A Look at Movie Merchandise & Promotions - SpongeBob, Shrek, Sonic & More!

25-Sen, 2020
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There's nothing quite like movie theaters. Going to the movies is always such a great experience. The atmosphere, the concessions, and of course, the movie displays! Whenever a movie is released in theaters, companies produce tons of extra material made to promote the films. Posters, standees, statues, and even publicity stunts are just some of the creative forms these can take.
There is a lot more to the release of a movie than the film itself. Lots of promo items and material is prepared and released to help boost the movie's chances of being a success. Almost any film you can think of has its own material. Alvin & The Chipmunks, Kung Fu Panda, Sonic The Hedgehog, Spider-Man, The Smurfs, and much more!
In this video, I talk about movie promotional items, statues, tie-ins, a marketing stunt gone horribly wrong, and more! Do you remember the time 7-Eleven became the Kwik-E-Mart for The Simpsons Movie? Or the time a Cartoon Network movie sent an entire city into panic? All of this and more is discussed in today's video. Let's take a look at some of the most fascinating pieces of promotion from some of our favorite movies!
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-World 3 Ocean - Super Monkey Ball 2
-Monkey Mall - Super Monkey Ball
-Empire City Skyscraper Scamper Night - Sonic Unleashed
-Fish Hooks Park - SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (PS1)
-Molasses Sewers - Shrek/Shrek Extra Large
-Grenade Man - Mega Man 8
-Dust Devil - D-Code
-SEGA Carnival - Sonic Riders
-Downtown Springfield, Stage 1 - The Simpsons Arcade Game
-Staff Roll (Credits) - Sonic The Hedgehog 3 (Prototype)
This video was made for educational, archival, and entertainment purposes. Made out of a love to the mediums involved and to spread awareness. No copyright infringement intended.

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  • PCO needs to figure out how the internet works and sell those theater intended items online

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  • Food, water, atmosphere

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  • I LIVE for things like these! Also, I remember the Kwik-E-Mart promo, but unfortunately I couldn't experience it bcs I don't live in North America.

    James LawnerJames LawnerKun oldin
  • When I first saw kong skull island I got a free poster

    Twilightgaming2006 channelTwilightgaming2006 channelKun oldin
  • mcdonalds released the minions rise of gru happy meal toys which now when you think about it is really awkward......currently they have marvel studios toys which includes a black widow toy promoting the black widow film

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  • You should download sonic runners revival

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  • Hey patmac, I doubt you'll see this comment but I have this Kirby plushie that I can’t find anything about online, It’s him on a warp star with a chain on top, I Got it from a game store in a mall that’s now closed, I thought it may be a bootleg but there’s Nintendo branding on the back of its tag, It was made by a company called “Sk japan”

    DexrayDexray2 kun oldin
  • Umm You Forgot The Sonic Head Water Deposite (IDK How To Write Them In English)(Im Mexican)

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  • My friend just showed me there is still a location of a kwikemart in myrtle beach

    SuperCaleb360SuperCaleb3602 kun oldin
  • Sonic is the last high grossing film before covid-19. I enjoyed it.

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  • 1:55 WHAT IS THAT?!?!

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  • Canada being lucky as fuck

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  • You know? A friend of my Grandmother gave me a big Shrek cardboard cutout that was used for the stands advertising Shrek Forever After.

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  • im in canada when the movie announced and didnt even see it (spongebob movie)

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  • Boston with LED lights promo: ITS A BOMB ARREST THESE MEN WE WILL ALL DIE! boston when there is an actual bomb: lol wut

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  • 8:52 somebody towel diamondbolt about this please

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  • Even though you make vids on animation you should of mentioned the time that Warner bros spent probably tons of money to make a A-R-G to promote the dark knight Oh you put it in I made this when I didn’t see it yet

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  • I Remembered When I Watched The Angry Birds Movie And I Got A Red Bird Bottle But Its Gone.

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  • I love sonic sonic is my favorite character In the game experience

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  • Did you know that Jakks Pacific is now the master toy company for Sonic the Hedgehog? Have you bought any of their Sonic toys yet? Speaking of, I haven't seen any videos on merchandise (what you focus on) in months. I'm glad you're going the safe route and staying home, though. Keep it coming, PatMac!

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  • I remember I was Going to this movie theater for the live action lion King and I gotten a toy story four bucket for popcorn

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  • 1:31 holy shi* when I was entering a french fries restaurant (in belgium, i'm belgian) I've seen this HUGE same Sulli statue, it looks awesome!

