7 Amazing Toys That Are Too Dangerous for Kids • Out of the Box #1

12-Sen, 2019
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For our first episode of "Out of the Box", we found toys that aren't meant for kids!
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  • Are there any toys you think kids shouldn't be allowed to play with? uzworld.info/player/video/cZqnnK2HmNitrGM

    Vat19Vat19Yil oldin
    • Lawn darts: The target is typically a plastic ring, and landing anywhere within the ring scores a point. After some injuries and one death caused by lawn darts, they have been banned in the United States and Canada.

      Caro_CupcakeCaro_Cupcake7 kun oldin
    • I am a kid

      Rebecca BlackburnRebecca Blackburn22 kun oldin
    • No

      Rebecca BlackburnRebecca Blackburn22 kun oldin
    • Im a kid :)))))))))))))))))))

      Aliana WilloxAliana WilloxOy oldin
    • @•Sylvia A Wonderful Catholic• :D what is your age I am a kid

      Sam oeurn KeSam oeurn KeOy oldin
  • hey tubbo?

    Miguel MartinezMiguel MartinezKun oldin

  • Does vat19 have a store

    FewsGamingFewsGamingKun oldin
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    Tony BrownTony Brown2 kun oldin
  • I thought the pogo was a sword

    Ryzek langstonRyzek langston3 kun oldin
  • We are launching those type rockets at our school

    Ron HallRon Hall4 kun oldin
  • "Apparently it is-" *mobile ad with penguin knight appears* YES

    CephalopodGamerCephalopodGamer5 kun oldin
  • Joe Swanson is that you? 1:17

    Skid the skeletonSkid the skeleton6 kun oldin
  • 5:07 he sounds like jacksepticeye

    CrunchyCrunchy6 kun oldin
  • love jams bond

    Wylie SchwarzWylie Schwarz7 kun oldin
  • Kids:I can hurt my self 🤔

    WoLf YtWoLf Yt7 kun oldin
  • me : *sees a random member of vat19* ehh me again : *sees Joey* YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY

    Anais BarrAnais Barr8 kun oldin
  • 3:57 R.I.P the bottle Thanks for scrolling down here

    Nabhan HossainNabhan Hossain8 kun oldin
  • Can I have a fire buster

    Jayden HatenJayden Haten10 kun oldin
  • But if I was a kid I'd be sad because I loved every toy when I was a kid

    Dave HolmanDave Holman11 kun oldin
  • i want every thing

    Regina LifrieriRegina Lifrieri12 kun oldin
  • There better not be a fish in that bowl.

    KarainNWAKarainNWA13 kun oldin
  • This is the stupidest compani ever

    Tudor SerbanTudor Serban13 kun oldin
  • 6:43 Made me laugh. I liked cause of that 😆😆😆

    Joseph RobertsonJoseph Robertson14 kun oldin
  • I’ve seen a shock ball before ... I had to basically play hot potato with it luckily I didn’t get git

    Gamer JackGamer Jack14 kun oldin
  • i am 8 years old but know what molybdenium

    KK LUKKK LUK15 kun oldin
  • I have the safe lawn dart it is a water one

    Tina AndersonTina Anderson15 kun oldin
  • nice

    the og gamerthe og gamer15 kun oldin
  • Can you use it to make fire

    Emily MEmily M16 kun oldin
  • WTFFF?!?!?! at the end belike : did u just called me babe? me belike : WTF are u gays when u have an CHILD

    Sheena MeruSheena Meru16 kun oldin
  • 1st things for kids dead distance and manic of darts this comes to a fakie wmac world things in its not

    El lifeEl life17 kun oldin
  • we do what we want!!!!!!!!!!

    jonathan reyesjonathan reyes18 kun oldin
  • A fun way to pay at the gas station

    Ryan CervantesRyan Cervantes18 kun oldin
  • What toys do you think the 9 year olds can be able to play with shown in this video?

    Ultimate GamerUltimate Gamer19 kun oldin
  • I dare kids to try these

    Ultimate GamerUltimate Gamer19 kun oldin
  • That I would have put a fish in

    Nathan SleinNathan Slein19 kun oldin
  • i love the shock ball! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Sazali Ab hSazali Ab h19 kun oldin
  • Do not try this at home!

