Actors Roundtable: Adam Driver, Shia LaBeouf, Robert De Niro, Tom Hanks, Jamie Foxx | Close Up

20-Yan, 2020
7 817 466 Ko‘rishlar soni

Adam Driver ('Marriage Story' 'The Report'), Shia LaBeouf ('Honey Boy'), Robert De Niro ('The Irishman'), Tom Hanks ('A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood'), Jamie Foxx ('Just Mercy'), and Adam Sandler ('Uncut Gems') join Close Up with The Hollywood Reporter for this season's FULL, uncensored Actors Roundtable.
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  • Why does this interviewer almost always cut everyone off?

    K DK D13 soat oldin
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    Eva WatsonEva Watson17 soat oldin
  • North Philly peace Park y

    Again AgainAgain Again23 soat oldin
  • Wow... this is pretty deep. They are all different too. A comedian and a serious method actor aren't the same lol, but they are all talking about it together. Tom Hanks does both, so he's kind of in the middle. Super interesting!

    Omar-Shukri McintoshOmar-Shukri McintoshKun oldin
  • I feel like the three could play Jerry Garcia in a biopic, Adam Driver playing young Jerry, Shia LaBeouf playing middle Jerry, and Robert De Niro playing old Jerry.

    Max WellMax Well2 kun oldin
  • Actors speaking their mind for more than 2 minutes Host: completely changes question or quickly moves on to another actor

    Andrew SalinasAndrew Salinas2 kun oldin
  • Why does Adam driver look so broke down the in this normally he’s different

    Dillan DaliegeDillan Daliege2 kun oldin
  • great roundtable

    Smort GuySmort Guy3 kun oldin
  • Tom Hanks overrated, every movie he is Tom Hanks, same with Deniro, they are the characters.

    Pauds McMackPauds McMack3 kun oldin
  • Hearing a group of millionaires say you don't need to be political, like it's some kind of choice and not something that effects almost every part of your life, is ridiculous.

    Sam KingSam King4 kun oldin
  • Shia looks at robert like:"dad" lol And tom looks at shia like:" son"

    Viki DadsevViki Dadsev4 kun oldin
  • Adam is so cool, calm and well spoken

    Chav LChav L4 kun oldin
  • Andrew RefsniderAndrew Refsnider4 kun oldin
  • Shia's so transparent.

    Sebastian VazquezSebastian Vazquez4 kun oldin
    • In what way?

      Wonder WomanWonder Woman4 kun oldin
  • .. how bout checking out "Bachelor Party." It's a Classic. High Caliber Acting at it's Best!

    tru tubetru tube4 kun oldin
  • I love how Robert DeNiro laughs

    The pixelbustThe pixelbust5 kun oldin
  • Mr. De Niro doesn't need an bigger chair because he is the biggerst actor at the table together with Mr. Hanks

    Brutos831 BlockBrutos831 Block5 kun oldin
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    Betty TexasBetty Texas5 kun oldin
  • Is adam driver alex honnold from another dimension

    tWiTcH xDtWiTcH xD5 kun oldin
  • Adam Sandler's not big enough to make the title?

    Sambat ShreeSambat Shree5 kun oldin
  • Robert de Niro looks so small lol

    Zeynep BasaZeynep Basa5 kun oldin
  • Jamie didn’t get to answer the younger self question. 😕

    Shantel FessendenShantel Fessenden6 kun oldin
  • This is why I've always admired Jamie Foxx... Eric Bishop!! Speaking nothing but FACTS & TRUTHS!!!!!!!!!!!

    April 7hawkApril 7hawk6 kun oldin
  • why THIS sitting arrangement

    Aruj JainAruj Jain6 kun oldin
  • i wonder how difficult it was getting all these legends into one room.

    Louis ThompsonLouis Thompson7 kun oldin
  • I learn more things about these guys from this interview then anything else in 35 years

    50 Stitches Steel50 Stitches Steel7 kun oldin
  • Wow you guys get such amazing actors on the show! Love it

    Finlay MacleanFinlay Maclean7 kun oldin
  • De Niro needs a booster seat

    reluctanticonreluctanticon7 kun oldin
  • Next up: Jake Gyllenhaal, Denzel Washington, Dev Patel, Kevin Hart, Forest Whitaker, Mark Wahlberg.

    Ironona1023Ironona10237 kun oldin
  • When he said about Shias father being a pretty villainous man, I felt bad for Shia cause it’s such a deep misleading and misunderstood story yet so passionate and fulfilling. What an amazing man he is

    Josh LythgoeJosh Lythgoe8 kun oldin
  • De Niro’s analysis of Trump is very flaccid....

    Pa aWPa aW8 kun oldin
  • Robert De Niro Tell a point maybe or maybe not other artists to understand Jamie Foxx Elaborate it. Jamie Foxx elaborate too for other artists point/story. Jamie Foxx is the real host in this table.

    Piko NoridaPiko Norida8 kun oldin
  • Jamie talks a lot a lot lot lot..

