A man with no rhythm plays Rhythm Heaven Fever

10-Yan, 2021
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I lack all musical talent, time to learn how to karate chop in time to music
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  • Monkey watch needs to die

    RTGameRTGame15 kun oldin
    • I whole-heartedly agree.

      《Gubbins Gacha》《Gubbins Gacha》52 daqiqa oldin
    • @Alessandro Mattielli Russianbadger Payday 2 aka. RETURN.TO.MONKE

      GamingTimeGamingTime4 soat oldin
    • *you need to be better at it*

      Bored MonkeyBored MonkeyKun oldin
    • I thought you said the Love Rap had to die

      Zachary StevensZachary StevensKun oldin
    • yep

      Laura TinkerLaura TinkerKun oldin
  • Nobody: The Air Rally guy: **AGGRESSIVE BA BA BA BUM**

    《Gubbins Gacha》《Gubbins Gacha》Soat oldin
  • I never knew someone could have so many left feet in their hands.

    《Gubbins Gacha》《Gubbins Gacha》Soat oldin
  • 26:51 In the next day's news:‎ Good try. WOAH THATS SOME GREAT NEWS

    「ヨーコ」「ヨーコ」2 soat oldin
  • *laughs in band kid*

    Quincy AdamsQuincy Adams2 soat oldin
  • S T O N K S

    itsJacobjakeitsJacobjake2 soat oldin
  • You look much less hot than you sound

    Ryan LaroseRyan Larose2 soat oldin
  • hey Dan, not to be rude but lower your mic audio. You can barely hear the game most times on these vids.

    BezKaBezKa4 soat oldin
  • Totally didn't skip through any levels and got Superb on everything

    Im NewIm New4 soat oldin
  • Everytime I hear his playing of the Rap song, i keep thinking "Song failed successfully."

    CadetRedShirtCadetRedShirt6 soat oldin
  • All I here is parts of remix 10 and it gives me flash backs

    Poopy bumPoopy bum6 soat oldin
  • Rhythm tumble gaming

    Josh CurranJosh Curran7 soat oldin
  • I played this game entirely after watching this video and honestly how can RT hate Forthington he is incredible

    Awesome SmallsAwesome Smalls11 soat oldin
  • Breaking: Cat in plane shot down after entering restricting airspace while playing Badminton. More news at 7

    VaperonVaperon12 soat oldin
  • 56:52 Me, currently studying for my exams next week: no 😅

    WeebWeeb18 soat oldin
  • Welcome to 2021 where RTGame suffers from monkey watch. Oh and also more

    Derek GamingDerek Gaming18 soat oldin
  • The Air Rally has to be my favorite. It is adorable and I love the fast pace.

    《Gubbins Gacha》《Gubbins Gacha》19 soat oldin
  • Tell me why the "BA BA BA BUM" guy sounds so much like James from TheOdd1sOut.

    《Gubbins Gacha》《Gubbins Gacha》19 soat oldin
  • How to beat rhythm heaven: listen to the song and be the backbone to it, much like you would to a favorite song perhaps. Most of the time, it works.

    theoneandonlywuluftheoneandonlywuluf19 soat oldin
  • dude you should play nintendo wii carnival games

    Gummygoo2Gummygoo2Kun oldin
  • When he messed up at the first try while trying to get a perfect for double date,I felt that

    Miss-right17Miss-right17Kun oldin
  • please rt please god learn music your giving me stress do you even know what rythme is??

    Bored MonkeyBored MonkeyKun oldin
  • I vibe with the karate guys song

    CrimsonKoopa3CrimsonKoopa3Kun oldin
  • *I'm so sad we sold our wii*

    Elicia BertschElicia BertschKun oldin
  • This physically hurts

    Jaiden Labowka-PoulinJaiden Labowka-PoulinKun oldin
  • No offense but this is the worst Rhythm Heaven gameplay I've ever seen as a fan of the series... my 6 year old sister had better rhythm than you.

