Adrien Broner vs Jovanie Santiago FULL FIGHT

22-Fev, 2021
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Adrien Broner vs Jovanie Santiago FULL FIGHT

  • They called the fight exactly right!!!!!

    Big LuckyBig Lucky5 kun oldin
  • Broner is to boxing as Tyron Woodley is to the UFC.. Tyron probably a bit smarter though

    MBC1975MBC19756 kun oldin
  • Adrien Broner WAS a guy who flushed money down the toilet. He threw money out of a moving car, and he threw his change in the air after purchasing something in Walmart. It's sad because he's broke now. I know he wish he never did those things. THE SAME PEOPLE YOU SEE GOING UP, EVENTUALLY YOU WILL SEE THEM COMING BACK DOWN 💯🥊

    Big TrizzBig Trizz6 kun oldin
  • Good fight AB good win black power we run this shit

    Shadoe BellShadoe Bell15 kun oldin
  • I love AB when he's on his shit

    EGB GoyardEGB Goyard16 kun oldin
  • Is AB finally become a humble fighter.?

    fajar akbarfajar akbar17 kun oldin
    • No he’s washed

      ODB 5000ODB 500013 kun oldin
  • Santiago was ripped off. Broner is a hack and has been. At best it was a draw.

    First Name Last NameFirst Name Last Name19 kun oldin
  • These comutaer are the biggest AB haters I've heard all 3 sad

    1984ddunn1984ddunnOy oldin
  • A.B. solid throughout the fight. Nice way to pace yourself and picking your punch selection.

    • I said the same thing fam. Them commentators was bias. I didn't have Santiago winning not one round. If you really wanna see how biased they was. Watch the fight with no sound. It was straight child abuse😂😂😂

      Harold FifthHarold Fifth21 kun oldin
  • split decision maybe for AB.. neither looked impressive.. 117-110 is a joke.. some of that 13 million went to judges. Im a fan of AB:(

    Scott RankinScott RankinOy oldin
  • Damn it’s his first fight back let him build back up. You can’t take all that time off and come back as sharp as you were when you were discipline...

    Que El beyQue El beyOy oldin
    • @Antboogey I have to "not never been no fight"....but besides trying to disprove a double negative does that change the fact that Broner isn't the fighter he was before his humiliation?

      Signkutter signkutterSignkutter signkutterOy oldin
    • @Antboogey exactly bro that’s why didn’t respond

      Que El beyQue El beyOy oldin
    • @Signkutter signkutter u never been in no fight

      AntboogeyAntboogeyOy oldin
    • Facts

      AntboogeyAntboogeyOy oldin
    • You have to see this video

      Amazing with HerMajesty & King Sebastian!Amazing with HerMajesty & King Sebastian!Oy oldin
  • The commentators are talkin mad shit about AB😂

    Q SmithQ SmithOy oldin
  • Both fought safe. Boring fight. Broner has to let his hands go!!

    Han SoloHan SoloOy oldin
  • AB did his thing 👍🏿

    shy landshy landOy oldin
  • Good to see AB back

    Destroyislamanimmagrints WhitepowerDestroyislamanimmagrints WhitepowerOy oldin
  • Broner did enough to win but I don't think it was enough to draw another big name into the ring with him. Danny Garcia maybe.

    Notof ThisworldNotof ThisworldOy oldin
    • you blind af if you think he won

      E. KE. K25 kun oldin
    • You have to see this video

      Amazing with HerMajesty & King Sebastian!Amazing with HerMajesty & King Sebastian!Oy oldin
  • I don't know who that 1 dude is... but I do know he hatin on Ab!!!! Gotta fucc wit Ab "he do it fa us" HE THE ONLY ONE THAT DO IT FA THE HOOD!!!! ON GOD NEM...AND we don't know who nd NEM is!!!!

    Tyrece DicksonTyrece DicksonOy oldin
    • “Doing it fa the hood” is the reason that he’s a shot fighter with zero work ethic that can barely beat guys that aren’t ranked in the top 100. This guy is literally not even a top 100 fighter at 140 pounds...oh wait...Broner didn’t make the weight so Uncle Al had to make this a catch-weight bout 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

      JoeJoe12 kun oldin
    • @Andrew maybe u don’t understand it’s the hood English

    • @Andrew 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • Have a good day and dont bother me anymore... unlike you I REALLY WHOOP ASS IN REAL LIFE... JUST KNOW (in person) I'd do what I want to you and you couldn't do shit about it.

