5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Build in Minecraft! (EASY)

4-Apr, 2021
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The BEST NO MODS Secret Building HACKS Only Pros Know in Minecraft including a Curved 4K TV with NETFLIX, a Gaming CONSOLE Controller, and a solid gold GIANT TROPHY! 🔥 Works on Bedrock Edition, Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Android, MCPE, Playstation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch!
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  • How do you find these

    Debora AlvarezDebora Alvarez24 daqiqa oldin
  • I made the TV, control, and arcade machine It looks really cool😎

    Nicolas SmithNicolas Smith8 soat oldin
  • Man this is really good 👍 You have always impressed me every time!!!

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  • Englisg is bad iam so sorry

    Cristina NăstaseCristina Năstase14 soat oldin
  • i wanted to try all of these but my laptop doesn't want to turn on

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  • Me in 1.0.6: 👁️💧👄💧👁️

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  • its so cool

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  • Soooo Cringe!!! pls stop

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  • am I the only one whi sings along to the theme song?

  • i havent wached eystreem since 2019 lol

    Zayden weberZayden weber2 kun oldin
  • I really like your vids so i can build that in my castle

    Ma.Oliva SanchezMa.Oliva Sanchez3 kun oldin
  • I did what he did and I mand it with a pool and a Morden house

    Monique BrockmanMonique Brockman3 kun oldin
  • This is probably my favourite channel

    really random crapreally random crap3 kun oldin
  • Let's go another banger!!

    JaxtonJaxton4 kun oldin
  • You have such a cool intro

    Robin GodfreyRobin Godfrey4 kun oldin
  • Wow cool

    Jaylen NaglooJaylen Nagloo4 kun oldin
  • Him: we're gonna build a trophy,..... Me: What now?

    Maryam NaguibMaryam Naguib4 kun oldin
  • Tell me how to make the room for the Netflix

    Brody LemoineBrody Lemoine5 kun oldin
  • Cool

    Wolf Pack playzWolf Pack playz5 kun oldin
  • He talks too much ..but I love it

    Dēllå DavìyDēllå Davìy5 kun oldin
  • shiny impressive and showy-offy 3:23

    Jordan HaafJordan Haaf5 kun oldin
  • I'm mad at you, you didn't do the double piston on the LAST one...

    Chelsea GrangeChelsea Grange6 kun oldin
  • Click bate

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  • 0:00 sounds like ester and you said that lol

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  • i subbed

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  • wow

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  • The Intro Is Sick

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  • I subbed ling ding ding

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  • Ling ding ding

    LogiDeafLogiDeaf6 kun oldin
  • 0:00 you sure two people didn't just say hey?

    Weirdly StupidWeirdly Stupid6 kun oldin
  • Nice video my guy! I will Definatly use these For my Minecraft city! ❤

    Luca LucaiLuca Lucai7 kun oldin
  • why is your name Eyestreem and you should make furniture that you can sit on that would be cool

    Willie SmithWillie Smith7 kun oldin
  • Hey eystreem you build the most best things in minecraft and my friend too

    ZhykeZhyke7 kun oldin
  • I really appreciate your videos thank you for doing them :)

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  • I already knew this all I did this before on Minecraft it's pretty cool I really like it though I left the like on your video and subscribed

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  • Eystreem: Speaks English Subtitles: Korean Me: HUH?

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  • Go to 0:00 on pause lol XD

    Perfect ShotPerfect Shot8 kun oldin
  • Eystreem I actually play minecraft on my switch and i have built so many secret builds using most of your building videos and if you add me as your frined,I will show you some tiktok hacks.

    Paul TorchiaPaul Torchia8 kun oldin
  • Noice

    Zipporah EphraimZipporah Ephraim8 kun oldin
  • Prove To Him That He Is Wrong You Arent Disgusting

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  • Eystreem There Is A UZworldr Video That Says You Are Disgusting I Will Leave Its Link Probe To Him he Is Wrong And Dont Show anything That Tells that I Said This

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  • But I already know how to build a trophy

    PRINCE SHADOW Van der merwePRINCE SHADOW Van der merwe8 kun oldin
  • Before your views are million now it's thousand from sofia to-eyestreem-

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  • Hey sorry about the comment and I spelled some worlds wrong I'm just ssleepy

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  • Hey I feel your screaming in thee video so ddomt speak the loud next time

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  • 0:00 HEEEEEY

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  • Ok but what version is your Minecraft

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  • 4some reason I dis Like

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  • When I tried putting the black banners first the screen TV it went too high (i made sure to face it correctly bad crouch)

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  • Is nobody gonna talk abt his glasses??? 😂😂😂😂😂 There off

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  • I have no friends

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  • Can i come up with these ideas like you? I come up with good ones but no hacks 😂 great job!

    Carsyn BarnettCarsyn Barnett10 kun oldin
  • Question how to build a laptop?

  • :O

    Vésteinn Rúnar JakobssonVésteinn Rúnar Jakobsson11 kun oldin
  • I like how I can just see the builds in the see background tho..

    Tiffany BTiffany B11 kun oldin
  • This is amazing

    Michael McDonaldMichael McDonald12 kun oldin
  • "but thats enough of me" intro with his name

    Gelina YangGelina Yang12 kun oldin
  • Eystreem: now place the trapdoor... Me: its a pressure plate.

    Isabella SchmeikalIsabella Schmeikal12 kun oldin
  • Hi

    BuzzyBuzzy12 kun oldin
  • Eystreem pls reply this: Are you gonna make a UZworld TV? Cus i watch UZworld more than Netflix

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  • Idea No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor No-Visor In Minecraft

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  • When he was going to build the tv and said to not click off the video, I accidentally did that lol

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  • Nvm it’s just really hard

    Jessica SinclairJessica Sinclair14 kun oldin
  • Didn’t work for me

    Jessica SinclairJessica Sinclair14 kun oldin
  • I built the tv (my fav as well) with the remote :D :P Edit:oh wait no I built remote with arcade game :D :P

    Pinkypie LillyPinkypie Lilly14 kun oldin
  • This is amazing I'm impressed with what you did there woooow

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  • I don't believe this so amazing

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  • You are just a copy cat from BBlock

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  • Bro u tok so much

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  • i did all them around my modern house and it decent i guese

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  • S H O W E Y O F F E Y

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  • 0:00 Though 😂

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  • I'm still on mine craft for this

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  • Me: makes youtube instead of netflix

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  • My guy copying tuna

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  • what I learned: the banner on top of the pressure plate trick (very cool), the netflix logo banner art and gaming controller

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  • And poker edition

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  • I'm I the only one who fell asleep because of exitment on this vid ?

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  • id want the tv no more i want the freakin x box or whatever it is BUT I CANT GET THE IRON TRAPDOOR TO BE ON THE X BOT OR WHATEVER IT IS PLZ TELL USE HOW TO MAKE THE XBOX

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  • I just love how dramatic that intro was

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  • Can you make a UZworld Logo on MINECRAFT?

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  • Do you remember the video did on the zipline help me to get a command block

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  • TYSM

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  • Boi i got a fantastic home in minecraft thx again eystreem

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  • I can't get the banner for the arcade machine 😫 😔 😪 😢 😩 😕 😫 😔 😪 😢

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  • i like rhe curved tv especially rhe netflix logo on it

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  • Nobody: Literally no one ever: Eystreem:" sHoWy OfFy! "

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  • Every (almost) Minecraft creation Armor stand:help im stuck in the block!

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