6 Animals That Thrive Upside-Down

10-Yan, 2021
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For humans, being upside-down isn’t a comfy way to hang out for very long, but for these six animals, upside-down feels just right!
Hosted by: Michael Aranda
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  • Nice sharing

    Mz Uul SRQMz Uul SRQ2 kun oldin
  • I had heard that sloths move so slowly because they have no fast-twitch muscles.

    CerebralOrigamiCerebralOrigami3 kun oldin
  • Bats ?!

    Pradeep JayabalPradeep Jayabal3 kun oldin
  • God bless! Thank you for being so kind! 😘💖

    Tran The CutestTran The Cutest3 kun oldin
  • laughs in upside down catfish and hanging parrot

    SCP 173SCP 1734 kun oldin
  • I wonder why bats didn't make the list of upside down animals

    Rahber QureshiRahber Qureshi5 kun oldin
  • 2:47 wait, u mean lik symbiote; venom?!

    Hamza AbdallahHamza Abdallah5 kun oldin
  • What's with the Twitter shirt?

    Jacob WaltersJacob Walters5 kun oldin
  • 5:21 You mean downforce?

    PyroNapalmPyroNapalm5 kun oldin
  • sad you didn't mention the upside-down catfish

    LilyLily5 kun oldin
  • Thank you 🦥🦇

    Brenda KriegerBrenda Krieger5 kun oldin
  • Chubbyemu: A teenager sees a youtube video about upside down animals, and stays upside down for 8 hours. This is what happened to the blood vessels in his brain.

    pierrecuriepierrecurie5 kun oldin
  • He didn't even mention the "Bats"

    Atif ChaudharyAtif Chaudhary5 kun oldin
  • I'm surprised bats weren't mentioned here they are the cutest.

    chitin122chitin1226 kun oldin
  • No talk of bats??

    Brian MolloyBrian Molloy6 kun oldin
  • Just started a Motovlog Channel.. in German. Take a look an make my day

    lyly6 kun oldin
  • I am currently looking at a number 7 to your list. The Royal Garrama is a fish native to reefs in the western pacific. They often live in caves or overhangs and hunt by perching above their hunting ground upside-down on the ceiling, like a hawk on a telephone wire, but upside-down. The one I keep in my reef tank actually spends 90% of his day upside-down or at an angle not upright. He acts like a astronaut in space rotating on his own axis. I also have freshwater fish that make noise audible from their aquarium across the room

    ThePyrotechnic23ThePyrotechnic236 kun oldin
  • I haven’t watched this show in a couple years, and I can’t believe how much Michael has grown! I remember back scishow just started and he had that little blond streak. 😊 Glad to see SciShow is still making great stuff. 👍

    illyxxolicnaximillyxxolicnaxim6 kun oldin
  • Very interesting. Thank you for sharing. I especially liked the Antartic ice ecosystem.

    Pamela PillingPamela Pilling6 kun oldin
  • Under ice ecosystems... cool

    Amanda Mc CarthyAmanda Mc Carthy6 kun oldin
  • Hey there, Sci-Show EDITING/ACCURACY folks - - A-NEN-O-ME is a common mispronunciation of A-NE-MO-NE. However, Michael says it not just once, but FIVE TIMES - -. yikes !!!

    Carol WilliamsCarol Williams6 kun oldin
  • Green Tree Pythons: Am I a joke to you?

    MarktecMarktec6 kun oldin
  • No bats!?!?!?

    Amelia TauberAmelia Tauber6 kun oldin
  • you forgot the most important nuthatch fact: being upside down makes them even cuter

    soup bowlsoup bowl6 kun oldin
  • Oooh! The ice ecosystem is exciting

    Heather _Heather _6 kun oldin
  • I'm calling you out, video editor person, whoever you are! You really REALLY wanted to rotate Michael upside down in the first clip- didn't you? DIDN'T YOU?

    KinomoraKinomora6 kun oldin
  • Should’ve listed all animals native to Australia

    Chunky PeanutsChunky Peanuts6 kun oldin
  • Are you a friend or anemone?

    yoursotrulyyoursotruly6 kun oldin
  • 3:33 From the expurgated version. uzworld.info/player/video/nnyyatF7cqaShIw

    sdfkjghsdfkjgh6 kun oldin
    • Or rather, NOT from the expurgated version.

      sdfkjghsdfkjgh6 kun oldin
  • I hang and nap upside down for an hour everyday using my inversion table.

    MattMatt6 kun oldin
  • Michael sounds like Hank to me, is this an accent?

    Will EWill E6 kun oldin
  • Thanks! I love nuthatches! So does LeslytheBirdNerd, here she is with Hatch and others (wild nuthatches). Hand feeding and in depth information in the same short video! uzworld.info/player/video/nqC-samEp9WnpJ4

    Troy ClaytonTroy Clayton6 kun oldin
  • 7= bats

    Bruce BagadonutsBruce Bagadonuts6 kun oldin
  • Three toed sloth should be a work strategy for Mondays lol

    Erin HtsErin Hts6 kun oldin
  • I came here thinking i'd hear about bats. But instead I got an ecosystem! xD

    AgentSapphireAgentSapphire7 kun oldin
  • Say with me Michael "Ane-mo-ne"

    Renjunath PRenjunath P7 kun oldin
  • Sci Show; where the presenters can keep their hands still 🤦🏻‍♂️

    J S2KJ S2K7 kun oldin
  • I hope you revisit this topic and cover upside-down catfish. They're incredible.