    Mae DreemurrMae DreemurrKun oldin
  • 41:25 is thumbnail

    Oliver HernandezOliver HernandezKun oldin
  • Ever notice how the girl just cares about the groundhogs and not her *FLIPPING BOYFRIEND*

    MijiGamin1MijiGamin1Kun oldin
  • I don’t know if anyone else cares but they hired a truly great English singer for those songs. Like she’s amazing and I want to hear everything she’s ever sung.

    Małgosia MilczewskaMałgosia MilczewskaKun oldin
  • Game: *airplanes* Rt: OH GOD NOT AGAIN Airplane: BUM BA BA BUM BA BUM rt: LEAVE ME ALONE GUY

    XxSuperDeadlySniperxXXxSuperDeadlySniperxXKun oldin
  • I REALLY wanna play this game but no way in hell am I getting a wii and setting all that shit up when I have a perfectly fine PC

    Amprage A-ListerAmprage A-ListerKun oldin
    • you might be able to find an emulator

      Daniel HoffmanDaniel HoffmanKun oldin
  • ok after monkey watch I cant keep watching this OH MY GOD THAT ALMOST MADE ME CRY HOLY GOD

    Moris TMMoris TMKun oldin
  • ok you fucking really dont have rythm my god that was awful

    Moris TMMoris TMKun oldin
    • To be fair he relies on his eyes too much and not really relying on his ears but I feel like he did pretty good considering...

      SleeoloSleeoloKun oldin

    ThundersnowThundersnowKun oldin
  • That is the worst "focus face" I've ever seen

    SwaagSwaagKun oldin
  • Life in the eyes of exploited games NPCs...a real life lore game

    Robert PeruzziniRobert PeruzziniKun oldin
  • why is this one of my favourite videos

    HeapassHeapassKun oldin
  • as a band kid, watching this was torture.

    sarah rackleysarah rackleyKun oldin
  • Glad to see I'm not alone in this struggle

    Bruno AcuñaBruno AcuñaKun oldin
  • with rhythm like that, im surprised he isn’t jewish

    TheCool7urdTheCool7urdKun oldin
    • @Sleeolo well there’s an episode of south park that pretty much says “jews just cant keep in rhythm”

      TheCool7urdTheCool7urdKun oldin
    • Please explain this joke to my tiny mind

      SleeoloSleeoloKun oldin
  • My favorite part is when he called the European version French

    Osito StuffOsito StuffKun oldin
  • the monkey watch is the most annoying one there. fo sho.

    oh wormoh wormKun oldin
  • Next video: A man with no rhythm sings Ain't got Rhythm.

    Shadow GSMShadow GSMKun oldin
  • Everyone says that they don't have rhythm when they play this game. You, sir, are the only one who is correct with that statement.

    Andrew TroescherAndrew TroescherKun oldin
  • ☻/ This is bob. Copy and paste him so he can take over youtube. /▌ /\

    MarioMarioKun oldin
  • This made me cry laughing so many times and now I'm exhausted. Thanks for the laughs it's time for some naps.

    Avengel AzraelAvengel AzraelKun oldin
  • *boink*

    Sh00pehSh00peh2 kun oldin
  • 53:47 Dan: "I'm in time." The video: ... he flipped the beat.

    CrispyBoiCrispyBoi2 kun oldin
  • Rip rhythm

    Mateus LiraMateus Lira2 kun oldin
  • when he cant count to 7...

    LukeLuke2 kun oldin
  • Songce for golf?

    The_Destroyer_Of_Everything CopyrightThe_Destroyer_Of_Everything Copyright2 kun oldin
  • The game is called "Minna no Rhythm Tengoku" (literally translates to "Everyone's Rhythm Heaven") in Japan, "Rhythm Heaven Fever" in the US, "Beat the Beat Rhythm Paradise" in Europe. Just some good old regional differences. Also your European version should be able to change voice between English and Japanese, a feature that is not in the US version.

    User670User6702 kun oldin
  • Bro am losing rhythm cells in this How am I suppose to play patapon now

    Zack RanceZack Rance2 kun oldin
  • Been off the channel for a while, came back and I gotta say. I’m enjoying seeing Daniel more👍👍

    PeptoPepto2 kun oldin
  • He ain’t got rhythm

    Chicken FateChicken Fate2 kun oldin
  • You did better than I did... I LOVE the music and listen to it all the time, but I gave up at Double Date when I actually tried to play the game because I'm absolute TRASH at rhythm games.... Maybe I should try again though...