  • you should invite Mark Robar to vat 19

    These are My Funko'sThese are My Funko's20 kun oldin
  • Hake

    sheethal Kotiansheethal Kotian20 kun oldin
  • use this on making campfires: 1:52 (btw I'm in 2021

    MemeOle3r2 GamingMemeOle3r2 Gaming20 kun oldin
  • me bringing pyro mini to office : got fired

    wolfisnotherewolfisnothere21 kun oldin
  • I LOVE the Vat19 skits

    Ryan MouakRyan Mouak23 kun oldin
  • 5:28 medic after winning a fortnite game

    Iggums & FatKatIggums & FatKat23 kun oldin
  • Me and the other kids: well that’s a perfect idea I’m going to ask my mom

    ChrisCraftMasterChrisCraftMaster24 kun oldin
  • Those Toys Are Only For 1-20 And Do Not Try It..........

    Francis Nathaniel SantanderFrancis Nathaniel Santander24 kun oldin
  • oh lm still 7 so I will own will a watch it

    Randy BeatisulaRandy Beatisula24 kun oldin
  • No i want the ball 😥😥😥😥

    Ashlee-ava WilliamsAshlee-ava Williams24 kun oldin
  • I'm ten and I want the shock ball

    Mark GoldsboroughMark Goldsborough25 kun oldin

    Romeo IV LoraRomeo IV Lora25 kun oldin
  • 2021 gang?

    Bernt Owe SchmidtBernt Owe Schmidt25 kun oldin
  • thank goodness there weren't any sx toys

    ryan marekryan marek26 kun oldin
  • The first guy that went went the other time and the other guy said that it's his turn even though he went already

    more duba youmore duba you26 kun oldin
  • It ame moreo

    Michelle SelvidgeMichelle Selvidge27 kun oldin
  • 🌩 💀

    My vid 2021My vid 202129 kun oldin
  • My big brother used to have a shock ball

    dirustdirustOy oldin
  • Imagine throwing the shockball at your grandma with a pacemaker.

    gircakesgircakesOy oldin
  • My Furbee was haunted so I broke it..

  • 1:15 that sounds like Jeffy (Jamie)

    Sayda GmailSayda GmailOy oldin
  • yes

    yehya rakkayehya rakkaOy oldin
  • 9:51: Oh Look It's Mario!. Mario: Oh, Hello Fans!. IT-Z-A MARIO!.

    Numberblocks X.Numberblocks X.Oy oldin
  • 7:21, When The Left Sided Person Said: Supposedly These Have Killed People, Let's Rewind Back To The Ice-Age: Baby Caveman: Mommy, Can I Have A Javelin Dart For Dinner?. Mommy-Cavewomen: Sure. SpongeBob Add: 16 Seconds Later: Cavewomen's Wife: Wait, What?. NO BRO!. THOSE ARE DANGER TO CAVE PEOPLE!.

    Numberblocks X.Numberblocks X.Oy oldin
  • 6:45, The Furbie Toy Saying: COME AT ME BRO!. Makes Me Think Of Roy From Mario Koopalings Group. But Roy Says More Conservative Things, Like: Hay, Chomp!. How's It Going This Mornin?.

    Numberblocks X.Numberblocks X.Oy oldin
  • Make small boxes that bounce Fun for all ages Really all ages Even my grandpa who outlived my grandma Men live longer than women afterall

    FreshPikachuMemes OfficialFreshPikachuMemes OfficialOy oldin
  • "This is the shock ball and its recommend for age 14" Me: Bruh i always got shocked it wasnt intense

    itz_meDelta RBLXitz_meDelta RBLXOy oldin
  • did i shot egg

    md siammd siamOy oldin
  • Not fair >;c

    Benjamin KerrBenjamin KerrOy oldin
  • How the last thing buy at?

    thai people like PLANE CRAZY Treepongsinthai people like PLANE CRAZY TreepongsinOy oldin
  • shock grenades lol

    crappy vidoe channelcrappy vidoe channelOy oldin
  • 6year olds

    mark Gibbonsmark GibbonsOy oldin
  • Bout

    Roblox JakeRoblox JakeOy oldin
  • Can an older kid play with the pogo stick?

