All four Futurama endings

1-Yan, 2021
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Futurama has had four "endings" throughout the whole series. This video will show you them.
0:00 - First ending (The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings)
0:51 - Second ending (Into the Wild Green Yonder)
2:24 - Third ending (Overclockwise)
3:34 - Fourth and final ending (Meanwhile)

  • This made me cry 😭

    Joshua CarvajalJoshua Carvajal4 soat oldin
  • Never has a series finale pissed me off as much as this one. I was so damn angry I threw my remote when I was able to binge the show properly like 3 or 4 years ago. I would still watch it again and again though.

    Jeremiah SandsJeremiah Sands2 kun oldin
  • Seems like the main point in every ending is to get Leela and Fry together.

    turgleturgle2 kun oldin
  • Goddamn it. The only animated series I have ever watched, over-and-over, and can still bring a tear to my eye as a grown adult. I've watched this show off/on since I was 16, I'm now 36-years old and genuinely feel as if the episodes almost predict parts of life and have grown with me. Or not, "let's get brick-faced!" -Bender.

    DamageJackalDamageJackal2 kun oldin
  • Groening is like the animated version of Kurt Sutter. Making grown men cry and shit.

    Danny ThomasDanny Thomas3 kun oldin
  • now i want to see all four futurama beginnings

    TychoxiTychoxi3 kun oldin
  • This is so.. heartbreaking.

    ShOwObaShOwOba4 kun oldin
  • Four different ending are far beyond better than no ending even if you stoped being good ages ago. It's not even bad having different endings, just simpons are really bad now and they force it to be alive

    Goth -_-Goth -_-5 kun oldin
  • there's another one where leela grew old and died alone in the first universe when fry, bender and the professor traveled to the future

    animagianimagi7 kun oldin
  • the fourth ending is kinda stupid because if everything that happened happens again, it means they'll once again freeze time and have to reset it again, and again... sure, it might be a metaphor for reruns and stuff but it's still kinda dumb...

    12DAMDO12DAMDO7 kun oldin
  • Man, some of these endings just makes me cry. Especially The Devils Hands are Idle Playthings and Meanwhile. What a brilliant brilliant show.

    graced_ steak564graced_ steak5648 kun oldin
  • The absolute best

    TDItaly98TDItaly988 kun oldin
  • Simpsons with colour.

    resto restoresto resto9 kun oldin
  • Greatest animated love story.

    morskojvolkmorskojvolk9 kun oldin
  • Fun Fact: None of this show ever happened. It's the HypnoToad making you think it did

    Chicken CurryChicken Curry9 kun oldin
  • Got my seat 🍿

    Dollakas GhostDollakas Ghost9 kun oldin
  • I,,, I love this show so much. One of my favorite animated shows. I think this is the show that Matt really put his heart into.

    unxpriencedunxprienced10 kun oldin
  • You aren't officially a good show until your show is cancelled, is getting voted to be cancelled. I don't know why, but good shows always almost get fully canceled

    Wacky PenguinWacky Penguin10 kun oldin

    אריאל גולניאריאל גולני10 kun oldin
  • Meanwhile's ending was beautiful! glad this show ended before it became a stale repetitive hollow shell of it's former self like Spongebb, Simpsons and Family guy

    Johnlindsey289Johnlindsey28910 kun oldin
    • @Local Weirdos It's better to pull a King of the Hill, Bojack Horseman, Regular Show etc. than play Weekend at Bernies (if you seen that movie and know what i mean) like those 3 shows i mentioned

      Johnlindsey289Johnlindsey2899 kun oldin
    • No kidding

      Local WeirdosLocal Weirdos9 kun oldin
  • Wholesome.

    KetisebKetiseb10 kun oldin
  • It's nice to see Fry and Leela happy together. This made my day thank you.

    prof. steinprof. stein10 kun oldin
  • You mean this show got cancelled four times?

    Christian MelendezChristian Melendez10 kun oldin
    • It was cancelled (so ending #1), brought back for more seasons before getting cancelled again (so ending #2), came back as a collection of straight-to-dvd movies (the last of which was ending #3), and picked up on a different network for more before ending for good (ending #4)

      VegetaLF7VegetaLF721 soat oldin
  • I miss futurama

    Jason PearceJason Pearce11 kun oldin
  • Futurama is my favourite show. Not just animated, but out of every television series I've seen. I feel the 'first' ending is incredible, and should have been how the show ended in it's entirety. It leaves so much to the imagination, and the whole episode is just pure emotion. However, I'm glad there were more series after this season, and the final ending was good contextually.