      Tyrece DicksonTyrece DicksonOy oldin
    • Do you actually know how to speak English ?!

      AndrewAndrewOy oldin
  • AB fighting smart

    T MoneyT MoneyOy oldin
  • Neither one of them look like they deserve a title shot. Stop with the over analysis.

    CS Byrdy1CS Byrdy1Oy oldin
  • What happened to Broner? Maybe time just went by faster than I thought, but he looks old. Like really old.

    Max DiputsMax DiputsOy oldin
    • His biggest problem is that he is still gunshy...he fights like he is terrified of getting hit...not like he is trying to avoid getting hit while trying to effect the best offense he can

      Signkutter signkutterSignkutter signkutterOy oldin
    • It’s just the beard😂

  • I’m starting to think these top commenters are clueless to the fact that by 4 different judges Santiago outlanded broner a whopping 207-98 😂 and to the silly fans that think missed shots and “unclean” shots are counted NO SORRY they’re not counted only clean shots are counted like it has been for decades and maybe even a century of boxing, POWER SHOTS 124- 49 😆 jabs 83-49 are these broner fans or boxing fans???

    Ba TiBa TiOy oldin
    • @Dante Farmer you still a hater boxing is a fun sport to watch not to hate on someone

      love is Ur godlove is Ur godOy oldin
    • @love is Ur god no I'm a true boxing fan and also a realist...lets be honest in the last few years what has Broner done besides run his mouth! What action have we seen in the ring?

      Dante FarmerDante FarmerOy oldin
    • @Dante Farmer you are a big hater

      love is Ur godlove is Ur godOy oldin
    • Man thank you! Broner did not win this fuckin fight, it got handed to him. Santiago did his thing to be a no name fighter, he's a fuckin soldier, he fought his ass off from start to finish. Broner is a bum, his mouth don't match his fight.

      Dante FarmerDante FarmerOy oldin
  • what a waist of time it was to watch this sparring match., broners a BUM

    ManuelTheRockManuelTheRockOy oldin
    • Facts.

      Rico BacaRico BacaOy oldin
  • I know you can’t but I wish we could see their feet during this

    James BrewerJames BrewerOy oldin
  • It’s more like a split decision for broner

    Skylar CormierSkylar CormierOy oldin
  • Watch the fight without the commentary

    Road MoneyRoad MoneyOy oldin
  • Bronner is a good boxer for a musician

    Rob FordRob FordOy oldin
  • Starting to really hate commentators at this point rather mute. Just don’t have slightest clue bout fighting , says ignorant shit. Anyway I liked what I saw from Broner , beat the dude up with short shots.

    Pure BoiPure BoiOy oldin
  • Broner is the sorriest boxer ever. Totally boring fight. Broner is trash he wants to be mayweather so bad but his skills are far from mayweather’s caliber and class. Terrible boxing

    Dice CampDice CampOy oldin
    • @Q Brown imagine stopping by my comment just to whine and complain about an opinion I’m entitled to. Fast forward scrub

      Dice CampDice CampOy oldin
    • Yo stop

      Q BrownQ BrownOy oldin
  • That looked like it had to be a boring fight. AB, didn't even appear to have any ferocity about that fight at all. The whole time he never appeared to be trying to damage his opponent or even strive for a win for that matter! Boooo boo. I want my eye energy back!!!😡

    Riko RainaRiko RainaOy oldin
  • I'm so sick of all the negative pub Broner gets from the media his numbers were down on showtime we couldn't watch the fight because of power outages in Texas let's see what happens when the power is on all around the world before we complain ok

    Stacy WilliamsStacy WilliamsOy oldin
    • The power outage saved you from a bull shit fight Santiago a bum and broner couldn’t take him out lmao !!!!!!

