6 UNSOLVED Fortnite Mysteries

10-Yan, 2021
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6 UNSOLVED Fortnite Mysteries
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  • A theory every season is a different universe inside the loop

    Fortnite IdeasFortnite IdeasSoat oldin
  • My theory: The 7 will help us escape I am not sure if all of them will help but I am most certain that Lexa will help us because she does not trust the IO guards

    Flaming Rock YtFlaming Rock Yt8 soat oldin
  • I think the cyclo is 1 of the 7!!!!

    Arnelio Jr. AmorteArnelio Jr. Amorte8 soat oldin
  • I think the seven is the 1 that control the robot or they summon polar peek to destroy the loop because they know somthing..........

    Arnelio Jr. AmorteArnelio Jr. Amorte8 soat oldin
  • I think kevin the cube is the zero point

    Arnelio Jr. AmorteArnelio Jr. Amorte8 soat oldin
  • or its Midas' bunker shown in season two but that was at the agency probably

    LazarFreshLazarFresh17 soat oldin
  • I think their putting Kevin back together, you know how the cube exploded so they might. have the pieces in there

    LazarFreshLazarFresh17 soat oldin
  • The incandescent dentist univariately mix because armadillo pathomorphologically expect behind a round act. absorbed, far-flung swan

    Leona GonzalezLeona Gonzalez17 soat oldin
  • in STW, when you kill the Storm King, during his death animation you can see Kevin. either they’re re-using Battle Royale content in STW (likely) or Kevin is from STW, and somehow ended up in Battle Royale, which is why during the first Fortnitemares he spawned husks from STW minus the human skin.

    I have an unoriginal profile pictureI have an unoriginal profile picture21 soat oldin
  • 2:42 what if that is inside the vault?

    Tomas HernandezTomas HernandezKun oldin
  • The redacted bunker is the secret room in the trailer that room is in their with Kevin the cube

    Desmund St.JohnDesmund St.JohnKun oldin
  • Its in steamy stacks

    Angelina RacelisAngelina RacelisKun oldin
  • Midas is in a pack with a suit

    Shari GuyShari GuyKun oldin
  • A fact about oral in Midas minus killed oral get the golden touch but then you couldn’t control it

    Finley SmithFinley SmithKun oldin
  • the bunker is maybe the bunker that bunker Jonsey came out of

    Marshall WingfieldMarshall Wingfield2 kun oldin
  • The thumbnail: questioning the cup Me: I mean, it’s the fortnite owner. Isn’t he allowed to have his own fortnite merch?

    Midnight Gacha GamingMidnight Gacha Gaming2 kun oldin
  • aer

    cookie claytoncookie clayton2 kun oldin
  • The portal from season 6 is the gateway to the zero point because John came from it in the trailer

    Mikhail EksteenMikhail Eksteen2 kun oldin
  • io gaurds are hiding somthing me:police?

    kir bykir by3 kun oldin
  • WOW

    Moroccan Association Cellular TherapyMoroccan Association Cellular Therapy3 kun oldin
  • In the astronomical Travis Scott event when astroworld “brakes” it looks like the cube in the middle of the world

    Isaac LloydIsaac Lloyd3 kun oldin
  • I think the bunker is where I.o. is or Kevin

    SuperprocallerSuperprocaller3 kun oldin
  • In the io guards spot i Found a shadow henchman and a ghosthenchman

    Albert John NielsenAlbert John Nielsen4 kun oldin
  • I started playing fortnite in chapter2 season2

    Kamal MustafaKamal Mustafa4 kun oldin
  • The train will go through the bunker

    Brian caldwellBrian caldwell4 kun oldin
  • The Kondor skin is my main skin as it looks like the things I would draw

    Shelby DrewShelby Drew5 kun oldin
  • if you look in the background you can see IO guards running around frantically.

    Lincoln MozingoLincoln Mozingo5 kun oldin
  • can someone make this a trend--->ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ-

    Evan CollinsEvan Collins5 kun oldin
  • What I think is that the seven are trying to get us out of the loop and they’re going to try and stop the IO guards and try and save us from the loop.

