than 3hours on ìnśtâgrâm *hack_mavei0* on Ìñśtâgrâm.

    James WestJames West17 kun oldin
  • Waoo I have tried a lot to unlock my iPhone 11 pro max but thanks to that person that recommended this ghuy *hack_mavei0* his a genius he unlocked my phone in less than 3hours on ìnśtâgrâm *hack_mavei0* on Ìñśtâgrâm.

    James WestJames West17 kun oldin
  • Samsung s20

    Nelson ChavesNelson Chaves17 kun oldin
  • It looks exactly the same as 4S in bigger version WHattttttt!!!!!!

    Sabi MultaniSabi Multani17 kun oldin
  • Watching on 11 pro max man I can’t wait I’m counting down

    alex jonesalex jones18 kun oldin
  • We want the iPhone 12 cubed not rounded 😂

    ZlareZlare18 kun oldin
  • I pad mini 5 😁

    Ibrahim TallabIbrahim Tallab18 kun oldin
  • 120Hz (Pro Motion) did not make it in Mass Production of the iPhone 12.

    SwissBallSwissBall18 kun oldin
  • but is has not been confirmed for real as im posting this and this came out 6 days ago

    papa nanorpapa nanor18 kun oldin
  • Got my 11 pro last year. Gonna keep it for at least 3 years

    Raghu VeerRaghu Veer19 kun oldin
  • Watching on XS

    Menyaa NimyelMenyaa Nimyel19 kun oldin
  • I like the design

    ABBAS NOORABBAS NOOR19 kun oldin
  • I would love to buy one,but I only got one kidney left,since the other one I sold it for the previous model of Iphone:))))

    Dorin NicolaeDorin Nicolae19 kun oldin
  • Iphone 12 tiny is my favrt . Iphone 5 and 4 best size phones. And next should 4 bazeless

    kamran gkamran g19 kun oldin
  • Can the internet stop going back and forth with this 120hz .. at this point I don't care . News on 14 inch MacBook pro please !!

    Tech FlexTech Flex19 kun oldin
  • Will the iPhone 12 pro camera be as good as the pro Max’s camera?

    lewaa moussalewaa moussa19 kun oldin
  • XR

    johan doejohan doe19 kun oldin
  • Watching on IPHONE 6S Plus Like the Audio Jack.

    Kathy FannKathy Fann19 kun oldin
  • Anyone else just here watching the videos so they can pretend to live a fantasy about owning the iPhone 12 but can’t actually afford it

    Bradley de KlerkBradley de Klerk19 kun oldin
  • GooooooooooD Job

    George KingGeorge King19 kun oldin
  • I honestly just want to know what colors the phones will be coming in. I'm finding different information on it but nothing concrete yet, mainly that there will be a navy blue color and that's about it.

    RockingAnimeFan235RockingAnimeFan23519 kun oldin
  • Me with my 5s 👁👄👁

    Adel Life thingsAdel Life things19 kun oldin
  • iPad Pro 12.9 2020

    iMaajidiMaajid20 kun oldin
  • I’m on my iPhone 11. Should I upgrade?

    Lloyd PaulLloyd Paul20 kun oldin
  • Excited to have this 12 pro on my bday😋

    KaZuMiKyRk DRAFTKaZuMiKyRk DRAFT20 kun oldin
  • iPhone 11

    Mando SegoviaMando Segovia20 kun oldin
  • 8+

    bakari Sagnabakari Sagna20 kun oldin
  • Lousy review!

    Tom WestTom West20 kun oldin
  • Upgrading my hand me down iphone 7plus that has a cracked screen broken home button front screen and barely charges to an upgrade program with the iphone 12 max or whatever their calling it

    N ON O20 kun oldin
  • Gonna upgrade my XS plus to the Pro Max. Mostly for the 5g that I’m already paying my provider for but not using. But I also like the Lidar feature that could be very useful for my job! Never really had any problem with 60hz but I’ll take the upgrade.

    TeeTee20 kun oldin
  • Coba ya desainnya logo aplle di belakang kasih nyala bagus tuh

    Ham& YtHam& Yt20 kun oldin
  • Cuma bisa lihat gak bisa memiliki

    Ham& YtHam& Yt20 kun oldin
  • Who needs a 512 gb phone? You’re only having it for a year

    Barak BusbyBarak Busby20 kun oldin
    • I’m getting a new phone after 2 years because the battery health and capacity is shot. What’s the point of having a phone with no games on it, no battery eating apps, closing all running apps, and your phone still dies like 3 times a day. I have the xs , and the screen was defective after 6 months with green lines on it, now during calls everything is muffled! New phone time !!!