    KGPKGP11 kun oldin
  • Wormhole is my favorite ending. The fact that they’re all together and it gives a “their adventures continue” kinda vibe.

    TheMonsterGroovyTheMonsterGroovy11 kun oldin
  • Damn I really watched every episode This show really was amazing

    Raging WeebRaging Weeb11 kun oldin
  • FOUR?! FOUR ENDINGS?! Was Futurama really cancelled and revived that much?!

    Corundum KrabbleCorundum Krabble12 kun oldin
    • Cancelled once for ending 1, picked up for more and cancelled again for #2, got made-for-tv movies and the last movie had ending #3, before getting picked up by another network and eventually ended for ending #4

      VegetaLF7VegetaLF721 soat oldin
  • Chills .^.

    Rockee WatersRockee Waters12 kun oldin
  • Final one still makes me tear up

    fat facefat face12 kun oldin
  • 1st ending good ending. 2nd ending bad ending. 3rd ending neutral ending. 4th ending true ending.

    crispy chipscrispy chips12 kun oldin
  • I remember the commentary for the first ending. I love that they said "we need emotional music that sounds like its written from a child"

    M OM O12 kun oldin
  • I miss the show but it's true ending was perfect tbh

    Dani UwUDani UwU12 kun oldin
  • Better show than The Simpsons.

    Mister GoatMister Goat12 kun oldin
  • "I want to hear how it ends." Oof, still pinches my heart when I hear it.

    thibautisserantthibautisserant12 kun oldin
  • This and king of the hill has good endings

    VampirerockstarVampirerockstar12 kun oldin
  • why is there 4?

    CheetosDoritosCheetosDoritos12 kun oldin
    • @VegetaLF7 ohhh thank you

      CheetosDoritosCheetosDoritos12 soat oldin
    • The original run of episodes was coming to an end and they wanted to make an ending rather than just stopping, so that was ending #1. The show was renewed and eventually cancelled, giving us ending #2. It then got made-for-tv movies, the last of which gave us ending #3. Finally it was picked up on a different network and the end of that run was ending #4.

      VegetaLF7VegetaLF721 soat oldin
  • We can't change the past... But we can have a future

    piston rodpiston rod13 kun oldin
  • I CAN'T believe how many times the show was cancelled. IT IS SUCH A GOOD ONE! what is WRONG WITH PEOPLE 👀.

    Oof OoofOof Ooof13 kun oldin
  • Futurama will always be better than The Simpsons.

    Daniel B MaximoffDaniel B Maximoff13 kun oldin
  • Futurama is such an underrated show

    Jess AJess A13 kun oldin
  • The last ending >>>

    Filip GibaracFilip Gibarac13 kun oldin
  • Used to always say the simpsons is better than futurama but in hindsight futurama actually had a start and a ending to it whilst the simpsons is on a literal time loop just a never ending gag now

    Nick RobertsNick Roberts13 kun oldin
  • Futurama really is dear to me.

    Good MeasureGood Measure13 kun oldin
  • wait what the hell why are there FOUR endings

    sparkysparkersparkysparker13 kun oldin
  • Too bad this show ended I would of watched for years like the simon

    ThoMass3630 #ThoMass3630 #13 kun oldin
  • Who is cutting onions in my room?

    Joe JanawayJoe Janaway13 kun oldin
  • Technically only the last one is a true ending, all the other ones have continued in other season's first episode

    Mario SiragusaMario Siragusa14 kun oldin
    • Even then, it's not even a true ending as it cycles around to the beginning again, continuing the adventures through another loop.

      VegetaLF7VegetaLF721 soat oldin
  • The ending to Meanwhile always makes me feel things.

    Pieman523Pieman52314 kun oldin
  • Fry and Leela are so heartwarming together. 😊❤

    Sixkicks FightertricksSixkicks Fightertricks14 kun oldin
  • "What do you say? Wanna go around again?" "I do" Honestly one of the most romantic things I've ever heard. If when my husband and I are old and grey, someone were to offer us the chance do it again, I know we'd answer the same way😊

    Marah BakerMarah Baker14 kun oldin
  • God this show was so good. Thank god this show ended well. I still watch it all the time

    Liam BurnsLiam Burns14 kun oldin
  • there comes a good meme to mind: if u ever had a crush on me and never told me… FUC U

    NoEye DeerNoEye Deer14 kun oldin
  • There was also ghat ending where they all went to dig in the depth of the earth to find oil for Bender's sexy robots wrestling and got trapped under rocks and everyone except Bender got turned into an oil after millions of years which he took at the end to pour on some robot prostitutes !