    Merlynn The GreatMerlynn The Great7 kun oldin
  • #6!

    Kelly AmmonKelly Ammon7 kun oldin
  • I don't see how translucent meter or so thick Antarctic ice compares to the miles of solid ice on Europa. Still really cool, no pun intended.

    Patrick McCurryPatrick McCurry7 kun oldin
  • I remember seeing a nuthatch for the first time. I was soooo confused!!!

    J3p447J3p4477 kun oldin
  • @3:48 Of course striking at food is faster with gravity than against it.

    sanjuanstevesanjuansteve7 kun oldin
  • Good video. Clear, interesting, no politics :)

    Sebastien HSebastien H7 kun oldin
  • i see nuthatches all the time at my backyard birdfeeders. theyre easy to spot among other birds since theyre just hanging out upside down

    Arin SantryArin Santry7 kun oldin
  • The horseshoe crab has been living for millions of years on Earth doing its thing undisturbed. Then humans evolve and annihilate the poor thing. It’s used for fish bate, it gets bled so we can make vaccins from its blue blood, its breeding beaches are being destroyed... This awesome living fossil has become an endangered species. Maybe a video about that topic could be interesting?

    Lilith EdenLilith Eden7 kun oldin
  • Me: Reads title. Also Me: (Giggles) Australia.

    TechWizPCTechWizPC7 kun oldin
  • Nice video,lots I found out

    Niaa NaimNiaa Naim7 kun oldin
  • Bats?

    Herbert FawcettHerbert Fawcett7 kun oldin
  • Video idea: I'd love a video about examples of humans being symbiotic within our ecosystems. Theres so many examples of this (especially in indigenous cultures) but I feel like it gets left out of environmentalism so much!

    reluctantlydancingreluctantlydancing7 kun oldin
  • But we all know that Australians are the best upside down animals.

    Noah *NoscopeNoah *Noscope7 kun oldin
  • damn. all that hand wiggling. downvoted.

    em1o smurfem1o smurf7 kun oldin
  • Moar comments on bats and upsidedown catfish, but Which one has more? (my $$ is on the bats) It's gonna drive someone batty!

    hdezn26hdezn267 kun oldin
  • Australia

    wiLLiamwiLLiam7 kun oldin
  • Are those sloth facts specific only to the 3 toed one?

    DornulDornul7 kun oldin
  • This video:**exists** Australians: **Confused Screaming**

    SpookyNinjaYTSpookyNinjaYT7 kun oldin
  • You left out the Demagorgen

    AvielAviel7 kun oldin
  • Cool upload 😎 thanks

    CastleCastle7 kun oldin
  • Lobsters upside-down stomach

    Gaprel GatetGaprel Gatet7 kun oldin
  • Is this the inspiration for the movie Inverted? I stan

    Kisaki SakuraKisaki Sakura7 kun oldin
  • So you're telling me horseshoe crabs generate downforce? Horseshoe crabs are the supercars of the animal kingdom

    Jake EwenJake Ewen7 kun oldin
  • Grian does thrive in the upside-down, though he isn't there often anymore.

    JumpanderJumpander7 kun oldin
  • Every photo of a nuthatch I found in my bird guide book is either upside down or 125 degrees sideways.

    kinghal123kinghal1237 kun oldin
  • What? No bats?

    MarukuMaruku7 kun oldin
  • All of Australia: Am I a joke to you?

    The SilentCaay ChannelThe SilentCaay Channel7 kun oldin
  • Demogorgons also live upside down :3c

    Tami OtaniTami Otani7 kun oldin
  • For a bird taking flight from an upside down position on a tree trunk has to be easier than from a right way up position.

    Kelly DalstokKelly Dalstok7 kun oldin
  • I live in Australia. My whole life is upside down 🤣🤣🤣

    Peter ComptonPeter Compton7 kun oldin
  • Repeat after me: a-Ne-Mo-Nes. First N, then M, then N again. This whole video : aNeNoMes

    EOM GuelEOM Guel7 kun oldin
  • wait, how do their tendons work? Are they just too short and once the limbs are stretched the easiest thing is to clamp the claws shut?

    FireSnakeFireSnake7 kun oldin
    • Idk sure that works

      liam Andersonliam Anderson7 kun oldin
  • If you notice that the greenscreen is messed up, you can't look away😂😂

    ChrisChris7 kun oldin
    • @liam Anderson yeah, the hair is a bit glitchy

      ChrisChris7 kun oldin
    • The aura around him?

      liam Andersonliam Anderson7 kun oldin
  • MICHAEL 😍❤️✨

    WigglyWorm WillowWigglyWorm Willow7 kun oldin
  • 7:46 "it's all upside down, even the fish, this new robot prototype we're testing discovered a new ecosystem!" Why does this sound like the beginning of a joke.