      Brick FlairrBrick FlairrOy oldin
    • Damn first snow now that? Hope yal ok out there bless up my Texans

      Grimey 90sGrimey 90sOy oldin
  • Broner is a bum needs to retire he's done

    the linnonthe linnonOy oldin
  • I say draw and I am a Adrian Broner fan Judging from the way Adrian Broner looked after the announcement he knew it should have been a draw

    Clever SmoothClever SmoothOy oldin
  • Ab just need more ring time he look good but we all no he alot better.

    wade makiriwade makiriOy oldin
  • Those scores were way off balance. it was a pretty close fight. but I do agree with giving the fight to Broner just because he seemed like he was always in control. but Broner did his typical fight not throwing near enough punches. he only lets go of a combination once or twice in the entire fight. any of the top fighters out there today would've taken Broner out if they were in Santiago's shoes for this fight.

    photographerjonathanphotographerjonathanOy oldin
    • Well I do agree that he didn’t throw a lot but he was 80-90% on what he did throw and ole boy was cut and AB 4 times world champ

      Travis JacksonTravis JacksonOy oldin
  • Broner won it and it wasn’t even close. Santiago came with pressure, but THATS IT. His punches were wild and not landing clean. Broner was tagging him at will with his fast jab, and later when he got warmed up, he mixed in nice hooks, upper cuts, and tight right hands. Abner did give him credit in like round 8 or 9 when he said that Broner was landing all the “effective” shots. I think Broner still has some skills and great fights left in him.

    Free GameFree GameOy oldin
  • These commentators were sleeping

    Fonseca TaliaferroFonseca TaliaferroOy oldin

    Marcus HallMarcus HallOy oldin
  • Now finally after I done watched this shit over on mute, I have Broner winning seven rounds to four but if you want to give Santiago a round to be generous then cool but that’s seven rounds to five, Idk if Abner Mares was rooting for his fellow amigo or what but his commentary was absolutely horrible, just like Al Bernstein, the commentary ruined this fight. There bias distain for Broner clouded their judgment and got in their way of their assessment of the fight. Broner should just fight Regis destroy him, then take Teifimo Belt, he would instantly go down as a goat, it wud n a chess move, then invest his money for the long term then just retire, boxing is to dangerous, he would literally be a Goat.

    D'Allan Rixx TV IID'Allan Rixx TV IIOy oldin
    • I had it a lil closer based on this but i agree.. They talked about what's wrong with Broner being Broner more than when they talked about Santiago doing something good each round. Certain punches that Broner landed they missed because they were busy talking making lame jokes about him not letting his hands go instead of paying close attention to the fight.

      VersatyleTV1VersatyleTV1Oy oldin
  • The referee cheated ab, he allowed far too much punishment from rabbit punching. The systemic mistreatment was unfair. Did anyone else see it?

    Rodney GarrettRodney GarrettOy oldin
  • Yea ab what yall dont get is ab out scored ol boy by picking shots while ol boy was going crazy just swinging and most of his shots either missing or hitting ab gloves ab was throwing shots that landed so what u seen was "TECHNICAL BOXING" and when one come to brawl with out the understanding of sound boxing technique this what u get. Think about it as many shots as dude threw if they were landing like some may think and ab didnt throw half the punches as he did why is dude face way more damaged than ABs? Because most of AB shots landed whereas ol boy shots was barely getting home besides the few body shots

    Gary Smith JrGary Smith JrOy oldin
    • @ Gary Smith School is in session Gary is the teacher

      shy landshy landOy oldin
    • @Q Brown And people act like he was supposed to be spectacular when he haven't fought in 2 years and was fat 2 months ago 😂

      RekeMun GamingRekeMun GamingOy oldin
    • You are the first to actually tell the truth. Broner won, now he didn’t win in the fashion that we wanted him to win. But he still won. He made the guy miss a lot.

      Q BrownQ BrownOy oldin
    • Facts

      RekeMun GamingRekeMun GamingOy oldin
  • Robbery 🔫 at its finest Santiago won 9 rounds Sad for 🇵🇷 Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 los amo Puñeta ✊🏻

    Friday 13Friday 13Oy oldin
    • @KenLuciano300 broner won round 1 on the scorecards and landed ONE punch that entire round...anyone who thinks Broner won this fight is a fan boy. Guys been disappointing y’all for YEARS and you’ll still claim he’s a good fighter 😂😂😂 Maidona, Pacquiao, Porter and Mikey Garcias son 💀

      JoeJoe12 kun oldin
    • @KenLuciano300 you have to see this video

      Amazing with HerMajesty & King Sebastian!Amazing with HerMajesty & King Sebastian!Oy oldin
    • @D'Allan Rixx TV II you must see pt5 hilarious 😂

      Amazing with HerMajesty & King Sebastian!Amazing with HerMajesty & King Sebastian!Oy oldin
    • Are you high bro he was getting tagged with that jab the whole time

      KenLuciano300KenLuciano300Oy oldin
    • 9 rounds? Boy stop talking

      Chris xOChris xOOy oldin