Adrien Broner - About Billions Episode 7

25-Noy, 2013
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  • Pues dirán lo que quieran,pero este tipo si que se divertía Y eso divertirse jamás se olvida

    jose armando valentinjose armando valentin11 kun oldin
    • Con un poco de inteligencia, se puede seguir divirtiendo.

      Ralph ValenciaRalph Valencia5 kun oldin
  • That was right before he got his ass savagely whooped right ? 🤣

    Ludovic BeckLudovic Beck14 kun oldin
  • うらやましい

    太郎脳筋太郎脳筋29 kun oldin
  • Man, this guy was on the path to superstardom. Now hes nothing but a mere afterthought SMH

    Abel B.Abel B.Oy oldin
  • Marcos Maidana rules!

    oscar darrelloscar darrellOy oldin
  • He’s not even good lol

    Jason KirkJason KirkOy oldin
  • this bastard should be in jail

    Hiren KidanHiren KidanOy oldin
  • Money really does get you anything.

    King K. RoolKing K. RoolOy oldin
  • You suck, low class

    StnStn2 oy oldin
  • That was his down fall glade he grown up more

    Thank Me LaterThank Me Later2 oy oldin
  • Crazy to see this dude in a bunch of debt now...

    Mo Chick3nMo Chick3n3 oy oldin
    • Nvm he rich again

      Mo Chick3nMo Chick3n2 oy oldin
  • So... I heard he broke now!

    Mango SteelMango Steel3 oy oldin
    • He made that his choice

      King K. RoolKing K. RoolOy oldin
  • Bad influence to Minor.

    Chris SonzhipChris Sonzhip5 oy oldin
  • the biggest dumbass in boxing world ..all about talks but cant prove anthing..such a loser

    paulo alvinpaulo alvin5 oy oldin
  • Fakeass mayweather wannabe 😂😂😂

    mike goldmike gold7 oy oldin
  • 5:08 thats Darryl Strawberrys daughter Diamond Strawberry! LOL thats wild!

    sdotharrissdotharris9 oy oldin
    • Yup, she get around. All the while her daughter is being taken care of by her mother instead of her.

      Marcus McGillMarcus McGill7 oy oldin
  • Kevin Hart + Floyd Mayweather = Adrien Broner.

    Bruce HillBruce HillYil oldin
  • That's not a difference that's a similarity

    Brianna DaylonBrianna DaylonYil oldin
  • He is trying too hard lol . Like calm down kid. Practice and craft your skills .

    Marck shockerMarck shockerYil oldin
  • Show when Errol Spence knocked you to next week show that video you got knocked the fuck out.

    Kris BacaKris BacaYil oldin
  • Broner on some cheap shit sparing . dude has less than 0 class but can actually flow ok . his career is done forever and will eventually be broke washed up regretting burning and flushing cash down the shitter .

    TC SwagTC SwagYil oldin
  • Where was all that vs midanna or pacman??

    illusive_nezzy88illusive_nezzy88Yil oldin
  • The oil, oil, oil, oil. Lol

    Tyler HennessyTyler HennessyYil oldin
  • Pause at 4:36😂😂😂

    IgghhttBroIgghhttBroYil oldin
    • Wtf!?

      Cristian LiraCristian Lira5 oy oldin
  • Haha the boxer with a trash mouth.. with a skill full of trash.!! Fuck all like a dumb ass like u.. Karma strkes you anyway.. i had seen your defeat with such an embarassing one, you picece of shit!!!! You need to respect to be respected.. idiot.

    jeorge sudariojeorge sudarioYil oldin
  • We already know he is an idiot. Did not need a video for it .

    Kunal PathakKunal PathakYil oldin
  • The decline of society is apparent

    1000 subs no video challenge1000 subs no video challenge2 yil oldin
  • Those sparring sessions are a circus

    Hendris RodrìguezHendris Rodrìguez2 yil oldin
    • A scripted one... fuck that Broner...

