Among Us REAL LIFE RTX on/off (Among Us Animation)

28-Sen, 2020
933 856 Ko‘rishlar soni

Turn on RTX for photorealistic graphics. Now playable with the teletubbies in 8k 120fps!
Voodoo Vince OST - Fighting Ace Vince
Dead Space Ambients
#AmongUs #meme #RTX

  • Noo po don't kill lala

    Phana GradtPhana Gradt18 soat oldin
  • Stranger things monster :)

    Anita DakshAnita Daksh2 kun oldin
  • Seing this i prefier a LOT TEH RTX OFF

    alejandro delgadoalejandro delgado2 kun oldin
  • Teletubbie legs

    SonicFan72SonicFan722 kun oldin
  • That’s kinda sus

    redred2 kun oldin
  • Morgen

    MorgensMorgens2 kun oldin
  • ha ha

    awesomenessawesomeness3 kun oldin
  • They look like teeletubies

    blueguy2222 buhayblueguy2222 buhay4 kun oldin
  • jokes aside, that thumbnail is overdoing it

    Ryu EsguerraRyu Esguerra5 kun oldin
  • And the among us guys are fricking Teletubbies plushies whiteout arms and head LOL 😂😂😂

    MR.CHEESEMR.CHEESE5 kun oldin
  • Teletubbies

    Kazov the Felix and ColetteKazov the Felix and Colette6 kun oldin
  • Among us in real life be like

    Og FoxerOg Foxer7 kun oldin
  • Plush teletubi

    lucky 65lucky 659 kun oldin
  • 0:16 is hell

    Gabriel NavorGabriel Navor10 kun oldin
  • 0:00

    Saad Saad AlsaiedanSaad Saad Alsaiedan10 kun oldin
  • 0:04 Manhunt 2 Death Sound Effect 😂

    Mr. InsanosMr. Insanos11 kun oldin
  • its so disgustiing

    Sauban BolalzaiSauban Bolalzai13 kun oldin
  • This reminds of teletubbie doll for something random.

    Cherwin JoseCherwin Jose13 kun oldin
  • Teletubbies among us Plush

    Kian MangobaKian Mangoba13 kun oldin

    The Yellow BasiliskThe Yellow Basilisk13 kun oldin
  • The plushies are telletubbies

    BOWSERLAVA1283 AnimationsBOWSERLAVA1283 Animations14 kun oldin
  • Um why was that a xenomorph at the end

    Cody ObenshainCody Obenshain14 kun oldin
  • It’s red

    Jerri daffronJerri daffron14 kun oldin
  • real horror

    Mini CrewmateMini Crewmate15 kun oldin
  • Yeah let's keep that off

    Prawira Indra PutraPrawira Indra Putra15 kun oldin
  • Fun Fact: Impostors are actually aliens and shape shifters

    ARR Legendary GamingARR Legendary Gaming15 kun oldin
  • Why there look movies and plushies?

    Shan FabiaShan Fabia15 kun oldin
  • Thanks I hate it.....

    Trip Wreck AnimationTrip Wreck Animation15 kun oldin
  • RTX/Off 0:01 RTX/On 0:03

    ali mohammedali mohammed15 kun oldin
  • horror among us movie in Netflix

    Feras AlghamdiFeras Alghamdi15 kun oldin
  • Jesus

  • Why don't you hang out with her neighbors kid? The neighbors kid: 0:21

    EeveelusEeveelus16 kun oldin

    Mini crewmateMini crewmate16 kun oldin
  • rewards for the video

    Roger EvansRoger Evans16 kun oldin
  • make a hour version of the start 0:00

    EquinoxEquinox16 kun oldin
  • No mames me cage del susto

    elproangel 01elproangel 0116 kun oldin
  • This is.....terrifying

    Brayden VeaBrayden Vea16 kun oldin
  • among us exe

    R1ck092R1ck09216 kun oldin
  • Зачем я это именно ночью посмотрел?

    Дамдин ШагнаевДамдин Шагнаев17 kun oldin
  • I demand this to be a Netflix series

    Shadow YTShadow YT17 kun oldin
  • Not on Netflix ?

    Shadow YTShadow YT17 kun oldin
  • Yellow be like: a

    LiamKatLiamKat17 kun oldin
  • It was so crazy

    GamervokYTGamervokYT17 kun oldin
  • Only on Netflix

    foxy •foxy •17 kun oldin
  • Elias

    Elias GutierrezElias Gutierrez17 kun oldin
  • 1

    uriel quipildoruriel quipildor17 kun oldin
  • Cool

    Andra Bintang The GamerAndra Bintang The Gamer18 kun oldin
  • I pee in my pant ;w;

    Alpha XAlpha X18 kun oldin
  • Heyll no i-

    •SukieSataro••SukieSataro•18 kun oldin
  • The feet made me know they where teletubbie plushies

    Blue SkyBlue Sky18 kun oldin
  • That Just Got Dark Reeeeeaaalll Quickkkkk...