    Professor FrogProfessor Frog7 kun oldin
  • You also forgot the upside down catfish

    Mike . Alpha . Tango . Tango AirsoftMike . Alpha . Tango . Tango Airsoft7 kun oldin
  • What about the backswimmer?

    Pierre AbbatPierre Abbat7 kun oldin
  • Now you owe us at least one episode all abouts bats. Please

    Hoji ScottHoji Scott7 kun oldin
  • 8:39 "how an enemy survive in this habitat" 😂

    E NormousE Normous7 kun oldin
  • Great that we see more videos showing the thing being described. Images alone aren't that good when talking about movement and so on. So + for more video clips in SciShow!

    Mateusz AntonowiczMateusz Antonowicz7 kun oldin
  • The biology of a sloth is really impressive, thanks for addressing! Especially the fact that their organs are attached to their rib cage, which means they don’t weigh down on the lungs, is fascinating!

    Terra MaterTerra Mater7 kun oldin
    • 3:57 anyone else imagining the minecraft creeper but with wings now?

      Raymond WigginsRaymond Wiggins6 kun oldin
    • Dude, spoilers!

      NyanMacrusJohnsonNyanMacrusJohnson7 kun oldin
  • How did kids diagnosed with Autism?

    Special BearSpecial Bear7 kun oldin
  • When they were study the horseshoe how did they not relate it to a boat.. when it flips over is literally looks like a boat. Why a plane wing of all things.

    Im CIm C7 kun oldin
  • miffed they didn't even mention upside-down catfish, there's a tank at the local specialty fish store and they're absolutely adorable to watch.

    3 Possums in a Trenchcoat3 Possums in a Trenchcoat7 kun oldin
  • Algae are, not algae is. There are billions of them!

    Rosie FayRosie Fay7 kun oldin
  • I just came here for the australia jokes. And to learn something. But mostly Australia jokes.

    Nyt MareNyt Mare7 kun oldin
  • It's 4am. I've been dealing with a bayt that got into my room for the past hour. I come to youtube to relax after the whole thing, and this is the first thing I see...

    Mateo GgMateo Gg7 kun oldin
  • Wow! Cool news about the anemones! Just try saying it a few times! Now I'm upside-down...

    Judith WalkerJudith Walker7 kun oldin
  • what about bats ?

    jassLmhnjassLmhn7 kun oldin
  • The nuthatch hangs upside down...

    Darren BauerDarren Bauer7 kun oldin
  • As it turns out; I say 'anenomes' and I didn't figure it out till I read all the comments being all ironic and such And here we are ... at least I say fungi correctly.

    Valerie PallaoroValerie Pallaoro7 kun oldin
    • ... and gif

      Valerie PallaoroValerie Pallaoro7 kun oldin
  • You should totally check out the Upside-down Catfish (Synodontis nigriventris) Their belly is even darker than their dorsal area. They're a trip

    Timothy GreerTimothy Greer7 kun oldin
  • It sounds like you're saying "anenome" instead of "anemone." [edit] Confirmed with slow speed playback LOL! Hint: "A neM O Nee." It's "any money" not "an enemy."

    jevansturnerjevansturner7 kun oldin
    • Exactly! I couldn't figure out what "enemies" he was talking about! :D

      gogo311gogo3116 kun oldin
  • Sick vid

    Nicholas AlbeckNicholas Albeck7 kun oldin
  • Most Antarctican life upside-down..

    Dwi RanuDwi Ranu7 kun oldin
  • This could also explain how algae and eukaryotes survived Snowball Earth.

    Jamie OglethorpeJamie Oglethorpe7 kun oldin
  • Number 6 on the list is totally boned

    Brian JensenBrian Jensen7 kun oldin
  • Sloths look like they smile before killing. 😅 But then they just keep staring and are like "go on! I'm gonna eat some delicious leaves"

    Pekka SaarelainenPekka Saarelainen7 kun oldin
    • several decades ago my friend’s sister worked a summer job at a theme park. She was bit by a sloth. It moved so slowly that she didn’t process the danger until it clamped down hard.

      thejoefacethejoeface2 kun oldin
    • They're saving energy for one unexpected sprint towards you

      Den Of WolvesDen Of Wolves7 kun oldin
  • And of course, all chordates are upside-down relative to most other bilaterians, so your back is bug's tummy. :-)

    Matthew MorycinskiMatthew Morycinski7 kun oldin
  • I relate to the jellyfish, because I may look broken or confused.

    KotenokaKotenoka7 kun oldin
  • Owls have joined the chat

    Priyanshi SethiyaPriyanshi Sethiya7 kun oldin
  • for you NNN followers, beware of this bird 3:34

    Electron ResonatorElectron Resonator7 kun oldin
  • Why would there be an enemy hanging from the ice? Whose enemy?

    Matt CookMatt Cook7 kun oldin