America Unearthed: Legend of the Appalachian Giant (S3, E3) | Full Episode | History

10-Yan, 2021
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Join Lawrence Fishburne as he uncovers the truth behind the strangest mysteries of all time in History’s Greatest Mysteries: Solved -
The Appalachian Mountains are a region of incredible beauty and amazing legends. One such legend tells of a terrifying giant with a 7-clawed hand who left his mark on a massive rock, in this Season 3, Episode 3, "The Appalachian Giant." #AmericaUnearthed
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In "America Unearthed," host Scott Wolter uses hard science and intuitive theories to explain the most mysterious artifacts and sites in America.
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    HISTORYHISTORY8 kun oldin
    • Oh yeah 💞☺️💞

      Timothy McglynnTimothy Mcglynn15 soat oldin
    • Scott Wolter fears Mudfossil University!!!!!

      N 4LN 4LKun oldin
    • Mudfossil University is where the truth is at!!!!

      N 4LN 4LKun oldin
    • Awesome upload 😊

      Texas Prison StoriesTexas Prison StoriesKun oldin
    • did you just desecrate an ancient indian rock????

  • Didn't notice, when I clicked on this, who it was dne by, but as soon as I heard the voice, I stopped the video ! And determined to go elsewhere !

    Joy ReinhardtJoy Reinhardt5 daqiqa oldin
  • Well... if it's on the history channel, you know its B.S. if it comes from the Smithsonian, it's probably a lie. If you find some ancient artifact keep it out of the hands of the ratpimps at the Smithsonian.

    Sith JawaSith Jawa21 daqiqa oldin
  • 5:30 The Appalachian mountains run from Canada down to northern Alabama not Louisiana

    Jared TaylorJared TaylorSoat oldin
  • The "slant eyed monster"? Sounds like 1940's WWII Anti-Japanese propaganda. 🤔

    Evan PimentalEvan PimentalSoat oldin
  • Sacred? Did he say sacred? It could be sacred! Sacred. Sacred, sacred, sacred!!! Wow, lay off it a but. Use a thesaurus.

    King Baldwin IVKing Baldwin IV2 soat oldin
  • 6 fingers/toes - Nephalim that were around since the days of Noah & before.

    D WD W3 soat oldin
  • What a crock !🤣

    LexLex3 soat oldin
  • Old guy says Appalachian mountains oldest mountain ever lol . God created mountains at the same time he created the earth all the mountains are the same age except the new ones forming .. Lol ppl make me laugh. Lol rollin in wheelchair lmao lol lol lol

    T.C. LawT.C. Law4 soat oldin
  • never heard ot this and have lived 18 miles away for over 40 yeas , just a tourist trap !!!

    jim crawfordjim crawford5 soat oldin
  • deliverence was shot in rabun ga 45 miles south !!!!

    jim crawfordjim crawford5 soat oldin
  • Wow, the history channel used to do history.

    C MacC Mac5 soat oldin

  • Great history and very true. Giants ruled Clay county Kentucky thousands of years ago the application mountain's are the cradle of life.

  • Lol. That giant just jumped 300ft. That's just ridiculous.

    Kevin CKevin C5 soat oldin
  • Title mentions giants: Talks about Rocks for 90% of it and spends the next 10% explaining how it wasn't a giant....

    Colonial RebelColonial Rebel5 soat oldin
  • You got that Eno's! You dip stick!

    Jack JackeJack Jacke6 soat oldin
  • There were giants in those days....

    God is GreatGod is Great6 soat oldin
  • When she said there was a man in town who has a big head, I turned to my husband and said, "How unfortunate! Where does he buy his hats?" 🤣

  • Haven't watched yet. But they are probably nephelim. They are all over, but it is covered up. Ufos, nephilim and etc are demonic. Beware

    Ready, Willing and deplorAble. Please don’t cancelReady, Willing and deplorAble. Please don’t cancel7 soat oldin
  • These giants definitely existed

    FernandoFernando7 soat oldin
  • There is oral history that my Welsh ancestors came over to Appalachia a couple hundred years before Columbus. Something about Mandans and round boats.

  • I alone was able to translate all of the "runes"...........They all at joe's bar and grill chattanooga tennessee.........You are welcome...

