Annie LeBlanc Reacts to YouTube Comments on Her Music Videos | Teen Vogue

28-Apr, 2020
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Singer and UZworldr Annie LeBlanc takes us through her music videos and explains her creative process. Watch as Annie reveals her favorite (and not-so-favorite) moments from “Picture This,” “Photograph,” “Somebody’s Heart,” and “Utopia” and responds to comments from her fans on each video.

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Annie LeBlanc Reacts to UZworld Comments on Her Music Videos | Teen Vogue

  • I was gonna sing photograph in my 7th grade talent show

    thegamegeekthegamegeek7 soat oldin
  • I'm still watching this video until now 😂 I Love all her music video 😻,

    Jinky Abaja LegaspiJinky Abaja Legaspi17 soat oldin
  • yes i like you

    Lorvensky BaskinLorvensky BaskinKun oldin
  • You had a HORSE?!?!

    Hairy Central YeetHairy Central Yeet2 kun oldin
  • Hi Johnny Garett game Mario

    Johnny GarrettJohnny Garrett2 kun oldin
  • Do you still have Luna

    Lizzie EventingLizzie Eventing4 kun oldin
  • Why was I lowkey kinda nervous during Utopia I litterally don't know lol.

    Laiah SchinbeinLaiah Schinbein6 kun oldin
  • Hi Annie Leblanc I’m a big fan of you and I really like your music video picture of this and I also like utopia that’s it and I love your videos

    Christina RamirezChristina Ramirez7 kun oldin
  • omg Jenna Davis is that who I see?

    Sidney ScarboroughSidney Scarborough7 kun oldin
  • hi

    Eva Diaz FloresEva Diaz Flores7 kun oldin
  • hi u are such a good singer annie leblanc

    danielle mucklerdanielle muckler7 kun oldin
  • Love you annie

    Renee RummageRenee Rummage7 kun oldin
  • Eieieiriririiir

    Mariam SheikhMariam Sheikh8 kun oldin
  • Don’t lie Annie. You were not comfortable on horses. You literally had to hold on to the saddle to stay on like tf

    Beatrice HildebrandtBeatrice Hildebrandt9 kun oldin
  • Does Annie like that guy bc I hope not Bc I'm watching this in 2020 and I miss Hannie 😢😢

    Emily and Lily StuffEmily and Lily Stuff10 kun oldin
  • I love that you are doing this. It is so entertaining and I saw all of your music 🎵 videos! 😘

    Emma CaliEmma Cali12 kun oldin
  • hi

    Kamrun NaharKamrun Nahar12 kun oldin
  • Heyy jules looking still great andbeautiful and pretty. I really love you

    Faith KFaith K15 kun oldin
  • Jenna are you still friends

    maya streanmaya strean15 kun oldin
  • Wait a sec her pillow said hi?? I didn’t even notice lol

    Priya LouisPriya Louis15 kun oldin
  • zsvvhh lqjjiwn

    crystal sanchezcrystal sanchez16 kun oldin
  • vshu dsbhwjh kwnwji nziwuy sbgbsh tydhdjud

    crystal sanchezcrystal sanchez16 kun oldin
  • hi Annie i love all your videos and please keep spreading positivity

    aficia esbrandaficia esbrand17 kun oldin
  • Me

    Incredi GirlsIncredi Girls17 kun oldin
  • nice

    Aashi ModiAashi Modi17 kun oldin
  • hi annie

    Aashi ModiAashi Modi17 kun oldin
  • Annie I love you 😍😍😍

    Emelkay dekaenaEmelkay dekaena17 kun oldin
    • You are so amazing!😆

      Emelkay dekaenaEmelkay dekaena17 kun oldin
  • l you did like Remy to Tk yes no

    Bethlehem ZerihunBethlehem Zerihun18 kun oldin
  • no gurl !ets not talk about fashion ! talk about hayden ! ik he old news and no hate put on you or hayden but you guys need to hang out again!!!!!!! like ik you used to date and stuff but liek hang out with him

    Maire SolorioMaire Solorio18 kun oldin
    • *like

      Maire SolorioMaire Solorio18 kun oldin
  • I hate corona virus😷😷

    Blake OliverBlake Oliver19 kun oldin
  • I love piper!!!😍😍😘

    Blake OliverBlake Oliver19 kun oldin
  • until 2020, i didnt really feel music, u know? but now i do..cuz all the lyrics and many artists' songs hit different.