    WaltzingThroughTimeWaltzingThroughTime2 kun oldin
  • Oh my god I'm only 18 minutes in and this is painful to watch But now I really want to see RT play Crypt of the NecroDancer. Or Cadence of Hyrule, they're basically the same game at heart. I'd say NecroDancer is easier though.

    Cirom BreezeCirom Breeze2 kun oldin
  • High five you little shits! words to live for.

    Rizki Karunia LangitRizki Karunia Langit2 kun oldin
  • rt has the best laugh

    Caiden StromanCaiden Stroman2 kun oldin
  • Gah, RT, stop pretending to be bad at this game. We all know you're an expert at this

    CalibusCalibus2 kun oldin
  • What if RT brain has just been compensating for an audio/video delay? ==Questions from a Guitar Hero player==

    ShowMeYourFnKeyShowMeYourFnKey2 kun oldin
  • Damn bro you fuckin up the entire ecosystem.

    Magicfox265Magicfox2652 kun oldin
  • Damn that bird got fucked up

    Magicfox265Magicfox2652 kun oldin
  • you should try the repainted version

    ninjacat230ninjacat2302 kun oldin
  • That seal got fucked up

    Magicfox265Magicfox2652 kun oldin
  • After this video I wanted to try and get the game for myself, only to discover the prices for an English copy are extremely jacked up and I've got no clue why ://

    Matcha MilkMatcha Milk2 kun oldin
  • Rumble tumble games sucks at monkey watch

    Jay The blue tongue skinkJay The blue tongue skink2 kun oldin
  • woah I recognise one of the songs on this

    kerbal programkerbal program3 kun oldin
  • 2:05 sad monke :(

    Imieniek NazwisekImieniek Nazwisek3 kun oldin
  • This game makes me extremely happy and brings me back to childhood which is odd bc I’ve never played it in my life

    Francis SicnarfFrancis Sicnarf3 kun oldin
  • F O R S U R E

    m hm h3 kun oldin
  • Absolutely painful to watch. I love it.

    XenonarthXenonarth3 kun oldin
  • I myself got quarantined so I pulled this off the shelf and finnaly played beat and 100 percented this game the past week ironically enough

    Zelda Gamer 1049Zelda Gamer 10493 kun oldin
  • You look like Steve Buscemi but only in resivoure dogs

    lopsidedlopsided3 kun oldin
  • Manager : we'll take you for the job Rt : ILL TAKE OK

    A ROA RO3 kun oldin
  • I think you would like fnf (Friday night funkin)

    obsidian fistobsidian fist3 kun oldin
  • That bird in Flock Step is a whole ass mood 😂

    Molly WatMolly Wat3 kun oldin
  • 0:00 Tutorial 1:11 Hole in One 3:04 Screwbot Factory 4:25 See-Saw 6:08 Double Date 7:37 Remix 1 9:14 Fork Lifter 11:15 Tambourine 13:31 Double Date Challenge (Fail) 13:45 Board Meeting 14:47 Monkey Watch (His worst nightmare) 18:07 Remix 2 19:24 Working Dough 20:55 Built to Scale 22:14 Air Rally 22:55 Figure Fighter 23:46 Remix 3 26:10 Ringside 28:07 Packing Pests 29:07 See-Saw Challenge (Fails miserably) 29:24 Micro-Row 30:27 Samurai Slice 31:46 Remix 4 34:46 Catch of the Day 36:53 Flipper-Flop 38:10 Ringside Challenge (Fails Miserably) 38:37 Exhibition Match 40:29 Flock Step 42:03 Remix 5 43:34 Launch Party 44:53 Donk-Donk 46:48 Bossa Nova 47:46 Love Rap 49:59 Remix 6 52:00 Tap Troupe 54:09 Hole in One Challenge (Fail) 54:32 Shrimp Shuffle 56:39 Cheer Readers 58:06 Karate Man 1:00:28 Remix 7 1:05:25 Night Walk 1:06:48 Samurai Slice 2 1:09:05 Working Dough 2 1:09:56 Built to Scale 2 1:10:58 Double Date 2 1:12:06 Remix 8 1:16:33 Love Rap 2 1:18:13 Cheer Readers 2 1:18:52 Hole in One 2 1:21:13 Screwbot Factory 2 1:22:13 Remix 9 1:24:23 Figure Fighter 2 1:25:17 Micro-Row 2 1:26:06 Packing Pests 2 1:26:50 Karate Man 2 1:27:41 Remix 10 Have a good day