    Game 5000Game 5000Oy oldin
  • J

    Anthony Terrazas- the official channelAnthony Terrazas- the official channelOy oldin
  • With that fire thingy I may now be a... FIRE BENDERRRRR also I am 9 3/4

    Hailey KwapisHailey KwapisOy oldin
  • wwhen you said jarts i knew that so remeber kids play real darts because i play it too (im 9 btw)

    jarred sasijarred sasiOy oldin
  • These are lies

    Lucy HenshawLucy HenshawOy oldin
  • Where’s that zap ball

    Dr noob gamingDr noob gamingOy oldin
  • Me:Aww i want that fire bracelet its cool Therapist:fire bracelets are not real, it can not be safe for u Me:*kicks therapist*

    Couch_SenpaiCouch_SenpaiOy oldin
    • 1:57 That one its cool but im turning nine :c

      Couch_SenpaiCouch_SenpaiOy oldin
  • I have the first on im 11 my bro is 7

    Lacey WilsonLacey WilsonOy oldin
  • the turtle was bowser.

    Jurassic TubeJurassic TubeOy oldin
  • I’m 16

    Jala JacksonJala JacksonOy oldin
  • I am scared of vurtego

    Luka MijajlovicLuka MijajlovicOy oldin
  • 2:07 Why Spider-Man when you can have a fire man. BUT INSANE FLAME THROWER FROM YOUR RIST!

    • Mila •• Mila •Oy oldin
  • 10 foot high launch of me: (0)-(0)

    Gage RGage ROy oldin
  • The didactic revolver intuitively burn because samurai ganguly yell beneath a level improvement. past, exciting exclusive uzbekistan

    Adrene HenningerAdrene HenningerOy oldin
  • I want the boll Haziqah

    sarenz geminisarenz geminiOy oldin
  • Jamie:AHHHH FARTS4

    NikkoFromYT OfficialNikkoFromYT OfficialOy oldin
  • amennnnn

    Zohmingsangi Ralte 1_48Zohmingsangi Ralte 1_48Oy oldin
  • What is the POINT of making this if it's dangerous... lolololololol

    Good NameGood NameOy oldin
  • The battle t hurts so much

    Jinkee StlaurentJinkee StlaurentOy oldin
  • Cool

    [][]EliteNithilanX[][][][]EliteNithilanX[][]Oy oldin
  • hey fools if kids seee this video they will suddenly goand buy it no you fools

    joby josejoby joseOy oldin
  • Wow kids acutally does not has to use those toys very dangerous

    Izisnel  AvilanIzisnel AvilanOy oldin
  • Polly:Polly want a cracker Me:just take this thing that instantly injects you with venom Polly:ok Polly:dies

    MollunkusMollunkusOy oldin
  • If it's amazing why is it dangerous

    Lucas D'AgostinoLucas D'AgostinoOy oldin
  • Do not try this at home try this outside

    Sad CharlesSad CharlesOy oldin
  • My favorite was the fireball

    Mohammadi BegumMohammadi Begum2 oy oldin
  • can mario use fire

    Praneetha ParamkushamPraneetha Paramkusham2 oy oldin
  • It's not a toy it's a weapon how do you not know that

    Hives hiverHives hiver2 oy oldin
    • I mean a sling shot that can break glass and a fire gadget you wrap around your wrist and a rocket

      Hives hiverHives hiver2 oy oldin
  • i am a kid

    Milena Lee, That's Me!Milena Lee, That's Me!2 oy oldin

    Anime ArtistAnime Artist2 oy oldin
  • Is the shocking boll safe for 7 year old

  • Im 10 Years Old Kid True

    Warloz 2010Warloz 20102 oy oldin
  • The website I have in parenthesis makes me want to stab myself in the eye with a javelin dart next time I see the website in parentheses I will stab myself in the eye with a javelin dart ([Hell revelations] rebellious and disobedient children in hell)

    Brice SnuggsBrice Snuggs2 oy oldin