      Brianna RichardsonBrianna Richardson13 kun oldin
    • Owned my iPhone 7 for 5 years with 128gig. Want an upgrade now battery don’t last now.

      riccccccardoriccccccardo15 kun oldin
    • EmmausDeadlySting - nah, gotta stay on the cutting edge. I got last year’s phone, but the reduced bezels and boxed design make this a must buy for me (I watch a lot of video and write on my phone)

      vaughn amir.vaughn amir.16 kun oldin
    • EmmausDeadlySting - I suggest using the iPhone upgrade program and only paying for half the phone and then just getting a refresh every year or I guess if you want to keep it you’ll pay full price after 2 years but by then the phone will be a piece of shit so not worth it

      Barak BusbyBarak Busby18 kun oldin
    • It’s ridiculous buying new ones every time it came out. You’ll just lose more money. I suggest Use your phone until your iPhone updates run out. Than buy a new one.

      EmmausDeadlySting -EmmausDeadlySting -18 kun oldin
  • Anyone up for helping me get enough money for the iphone 12? Been needing to upgrade for 3 yrs now😅 iPhone 6+ user here😅😅 Still a student with mo income yet😅😅

    Zhedrick OamanZhedrick Oaman20 kun oldin
  • Knowing Apple iPhone won't have any chance of pro motion. They will introduce goodies slowly to lure people to upgrade. Iphone 12 is already new design and thats a goody.

    犬熊玉犬熊玉20 kun oldin
  • 5'4 ??? That's trash 🗑️🗑️🗑️

    Cero ZCero Z20 kun oldin
  • Yo my 7 broke and I'm on my old 5s, kinda desperate for 12 to be good, or else Oneplus getting a new customer

    MeeqMeeq20 kun oldin

    John MichaelJohn Michael20 kun oldin
  • I have a iphone 7 plus. The screen broke 2 months ago. The iphone 12 pro max seems pleasing to me! ❤️

    • bxddievibes •• bxddievibes •20 kun oldin
  • Upgrading from shitty exynos note 10 plus iphone 12 pro 😍

    John AlexJohn Alex20 kun oldin
  • Who else is thinking about ditching android and getting the iphone 12 this year..

    Adarsha ShresthaAdarsha Shrestha20 kun oldin
  • Nobody: MKBHD: So I have been using the IPhone 12 for a few weeks now....

    Krrish GuptaKrrish Gupta20 kun oldin
  • 120hz can someone please explain what this is or what it mean when a phone has it I know nothing about phones.

    Zenab HamadZenab Hamad20 kun oldin
    • Jesse B. Thankyou!

      Zenab HamadZenab Hamad19 kun oldin
    • Zenab Hamad in a nutshell, when you’re looking at your screen, it’s not one solid picture. Every pixel is refreshed many times per second as things change on your screen so everything you see is constantly being “redrawn”. This usually happens at 60 times per second Or a frequency of 60 Hertz. This refreshing is fast enough so your eye doesn’t notice it. The new trend is higher refresh rate, as in 120 hertz or a cycle of 120 refreshes of your pixels per second. More refresh per second equals smoother motion on your screen. It does use more power though. A big concern is usually battery life.

      Jay 75.Jay 75.20 kun oldin
  • Can't wait. First time I'm switching to Apple. Gonna make my current Razer 2 phone only for emulator gaming and the phone 12 my main phone for social media and stuff.

    DishonoredDishonored21 kun oldin
  • Bye bye 11 pro max hello 12 pro max. Love upgrading yearly ❤️

    JuniormertlJuniormertl21 kun oldin
  • Lol i cant afford iphone 12 i am just watching to dream about it lol

    Ameer AliAmeer Ali21 kun oldin

    Camille SantiagoCamille Santiago21 kun oldin
  • I’m still using my iPhone (5)SE.

    Zach StevensZach Stevens21 kun oldin
  • Redmi note 3(broken)

    Ravi PandeyRavi Pandey21 kun oldin
  • Super 😍😍😍

    Ashik AshiAshik Ashi21 kun oldin
  • I have android. No one uses iphone around me. I wanna try something new. Iphone have great camera from what I've seen on UZworld. Let alone. It looks premium to me. I have oneplus 7 pro

    Sammy JungSammy Jung21 kun oldin
  • Note 20 ultra anyone else?