    Typical KeanenTypical Keanen5 kun oldin
  • The redacted bunker is a save the world reference

    The lord of Cursed imagesThe lord of Cursed images5 kun oldin
  • “Were are we getting this energy?” *cough* Loot lake *cough*

    Jacie BorrebachJacie Borrebach5 kun oldin
    • The energy went back into Kevin when he made the floting island

      Jragon BeastJragon Beast4 kun oldin
    • Rip loot lake.and greasy grove

      Rift_JosepF21Rift_JosepF215 kun oldin
  • 8:22 Oro and Midas theories

    STR TempestSTR Tempest5 kun oldin
  • In the bunker is the crater of use in fortnite it looks like that from the start of save the would

    NATHANM1149 YTNATHANM1149 YT5 kun oldin
  • This looks like the stw bunker because the quantity v

    The1kaboomThe1kaboom5 kun oldin
  • I think when kondor is human he kinda looks like a disuised 7 member

    Joanna WisotskyJoanna Wisotsky5 kun oldin
  • The cube is in the bunker

    Michelle HeinMichelle Hein5 kun oldin
  • The skar is from oro and when it went into him by the scartch

    Michelle HeinMichelle Hein5 kun oldin
  • The Redactive bunker might be Agent Jones’s office? Idk probably not but could be

    Navin RahmanNavin Rahman5 kun oldin
  • If u guys have played save the world you realize that that's the bunker you were about to go into when you started

    Anbu ZeroAnbu Zero6 kun oldin

    Osber gamingOsber gaming6 kun oldin
  • Epic predicted Covid-19

    Gazza GamerGazza Gamer6 kun oldin
  • the reactive bunker is going to be where the io is

    noobpro1234noobpro12346 kun oldin
  • The Redacted Bunker is gonna open on the last day of Chapter 2 and Rick Astley's gonna be in there to rickroll us

    Piran WillsPiran Wills6 kun oldin
  • Fortnite just got a whole lot darker with these mysteries

    William SzwarcWilliam Szwarc6 kun oldin
  • Fun fact:the visitors are group who want to free us from the island by going in the rift and killing the io agensy and they are group of heroes and agent Jones wants to keep them away thats why we dont have more visiors

  • Are they hiding something? Maybe Fortnite is being good, and making them easier?

    Backbak100Backbak1006 kun oldin
  • Fun Fact: You didn’t need to read this, because you *READ IT!*

    Backbak100Backbak1006 kun oldin
  • i think midas took oro's powers and that explains why oro has a vershin that is not gold

    CA WhitCA Whit6 kun oldin
  • I think the 7 is in the bunker with Kevin

    Jax gangJax gang6 kun oldin
  • My theory fo the redacted bunker . Ummm. Ok kevin the cube is in there because now that he is in there or he is in The grotto

    Elizabeth CramphinElizabeth Cramphin6 kun oldin
  • Maybe in the bunker is every character that’s gone missing because they’ve went to explore it? Idk I’m not a pro at this stuff.

    Mason StehleyMason Stehley6 kun oldin
  • I know what is inside the redacted bunker

    Jd JdJd Jd6 kun oldin
  • My theory is that redacted bunker is io headquarters

    Daniel RymanDaniel Ryman6 kun oldin
  • I think that bunker is the one when the regalur skin and the peely skin got stuck in

    Nicolas SanchezNicolas Sanchez7 kun oldin
  • I love how the only story lines we are discussing are the ones that are only backed up by chapter 1 story not 1 has to do with chapter 2 season 2, 3, or 4 and 5 we just got started

    RavecherRavecher7 kun oldin
  • Kevin is not coming

    Lance_boyLance_boy7 kun oldin
  • btw wheres a wierd hatch at the edge of the map behind retail row and its hiding in a bush, the location was called "???"

    Evan minecraftEvan minecraft7 kun oldin
  • On one of the screens chaos agent is looking at is Kevin the cube

    fabiofabio7 kun oldin
  • I really think Midas is part of The Seven. After all, why wasn’t he looped? If he was trying to leave the loop, then why did he try to destroy the storm? Is destroying the storm a part to leaving the loop?