    Ismail Meškić My Last Name Is In My Name! xDIsmail Meškić My Last Name Is In My Name! xD18 kun oldin
  • 0:07 Who imposter?

    The GuyThe Guy18 kun oldin
  • 0:15 WHAT THE HE11????

    NeverEnding VibesNeverEnding Vibes18 kun oldin
  • Netflix Movies Menu: *Among Us: The Series (New) Among Us: The Movie*

    #OfficialGamer001#OfficialGamer00118 kun oldin
  • Mouth in mouth in mouth perfect mouth

    Anastasia KorostelevAnastasia Korostelev18 kun oldin
  • This is the most terrfing thing that most likely anyone could have ever seen in their life.

    sophia leiasophia leia18 kun oldin
  • K

    saitamasaitama18 kun oldin
  • teletubbies

    Gacha :Oops forgot the name:Gacha :Oops forgot the name:18 kun oldin
  • *i do not like this*

    Bubblegūm_ studiøs X3Bubblegūm_ studiøs X318 kun oldin
  • Remember there's a impostor among us

    badette vDLbadette vDL19 kun oldin
  • they are literal plushies

    chocolate TRchocolate TR19 kun oldin
  • Among us plushie

    jkomikejkomike19 kun oldin
  • Jeez

    Dudi PelegDudi Peleg19 kun oldin
  • I like how they add a little reference to the alien movie at the end

    jurassic attackjurassic attack19 kun oldin
  • always in my nightmare 0:15

    ilyes endermanilyes enderman19 kun oldin
  • Damn the fanart really is a monster

    Toshinori MidoriyaToshinori Midoriya19 kun oldin
  • Thanks, I hate it

    Just MeJust Me19 kun oldin

    Infinity Universes StudiosInfinity Universes Studios19 kun oldin
  • Those are plush Teletubbie torsos lol

    ToastTheDinosaurToastTheDinosaur19 kun oldin

    Kenzie NathanielKenzie Nathaniel19 kun oldin
  • this video is way to creepy for me

    Jordan ScarboroughJordan Scarborough19 kun oldin

  • It's too late yellow, Your friends are already dead, Your pathetic small brain voted for purple, It gave me an advantage, Your the sacrifice.

    Among TotinosAmong Totinos19 kun oldin
  • Last sence is like nightmare 😳

    Streampro OfficialStreampro Official19 kun oldin
  • Se dieron qu enta que los colores,son de los teletubis que miedo

    Harold HerreraHarold Herrera20 kun oldin
  • Better than most live actions

    Ninjartist 36Ninjartist 3620 kun oldin
  • >~ඞ

    Rainbow dogeRainbow doge20 kun oldin
  • Hey dont mind me its hella normal

    Some asian dude that addicted On time lapsing riceSome asian dude that addicted On time lapsing rice20 kun oldin
  • Roses are red Violets are blue And what the heck is this🙄🙄

    Jaff GanancialッJaff Ganancialッ20 kun oldin
  • at the vid when you are about to click it theese two looks like plushies

    max gamesmax games20 kun oldin

    Evil Wolf ChannelEvil Wolf Channel20 kun oldin
  • ohhh noice butt scary imagin if it was in rl oof butt N.O.I.C.E

    Layyah VahedLayyah Vahed20 kun oldin
  • Thanks this is the reason I’m suicidal

    MR.PLAGUEMR.PLAGUE20 kun oldin
  • Rip yellow XD

    :3:320 kun oldin
  • are those teletubbies

    Patrick PopaPatrick Popa20 kun oldin
  • Can we keep ATX off? FOREVER

    Iamasmolchild bean;-;Iamasmolchild bean;-;20 kun oldin
  • beach im crewmate yey :D

    •GAME OVER••GAME OVER•20 kun oldin
  • Ainda bem que não e dessi jeito

    yago DSyago DS20 kun oldin
  • Ogay……

    Noob OscarNoob Oscar20 kun oldin
  • Me tiene chata de ese juego

    Antonia diamanteAntonia diamante20 kun oldin
  • c u r s e d

    Insert Name HereInsert Name Here20 kun oldin
  • mom i’m scared.

    Ezic GeneralEzic General20 kun oldin
  • Did you cut off a teletubby plush toys head

    I Am Someone!I Am Someone!20 kun oldin
  • G

    Sabores del Casco AntiguoSabores del Casco Antiguo20 kun oldin
  • very cool, watch my animation among us - jojo opening.

    YS animationYS animation20 kun oldin
  • teletubbies plushie ??? LOL

    YEcar RobloxYEcar Roblox20 kun oldin
  • Man's out here with the bottom half of a tellie tubbie

    Abz AnimationsAbz Animations20 kun oldin
  • Mmm deadspace

    OpossumOpossum21 kun oldin
  • im scared now

    FoxesFoxes21 kun oldin
  • When imposter oof you: I like your cut g

    NG CYNN DEE MoeNG CYNN DEE Moe21 kun oldin