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  • one time i went to a diner in pennsylvania and got to see the simpsons couch statue it was awesome

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  • Spongebob is my favorite! XDD

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  • Coziest channel

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  • I grew up in a really small and boring town but the weirdest thing that my friends and I found was a large Theodore statue for the 2nd live action film's theatre release in somebody's backyard. Just imagine, you're walking down the street in a suburban town and you see a sun faded giant Theodore with sunglasses in a backyard like an obelisk of some kind. We thought it was the funniest thing ever.

    L GL G6 kun oldin
  • 10:26 why is mr krabs so buff here

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  • You forgot this: Thomas and the magic railroad had the life-size lady prop used for filming the movie outside the theatre for the world premiere of the film during the event. Sadly the prop is currently abandoned in florida

    damian hendriksdamian hendriks7 kun oldin
  • 21:52 nice

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    SpringBonnie PlayzSpringBonnie Playz7 kun oldin
  • Movie theaters always make seeing a film more special and exciting. These promotions and merchandise proves just that. It's just a shame that the pandemic caused people's mindset towards them to change in favor of just watching the newest films on streaming. I'd hate for theaters to go away especially since the experience is very special in my opinion.

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  • This was a super fun and informative video. I enjoyed it a lot.

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  • When I watched the sonic the hedgehog movie I yelled when we were watching a fast and furious trailer "that's not how gravity works!" And everyone laughed

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  • that turbo is displayed in a private warehouse i went into like years ago. pictures weren't allowed unfortunately. its really close to my house too.

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  • 07:30 When Covid came in, it affected the entertainment business forever, same with merchandising. 2021 should ease the tensions, and by 2022, it should be withered away, but living in a communistic society that is under the influence of capitalism. So really a combination of capitalism and political communistic. But the entertainment, once this is over, will go back to the way it was back in 2019 but slightly changed for the worse.

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  • i know that theatres in the uk don't have arcades, you find them in your nearest bowling alley

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  • Review tmnt merchandise

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  • One of the local movie theaters in my town actually still has Alvin and the Chipmunks statues in their kids' birthday room. They've been there for years, probably ever since the first live action Alvin movie came out.

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  • I just saw a few Mario 3D all stars commercials and they are really cool because one of them advertised Mario 64!!!!!!! Alone!!!!!! You should totally check them out

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  • 2:49 the Simpsons one was actually documented on a show called shipping wars, by.a&e.

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  • We actually still have a kwik E mart here in California

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  • 2007: Police called on cartoon characters doing absolutely nothing 2020: Police called on black people doing absolutely nothing

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  • PatMac mentioned how there used to be contests for The Simpsons Movie, and his explanation about them reminded me of something I remember so vividly. Back in 2009 when Coraline was getting ready to release in theaters or when it was already out at the time, they had a contest for the movie where you could take a picture of either yourself, your friends, or your family, maybe all of them as well, and you submit them to the guys running the contest, And if they picked your picture, they would make it look like they sewed buttons over your eyes and maybe let you share it with the world or something like that. Looking back on that day when I was approached by that contest offer, I think I totally regret not having a good picture of myself to send in just so I can see myself with button eyes so I can see how cool it would have looked. But I was only 9 years old at the time of the film's release, and after seeing what Coraline would have went through, I was scarred for life and honestly thought I was going to legitimately have buttons sewed over my eyes since it sounded so real. Biggest regret of my life, no lie

    Mason WeillieMason Weillie13 kun oldin
  • i live in springfield oregon. in downtown there is a art center where the simpsons movie statues are kept in a secondary room away from the displays that is available for the public

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  • Don’t ever mention those godawful movies again. It is just so forgettable it’s hard to even acknowledge their existence because they’re just that unrememberable! It’s best to leave them in the dust and make them disappear forever into the forgotten lands. Sure information exists but we should all forget they even exist and that’s for the best. Also, why the hell was that stupid animated movie from 2018 a theatrical release rather than a made-for-TV movie? It should have been a made-for-TV movie! No wonder it bombed. (Did I get that right?) Anybody know any films that were going to be released in theaters but said “f it!” and were released made-for-TV or straight to video instead. We know for VOD but rather I wanna know any films that were gonna be released in theaters but ended up on video or made for tv instead. It’s like they knew the movie was gonna bomb.

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