    Gary ChambersGary Chambers7 soat oldin
  • Could this be true

    Patrema GilbertPatrema Gilbert7 soat oldin
  • Wish he would do an episode of the adena people in w.v.the history they taught us about them is wrong.the mound in moundsville had a 7 n a half foot tall queen buried in it.

    D. DayD. Day7 soat oldin
  • The truth is that almost always the history we’ve been taught , including on History Channel, is NOT the real history. The whole “educational system” is a scripted psyop and a mind control tool.

    Svetlana IsayevaSvetlana Isayeva8 soat oldin
  • If it is a star map, it can be traced to exact time in history created. So come on , lets do it.

    Donna McduffDonna Mcduff8 soat oldin
  • History channel~ the king of dragging 5 min of subject matter into hours

    Don CappoDon Cappo8 soat oldin
  • Genesis 6:4..

    Durand JohnsonDurand Johnson8 soat oldin
  • The lady needs to learn math. It's sq. miles, not acres.

    John IrbyJohn Irby8 soat oldin
  • History.....they all lied to you To you dummy from cradle to grave and you believed history.... You go down to your grave deceived

    Donna TierneyDonna Tierney8 soat oldin
  • The gamy need frustratingly bless because plot fittingly milk amid a acrid venezuela. cute, lumpy dollar

    Lisa OtisLisa Otis8 soat oldin
  • Making America dumb again. The fake history channel.😂

    Robert BakerRobert Baker8 soat oldin
  • Wow how the history channel has went downhill absolutely pathetic

    Bravo116 CinemaBravo116 Cinema9 soat oldin
  • Not carved

    Luke37Luke379 soat oldin
  • It's magnetic because "It contains iron and nickel." This is supposed to be science? My god it explains a lot.

    Super Happy Fun Time Hurt Me FilmsSuper Happy Fun Time Hurt Me Films9 soat oldin
  • They come in and burn all our history books and start passing things they want you to believe and start brainwashing the younger group and call us the ones who lies unless you have proof they will continue to damage our past remember just like our Bible they will start changing it too to fit their way in life so remember keep your proof protected

    John WoottonJohn Wootton9 soat oldin
  • All this type of fudged facts info being sold as factual is what has our country in such a mess.

    Adam PaulAdam Paul9 soat oldin
  • @0:39 my wife when she realized that piece of paper she signed when we got married...was a prenuptial agreement..🤣🤣😖

    Big MikeBig Mike10 soat oldin
  • I live minutes from the Appalachian trail and I haven't witnessed anything crazy like this unfortunately, but I'm waiting for that day. Such interesting tales 😊🌄⛰️🏞️

    Nurse TerraNurse Terra10 soat oldin
  • Odds are the carvings in Kentucky were Shawnee rather than Cherokee.

    Billy JonesBilly Jones10 soat oldin
  • Genesis and the book of Enoch. Talks about Satan the falling angles, the offspring of the falling angles , was the giants the size of the cedar trees 🌲. Who couldn’t do anything more to GODS DAUGHTERS. Genesis 3:15. Or the baby dies during childbirth the offspring of the giants are the nephlim haprogroups. The Anunnaki. Half human half animals. Genesis says there was the nephlim haprogroups before and after the flood

    Clark RhondaClark Rhonda10 soat oldin
  • All the red dragons on the wall seems like Satan , that old dragon has deep roots round them parts. A coffee shoppe with huge red dragons on the wall would NOT be a place I would hang out and listen to some bearded man tell me stories of ancient folklore. Tooooo much!

    Angie BoldAngie Bold10 soat oldin
  • We from the planet Uranus whish to let you earthlings know your a laugh riot on the glactic latenight show! Some even believe that earth will someday harbor intelligent life!

    fred McMurrayfred McMurray10 soat oldin
  • Soapstone sounds comphy

    Yvonne BousquetYvonne Bousquet11 soat oldin
  • No need for a definite conclusion. We as Christians seeking the truth know there were, and probably still are giants. Every north american indian culture has stories of the Giants in north america 12 fingers 12 toes red haired giants.