    Sharannya LasagnaSharannya Lasagna19 kun oldin
  • Annie and Kenzie should write a song together after Covid

    Mackenzie HigdonMackenzie Higdon19 kun oldin
  • Asher and Annie aren’t together anymore 😬

    Emily PalermoEmily Palermo20 kun oldin
  • love how she literally wrote "um"

    KahlillKerimKahlillKerim21 kun oldin
  • Idk but it feels like a blessing to be hearted or replied by Jules! xD

    Mimchi ChanMimchi Chan21 kun oldin

    JJ OBAMAJJ OBAMA21 kun oldin
  • the fact that i used to be obsessed with her and she lived in maryland and i didn’t even know?!?!?

    Karynne WhiteheadKarynne Whitehead22 kun oldin
  • You are absolutely gorgeous young lady

    James MeadeJames Meade22 kun oldin
  • 8:10 looks SO much like hayley

    Llama and Cat - YouTubeLlama and Cat - YouTube24 kun oldin
  • who went back to the music videos to see if she actually commented 😳 i did

    Ariana SinghiAriana Singhi24 kun oldin
  • Anyone else notice how big her heels were at 5:01 ! I mean they’re adorable and all and I know u have to do that for music vids and all but at that age those just look a bit too big

    BrookeBrooke24 kun oldin
  • Yes

    Bianca OrnelasBianca Ornelas26 kun oldin
  • I am a big fan Annie

    Gianna PromutoGianna Promuto27 kun oldin
  • I love you Annie I saw you in chicken girls movie in 30 26 I don't know but when i started you seasons you just posted season 4 and I am still watching it BTW now it is season 7 and have you ever shooted a video on nickodeon because I am trying to find out but I am not sure yet

    Tech TrendsTech Trends27 kun oldin
  • lol 😂 why do I not remember that part

    Angelic TurnerAngelic Turner27 kun oldin
  • Bro wtf I didn’t know she reacted to utopia where have I been lmao

    Angelic TurnerAngelic Turner27 kun oldin
  • I am literally sad that she started talking about TK & Rhyme. Also, I’m watching this in the late 2020s and she just said she was dating Asher but now she isn’t.

    Kya VillacrusisKya Villacrusis27 kun oldin
  • I love all her music video 💞💞

    akshu123akshu12328 kun oldin
  • ok but shes og charli and would always be better charli could never be better than annie/jules

    nicholas gfrvrnicholas gfrvr28 kun oldin
  • hey annie

  • Yes

    Annie BryantAnnie Bryant29 kun oldin
  • I love you

    Chelsea NyackChelsea Nyack29 kun oldin
  • Wait why am I just now watching this? anyways ANNIE imma big fan of you the bai.

    Anika Ban.Anika Ban.Oy oldin
  • i dont like utopia were you scared that asher was in a hospital bed

    Brooklynn BecerraBrooklynn BecerraOy oldin
  • 2:56 she commented is he.. im pretty sure their relationship was scarred when he left

    Mochi ChuMochi ChuOy oldin
  • I love her smile

    Alshae ReidAlshae ReidOy oldin
  • Jules (Annie): ya I had a horse back then, I was really comfortable being on a horse 🐎 Nobody: Normal people: Equestrians: pony fase 😩🙄

    Leanne PlesterLeanne PlesterOy oldin
  • Where are my equestrians at when she was like “I had a horse at the time” that’s what you call a pony fase... no hate I love you Jules ❤️🥺👌

    Leanne PlesterLeanne PlesterOy oldin
  • Me spamming every video because I miss Hanie

    Rachel DelgadoRachel DelgadoOy oldin
    • Who else is missing them i mean they were so cute