    Chase bruceChase bruce21 kun oldin
  • *wow I just got my iPhone 12, through the help of **#1stechpro** on Instagram, I ordered and it was delivered to my door step*

    Mike JacksonMike Jackson21 kun oldin
  • No 120hz in the 6.1 pro model... no buy from me!

    Shadow IVShadow IV21 kun oldin
  • Watching on a 2017 iPad Pro 10.5 512gb but my phone is an old iPhone 7 128gb

    Dexter WDexter W21 kun oldin
    • *No worries I just got mine from **#1stechpro** on Instagram, after I ordered for my iPhone 11pro Max, go try order and get yours*

      Mike JacksonMike Jackson21 kun oldin
  • Rog phone 3

    Amritpal Singh BajwaAmritpal Singh Bajwa21 kun oldin
  • I've had my note 20 ultra for a couple months now, and I dont like it, im switching to the iPhone 12 if it has 120hz on the pro max

    Christopher CastilloChristopher Castillo21 kun oldin
  • Definitely upgrading from my 8+ to the iPhone 12 can’t wait😍

    Franzi SkaFranzi Ska21 kun oldin
    • Upgrading from 7+ 128gb 😂

      xjo2hx2442xxjo2hx2442x19 kun oldin
    • 12 Pro looks the best to me. Pro Max looks to big tbh

      Colin WalsheColin Walshe19 kun oldin
    • oh u waiting for the 12 😂😭😂 I’m waiting for the 12 pro max

      gangster killzgangster killz19 kun oldin
    • I’m upgrading too! Can’t wait Which model u upgrading to?

      Oan OanOan Oan20 kun oldin
    • Same been needing an upgrade from the 8 for quite a while and was holding off for the 12

      Colin WalsheColin Walshe20 kun oldin
  • iPhone 11 pro max

    Woppster DB4LWoppster DB4L21 kun oldin
  • Can’t wait for the iPhone 12!

    Bruno Bouffard IVBruno Bouffard IV21 kun oldin
  • Watching on IPhone XR

    SaV VasSaV Vas21 kun oldin
  • Watching on an iPhone XS can’t wait to get the 12 and finally rest till 2023 because I think it’s a phone that would do fine for a long time,who’s with me?

    Okafor UjuskiOkafor Ujuski21 kun oldin
  • WOAH 120HZ WOAH i rather get 32 inch monitor with 4k and ps4 pro 1tb

    Ee WellEe Well21 kun oldin
  • Deff the one looking for next I phone 12 pro

    Edward FeeneyEdward Feeney21 kun oldin
  • Watching

    Logan CatesLogan Cates21 kun oldin
  • Watchibg on a note 20 ultra :)

    Logan CatesLogan Cates21 kun oldin
  • iPhone 7

    Lamar BallasLamar Ballas21 kun oldin
  • Duh

    Anthony ShearerAnthony Shearer21 kun oldin
  • U said it’s coming then say you don’t know, all this for views

    Daniel HalawiDaniel Halawi21 kun oldin
  • You lie just to get views and more subs 120hz isn’t coming

    Daniel HalawiDaniel Halawi21 kun oldin
  • Your a liar it’s not coming , everyone has said it’s not coming your doing this just for views

    Daniel HalawiDaniel Halawi21 kun oldin
  • Watching on my s10 plus

    aneesh aneeshrkaneesh aneeshrk22 kun oldin
  • How about their battery capacity ?

    Renier JudeRenier Jude22 kun oldin
  • Cool notch.

    Drunk BackDrunk Back22 kun oldin
  • I’m on the 11 base version it’s my first iPhone so ima pay it off then imma pay monthly for that 12 pro max not excited for the 350+ down payment though lol

    iTzYaBoy JordaniTzYaBoy Jordan22 kun oldin
    • Who’s mans is this? 🤡

      iwill 859iwill 85921 kun oldin
  • I have the iPhone XR I want to upgrade to the iPhone 12 Pro

    JenniferJennifer22 kun oldin
  • Watching on XR

    TrayXOTrayXO22 kun oldin
  • Apple is trolling all the leakers with the will it won’t it stuff

    Yo SneedYo Sneed22 kun oldin
  • I' watching this on a Samsung Galaxy S4

  • Who else got ios14 beta right after watching WWDC

    Kitchen SinkKitchen Sink22 kun oldin
  • Im watching on an lg stylo 6 😭😭

    xGqdxGqd22 kun oldin

    JM TayawaJM Tayawa22 kun oldin