    LoJack GamingLoJack Gaming11 soat oldin
  • OK so I wander, what if, it is the constellation what time period would if it been done in is it telling us approximately when the end of time is?OK so I wander, what if, it is the constellation what time period would if it been done in is it telling us approximately when the end of time is? Or something else that would be extremely important? How wonder if maybe you guys should check into It that way....

    billie greenbillie green12 soat oldin
  • Maybe 2/3 of this show is actual talking, the rest is sound effects. The words they're saying are nothing new, all old retold stories and "artifacts". This has to be aimed at grammar school kids

    Kevin OuelletteKevin Ouellette12 soat oldin
  • This is trash.

    Hans BlitzHans Blitz12 soat oldin
  • There was giants

    Steve PorterSteve Porter12 soat oldin
  • Show me dna results

    Toe NailsToe Nails12 soat oldin
  • Not a fan of a history channel that has it's own history agenda. Yes like all the rest there is not a conclusion. And made to sound so unbelievable. 8 miles humm only left one hand print a. Smfh

    Jamie WelkerJamie Welker13 soat oldin
  • I'm not surprised native americans are israelites, king solomon sent men to go to north america he is the tribe of judah and natives are one of his brothers they are dark people all of them and they are still in slavery today judah is the so call afro americans ,jesus will come soon and every thing will be the way it should have been.

    Michel IsraelMichel Israel13 soat oldin
  • There are crazy olgam looking carvings in WV non mainstream only those that know can get to it Scott I’m 99.999999% sure you would be interested in them!!!

    Jeepboy7680Jeepboy768013 soat oldin
  • The ancients of the Americas like the ancients of the Old World weren't stupid. They were capable of a lot. But after reading the comments, I'll hold off watching.

    Name RemovedName Removed13 soat oldin
  • The shapes are seen when the influx of solar radiation causes the northern lights to move southern. There will be signs in the sky. Do your research..

  • They said Giants don't decompose like humans do. They turn into stone. Idk. But Giants did exist in those times as many native American tribes talked about Giants who they fought n killed off.

    MackRue KaponeMackRue Kapone13 soat oldin
  • What's the cocopeli man doing in NC?

  • These symbols are found carved in stone near all civilization's earliest communities.

  • Why is the computer generated giant not slant-eyed?

    QNTKKAQNTKKA13 soat oldin

  • If you don't believe Giants existed DIG! THEY ARE RIGHT UNDER YOUR FEET! This is coming from a person that operates heavy machinery! When you find them the MIB will find you! Best thing to do is cover them back up! History channel sucks! It's not HIS STORY they are telling, it's there own narrative!

    gtowngtown14 soat oldin
  • Talk to Roger in Mud Fossil University !

    Deno KellerDeno Keller14 soat oldin
  • It’s wrong because our teachers are not very smart

    Roger HarrisRoger Harris14 soat oldin
  • Nice

    Michael WilliamsMichael Williams14 soat oldin
  • At the beginning, all the liberals sitting around story time, beliving every word. Still little kids

    Hat RiversHat Rivers14 soat oldin
  • Wait THAT was his conclusion? Someone carved on stone? :-D .... HOW About we go ask my friend's 4-year-old, SHE has a "Tree House" in Minecraft let us ask her ??? COME !!!! HARK !!!! Let us inquire if humans carve stone.

    Shane CorningShane Corning14 soat oldin
  • IF I remember correctly we already know Celtic and Viking have made trips to our continent . Those are just the ones we know of . I personally think it's likely Celtic carvings . Who's to say that they didn't have some kind relationship and interaction with the Cherokee of that time . Even MANY of the cultures from the EU were possibly not always speaking the same dialects and languages . Could apply to both rocks imo . Bottom line to me is even Science is based from conjecture of what one or many ppl think or what they believe in . I mean minds wonder and stories get MORE wrong or exaggerated as time goes on AND we all know the Native Americans had good mind altering Smoke . Stories get told and as time goes on it get's altered . PLUS we know that the Vikings in General were large ppl as Warriors . Ferocious warriors .

    Yeti8itYeti8it14 soat oldin
  • You’re a waste of time you get people hyped up and you never show them nothing more than what they’ve already seen why don’t you actually break something open that we can appreciate like the truth

    James RomanJames Roman15 soat oldin
  • This is a pre-scripted production. This man is obviously acting a part, and so is everybody else.