    Ali AL luaibiAli AL luaibi14 kun oldin
  • man, i love this show, my dad showed it to me when i was 8 and my mom walked in on me watch the part mom and the professor are getting funky. and she like nope. but hahahah, she left me alone with a phone, sooooo

    Phillip DavisPhillip Davis14 kun oldin
  • The last ending was so heartfelt, finding someone you trust and love so much that you'd both wanna relive your lives together over again 😭❤

    Extremely Violently Violet PLUMSExtremely Violently Violet PLUMS14 kun oldin
  • I always thought meanwhile was the only ending.

    CoCoNuTmAlLIs PeRfEcTCoCoNuTmAlLIs PeRfEcT14 kun oldin
  • 5:19 Why Leela and Fry don't want kids because they don't want to break it the time stop remote cortal.?

    Inego ZamoraInego Zamora14 kun oldin
  • Futurama was pretty good when it started. though after it got revived it just seemed to degenerate into more of the same modern simpsons stupidity.

    SuperSonicmaniaSuperSonicmania14 kun oldin
  • 3 basically, the part on overclock wise does not count as an ending

    Macaroni RomeroMacaroni Romero14 kun oldin
    • No, it does. All 4 were written to be the ending of the show. It's just on 3 occasions the show continued.

      VegetaLF7VegetaLF721 soat oldin
  • The first ending is overlooked now because of its inconclusive nature but I do really like how it represents Fry's good-natured but simple-minded personality

    hotelmario510hotelmario51015 kun oldin
  • Leela didnt deserve Fry.

    Alex CrewAlex Crew15 kun oldin
  • I hope they make more episodes

    william santoswilliam santos15 kun oldin
  • So hold up, I'm confused.....are these endings taking place in alternate universes or something?

    『ReallyWeeby』『ReallyWeeby』15 kun oldin
    • No, Futurama got canceled multiple times but the fan base was able to get it back up multiple times. With each cancelation they wrote the ending for Leela and Fry to get together. The last ending is the true ending if you will because Futurama finally ended on the creators terms not the studio canceling them. From what I know its all in the same universe for these endings. So I'd say the first 3 endings are closer to milestones in their relationship and the final ending is the true one.

      La CrownedLa Crowned13 kun oldin
  • Out of all the big animated cartoons( Simpson’s , family guy, American dad ) this is the one that I have binged watched over and over it’s just so good yet it has the least amount of season I just think it’s great show

    William SpaldingWilliam Spalding15 kun oldin
  • This show was the best show on Fox, no matter what happened, it made me cry at this finial ending however their bucket list was beautiful

    Quackers & MiQuackers & Mi15 kun oldin
  • The Good Ending

    ConsiderMeCrunchyConsiderMeCrunchy15 kun oldin
  • Into the wild green yonder and meanwhile are my favorite endings because they both simulate that the show just starts over again, and I think that is one of the coolest way to end a TV show.

    Mod X WolfMod X Wolf15 kun oldin
  • I didn't know futurama was a multiple endings game

    Sprinchel ArtSprinchel Art15 kun oldin
  • There is one ending

    Prestin HurshberryPrestin Hurshberry15 kun oldin
  • I was expecting to see the end of “The Late Phillip J. Fry”, that episode was another great ending

    Sam LoefflerSam Loeffler15 kun oldin
  • Their stuck in an infinite loop pretty much

    Darren 0613Darren 061315 kun oldin
  • I Giorno Giovanna think that Futurama is one of the best animated adult series ever made

    Giorno GiovannaGiorno Giovanna15 kun oldin
  • "Ready to go round again" Ah. Theres some moments I wish I could relive with my fiance.

    LunaBearLunaBear15 kun oldin
  • I almost cried ngl I miss this show

    Billy CostenBilly Costen15 kun oldin
  • the original season 5 ending was the best one

    Code DogeCode Doge15 kun oldin
  • Am

    Patrick BreenPatrick Breen15 kun oldin
  • I watched the final finale one time and the network i was watching spliced the ending right before it showed credits to the full pilot episode

    The Gaming RhinoThe Gaming Rhino15 kun oldin
  • Interesting that every ending has something to do with Fry and Leela being together. Devil's hands ends with Fry finishing his performance, which was about Leela and his love for her, Wild Green Yonder ends with them saying they love each other and kissing, Overclockwise ends with them learning of their ultimate fate, and Meanwhile ends with them having lived their lives together in stasis, only to get to start all over again and spend even more time together. It's almost like a 'how I met your mother' type deal, where the overarching plot of the show was just Fry and Leela's relationship, with a bunch of hijinks thrown in here and there.