    Blocker PrimeBlocker Prime9 kun oldin
  • I love it when Adam Driver said, “😐”.

    Logan SJLogan SJ9 kun oldin
  • My life is complete now

    maximus decimusmaximus decimus9 kun oldin
  • 32:07 🤣🤣🤣

    Escapism is good JedediahEscapism is good Jedediah9 kun oldin
  • If you haven’t seen Adam Sandler’s _Reign Over Me_ you’re missing out. *Criminally* underrated!!

    Daniel LeeDaniel Lee10 kun oldin
  • There’s exactly 1 person of colour in this roundtable and 0 from the lgbtq+ community

    mashreka mahmoodmashreka mahmood10 kun oldin
  • Get the feeling de Niro likes Adam driver the most - maybe reminds him of him a bit how he’s quite reserved but clearly very articulate and unique with how he approaches and sees acting

    Harry GillHarry Gill10 kun oldin
  • 👏👏😊😊

    Gabriela GabrielaGabriela Gabriela10 kun oldin
  • 4,800th like I feel proud

    Isaiah J.Isaiah J.10 kun oldin
  • Why does every bad father love Mel Gibson so much

    memo babamemo baba10 kun oldin
  • 32:30

    Ashutosh yadavAshutosh yadav11 kun oldin
  • This was awesome until politics got brought up.

    Connor BellConnor Bell11 kun oldin
  • Robert deniro surrounded by 3 bums is what the video should be

    Esp LtdEsp Ltd11 kun oldin
  • Minute 28 DeNero goes into politics, knocking Trump...Foxx goes Hanks about Ellen sitting with minute 37... BACK TO THE MOVIE BUSINESS. Still I give it a thumbs up.

    jjroseknows777jjroseknows77711 kun oldin
  • Wow, Deniro talked that long!

    Nancy FernandezNancy Fernandez12 kun oldin
  • Tom hanks is probably my favorite actor but everyone here is a star. Shia though in only the brave was OUTSTANDING

    pkern161pkern16112 kun oldin
  • I love content like this but it feels like there’s two too many in the group and it’s Adam driver and Shia. I like them but the moderator asking questions to them directly felt too forced upon them and I’d like to think a smaller group setting would have been just as enjoyable

    Moises MunozMoises Munoz12 kun oldin
  • Man I can listen to Jaime talk for days.

    PAPA13 kun oldin
  • i know you see actors, i see few people with way too much money compared to many others.

    Mas CalzoneMas Calzone13 kun oldin
  • All around one of the best interviews I’ve seen with such a talented group. And kudos to the interviewer too, what a job at controlling the mood and direction of the discussion.

    Joe NardelloJoe Nardello13 kun oldin
  • Enjoying this so much until it got political. It would be one thing if there was an alternative candidate who isn't corrupt, but that will never be the case.

    landon0473landon047313 kun oldin
  • I wonder if they had women would they all interrupt each other and talk loudly at the same time. Depends on which ones they had on, I suppose

    Baba YagaBaba Yaga15 kun oldin
  • De Niro won the Academy Award in 1980

    Simon CollisterSimon Collister16 kun oldin
  • Driver so humble saying "and then I was lucky enough to get in "an " acting school."

    Lucas SalomonLucas Salomon16 kun oldin
    • it’s a little institution called julie’s or something yeah anyway

      ImperialBiscuitImperialBiscuit8 kun oldin
  • Why would a headcase like Shia be with these actors? He's an embarrassment to himself! Definitely does not belong with this cast!!!

    JoeJoe16 kun oldin
  • Clowns roundtable

    Disco DaveDisco Dave16 kun oldin
  • Jamie: I cry for everything Adam: That's great

    Danny BrookDanny Brook16 kun oldin
  • Tom hanks laugh 😂😂 25:19

    Fares ChouihiFares Chouihi17 kun oldin
  • Uncut gems was amazing. Adam killed it.

    nizakat iqbalnizakat iqbal17 kun oldin
  • Guys come on, it's not ethical to use your channel for political promotion

    vliettiiivliettiii17 kun oldin
  • Deniro is a complete nut job

    John BoothJohn Booth17 kun oldin
  • 28:32 The question asked following what Robert said about... was in remarkable poor taste, it put Adam in a terrible place, was demeaning to DeNiro, and suggests that actors aren't permitted to have or share their own beliefs. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion and everyone has the same right to keep their opinion to themeves. Jamie Foxx saved the situation, followed by Tom, I wish more people took the time to consider their roles and their views. There is a lot of greatness here. 🙌

    NiC RaENiC RaE17 kun oldin
  • Steven is def my favourite Hollywood Reporter... idk why lol

    Can of Coke 79Can of Coke 7917 kun oldin
  • It’s like a humility competition

    Jovani SerranoJovani Serrano18 kun oldin
  • Adam Driver is one of my favorites

    Luca MacCarthyLuca MacCarthy18 kun oldin
  • I'm here for adam driver

    Robert KerrRobert Kerr18 kun oldin
  • Who would you most want to go to a party with from this group of actors? Jamie Foxx Who would you least want to go with? Adam Serious Scowl Driver

    hottyson hottysonhottyson hottyson18 kun oldin
  • All big names in Hollywood, but the comedians brought me here. We all want to laugh.

    hottyson hottysonhottyson hottyson18 kun oldin
  • Yes, Tommy Hanks. I was never afforded the luxuries of having choices.

