Annoying My Sister ALL DAY LONG! Relatable Sibling Wars and Family Struggles by La La Life Musical

10-Yan, 2021
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You wanna go to your fav pop-star’s concert and your sister wants something else…👸 Well, here come family struggles again!😠
Siblings always fight, but still they love each other so much!💘Isn’t it cool to have a brother or a sister? Watch in the NEW EPISODE of La La Life!
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00:00 Concert vs park
00:40 Breakfast
01:09 Going for a walk
01:34 Annoying sis
02:00 Things sisters do
02:48 Chloe betrays Lizzy
03:20 Sweet revenge
04:21 Sneaking food
04:53 Fleeing to the bathroom
05:16 Stop whining!
05:36 Sleepover goes wrong
06:02 Pranking your big sis
06:29 Special dress
07:01 Taking your sibling’s stuff
07:27 Ruining your sister’s date
08:17 Where’s Chloe???
09:01 We’re TikTok stars!

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  • Hi hi hi I like the big kid because it was bugging the little kid I think it’s nine years old and 10 years old

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  • Sorry but I don’t know how to love my brother because he always spits at me and hit me he never gets used to me some of my friends say that he’s a good 👦🏻

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  • i am the annyoing sister they say "do you have a radio in your belly cause you talk to much"

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