    AzureKyleAzureKyle15 kun oldin
  • I think that there will never ever be another show like Futurama can't change my mind

    GreyGrey15 kun oldin

    QuesadillaSlamQuesadillaSlam16 kun oldin
  • Bender and HK-47 could be friends, they both are homicidal droids that despise “meatbags”

    BlamedArtist91BlamedArtist9116 kun oldin
  • I love how full filed zoidberg seems when he gets 8 newspapers

    Cheems BurbgerCheems Burbger16 kun oldin
  • And Zoidberg finally fell in love

    Cian BarryCian Barry16 kun oldin
  • Of all series couples I think Leela and Fry are the best They are so cute together

    Beyza 2002Beyza 200216 kun oldin
  • It truly was quite spectacular

    Mr. HoovyMr. Hoovy16 kun oldin
  • God damn, futurama is written amazingly Outside of the normal sitcom episodes

    NazimelonNazimelon16 kun oldin
  • Crazy how Futurama became more beloved than the Simpsons

    MarcusMarcus16 kun oldin
    • As much as I love the Simpson’s it really should’ve ended a long long time ago. You hate to see a good show become a at best a mediocre one and worse a bad one

      Tak3NTak3N13 kun oldin
  • This made me feel sad but fulfilled just like the same feeling from watching unas annus from the first episode to the very last second

    steamed_hamsteamed_ham16 kun oldin
  • Can someone tell me why their are so many endings?

    Sativan IbanezSativan Ibanez16 kun oldin
    • The show was canceled a few times. Not actually sure why, I guess when it was still being made the watch ratings weren't high. Which is surprising because its been a pretty popular show for as long as I remember

      On standby the whole timeOn standby the whole time14 kun oldin
  • are there four ending? Did the show keep getting canceled and recontinued or something?

    Decode LifehackerDecode Lifehacker16 kun oldin
    • The first and fourth ending were both because of cancellations, however, the second and third endings were done just in case Futurama would not be renewed.

      SuperLegendarySuperLegendary16 kun oldin
  • I just want to know how these four endings were the endings that the maker of this video chose to highlight

    Reivax OdalagerReivax Odalager16 kun oldin
    • Well thank you both for your answers

      Reivax OdalagerReivax Odalager15 kun oldin
    • See - it goes into better detail

      SuperLegendarySuperLegendary16 kun oldin
    • Because they were all intended originally to end the series

      Zoe WellsZoe Wells16 kun oldin
  • The actual ending is the only one i didnt like. Time loops are BS

    Undead insideUndead inside16 kun oldin
  • I have just remembered why Futurama is my favourite show of all time.

    Mensen24Mensen2416 kun oldin
  • This show is so much better than what the Simpsons became.

    Luca CiferaLuca Cifera16 kun oldin
    • @Mr Boyo 13 I agree so much with your comment. The Simpsons were magnificent, but as time went on it’s gotten worse and worse. It was a good show and should have ended while it was ahead, instead of completely ruining itself and jumping headfirst into the grave of trashy tv history.

      Colby HicksColby Hicks9 kun oldin
    • @Mr Boyo 13 it will end eventually, but yeah the simpsons should have died long enough in the early 2000s and went down as great relice of the late 80s and early 90s

      MichelangeloVAMichelangeloVA11 kun oldin
    • Futurama:had an actual ending but ended in a reversal of time,which meant you can watch it over and over until you got bored The Simpsons: gets dragged over and over and over until it becomes less funny How futurama ended was masterfully crafted The Simpson’s fate is far worse than a never purgatory...

      Mr Boyo 13Mr Boyo 1313 kun oldin
    • @Idiotic Beyond Measure Amen!

      Colby HicksColby Hicks13 kun oldin
    • This show knew when to end. As did King Of The Hill.

      Idiotic Beyond MeasureIdiotic Beyond Measure15 kun oldin
  • First > last > second > third

    Harry HippersonHarry Hipperson16 kun oldin
  • 1 of the best shows to ever do it

    jimoses444jimoses44416 kun oldin
  • The last ending always makes me cry.

    MrElectricPandaMrElectricPanda16 kun oldin
  • The professor really did age better than Fry or Leela.

    Bihtes the StuffBihtes the Stuff16 kun oldin
    • @xXsimonsXx the professor is more evolved and lela is a freaking mutant.

      CeiCei12 kun oldin
    • He probably enhanced himself in some way. Or maybe, being a scientist, he knew what was the most optimal way of life to live longer

      xXsimonsXxxXsimonsXx14 kun oldin
    • The perks of being rich

      Patrik RathouskyPatrik Rathousky15 kun oldin
  • I wish the show would come back

    sk8ter4funsk8ter4fun16 kun oldin