    SoraSora3 kun oldin
  • those donk-donk ones were tough to figure out. you're going from eighths to triplets, in a sense, and with no musical experience i can get why that's a bit tough. even with the experience i have, triplets always mess me up a bit. and the beach shrimp one was dumb... mostly cause i _despise_ how the announcer counts (you literally NEVER count _down_ in music *what--)*

    Someone's Side ChannelSomeone's Side Channel3 kun oldin
    • shrimp shuffle also has invisible barelys so that's another reason to hate it

      decideci2 kun oldin
  • 26:52 eugh

    Landon PerkinsLandon Perkins3 kun oldin
  • Rhythm Heaven really punishes players who heavily rely on visual cues lmao

    kloakkloak3 kun oldin
  • I regret not ever buying a Wii, now...

    Prisoner416Prisoner4163 kun oldin
  • The thumbnail .. the thumbnail ... x'DDD

    The purpleBatThe purpleBat3 kun oldin
  • He looks like a modern age British pirate

    The-Anh PhamThe-Anh Pham3 kun oldin
  • Dan: ah I can't get it... This is rough... Band kids: 1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-1-2-3-4-1-2-1-2-1-2-3-4-

    CherriCherri3 kun oldin
  • Remix 3: oh you hate the figure fighter? Don't worry we have a whole section of it just for you!!

    Jack HawkinsJack Hawkins3 kun oldin
  • When the mandrill hit him in the nuts with a golf ball, I felt that.

    Connor ThompsonConnor Thompson3 kun oldin
  • I just got recom to this video and sheesh your handsome boy this was an adventure xD

    DennekiDenneki3 kun oldin
  • RT goddamn don't scare me like that

    Alan SuhrAlan Suhr3 kun oldin
  • impressive, but life has no meaning

    QuibopQuibop3 kun oldin

    NortalianNortalian3 kun oldin
  • UZworld will not stop recommending this to me. Ive seen it 4 times. UZworld, stop.

    I Am The RoponianI Am The Roponian3 kun oldin
  • As a band kid I am screaming

    b0rn_cOnFusedb0rn_cOnFused3 kun oldin
  • Play the 3DS rhythm heaven. You don’t have to play monkey watch!

    Christopher DominickChristopher Dominick3 kun oldin
  • is it just me or is this like playing friday night funkin' but being slow at pressing keys

    Aleksandr VolkovAleksandr Volkov4 kun oldin
    • it's like FNF except there's actual variety in gameplay and the input window is extremely small

      decideci2 kun oldin
  • I love how you can hear and see real fear in Daniel when Monkey Watch and Air Rally pop up

    Miguel PeliaMiguel Pelia4 kun oldin
  • This video is so blessed

    ThatFilipinoSurferThatFilipinoSurfer4 kun oldin
  • 26:17oh no way so this is the origin of malaysian president meme?

    Jorge C. M.Jorge C. M.4 kun oldin

      Jorge C. M.Jorge C. M.4 kun oldin
  • (TIMESTAMPS) Practice: 0:13 Rhythm 1: 1:31 Rhythm 2: 3:04 Rhythm 3: 4:30 Rhythm 4: 6:11 First Remix: 7:41 Rhythm 5: 9:14 Rhythm 6: 11:16 Rhythm 7: 13:43 Rhythm 8: 14:48 Second Remix: 18:07 Rhythm 9: 19:27 Rhythm 10: 20:55 Rhythm 11: 22:15

    Kiki Wuvs TurtlesKiki Wuvs Turtles4 kun oldin
  • RT you've got to help! My dad is trapped down a well and the fire brigade say the only way to save him is if you can perfect monkey watch!

    spagbolspagbol4 kun oldin