      Rachel DelgadoRachel DelgadoOy oldin
  • Hope you are doing well

    Christine KanogoChristine KanogoOy oldin
  • i love you

    Brisa RodriguezBrisa RodriguezOy oldin
  • hi

    Mark MooersMark MooersOy oldin
  • those seem like they came out yesterday

    zoëzoëOy oldin
  • Awwwww Annie ... I want her to react to the music vids now

    NayanaNayanaOy oldin
  • I'm just being honest bratayley's got to expect in 2010 we're honestly better than kbw's back then

    blue collar solidblue collar solidOy oldin
  • Talk about a bad hair day oh wait I have I can access super Saiyan and super Saiyan 2 and 3 and 3 is the longest here I've ever had not going to lie

    blue collar solidblue collar solidOy oldin
  • mommmmm

    Allison NelsonAllison NelsonOy oldin
  • friends

    Allison NelsonAllison NelsonOy oldin
  • Anyone else wishing they had commented too??

  • utopia gives me a vibe like the fault in our stars

    Lily NielsenLily NielsenOy oldin
  • i love your videos

    Nathalia Escobedo BlancoNathalia Escobedo BlancoOy oldin
  • Annie is amazing

    bratayley leblancbratayley leblancOy oldin
  • I like you

    Georgina AdjeiGeorgina AdjeiOy oldin
  • you should def do this again.LOVE SO MUCH!

    Paul BartholomewPaul BartholomewOy oldin
  • hi Annie i'm your big's fan

    Bella PerryBella PerryOy oldin

    Share ItShare ItOy oldin
  • OMG, I didn't know she owned a horse!!!

    Jenny BJenny BOy oldin

    wxterfxllswxterfxllsOy oldin
  • Could you do youtube again Annie.

    myana Jonesmyana JonesOy oldin
    • Who wants to prove me wrong Haley started doing it again soon Annie and then bratayley is going to make a video again

      blue collar solidblue collar solidOy oldin
  • i love this song witch is Somebody's heart i play when i'm not myself

    Hailey LemonsHailey LemonsOy oldin
  • awww she’s wearing Calebs thumb print necklace 🥺🥺🥺

    Patience SchneiderPatience Schneider2 oy oldin
  • Who else misses Hannie

    Amy OrdishAmy Ordish2 oy oldin
  • hay

    Xiomara FigueroaXiomara Figueroa2 oy oldin
  • did you know that you made them

    iqraloves saleenaiqraloves saleena2 oy oldin
  • Iam your bigest fan answer me plzzzzzzzz

    iqraloves saleenaiqraloves saleena2 oy oldin
  • Do you still own your horse Luna

    Allicen McLaughlinAllicen McLaughlin2 oy oldin
  • like

    game t[pcgame t[pc2 oy oldin
  • When they filmed utopia what if seeing Asher in the hospital bed brought back memories of when Caleb was in the hospital

    Katherine TurnerKatherine Turner2 oy oldin
  • It’s sad that she didn’t want to talk about Hadyen 🥺

    Nicole HillNicole Hill2 oy oldin
  • Can I have your number please thanks so much

    Z AZ A2 oy oldin
  • Nobody: My homepage on UZworld all Annie Leblanc and chicken girl videos

    justxylahjustxylah2 oy oldin

      nicholas gfrvrnicholas gfrvr28 kun oldin
  • But this whole video I'm wondering how did you get this video bc I know she hasn't uploaded on her channel 🤔😭

    justxylahjustxylah2 oy oldin
  • Nobody: Literally nobody : Annie : replies to comment 1 year ago Lol

    justxylahjustxylah2 oy oldin
  • i love how she can act so calm in this video. i cant remain calm.i plan to make a music video for my song that im writing.

    Elizabeth NewlandElizabeth Newland2 oy oldin
  • i bet you are sad to

    Addicyne BurchAddicyne Burch2 oy oldin
  • i am so sory

    Addicyne BurchAddicyne Burch2 oy oldin
  • i did not no that your bro died

    Addicyne BurchAddicyne Burch2 oy oldin
  • i love your videos i love you annie leblanc

    Addicyne BurchAddicyne Burch2 oy oldin
  • Who’s here when Asher and Annie broke up

    Samara GilbertSamara Gilbert2 oy oldin