      jeorge sudariojeorge sudarioYil oldin
  • 4:36 i can see his dick

    Designer To toeDesigner To toe2 yil oldin
  • Adrien Broner ain't bout shit

    Memphis TennMemphis Tenn2 yil oldin
  • Adrien broner > Chino Maidana

    Pedro SkrtPedro Skrt2 yil oldin
    • Problem solved

      g33k707g33k707Yil oldin
    • Nice joke

      FighTimingFighTimingYil oldin
  • Where ıs the crack

    Haydar KırkanHaydar Kırkan3 yil oldin
  • AB wanted to fly before ,crawling wants the lights but can't pay the prize

    henry Yogenhenry Yogen3 yil oldin
    • Great comment. Couldn't have said it any better. After his beating by Maidana he decide to be a lazy counterpuncher with a low output. That ain't gonna help brah

      hipnoticheadnotichipnoticheadnotic3 yil oldin
  • Washed up Boxer

    ampster the soldierampster the soldier3 yil oldin
    • Lol

      ampster the soldierampster the soldier3 yil oldin
    • ampster the soldier not even close

      Jesus malverdeJesus malverde3 yil oldin
  • 4:49 kissing Hoes in the mouth.…Jejeje

    El TIN TAN -LA LINEA-El TIN TAN -LA LINEA-3 yil oldin
  • i love his beautiful voice.... soo kiddy and sexy xD

    iioo187iioo1873 yil oldin
  • Where's the episode after the maidana ass whipping ?

    Sand WolfSand Wolf3 yil oldin
  • The girls in the jacuzzi with him are more disgusting than him!!

    Supreme Kaioshin ZamasuSupreme Kaioshin Zamasu3 yil oldin
    • @Jireh Siarza amen 🙏

      Tony FurzTony Furz2 oy oldin
    • @Tony Furz Amen. Repent and accept JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior for you to be saved.

      Jireh SiarzaJireh Siarza2 oy oldin
    • Jesus Saves sinners that ask Him for forgiveness

      Tony FurzTony Furz5 oy oldin
    • J TIME your Dad is Gay.

      Supreme Kaioshin ZamasuSupreme Kaioshin Zamasu3 yil oldin
    • Black Goku Zamasu Kaioshin u still say mother jokes? Yup ur gay😂😂

      ItzJTIMEItzJTIME3 yil oldin
  • 4:37 ab meat is huge

    Zane WestZane West3 yil oldin
    • @Future its his hands

      ahmed aliahmed aliOy oldin
    • @Toon!! its his hands

      ahmed aliahmed aliOy oldin
    • Phan Nguyen lol yea I had to say something😂

      Zane WestZane West3 yil oldin
    • Circus1022 bru like no homo😂

      Zane WestZane West3 yil oldin
    • Zane West 😂😂😂bruh

      Toon!!Toon!!3 yil oldin
  • Straight fuckery.

    Mike RothwellMike Rothwell3 yil oldin
  • Money can't buy class

    Lalo RodriguezLalo Rodriguez3 yil oldin
    • Lalo Rodriguez money ain't nothing but paper

      Franks101 Learning By Trial and ErrorFranks101 Learning By Trial and Error3 yil oldin
  • Hope that Garcia ass whipping did him some good

    TheRealFirstTeamTheRealFirstTeam3 yil oldin
  • Maidana killed his career Lol take this super L Bummer

    KingGucci TVKingGucci TV3 yil oldin
  • Throughout that whole episode it was only one little clip of him boxing. Lol

    Latorya GillespieLatorya Gillespie3 yil oldin
    • AB for sure knows how to party!

      PatrickPatrickOy oldin
  • What´s the name of the songs?

    zaslvd 97zaslvd 973 yil oldin
  • You wanna know the difference between me and big bro " he's undefeated and i'm not" 😂

    Chris ShanklinChris Shanklin3 yil oldin
    • He’s a billionaire and I got $25 left 🤣

      Ludovic BeckLudovic Beck14 kun oldin
    • Chris Shanklin ll

      greeceboy15greeceboy153 yil oldin
  • what's up with his voice

    Toxic MelodyToxic Melody4 yil oldin
  • AIDs ritten all over him?????

    Tony j woodTony j wood4 yil oldin
    • anthony wood I'm guessing no other reason to be in there all naked playing Marco Polo unless you're with all women

      TheRealFirstTeamTheRealFirstTeam3 yil oldin
    • The kid swings both ways?.

      Tony j woodTony j wood4 yil oldin
  • Adrien Broner is legit af

    Steel Krakon Lord X84Steel Krakon Lord X845 yil oldin