    1fanger1fanger15 soat oldin
  • Nice 👌 thanks 😊 much 💞 for 👍

    Timothy McglynnTimothy Mcglynn15 soat oldin
  • I love the history Chanel

    Good stuff WardGood stuff Ward16 soat oldin
  • There were Giants in the old days ppl that's what my great grand parents have told us. These ppl like this man hunting for evidence... There were Giants on this continents they ate children ppl they were not friendly !!! They were evil & r evil just like the Bible says...

    Terrilyn JonesTerrilyn Jones17 soat oldin
  • Wth did they block for? Because giant was in the title? I have a black screen no video

    Angie MartinAngie Martin17 soat oldin
  • Not Only Is History Subverted Your Present Day is as well.

    Alaric1Alaric117 soat oldin
  • really native americans..anyone born in this country is a native american..try saying american indian and quit insulting everyone

    katie fosterkatie foster17 soat oldin
  • What a bunch of B.S. all of them are actors.

    lee majorlee major17 soat oldin
  • I'll believe in bigfoot before I ever believe in a giant Native American.

    ExpilentsExpilents18 soat oldin
  • the whole handprint theory .. 😂, cool story bro

    BaKC PaKC ZOBaKC PaKC ZO18 soat oldin
  • So this is about rocks, not a giant wildman? Pretty f'n weak.

    Sin SanitySin Sanity18 soat oldin
  • Played center for the Knicks...

    Loren StevensLoren Stevens19 soat oldin
  • I really don’t think the giant was that ugly.

    coyotekillermillercoyotekillermiller20 soat oldin
  • 0:48 Attack on Titan Season 6 be like

    WatermantaloupeWatermantaloupe20 soat oldin
  • They made a map of the sky at night, that's why you can see it better at night.

    FaithHopeLove75FaithHopeLove7520 soat oldin
  • I read about some Moon-eyed people that were fierce warriors. They lived here before the Cherokee came from the north.

    Kathleen 168Kathleen 16821 soat oldin
  • Remember when the History chanel,had shows about history?

    David AynesDavid Aynes21 soat oldin
  • Every race needed a boogie man to make the kids and criminals mind.

    David MathesDavid Mathes23 soat oldin
  • Our country has @ 30% extremely gullible people that will believe anything, great for people like Trump...and bigfoot, bibles, and giants

    David MathesDavid Mathes23 soat oldin
  • Right from the female Klingon playbook hahaha

    David MathesDavid Mathes23 soat oldin
  • Be honest you’re just scrolling down the comments to see if it’s worth watching the whole video

    ChiLLItsJustAHodog KingChiLLItsJustAHodog KingKun oldin
  • the thing about science is it don't care about controversy, its about making everything stupid and covering up the truth err i mean facts...yeah...facts

    Fatold SweatyFatold SweatyKun oldin
  • "Sometimes history isn't what we've been told." Are you kidding? How about MOST OF THE TIME!?

    Leonard MehlmauerLeonard MehlmauerKun oldin
    • For real. It's kind of amazing.

      Sith JawaSith Jawa19 daqiqa oldin
  • Who ever takes this long to tell you the truth ain't telling you the truth. They are trying to "Convince" you of something .

    Christopher LeeChristopher LeeKun oldin
  • There are some odd stories from WCU students not directly on campus. Some cabins that have to do work a little more remote that are freaky I guess.

    Tigers TalonsTigers TalonsKun oldin
  • What no giant ? Misleading title 🤪

    richard bellorichard belloKun oldin
  • Woodboogers

    tarak baramatarak baramaKun oldin
  • Meteorites, LOL! 7:45 Still selling BS.

    LOGOSLOGOSKun oldin
  • If you came here to hear about Giants don't waste your time

    OctaviusOctaviusKun oldin
  • Almost all human cultures speak of giants. The Titans, the Oni, the Nephalim, etc.

    AspeltaAspeltaKun oldin
  • Haven't watched history in forever.hope this is good for everyone,I gotta go watch so.thin else

    watcher 333watcher 333Kun oldin