    Like Father Like SonLike Father Like Son7 kun oldin
  • The things in the middle are Kevin’s parts

    Jerimiah LittleJerimiah Little7 kun oldin
  • What if it is the monster from season 9 redacted bunker

    Kristine OlsonKristine Olson7 kun oldin
  • meh name is jeff

    Dawn ChapmanDawn Chapman7 kun oldin
  • My guess is that the visitor is a jonesy clone and he sent the rocket to open up a hole to send kevin, and kevin is an extra power source for the zero point, meaning kevin was used to buff the power of the zero point

    Phoenix FlightPhoenix Flight7 kun oldin
  • Is jonsy

    Inesa ZiulpieneInesa Ziulpiene7 kun oldin
  • it is the save the world bunker

    jon mattsonjon mattson7 kun oldin
  • KEVIN!!!

    Noah CorneliusNoah Cornelius7 kun oldin
  • Kevin the cube

    Faith AstreroFaith Astrero7 kun oldin
  • kevin

    Faith AstreroFaith Astrero7 kun oldin
  • You are forgetting that the cube has been sent by the seven to stop the black hole

    OrenOren7 kun oldin
  • Mr top 5 gaming i think the vistor is saying something from stealthy stronghold

    Mr HypedMr Hyped7 kun oldin
  • The devilish sheep periodically roll because bulb postnatally sparkle except a long tax. dynamic, woebegone january

    erika floreserika flores7 kun oldin
  • Maybe the this map is merging into the old map and at chapter three it will restart at chapter 1

    Hunter BerryHunter Berry7 kun oldin
  • Marauders are from stw because under the masks they are stw commanders

    DynamicOmgDynamicOmg7 kun oldin
  • From the trailer

    My musicMy music7 kun oldin
  • Maybe the redactive bunker is where agent jonsy place is

    My musicMy music7 kun oldin
  • It is

    Kingston BrinkerKingston Brinker7 kun oldin
  • cringe.

    RedTurtle2000RedTurtle20007 kun oldin
  • T5G I think that Th redacted bunker is for a live event

    Like How Are You ReadingLike How Are You Reading7 kun oldin
  • Two top five Call me and told me that he hates you

    Nikto LeznovNikto Leznov7 kun oldin
  • MasterCard called me and told me that you that he hates you

    Nikto LeznovNikto Leznov7 kun oldin
  • The bunker is from save the world

    ItsMozzyItsMozzy7 kun oldin
  • The redacted bunker could be a reference to polar peak

    Stuart MurrayStuart Murray7 kun oldin
  • The redacted bunker is probably were John Jones offices id

    taybortaybor7 kun oldin
    • Is

      taybortaybor7 kun oldin
  • I think that bunker is chaos 's second base

    Landon GLandon G7 kun oldin
  • Oro is midas is skull

    Charlie&Lexie Toy TimeCharlie&Lexie Toy Time7 kun oldin
  • Midas

    Charlie&Lexie Toy TimeCharlie&Lexie Toy Time7 kun oldin
  • in the trailer where john jones was told about the zero point there were people running across the place i think those were the IO guards

    D JD J7 kun oldin
  • The tawdry slip theoretically join because scarf marginally increase plus a frantic quiet. decorous, daffy sunday

    Sammic StarSammic Star8 kun oldin
  • For me instead henchmen, shadow and ghost came out of where the io guards come out

  • The seven are called the order of the seven

    Moinul KabirMoinul Kabir8 kun oldin
  • I think Kevin is coming back this season because every five seasons Kevin has came back because of season five chapter 1 season 10 chapter one so basically every five seasons Kevin has came back

    Desirea RomesburgDesirea Romesburg8 kun oldin
  • I think is the seven

    Desirea RomesburgDesirea Romesburg8 kun oldin
  • I say the bunker is a imagined order base

    Arda YelenArda Yelen8 kun oldin
  • Maybe John jones is a friend of the seven or is a seven

    Wilbur JackWilbur Jack8 kun oldin
  • Wow!

    PonçikgamerPonçikgamer8 kun oldin
  • under one of Steamy stacks buildings there is a bunker where i personally think chaos agent is camping out

    JAPlecoJAPleco8 kun oldin
  • Am I the only one who noticed that the organization Jonesy is at is underwater?? Interesting...

    Anahí GuerraAnahí Guerra8 kun oldin
  • Maybe the radiated bunker is the hideout for the seven

    Jachin PiecoraJachin Piecora8 kun oldin
  • Didn't you notice that in the battle pass video there pieces of Kevin the Cube below the zero point?

    Jachin PiecoraJachin Piecora8 kun oldin
  • I want keven the cube back!

    Jason StrombergJason Stromberg8 kun oldin