    Michael MachupaMichael Machupa18 kun oldin
  • Everyone in this I love

    Ezra BadenEzra Baden18 kun oldin
  • waiting for these idtiots to get cancelled

    ben westben west19 kun oldin
  • Theres a reason you give these idiots a script to read off.

    ben westben west19 kun oldin
  • No one likes to soothe their own egos like actors. This and they would have been LAUGHED at 2000 years ago...when actors were seen as less than gladiators...perhaps one notch above common plebeians. Contemplating this helps one see the world more clearly and realistically.

    TacticalixTacticalix19 kun oldin
    • @Incentive Incentive "Better" how, exactly? It's all subjective. One may argue that medicine and wuality of 'life' is better; and there is more opportunity for freedom through technology. But on THIS planet what is the point of multitudes of useless healthy people in a system increasingly heading towards totalitarian infrastructure control enforced by AI robotics? So, again, what is your concept of "better"? Olives and fake meats and GMO vegetables. Have at your 'better'.

      TacticalixTacticalix17 kun oldin
    • Yes, and the world today is better in every sense of the word than it was 2000 years ago, so maybe we should stop taking our cues from what a bunch of barbarians thought was right, even if they wrote it all down into a book titled The Bible.

      Incentive IncentiveIncentive Incentive18 kun oldin
  • Someone get Robert a booster seat

    RawFitnessRawFitness20 kun oldin
  • Too bad the editor cant avoid looping whole scenes consecutively

    Tres HurstonTres Hurston20 kun oldin
  • Love Shia!

    Cew CoCew Co20 kun oldin
  • Great until the idiot deniro gets political

    deepfried baconstripsdeepfried baconstrips20 kun oldin
    • De Niro* Be nice, dude.

      Marcus StrayaMarcus Straya19 kun oldin
  • While we are discussing the novelty and brilliance of the actors present, let's take a moment to address Shia's forearms...yeah. Done.

    Vinayak TyagiVinayak Tyagi21 kun oldin
  • Watching Tom Hanks coughing here 6 weeks before he get his positive Covid test is freaky.

    Dan TracyDan Tracy21 kun oldin
    • Morons

    • Which is probs why he got it, his immune system was getting smashed a month before he picked it up.

      Lala CatLala Cat19 kun oldin
  • Adam Driver is way too chill for this world.

    Vinayak TyagiVinayak Tyagi21 kun oldin
  • If I was at that table I'd start it off like "Jews... what's up with that.. am I right?"

    PK gamesPK games21 kun oldin
  • This is so bizarre

    ZipityZipity21 kun oldin
  • Yo hanks has covid in this 🤣🤣🤣

    Jonathan GoinsJonathan Goins22 kun oldin
  • The magenta spear culturally excite because rowboat phenomenologically wrap given a foamy yew. incredible, roasted claus

    Noah CaillouetNoah Caillouet22 kun oldin
  • Is the host the dude firm night at the museum 2

    Christian RamirezChristian Ramirez22 kun oldin
  • if they are all friends then they are all nuts because Di Niro is insane and I mean that is the worse way possible

    Free Wheel BurningFree Wheel Burning22 kun oldin
  • Best one ever...

    Doubt AnnihilatorDoubt Annihilator22 kun oldin
  • Jamie Fox is cracking me up in this ha

    Ciera HowellCiera Howell23 kun oldin
  • Cough again! AHhahahahah

    Дешпинола Дима Да СилваДешпинола Дима Да Силва23 kun oldin
  • @35:35 foxxy af

    Lu AngieLu Angie23 kun oldin
  • "if you can empathize with the biggest villain, it makes you lighter." - Shia 100

    Lu AngieLu Angie23 kun oldin
  • Adam Driver is the shizzle and yet I'm actually here for the rest of list. What an interview.

    Lu AngieLu Angie23 kun oldin
  • Half of them are just terrified because of Bobby

    Sagicorn24Sagicorn2423 kun oldin
  • Is this CGI

    Akash GAkash G23 kun oldin
  • Loved the conversations until they talked politics...

    GartedderschneiGartedderschnei23 kun oldin
  • I would love to do a movie with Tom hanks

    CriticFella ReviewCriticFella Review24 kun oldin
  • Love the respect they show each other. This is a great group of talented actors!

    Kaiya FireforgeKaiya Fireforge24 kun oldin
  • Adam Driver does have the gift of comedy.

    MohaineMohaine25 kun oldin